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Voracious (Evil Angel)

Voracious (Evil Angel)

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fu_q's ratings for Voracious (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Voracious (Evil Angel) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Voracious (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Voracious (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Voracious (Evil Angel) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Voracious (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Voracious (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Voracious (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  10/12/2012
A beautiful, young vampire desperately clinging to the last vestiges of her fleeting humanity, a famed anthropologist who would give up his own simply to be with her, and a clan of heartless undead who know only their lust for blood and flesh are all set on an inevitable collision course in “Voracious: The First Season” from Evil Angel. An undeniably unique and masterful vision taunting the fine intersection of wicked eroticism, pleasure, and pain, “Voracious” may well represent free-speech champion and carnal auteur John Stagliano’s finest erotic hour. The film, carried largely by the red-hot Brooklyn Lee in her most stunning (and rawest) role to date, plays games with the viewer’s mind, as it mixes extreme sexual scenarios with insatiable evil appetites and hefty doses of plot. Indeed, each and every element—from the casting to the production values to the storyline and so on—has been done to absolute perfection. The result is easily one of the strongest feature presentations to come out of the adult industry in years.

Breakdowns of the individual episodes, of which there are ten, follow:*

Episode One – “Learn to Control Yourself”
Looking to purchase a home, famed anthropologist and author Manuel Ferrara unwittingly stops by the dwelling of two female vampires--Brooklyn Lee and Lea Lexis. Unaware of his potential predicament, Brooklyn gives him a tour of the place and, feeling an immediate attraction, ultimately mesmerizes and seduces him with a mere, mind-altering touch. From there, an intense flurry of full-scale debauchery ensues involving not only Brooklyn and Manuel but Lea, too. Before all is said and done, there's plenty of vaginal sex, a huge dose of anal sex (both women), rimming, gaping, sloppy oral action, face-sitting, and even some choking of Brooklyn by Manuel. Each of the women also does ass-to-mouth, and Manuel fingers Brooklyn to a squirt at one point. To cap things off, Brooklyn--who ultimately loses control of her undead urges and nearly kills Manuel--strokes him to a gooey mess, which she and Lea are all too happy to clean up with their tongues. Manuel ends up being fortunate to escape with his life. Wow!

Episode Two – “Now You are a Blood Slave”
This episode picks up where the last left off--with vampires Brooklyn Lee and Lea Lexis leaving their home after a frenzied romp with anthropologist Manuel Ferrara that nearly resulted in disaster. To be sure, it's clear already that Brooklyn's inability to rein in her bloodthirsty undead urges is going to be a persistent source of problems for her and those around her...particularly given that members of her clan are only allowed to bite humans after obtaining permission to do so. Further, Brooklyn is already questioning whether she truly wishes to be a vampire and is beginning to lament her lost humanity.

With Brooklyn's evil desires still unsated, Lea takes her to a local park filled with what appears to be hookers. But, instead of being street(park?)-whores, these ladies are "blood slaves"--those upon whom the clan's members are allowed to feed. The vampires--Brooklyn, Lea, and others--arrive and chase down a number of the painted ladies. One of whom (Zorah White?) is "saved" from a bloodsucker by a cross-wielding priest (Steve Holmes)...only to have to immediately return the favor by blowing him right there on the spot. After unleashing a load on her face, Holmes gives her to the vampire, anyway. (What a guy...) As this transpires, Brooklyn and Lea hunt down a prime specimen (Bibi Noel), but Brooklyn's quest to sate her bloodlust is once again Lea determines that Bibi should go to their master (Omar Galanti) instead.

Cutting to Galanti's motor garage, Omar expresses pleasure with his prize, but Lea's loose lips get Brooklyn excluded from the festivities...and it's left up to Lea and Omar to put Bibi through her paces. What ensues is an erotic tryst with a scared-yet-aroused Bibi taken in a variety of positions and ultimately feasted upon. This one has a distinct oral focus, with feet, ass-holes, pussies, and Omar's cock all getting a plentiful helping of spit-soaked attention. Of course, there's also a good deal of vaginal and anal action on the parts of both ladies, as well, with some gaping and ass-to-mouth thrown in for good measure. The whole affair is closed out with Lea jerking Omar to completion, the two women licking and playing with his sticky / nasty load, and Lea and Omar leaving their "slave", Bibi, a bloody mess.

