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Voila (Girlfriends Films)

Voila (Girlfriends Films)

Studio: Girlfriends Films
Category:  Feature film
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bono-ONE's ratings for Voila (Girlfriends Films):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Voila (Girlfriends Films) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Voila (Girlfriends Films) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Voila (Girlfriends Films) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Voila (Girlfriends Films) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Voila (Girlfriends Films) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Voila (Girlfriends Films) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Voila (Girlfriends Films) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/27/2013
Welcome fans to a title released late last year from Girlfriends Films under the direction of B. Skow and will feature some b/g action which is a first for this studio known for its excellent girl on girl titles. The story starts off focusing on Kris Slater and Penny Pax who are married but Penny wants to explore her sexuality by adding another woman to the mix. As the movie begins and we learn this Kris is reluctant to try the idea but Penny is very persuasive and the two decide to invite over a couple of lesbians to show them what is like so we get the first scene.

Yurizan Beltran & Gigi:

As Kris and Penny watch on the two girls on a nearby couch start to get busy. Kris has taken his leave, though, after Yuri did a seductive lap dance leaving Penny alone to watch. The girls do some good kissing and have multiple shots at pleasuring the other orally including some ass licking. Penny begins to get more turned on as the girls fuck and eventually Kris joins back. When Yuri calls Penny the wrong name asking her to join this ruins the mood and she rushes off soon joined by Kris. This wasn't quite as successive as Penny wanted and suggests they try again and Kris agrees but just one girl this time.

Penny & Kris Slater with Veruca James:

The couple meet Veruca and have a much better conversation with her setting up the best scene of this movie. The trio hit the bedroom and Penny finally gets to indulge her sapphic desires and it turns out well. Veruca loves sucking on those melons Penny's been blessed with and Kris for his part does well as the guy who is just getting used to the idea of swinging. The girls have plenty of fun with each other to start the scene and Kris eases into it eventually his cock comes out and both girls have shots at orally pleasing him. Kris then takes turns fucking both girls who continue to do a super job on each other. After Kris has popped on Penny's belly Veruca rubs some in and moves in to help Penny achieve one last orgasm.

Penny solo:

It doesn't take Penny long to want to relive that experience and since she doesn't have Veruca there and Kris is asleep she does the next best thing and hits the shower. A very nice solo scene of Penny showing off her bod while the water cascades down upon her and she makes judicial use of the moveable shower head to hit her pussy lips. Sadly this is the last we see of Penny in any significant fashion in this movie and I can't tell you how disappointed I was when she doesn't return.

You might wonder what happens to Penny. Well she leaves Kris for Veruca leaving him a note offering an explanation. Naturally Kris is devastated and has no way to contact her since Penny's cell number was disconnected and I assume he had no info to call Veruca's place. The story loses Penny but gains Dana Dearmond who plays the naughty cousin- by marriage, who tries to lift his spirits.

Dana & Earl Slate:

After a short time Dana stops by with a drunk Earl and she's trying to make Kris feel better by bringing him a gift. Turns out it was an old drawing from a time when both were fairly young and Kris appreciates the gesture. But Dana doesn't stop there and it's obvious she has the hots for Kris and tries another way to "lift" his spirits. It involved some foot massaging over his cock which Kris pulls out and before things got to out of hand Earl begins to wake so Kris beats a hasty exit leaving a horny Dana behind. Earl helps take care of that as the two bang one out right there on the couch. They hit a few positions and she even does a little more foot jerking off leading to a tummy cum shot and she licks some up off her finger.

Dana & Dani Daniels:

Dana doesn't want to give up on this kissing cousins idea just yet and makes one last trip over to Kris's house but this time she's not alone bring another girl, Dani, with her. Kris is a good host after a short terse discussion with Dana inviting the girls in. But when he goes to get them a drink Dana decides to have a little g/g fun with Dani who we know is very good at having lesbian relations. This was good g/g scene and when Kris returns with the drinks they try and get him to join in but he remembers how that turned out last time and leaves! As he gets to his bedroom a cell phone rings and it is a phone that Penny had sent him awhile back telling him she'd call at some point-- not sure what they'd discuss but when she calls this time Dana interrupts yelling out that she and Dani were there to fuck Kris and this scares off Penny who hangs up.

Veruca & Kris:

Kris is worried about not hearing from Penny now and drinks himself to passing out in the backyard. Someone stops by later and drops a blanket over him, I think it's Penny but we don't see up top to see a face. The next day dawns and Kris goes in finding Veruca in his kitchen and she's there to try and make amends-- making him breakfast she thinks is a good start. Kris balks for a short time but eventually tries some of it and it's good. Oddly the two end up fucking there in the kitchen/ dining room. We also learn that Penny has left Veruca that morning after becoming hysterically upset hearing Dana yelling what she did. The story then continues a few months ahead and we see that Veruca is now living with Kris. The two are lying in bed talking about what might happen if the doorbell would ring and it was Penny. Both have been left by her and not really given a chance to confront her about it. Just before the screen fades to the final credits the doorbell does ring but we are left with a lot of what ifs as the credits roll.

Final Thoughts:

I have mixed reactions to this movie. The first part of it was really good with Penny and Veruca hooking up and that scene with them and Kris was the movies high mark in terms of sex. The story up to that point was pretty good as well. But when Penny leaves and we don't get anything more substantive with her the rest of the show that left me with not so good feeling. Dana was good in her bit which came about half way through the piece and I can see her scene with Earl being included but instead of the g/g with Dani we should have had the cheating scene with Penny and Veruca that caused Penny to decide and leave Kris. There is no resolution to the storyline but we are left to wonder who that was ringing the doorbell. Was it Penny or it might have been the UPS man for all we know. So I'd rent this one for the sex mainly and maybe you'll like the story more than I did but not giving Kris or Veruca for that matter a chance to confront Penny or give her a chance to try and explain her feelings was something I missed being included in the piece. There is some extra material to check out including hard and soft photo galleries plus there is a bonus scene from a movie called Teen Sex Dolls featuring Molly Bennett and Evan Stone so that was a nice addition. I wouldn't mind another show from Girlfriends where they add in some b/g hookups along with their excellent g/g action they are noted for.

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