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Vogue Nasty

Vogue Nasty

Studio: Taryn It Up Entertainment
Category:  All Sex
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , ,
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Anime Nut's ratings for Vogue Nasty:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Vogue Nasty overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Vogue Nasty Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Vogue Nasty Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Vogue Nasty Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Vogue Nasty Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Vogue Nasty DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Vogue Nasty A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Anime Nut  on  10/23/2009
Taryn It Up Entertainment is the brand new production company founded by industry vet Taryn Thomas, and Vogue Nasty officially marks her comeback. There's been a lot of anticipation for this movie among fans. Does it live up to the hype? Well, there are no easy answers to that one.

"All Sex" movie. You've heard the term before. But, chances are you've either forgotten or never known what it actually means. The vast majority of gonzo releases have been dubbed with this term. Even parodies have been referred to as "all sex" in some circles. In fact, any porn movie nowadays that's not a feature could be called an "all sex" release. But that's simply not accurate. Gonzo, parodies, and other genres have the basic ingredients of any mainstream movie: characters, scripted dialogue, and little scenario set-ups that let us know what each scene is about.

Vogue Nasty has none of that. Absolutely none.

This is a movie about people having sex. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less. Each scene begins with a short solo tease by the girl, then it moves immediately to the sex. This is raw, pure, and no-frills. In other words, all sex.

For anybody (myself included) schooled in the other gonzo categories mentioned above, this presents something of a learning curve. How long it takes you to get over that curve will determine how much enjoyment you get out of Vogue Nasty. For me, unfortunately, it took the entire first scene.


SCENE 1 - Taryn Thomas & Derrick Pierce
Approx. 18 min

Taryn Thomas opens the scene with some tease in blue lingerie, while electric guitar music plays on the soundtrack. Within seconds, Derrick Pierce appears and starts kissing Taryn. When the blowjob begins, we get our first taste of several quirks that will persist throughout the rest of the movie.

First, there's the sudden edit to Taryn's blowjob, which is already underway when this part of the scene begins. Instead of the usual unzipping and dropping of pants, the scene simply cuts straight to the blowjob in mid-suck. It's a jarring transition that I wish the movie had less of.

Second, the music. Remember that guitar track I mentioned? Well, it's still playing, and it isn't going away or reducing its volume. Although the sounds of the sex action are pretty loud in their own right, some things do get drowned out by the music. In the case of this scene, most of Derrick's lines are virtually muted. Taryn gets away unscathed, since she's anything but quiet as long as she's fucking.

Last, the on-screen banners. Every position is introduced by a freeze-frame and on-screen title card that names the next item on the menu. So, every few minutes, you'll see "MISSIONARY", "DOG", or "ANAL REV. COWGIRL" appear on-screen. It's annoying at first - but in later scenes, I considered it downright educational. My sex vocabulary is now a few terms deeper, thanks to this gimmick.

Anyways, back to Taryn and Derrick. Once you're able to look past the structural design, you can appreciate the intense, high-energy sucking and fucking on display. Taryn's blowjob starts off furious, then gets increasingly intense and crazed, which saliva flying everywhere. This girl can trash-talk like no other, culminating in this instant classic: "I want you to fuck me so fucking good, my fucking grandma feels it!" It's truly a joy watching how gleeful Taryn can be, whether it's her pussy or ass that's getting stuffed.

In fact, Taryn is so intense here that she makes Derrick Pierce simply pale by comparison. Usually the highlight of any male cast, Derrick looks outclassed and downright intimidated by the force of nature that is his co-star. It's a small wonder that he's able to finish the scene.

SCENE 2 - Poppy Morgan & Ethan Cage
Approx. 18 min

Now that I've gotten my chief complaints out of the way, I can focus on the sex - which is what we all came for in the first place, right? British dynamo Poppy Morgan is paired up with Ethan Cage here, and the result is not that different from the previous scene. Once again, we have a case of alpha female making her male counterpart puny by comparison. Ethan does an admirable job keeping up with Poppy, but the look on his face for most of the scene says it all. He can't believe what this woman is capable of, and neither can we.

If Taryn Thomas is the happiest girl to ever take a cock up her ass, then Poppy Morgan is the ferocious and enraged antithesis to that. With each thrust, she grits her teeth and grunts wildly. Poppy loves to taste her own juices on Ethan's cock, so she takes every opportunity to spin around and suck on him for a bit before the fucking can resume.

