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Vogue Nasty

Vogue Nasty

Studio: Taryn It Up Entertainment
Category:  All Sex
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Vogue Nasty:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Vogue Nasty overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Vogue Nasty Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Vogue Nasty Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Vogue Nasty Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Vogue Nasty Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Vogue Nasty DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Vogue Nasty A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/24/2009

The Little Details

Running Time: 91 min.

Production Date: 6 / 15 / 2009

Director: Poppy Morgan and Taryn Thomas

Cast: Bobbi Starr, Poppy Morgan, Taryn Thomas, Veronica Jett, Chris Charming, Derrick Pierce, Ethan Cage

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: When porn stars go behind the camera I never know what to expect, but I love when beauty and style is combined with nasty sex like it looks like Taryn and Poppy are doing here. I'm going into this one with a touch of fear but a fair amount of enthusiasm.

Initial Reaction: It's easy to skip past despite a hot pairing between Poppy Morgan and Taryn Thomas and a great anal scene from Bobbi Starr.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of all natural girls and anal action

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting plenty of chemistry

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty average. The audio is okay, and although there aren't any background noises the balance often leaves a bit to be desired. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and falls a little below average. Although the cover claims that it is “shot in crystal clear HD”, the movie often has a rough look that's held back a little by uneven lighting that often washes out some of the colors along with having a touch of grain.

Music: The music just doesn't work for the movie. It has a very hard feeling that seems like it could work with the nastier sex aspect, but it completely fights with the beauty and style aspect of the movie. It also accentuates the industrial barrenness of the location, which brings the movie down a step, and is almost always overly loud.

Menus: The main menu is okay, and blends the boxcover with a bit of the movie in a manner that's fairly generic, but still a minor step up due to its artistic style. The chapter menu is very generic, and just lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and a chapter number.

The Feature

Vogue Nasty keeps things very basic. After an artistic opening mixing in a bit of black and white footage and occasionally shots of the action to come, it cuts to pretty basic nasty sex with positions that are broken apart by the action freezing and the screen telling you what position or sex act you're about to see.

Scene 1 – Taryn Thomas and Derrick Pierce

Raven tressed hottie Taryn starts the movie out in a little turquoise and black lingerie putting on a show that's cut together with a few shots of the action yet to come. It cuts to her kissing a well dressed Derrick in a nearly empty room with a bed before she drops down to eagerly and sloppily suck his cock. Derrick licks and fingers her completely pussy in return as she lays back on the bed vocally urging him on before the screen flashes “MISSIONARY” and the action cuts to him fucking her missionary style. He chokes her a little and gives her face a light but very well received slap as he fucks her missionary style, and then moves on to fuck her in doggie after the action freezes after “DOG” flashes on the screen. Derrick gives it to Taryn just like he should following the position screen breaks of “ANAL MISSIONARY”, “ANAL REV. COWGIRL”, and “ANAL DOG” before letting her have a very nice open eyed facial that Taryn receives very enthusiastically.

There's no way that I can completely get down on a scene where the girl shouts out “I want you to fuck me so fuckin' good my fuckin' grandma feels it” while getting rectally reamed, but this scene seems to have an much working against it as it does for it. Taryn puts out a very energetic and extremely vocal fuck, but she mugs the camera horribly through much of the scene and Derrick seems like he's just going along for the ride. There was even a time when it seemed like Derrick was coasting so much that he might have been having wood problems. As for the camera work, it's extremely basic to the point that there were a couple times I wondered if it was mostly unattended on the tripod. Throw in the extremely annoying screens that flashed up letting you know what position you were about to see, and you have a scene that struggles to the average mark despite Taryn looking like she's having a great time getting fucked in front of a camera.

Scene 2 – Poppy Morgan and Ethan Cage

Dark haired poppy eagerly shows off her tits and holes wearing the same outfit Taryn started the movie out in and in the same location. She plays with her panties sucking them and shoving them inside herself before meeting up with Ethan by a couch that looks to be located further down the wall. They happily help each other strip down before Poppy drops down to help him out of her pants and into her mouth for a sloppy knob gobbling. They move to the couch for Ethan to fuck her in “MISSIONARY” with a bit more oral mixed in for him, “DOGGY STYLE”, “ANAL INTERSEXTION” (aka shitpussy spooning), “MASTERY” (aka cowgirl anal) where Poppy mixes in a touch of ass to mouth, and “ANAL PILE DRIVER”, which includes plenty of pile driver for Poppy's pussy. Finally Ethan pulls out and sprays the “MONEY SHOT” down on Poppy's eager face and chest before she spreads her holes open with her fingers one last time.