Episode Three – “Fuckin’ White American Trash”
Kicking off this installment, Manuel Ferrara has returned to Brooklyn's and Lea's home looking for them...presumably intrigued by their lustful encounter of the evening before. Finding that an "emergency" has forced them to make a hasty exit, Manuel heads back to his office. His curiosity now fully piqued, he begins to search the internet for information about vampires and comes across an article about Steve Holmes' character. Manuel fires off an email to Holmes, and this essentially finishes off his role in the scene. (As a fun note, it's nice to see Tricia Devereaux playing the part of Ferrara's research assistant here.)

A cut brings us to Brooklyn Lee--clad in a sleek, tight-fitting black outfit--slinking into a grim room. Within a large glass enclosure near the center, she finds vampire Sandra Romain. Sandra's chained up to an S&M-themed cross and has heavy-duty clamps on both her labia and her nipples...with the latter causing her breasts to jut sexily skyward. Before any real time can elapse, however, David Perry and Ian Scott--both vampires--descend upon Brooklyn. Quick to follow is Sandra, who finds no problems in releasing herself from her restraints.

As it turns out, Brooklyn is there to join up with Sandra’s ultra-kinky cadre of bloodsuckers, and the wicked initiation that follows is nothing short of an intense sexual, physical, and emotional beat-down…with most of the decadence doled out by Sandra’s seemingly-uncontrolled hand. To say that the trio “dominates” her would be a severe understatement. Indeed, the ensuing romp borders on unfettered sadism, with Brooklyn being slapped in the face and pussy by Sandra--and, to a lesser extent, the guys--repeatedly and heavily, being made to slap her own face and pussy heavily, getting spit on (in the face, mouth, etc.) by the trio, and getting titillated and tortured with clamps on her nipples, tongue, and labia. At times, she even takes the guys orally with the clamps still holding tight to her tongue and fucks them with them yet yanking at her spread lips. Of course, Sandra also takes a few hits during the proceedings, and Brooklyn does start to assert herself toward the end of the sequence…but it really is she who gets the tough end of the stick in this one.

In terms of the actual sex, the fucking is quite hard and heavy, as well--the oral work by Brooklyn (face-fucking, semi-gagging, spit, throating), the vaginal and anal action, and even the double-penetrations (DP’s) that both ladies take. At one point, Sandra hops up on top of Brooklyn and kneels with her full weight (?) on Brooklyn’s tummy as Ian gives it to her from behind in a doggie-style position. At another point, Sandra is fingered to a squirt by one of the gentlemen. Toward the end, a thick glass butt-plug molded in the shape of a penis makes its appearance…and then promptly disappears in Brooklyn’s backside, with the embattled actress taking the time to muscularly pop it out a couple of times, as well.

To cap off this cauldron of maniacal madness, both brutes leave Brooklyn’s face and mouth a goopy, sticky mess--all of this as Sandra holds her eyes open in a devilish attempt to infuse them with their evil seed. Judging from the loving, post-coital caresses and licking that follow from Sandra, it looks as though Brooklyn has passed her test...and what a test it was--one of the hardest that I've seen yet on film.

Episode Four – “You Can Never Leave the Clan”
This time around, things start off in Manuel Ferrara’s office. He’s still on his quest to find answers to his questions about Brooklyn Lee’s character, and Steve Holmes (the creepy priest from the second installment) has returned his inquiry via a video chat. While Ferrara spells out his concerns quite frankly, Holmes is dodgy and puts him off with some cryptic remarks. He promises to “get back to him”, and the mystery continues…

From there, there’s a cut to two “blood slave” streetwalkers, played by blondes Ivana Sugar and Zorah White. They’re out trolling the midnight streets for vampires, trying to join them and their evil ilk. After a short time, Rocco Siffredi—a high-level bloodsucker—rides by on his motorcycle…nearly running them over. Undaunted, the girls go and seek him out, discovering him on the dock of a home on a lake. Another member of the clan, Omar Galanti, is there, too. After letting the two fiends know of their intentions to join the ranks of the undead—and being fairly warned of its extreme permanence—the women’s full-on initiations begin. Of course, the biting isn't the only part of the proceedings, as a steamy four-way ensues that ultimately results in the ladies’ blonde Euro-bottoms being poked and ravaged to a nice gape. Beyond these butt-centric festivities, there’s also plenty of steamy oral (rimming, throating) and vaginal action, and Omar closes out his portion of the sequence by unloading a sticky dose of his demon-seed on Ivana's face and mouth. Both she and Zorah follow this all up by orally cleaning his evil member and also sharing and partaking in his vile load--hot!

Still not finished, however, is Rocco…who shepherds the women into a wood-paneled sauna associated with the dwelling. He rims them both, plows Ivana from behind, and is the lucky recipient of some erotic double-blowjob and hand-job worship by the women. To cap off this scorching romp, Zorah and Ivana jerk Rocco to a pop on Zorah’s face / mouth and follow it all up with some oral cock clean-off and a touch of cummy kissing--very nice!

