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Voluptuous Vixens

Voluptuous Vixens

Studio: Avalon
Category:  Busty , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Voluptuous Vixens:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Voluptuous Vixens overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Voluptuous Vixens Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Voluptuous Vixens Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Voluptuous Vixens Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Voluptuous Vixens Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Voluptuous Vixens DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Voluptuous Vixens A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  12/17/2005

The Little Details

Running Time: 97 min.

Production Date: 12 / 2003

Director: Taylor Wane

Cast: Taylor Wane, Ava Devine, Devon Michaels, Tanya Danielle, Vicky Vette, Anthony Hardwood, Billy Glyde, and Tony Tedeschi in sexual roles with Buddy the dog and Chrissy in non-sex roles

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Taylor told me she was pretty proud of this movie, so Iím going in with fairly high expectations.

Initial Reaction: Itís okay, and would have been a lot better with some different editing.

Who Should Watch It : Big boob fans

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting naturally voluptuous vixens

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is okay, but suffers a little due to some obvious occasional balance problems. It also gets a bit scratchy and seems like it maxes out when some of the girls get really vocal. The video is nicely done. Itís free of grain and shows some nice attention to details such as the lighting.

Music: The music is pretty well done. It changes in style to fit the scene and also adjusts its balance. It isnít anything great for music, but it does help out the scenes a little.

Disc Complaints: Thereís no time stamp to the movie, which means you donít have the ability to jump to any point in the movie using your remote. This is something the occasional early DVD had and something I thought companies had moved past (whenís the last time you picked up a mainstream movie that wouldnít let you go anywhere in the movie with your remote?). From what I understand, it takes virtually nothing for time or money to include a time stamp, so every time I see a DVD without one I canít help but think that the company doesnít care that much about their consumers.

Menus: The main menu is okay. It has a nice look and shows a few areas of the movie. The chapter menu is a bit disappointing, and lets you choose a scene based solely on a still from each scene.

The Feature

The report is out, and so apparently are big boobs. This has big boobed babes such as Taylor Wane more than a little upset, and so are some of her friends. Theyíre worried about falling out of style and not being able to make ends meet despite being able to do things that normally endowed girls canít do.

Scene 1 - Taylor Wane

When Taylor gets worked up reading another article about ďtitless wondersĒ she calls fellow buxom blonde Tanya for a little support. She asks Tanya to come over so she can check out Tanyaís tits, and while waiting puts on a little strip show in her sexy black lingerie. She makes her way to the shower while massaging, jiggling, and playing with her mammoth mammaries as much as possible, and even slides a few fingers into her cunt while giving the water a few minutes to warm up. After appearing to work herself to an orgasm, Taylor breaks out a long red artistic dildo which she turns loose on her twat. She sucks it clean then hops in the shower to wash up. She makes sure to work the shower head around all her naughty parts, which means she gets a great chance to show off her very nice ass and whatís one of the best rear profiles of a pussy that Iíve seen in a long time. She diddles herself in the shower with the help of the water before bending over and lathering up her pussy, ass, and legs. She finally finishes herself off with her fingers before the camera fades out.

This is a long and hot scene. Iíll admit to being a bit surprised that Taylor started things out with a solo scene, and at the same time it started me wondering why more people donít. She does a great job with her scene here, and nicely balances her focus on pleasing herself with a few plays to the camera. The camera work and editing here is fantastic, and does a great job of keeping you drawn in even though the scene lasts roughly fifteen minutes. This is a very hot solo opening for Voluptuous Vixens, and just might be the best scene in the movie.

Scene 2 - Taylor Wane and Tanya Danielle

When buxom blonde Tanya arrives, she eagerly strips out of her skimpy little dress to join Taylor in the shower. Taylor eagerly welcomes Tanya and slides her hands around her body before grabbing the shower head and letting the water caress Tanyaís tits. She reaches around to play with Tanyaís pussy and to suck her tits before Tanya bends over to let Taylor finger fuck her from behind. Taylor even breaks out a clear buttplug to fuck Tanyaís pussy while tonguing her asshole before turning the water off and getting down on her knees to munch Tanyaís muff. Tanya gets down to fuck Taylor with a beaded glass dildo in return and to rub one of her big fat titties over Taylorís twat. Finally, Taylor sucks her juices off Tanyaís tits and gives her a good kiss.

This is a pretty good scene. I like that thereís some very nice attention given to the big boobs, and the girls both look to be having a good time. The focus is definitely on Tanya, which isnít all bad after Taylorís long solo scene just before it, but at the same time I would have liked to have seen a little more of Taylor receiving. Thereís pretty good chemistry between the girls, but thereís a few times when Taylor seems to play her reaction to the camera just a little much that held things back a little for me. This is a pretty hot lesbian scene.

Scene 3 - Vicky Vette and Anthony Hardwood

Vicky Vette, a cute big tittied lady with long golden hair, interrupts Anthonyís workout to whine about the article on small tittied girls. After a quick little spat they kiss and Anthony rips open her stockings to tongue her ass and finger her holes. She sucks and titty fucks him in return before climbing up to ride him in both cowgirls. Vicky gives Anthony a little more oral attention before bending over so he can fuck her from behind. She lies back for a little missionary work before impaling her ass on Anthonyís hard wood reverse cowgirl style. She also lets Anthony ream her rectum from behind and in pile driver. They finish things up in missionary Vicky titty fucks and sucks Anthony to an impressive facial.