This was another average scene. Once again the basic camera work and editing combined with the extremely annoying position alert screens held the scene back quite a bit. Poppy did a good job taking on Ethan, but once again the scene was held back a bit due to camera mugging as well as her going overboard to the point that there wasn't much chemistry to the scene. Throw in recycled outfits and locations for the opening, and you have a scene that hinted that it could have made it past the average mark but which was also never able to pull it off.

Scene 3 – Veronica Jett and Chris Charming

Sexy brunette Veronica starts her scene out in a similar outfit, only with the lingerie in green and working it with black mid-calf patent platform boots as she shows off for the camera and plays with herself a little. She struts into another room where nicely dressed Chris sits back on an orange couch and moves in to kiss him before cutting to the “BLOW JOB” complete with plenty of great eyes, some throat action, and a bit of stroking. She lets him fuck her “DOGGIE STYLE” and sucks him a bit more before getting up to take it “RODEO” (aka reverse cowgirl) style. They even get some “SEE-SAW” (aka “cowgirl” or “mastery” for the pussy instead of the ass) and “PIRATES BOUNTY” (which looks a lot like missionary or bow and arrow fucking). Finally, Veronica gets down for the “POP”, which she eagerly takes with a smile in and around her mouth before wiping it around her mouth with Chris's cock and sucking the last bit out.

This scene might make it past the average mark, but if it does it barely does it. Veronica and Chris turn out some of the best chemistry in the movie due to her great eyes and effort during the blowjob, but once it gets into the fucking the chemistry falls back due to Chris being nothing more than a phantom cock. As usual the camera work leaves a bit to be desired and the position alert screens do their best to kill anything that's building between the performers. I was also a bit surprised that with a cover comment of “69 Tips from Veronica Jett's Vault”, she never got so much as a single lick for her pussy let alone a bit of sixty-nining. It was a cool comment for the cover that worked well there, but it never translated to anything in the movie. The biggest surprise here is that Veronica is the only girl in the movie who doesn't take it in the ass after turning in plenty of nasty anal scenes in the past. It's nice to see a little variety thrown in the movie, but it also tosses out most of the “nasty” part of the movie. This is another okay scene.

Scene 4 – Poppy Morgan and Taryn Thomas

Taryn and Poppy return, and after cutting their wall tease short kiss on a white couch wearing sexy pink and black corsets. Poppy starts to give Taryn plenty of “TITTY SUCK” with lots of spit that she shares with Taryn before bending over so Taryn can give her pussy some “DILDO ACTION” from behind. Taryn mixes in some nice ass eating for Poppy, spits in her cunt as Poppy spreads it wide, and fingers her ass before letting Poppy taste her own ass from them. Taryn lays back to get some “DILDO ACTION” from Poppy with plenty of dildo sucking and spit swapping before Poppy lays back for some “ANAL DILDO ACTION” from Taryn along with shoving the heel of her shoe into her twat for a technical DP, a bit more ass eating from Taryn, and Taryn bending a double dildo around to give her another technical DP before they each suck an end clean. Taryn lays back for more “DILDO ACTION” from Poppy for her pussy before Poppy lays back for “PILE DRIVER” for her shitpussy from Taryn and the double dildo complete with a bit of ass to mouth, more technical DPs, and talk about fisting that one never sees. Somehow Taryn brings Poppy up to eat her holes without the screen telling us what's going to happen before we get some “CUM FOR TWO” with Poppy eating Taryn, sitting on her face, and then kissing her and having Taryn suck her fingers as the scene fades out.

This is a surprisingly hot scene after what's come before it in the movie. No, nothing changes with the style of the movie to help it out, but there's actually great chemistry between the girls that the style of the scene somehow can't kill. There's a bit of camera mugging from each of the girls with Taryn going a bit over the top again, but this time she's met by Poppy who won't be held back like the guys in the movie are. This is a pretty hot scene that had the potential to be smoking hot with better camera work, editing, and artistic style.

Scene 5 – Bobbi Starr and Chris Charming

Smoking hot brunette Bobbi struts through a door in a silver paisley corset with black panties, stockings, and garter belt to play with herself and show off for the camera against a blue interior wall with a painting hung on it. Chris joins her and quickly pulls her to him so he can grope her ass as she gropes his cock through his suit pants. Chris bends her over and slides her panties off to admire her ass and pussy a little more before the action cuts to Bobbi reciprocating with a “BLOW JOB” with plenty of stroking, smiling, and throat action. They move on to fuck “DOGGY STYLE” with Chris spanking her ass before he lets her have it “MISSIONARY” style while giving her clit plenty of rubbing. Chris fucks her ass with “INTERSEXTON” (which turns out to be anal spooning once again even though this time the anal isn't mentioned” and “ANAL COWGIRL” (with no noticeable difference from the earlier “mastery”) before Bobbi finally gets down for “SPOOGE”, stroking Chris to a well received pop in her mouth as well as in front of her face that she plays with and finally swallows down.