Having now sated his carnal desires, Rocco goes about satisfying his bloodlust…and he bites into each woman's neck voraciously and with a dark passion originating from deep within his blackened soul. The blood flows freely from the pair, and the scene is closed out with the impression that both Zorah and Ivana have fully realized their groupie-inspired wish—to join the clan as vampires.

Episode Five – “I Want to See the Sun”
Things start off in this episode with Manuel Ferrara back at his office and receiving a follow-up email from Steve Holmes' dubious priest character. Manuel is asked to meet with him in Berlin, an ancient order to find out more about Brooklyn. Indeed, she's been the laser-point focus of his obsession since their wild (and nearly deadly) foray in "Episode One".

To be sure, Manuel makes his way there, meets up with Holmes outside of the church, and is promised a meeting with Brooklyn the next day. Lea Lexis is there, too--spying--and it's clear after Manuel leaves to check into a hotel that she and Holmes are in cahoots. (This has been fairly obvious all along, of course.)

A cut brings us to the real meat of the scene--Brooklyn Lee. Brooklyn is there hanging upside-down from a rack constructed of stainless steel bars. Nude--save a pair of heels and a maroon, metal-plate choker that encompasses the entire area of her neck--she's ripe for the picking. Sleeping behind her in two makeshift coffins are vampires Omar Galanti and Rocco Siffredi...the same debauched duo from the prior installment. All of this, of course, is in a dank, cement-laden garage of sorts, and it isn't long before Omar breaks free from his slumber. He makes his way over to Brooklyn and begins to molest her "innocence" with his pin-tipped finger coverings. Of course, you can't keep a good (bad?) vampire down, and--shortly--Rocco also stirs from his evil repose. He is quick to join in, and--yielding to the superior member of the undead species--Omar leaves him to his diabolical devices.

Brooklyn's fear and arousal are tangible, as her light gasps and heavy breathing indicate both trepidation and eroticism at their most core levels. Sensing and delighting in this, Siffredi squeezes pink plastic clips onto her lips, breasts, nipples, and so on...and begins to fuck her mouth with his impressive cock. From there, they're off. An extreme and intense blowjob sequence of the most so that I've yet encountered. There's hard face-fucking, severe domination, gurgling and finger-gagging, heavy-handed slapping (on the breasts, ass, and even face)...and by the time it's over, it's nigh impossible to discern the goops of spit covering Brooklyn's face from the load that Rocco deposits there and in her lovely-yet-beleaguered mouth. Of course, he jams his vile seed down her gullet with swift and forceful plunges of his massive member, ensuring that she imbibes his evil essence...keeping her firmly in their fold. (Desperately--as this all transpires--Brooklyn cries out that she wants to "see the Sun" on more than a few occasions...a further indication of her serious reservations about her "life".)

Episode Six – “You are Not a Man of God”
This installment picks up where the last left off, with all of the primary characters having made their way to Berlin. Manuel Ferrara is there trying to hunt down the object of his obsession--vampire, Brooklyn Lee. His fascination with her has grown to epic proportions, and it's clear that he will stop at nothing to find and have her. In so doing, he has made contact with Steve Holmes, a disreputable priest whose associations with the vampires--and evil, in general--have become quite evident to the viewer. Holmes, of course, has promised to locate Brooklyn for him.

This particular segment begins with vampire Lea Lexis bringing Brooklyn to Holmes out on a public street in Berlin...directly across from the city's famed Victory Column. At this juncture, it's clear to both Holmes and the clan that Brooklyn has serious doubts regarding her undead status and that she yearns to regain her lost humanity. He notes to her that the only way that it can be done is if she can "withstand the power of God and His angels". With this, he pulls out a cross and immediately brings her to submission, proving her inadequacy and forcing her to cower and close her eyes in both terror and pain. Upon reopening them, she finds Holmes' erect penis in her face. Despite her logical desires not to imbibe his deceitful member, her animalistic compulsions are overpowering...and she takes it in her mouth. A creature caught between two opposing worlds--one light and the other dark--Brooklyn sucks him off behind a wall as the oblivious night-time traffic passes on the road close by. Ultimately, Holmes forces her to eat his ass, and it's at this point that Ferrara makes his untriumphant appearance. Seeing Brooklyn in her compromised and weakened well as with her face buried between Holmes' cheeks...Ferrara is somewhat fazed but not dissuaded. Indeed, he watches as Holmes finishes on her face and slinks off into the darkness. Instead of rejecting Brooklyn's semen-soaked visage, Manuel embraces it...and vows to help her...