SCENE 3 - Veronica Jett & Chris Charming
Approx. 15 min

After the one-two punch of Taryn Thomas and Poppy Morgan in back-to-back scenes, Vogue Nasty was due for a breather. If Veronica's performance comes across as a bit of a letdown, it's only in comparison to the two acts she was forced to follow. In any other movie, this would be a fine and memorable pairing of two legendary performers. Here, it earns the distinction of fifth best scene of the movie.

While Taryn and Poppy overpowered their partners in the first two scenes, the opposite can be said here. Veronica can only do so much with the massive girth of Chris Charming's cock. For most of the scene, he's only able to fit a few inches into her. Any more, and this would be a snuff film. Ever the consummate professional, Chris deals with this obstacle by directing much of his cock's energy on Veronica's clit. If he's not rubbing it with his fingers, he's smacking it with his dick. The laughs and squeals from Veronica signals a job well-done. This is the only scene that does not feature anal, but I hardly missed it.

SCENE 4 - Taryn Thomas & Poppy Morgan
Approx. 21 min

So, what do you do when you have two female performers who both kicked the shit out of their scene partners earlier? Why, put 'em together for - without question - the single most incredible and mind-blowing girl/girl sex scene of the year. It may even be bigger than that, but my memory is not so good these days.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, hot girl/girl action. Taryn Thomas and Poppy Morgan are a match made in porno heaven. Taryn licking Poppy's asshole while fucking a dildo into her pussy? Hot. Poppy gagging Taryn with the exact same dildo? Borderline obscene... and fucking hot. The action builds and crescendos to an all-out wrestling match where pinning your opponent includes eating her pussy and ass with reckless abandon.

In a movie filled to the brim with thick cocks, tight asses, and flying cumshots, this sequence of lesbian delights stands out as the best of the bunch. When I revisit this movie in the future, it will be for this scene first and foremost.

SCENE 5 - Bobbi Starr & Chris Charming
Approx. 17 min

Vogue Nasty ends with its single best pairing of male and female talent. Unlike the first three scenes, Bobbi Starr and Chris Charming are perfectly matched, and the result is explosive. Literally.

That was a reference to the final cumshot, in case you're still catching up.

We get a little more tease here than was present in the previous scenes. That's a good thing, since watching Chris slide Bobbi's thong down her legs to reveal her magnificent ass should be a national pasttime. When Bobbi sucks on Chris' cock, she can go deep and with no visible difficulty. She even takes the face-fucking in stride. When the anal sex starts, there's a brief moment where it looks like Bobbi has finally blown a circuit in her brain, as evidenced by the outstretched fingers of her hands and the look of shock on her face. Within seconds, however, she comes back to Earth and settles in for some prime anal banging. Fetishists should note that Bobbi keeps her bustier and leg hose on for the whole scene. A very nice bonus to a remarkable scene.


The main extra here is a 17-minute behind-the-scenes featurette. Armed with handheld camcorders, Poppy Morgan and Taryn Thomas interview each and every cast member. Poppy's interviews are particularly fun with that delightful accent of hers. Each interview is short and sweet, never boring. In some cases, they're downright funny. Through the all-seeing and all-hearing BTS cameras, we learn: Taryn's rule of semen conservation, Poppy's nickname bestowed on her by porn agent Spiegler, and what it looks like when Chris Charming's dick "speaks" to the camera.

In addition to the BTS, there's a 4-minute slideshow of promotional images from the shoot.


Buy it. Make no mistake about it. This is quality hardcore sex. Plain and simple... only not "plain" and anything but "simple". Sure, I had my problems with the editing, soundtrack, and strange use of on-screen graphics. Distractions, no doubt, but only temporarily. Cut through the gimmicks, and you'll find some truly nasty fuck action beneath the facade.

The DVD packaging is unique and clever in its own right. Designed to mimic the cover of a fashion magazine, the artwork features a sultry Taryn Thomas in lingerie, surrounded by little blurbs that creatively list the female cast. In a vast wasteland of collages and generic glamour shots, it's always refreshing to see something new and unique.

Vogue Nasty is far from perfect. It has its fair share of flaws. But it also has some of the most intense sex footage captured on camera. If talent like this continues to come through the doors, the future looks bright for Taryn It Up Entertainment.

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