This is easily the best scene in the movie. Although the style does hold it back a little, it can't come close to holding back the chemistry between Bobbi and Chris that quickly flows between them right from the start. Bobbi does every bit as great a job as one would expect her to with taking it up the ass, but I was a little surprised that she didn't get in any ass to mouth action. She easily holds her own against Poppy for getting nasty, and easily outdoes Taryn by focusing on the sex rather than the camera and then working plenty of cum play at the end combined with swallowing some of it down. This is a hot scene that brings up the entire movie with a great final impression.

Vogue Nasty is a fairly forgettable first release from Taryn It Up Entertainment. Yes, Bobbi Starr turns out a great anal scene with Chris Charming and Taryn Thomas and Poppy Morgan turn out a very hot lesbian coupling as they try to outdo each other, but that isn't close to enough to save this movie. To start with, the thought of beautiful women who like nasty sex seems almost forgotten about. The outfits are all very similar from scene to scene, and it doesn't help that it looks like the outfit was recycled between the first and second scene. The locations also hold back the beauty aspect by making it look like the movie was shot in the back of an abandoned industrial warehouse rather than a place with a bit of beauty now and then to kick up the fashion aspect. Kevin Moore did the videography, who normally has a basic style that works pretty well for me, but here the emphasis is completely on basic to the point that I'm not sure how often the camera was just left to run on the tripod without being looked at too often. Then there's the style. The black framed style that fades into the action from the edges isn't a bad idea for the opening tease, but having it throughout all of the sex definitely interfered with the action for me and seemed all the worse with the locations as generic and bland as they are here. Worst of all is the position alert screens, which was the biggest problem with the movie. I don't know who came up with this idea, but whoever did should never even be allowed near a camera at a family reunion, let alone anything that's supposed to be considered entertainment. It severely holds back almost all of the chemistry in the movie as well as killing any flow the sex was building, and then comes up with some boneheaded names. I mean I could see having “pirates bounty” if a parrot swooped in and landed on the dude's shoulder, but “see-saw” and “mastery”? Give me a break! To make it look all the more ridiculous they don't even know if it's “intersextion” or “intersexton” when “anal spoon” is so easy to spell and get the position across. Vogue Nasty could have been a hot movie if it would have taken the beauty throughout the entire movie to the locations and style instead of limiting it to a sexy outfit that was left on the floor early in the scene, but instead it comes off as a movie with plenty of unused potential and an infuriating style.

The Extra Stuff

The slideshow lasts a few seconds over four minutes with about seven seconds per good looking snapshot or full screen photo. There's also weblinks and a behind the scenes featurette.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts about sixteen and a half minutes. After plenty of shots around the set, Poppy shows off and goes behind the BTS camera to chat with Taryn and Derrick as they pose for stills and get busy. She also chats with Taryn about not wasting cum after the scene as Taryn enjoys a fag outside before moving over to chat with Ethan about their upcoming shagging. Derrick talks with Taryn about being a rough rider, his bikes, and Twittering about their anal scene. Poppy gets the camera back as Chris Charming arrives and then chats with Bobbi about her upcoming anal scene and her butt. She also captures some of their stills and their getting busy as well as sharing a little about one of her nicknames. You also get a bit of Poppy ranting about dick on her bed after eyeing Veronica's great ass, and a little fun with Chris. There's also a little of Chris and Veronica getting busy and a little chat with Veronica about why you don't see as much of her anymore. Finally there's a bit of Poppy chatting with the camera about her scenes and a little more wandering around the set. This is a very nice behind the scenes featurette. Poppy puts out plenty of personality from behind the camera as well as bringing it out of the cast. This is a very well done behind the scenes featurette that adds nicely to the overall DVD.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, anal, ass to mouth, lesbian, toys, rimming (female > female), DP (technical), and swallowing

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, Vogue Nasty can be found online for between about $15 and $25 with several stores offering it for under $20. Although the behind the scenes featurette is nicely done and helps out the overall DVD, the rest of this release leaves plenty to be desired. Although the sex shows potential, the cheap locations, extremely basic camera work, and stopping the action every time there's a position change to let you know what position you're going to watch holds back the sex horribly. The technical aspects are also pretty average and don't add much to the mix. This release is pretty easy to forget.

Note to Taryn It Up Entertainment: Although most of this release didn't do much for me, you did show some good potential here and there. I hope you're better able to harness that potential for your next release.

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