Episode Seven – “You’re Gonna Bring Another Whore into this Clan?”
In the seventh segment, the festivities kick off in typical enough fashion, with Manuel Ferrara scouring the internet in a desperate attempt to discover a means of helping his vampiric obsession, Brooklyn Lee, regain her fragile-though-precious humanity. He happens upon a site that notes that an ancient ritual exists, but it requires a priest and would involve using holy water on Brooklyn...a risky prospect, to say the least. In what is perhaps a lapse in judgment (or simply a lack of deeper knowledge about the priest and his pernicious proclivities), Ferrara requests the aid of Steve Holmes' character in the endeavor. How this will all ultimately play out remains a mystery at this juncture.

A cut then brings the scene to the undead's lair and into a black-lit room featuring a glass partition and a fluorescent "X"-cross with chains. There, we find vampiric vixens Sandra Romain, Ivana Sugar, and Lea Lexis gyrating to a mixed metal / synthesizer beat and working themselves up into a furious frenzy. Their carnal desires need sating, and it's clear what their intentions are toward one another. With a unique slow motion effect and their fluorescent clothing and makeup glowing brilliantly in the dark rays of the black-light, the ladies begin the sexy process of taking care of one another's urges. What ensues is a spandex-ripping, dildo-popping, anal-fingering good time...all complete with radiating butt-holes, body designs, nipples, and pussies. Not only is this dark-light / slow-motion motif both aesthetically pleasing and original, but it's erotic as hell...just like its participants.

At a touch under the midpoint, bigwig vampire Omar Galanti drags Alice Romain into the room. Alice--a former "blood-slave" and the real-life (and apparently quite close) little sister of Sandra--receives a cold reception from the other harpies. As it turns out, they're far more interested in getting more cock into the clan than yet another pussy. A bit of abuse follows, but it isn't long before the original three vamps make their indignant exit...leaving Alice fully in the evil arms of Omar. Indeed, "hard" would be a good descriptor for the manner in which he takes her in the ensuing romp. The oral work is heavy--featuring plenty of face-fucking, throating, and spit--and he puts her through an assortment of vaginal and anal positions...with a strong focus on the latter. At one point, Omar even manages to shove a good portion of his foot up her. All of this, of course, is under the iridescence of the black-light and involves the prevalent and effective use of the glowing makeup. Ultimately, Alice's face is hit with a dose of Galanti's venomous seed, which she still manages to clean off of his repugnant rod. Good stuff!

Episode Eight – “It’s a Dangerous Game”
Treachery and treason are just over the horizon, as the eighth installment clearly demonstrates. Indeed, vampire Lea Lexis is infuriated with her clan’s leader (Rocco Siffredi), and—upon discovering that he’s been killing off all of the other male vampires—she hatches a plan to overthrow him and break his stranglehold on the corrupt cadre. (It’s become quite clear at this point that the only thing more valuable to Lea than blood is cock...and Siffredi has deprived her of her needs far long enough.) Key to her mutiny is the deviant vampire-sympathizer and priest, Steve Holmes. Of course, Holmes is easily drawn into Lea’s deceitful web by her nefarious feminine wiles and also his own uncontrollable desire to join the vampires' undead ranks…a promise made to him but yet to be seen if it will be kept.

As they would have it no other way, Lexis and Holmes seal their misbegotten deal in erotic and diabolical style. A seductive, dark-lit romp is the order of the evening, as the vampiress and her pretender-prey take one another in all manner of contortions. Face-sitting, male-on-female rimming, sloppy and hungry blowjob action, titty-fucking, vaginal and anal sex…all are on the agenda. By the time the festivities close, Lea’s beleaguered backside has been thoroughly abused and gaped…and Holmes’ sacrilegious seed has been spilled at her hand. Of course, this unholy load finds its way into Lea's eager mouth, as she orally worships his cum-coated cock.

With the kiss that follows, he’s hers.

Episode Nine – “Who is this Guy?”
The festivities that are the ninth episode kick off with Lea Lexis picking up Manuel Ferrara at an ornate European train station. Ferrara’s still single-mindedly obsessed with either saving Brooklyn Lee from her undead state or joining her in it, while Lea’s hatching a plot to overthrow her vampire clan’s leader, Rocco Siffredi (as we saw in the prior installment). Lea takes Ferrara back to the fiends’ lair, where they’re immediately met outside by fellow vampire Omar Galanti, who questions Ferrara’s presence. Undaunted, Lea shrugs off his apprehension and leads Manuel inside. There, waiting for him, are two of the sex-starved female members of the cadre—Ivana Sugar and Sandra Romain. Also present, though not to be directly involved in the evening’s affairs, is Brooklyn. It's clear that Ferrara’s there to be turned.