This is another pretty hot scene. Vicky is energetic and vocal, and seems to be into Anthony pretty well. Itís hard to tell, though, due to the editing. The editing is easily the biggest problem with this scene, as it gets way too involved and energetic. Itís rare to see ten uninterrupted seconds of footage without it putting in another angle, whether it completely changes the angle or just superimposes it. This style worked pretty well in Taylorís solo scene, but here it really holds the scene back and made me think that the editor had a severe case of adult ADD.

Scene 4 - Ava Divine, Devon Michaels, and Tony Tedeschi

While busty brunettes Ava and Devon talk about the new article as Ava gets bade-up, Tony shows up to interview them about the article. They decide they can probably show him better than telling him, and quickly help each other strip down. They rub their tits together and give them a taste before Ava drops down to tongue Devonís twat. They mix in a little more tit play as Tony watches and gropes himself before the girls sixty-nine. They also break out a double dildo to share. They fuck each other and themselves facing each other at first and then Ava gets on all fours for Devon to fuck her with the toy. Devon lets Ava work her pussy over with her tongue and the toy, and gets a good rimming as well from her.

Tonyís almost convinced, but not quite, so Ava drops to her knees and goes to work on him orally to help convince him. In addition to sucking his cock and taking him into her throat, Ava moves around to tongue Tonyís ass and gives him a little titty fucking. Tony plays with her pussy and tongues her holes in reciprocation as Devon sits back and diddles herself watching them. He moves on to fuck her missionary style as they talk back and forth with Devon. Ava sucks Tonyís cock clean before bending over a chair and letting him fuck her from behind. Finally, Devon strokes Tony onto Avaís face.

This is a scene that works well as a thought, but the execution just didnít work for me. The setup is nicely done, but having it split into two couples scene with the third person just watching and diddling themselves a little really didnít work for me. It left each pairing feel like something was missing, or more to the point was just out of reach. If it would have started out with Tony joining both girls I think this scene would have worked much better. It also lacked a little for me due to Avaís looks. Devon looks pretty hot here, but Ava looks pretty rough through most of the scene. I donít think I ever got all the way into this scene, and it never really worked for me.

Scene 5 - Taylor Wane and Billy Glide

After a quick chat in bed, Taylor bends over to start mouthing Billyís mammoth meat. She strips out of her sexy black top and pink and black animal print bra to titty fuck him and then lies back so Billy can give her pussy and ass a little tongue love. He grants her request that he fingerbang her before letting Taylor ride him cowgirl style. She goes back to working Billy over orally before making things easy on the cameraman and riding him reverse cowgirl style. She also takes it doggie style before titty fucking and sucking Billy to a great pop across her face.

This is an okay scene. Taylor looks great and puts some nice effort into the scene, but a couple things never let it get much past the average level for me. First is the camera work and editing. Once again it got overly artistic and hurt the scene much more than it helped it. Some of the scene appeared to be shot in ďBeer Goggle Vision 2000" and there was some of the fast editing that never let the scene build up a lot of chemistry. The other problem was Taylor. She looks great, but delivers so many of her lines, okay moans, more flat than the titless wonders she and the other girls continually whine about. This scene just didnít do it for me.

Voluptuous Vixens is an okay big boob movie. Okay, if youíre a big boob fan, which I canít really say that I am, thereís a lot to like here. The girls all have great big racks and there is some nice variety to the scene. Unfortunately, thereís just as much to hold it back. I really didnít care for a couple of the girls, and although I loved Taylorís opening scene her closing scene was so flat that it left her as a slight negative to the movie as well. As always Tanya Danielle does a great job (and looks fantastic), and Vicky Vetteís anal scene might pull ahead of Taylorís solo scene for the best scene in the movie. The biggest problem with the movie is the editing. Thereís some nice camera angles, but theyíre cut together so fast and furiously that they donít really let you get into the scene much. I tried randomly counting watching one of the scenes, and out of eight consecutive segments I think only one of them went ten seconds! Voluptuous Vixens has a fun little idea to set things up and a nice lineup of big busted babes, but the final product just donít make it much past the average mark for me.

The Extra Stuff

The slide show lasts nearly three and a half minutes with roughly five seconds per very nice looking snapshot or full screen photo. Thereís a three and a half minute commercial for Taylorís phone sex, weblinks, and a thirteen minute commercial with Taylor pimping what you can get at her website.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, masturbation, toys, lesbian, rimming (male > female, female > female, and female > male), titty fucking, and anal

Raincoat Factor: Medium high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Taylor Waneís DVDs can be found online for between about $16 and $25 with several stores offering them for under $20. Rent this one first. Thereís plenty of big boobs here, but I can see the editing style interfering with the movie for a lot of people. The technical aspects are pretty good, but there isnít really any effort put into the extras.

Note to Taylor Wane: Itís nice to see you taking control of your movies and trying to be a little artistic, but calm down a little! Let the sex guide the action and I think the movie will come out much better. Also, extras about the movie rather than just commercials to pimp yourself would make the DVD much friendlier. As is it feels pushy rather than friendly.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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