Within moments, Ivana and Sandra descend upon Manuel and envelope him in their debauched darkness. What ensues is an intense, lust-filled romp in which all of the participants partake in each others’ various erotic delights. There’s sexy oral work by the ladies, a good deal of vaginal penetration, and even plenty of hardcore anal offerings. By the time all is said and done, both Ivana and Sandra are left gaping, there’s been some ass-to-mouth, and Ivana has jerked and sucked Manuel to a gooey orgasm in her mouth. Of course, the ladies then share lustily in his cock and juices, as all good vampires should—scorching!

While all of this transpires, Brooklyn occasionally focuses in, intently observing the goings-on. As the diabolical deed unfolding before her nears its climax—and with Manuel's unfortunate fate drawing near—she senses the gravity of the worsening situation. Clinging to the last shreads of her own humanity, she races in. Touching Ferrara’s leg, she allows him to peer into her mind so that he can fully understand her own longings and, thus, the value of his own existence. With his decision now turned and made, Brooklyn ultimately jumps in and saves him just moments from Sandra’s bite.

United, Brooklyn and Ferrara leave together…their futures anyone's guess...

Episode Ten – “Es Ist Vollbracht!”
A vampiric ritual ushers in this episode, with Lea Lexis, Steve Holmes (in his priestly role...dubious as it has been), and various others aiding Manuel Ferrara. The focus of the rite, of course, is his love Brooklyn Lee...whose desire to regain her lost humanity and once again taste the sweetness of sunlight upon her skin has become paramount. Not surprisingly, the ceremony is no easy undertaking, as Manuel must--with the assembled vampires' help--pry open Brooklyn's ass and pussy with a speculum so that holy water can be poured deep inside her. (Her cup runneth over...) Upon finishing this unpleasant task, Holmes then takes his crucifix-dildo and buries it firmly in her mound...finishing the ancient turning process with success. With it, Brooklyn’s dark might flows over to Lea and becomes hers.

A cut brings the scene to an elegant (though old-style) European hotel room. The windows are open, the sunlight is beaming in at perfect magic-hour levels, and both Brooklyn and Ferrara are bathing in it...contently looking out and held tightly in one anothers' arms. Brooklyn has been saved, and her heart's desires quenched. She is human once again, and her passion for Manuel is at a fever pitch. The pair, consummating their love for the first time without the foul taint of the undead, embarks on a passionate romp that rolls through a variety of oral, vaginal, and anal positions...all of which maintain the intensity and gritty ardor of true lovers. Brooklyn rides his cock with love (and lust), and Manuel holds her head out of the window while taking her ravenously from behind...for anyone on the busy street below to see. Ultimately, he slides himself into her ass, and the two continue on...making good use of all of her dirty, eager holes. To close out this impassioned, sun-soaked tryst, Brooklyn jerks him to a sloppy mess all over her face...making loving eye contact with him as she delicately strokes the last drops of his seed from his shaft. This is a perfect ending to a perfect encounter.

After all of this, a number of sequences ensue that wrap up various plot elements and leave the audience with a strong cliff-hanger for the second season...which I won't spoil here. Suffice it to say, it’s good…very good.

Bonus-wise, the offerings are plentiful. On Disc One, there’s a “Web Trailer” featuring an advertisement for the Evil Angel website. On Disc Two, one finds a text-based “Cast List” and a list of “Websites”. It’s on Disc Three, however, where one finds the meat of the extras. There’s a huge amount of BTS material, slideshows for each of the episodes and also one that’s purely of Brooklyn, and a list of “Websites” and also “Filmographies” for the cast. Finally, there are two strong segments of additional sex, a booklet that accompanies the box set, and an audio soundtrack.

All in all, director John Stagliano and star Brooklyn Lee are to be commended here. For this is his brainchild and masterpiece, and she held absolutely nothing back in helping make it all happen. Rarely does one come across a vision so perfectly executed, and—equally rarely—a performer so willing to give everything and check all of her inhibitions at the door. Indeed, if I were to recommend the purchase of only a single title from this year’s crop, it would be this one…hands (and fangs) down.

*As a note, much of the summary material here was taken from my blog (as “Marv Montag”) in which I reviewed the individual episodes as they came out on over the past number of months. I have modified said material for the DVD release and this review, where appropriate. Further, even if one has seen the episodes online, the DVD set is still worthwhile, as it puts forth a substantially stronger presentation of the film and its various components.

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