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Viva La Van

Viva La Van

Studio: Ethnicity FIlms
Category:  Compilation
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Viva La Van:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Viva La Van overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Viva La Van Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Viva La Van Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Viva La Van Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Viva La Van Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Viva La Van DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Viva La Van A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  6/18/2007
Viva La Van
Prologue Metro puts out a ton of compilations, and since taking over Video Team's vast holdings, they have a treasure trove of old scenes to work with. One problem I have with them is that they don't always label their videos as such, and lead consumers into believing they're buying new scenes. Not so here. It's clearly stated that this is a collection of Van Styles' work with Video Team and even claims that he chose the scenes himself. If true, it makes this an even more compelling array of Van's nascent output, and interesting to look back at where he started as compared to where he's at today. I go into this video with prior viewing of only four of the ten scenes, knowing they're all good, and, in fact, that two of them are amongst my very favorites.
Belladonna from Azz Fest 1

The first thing that strikes me about this scene is how enthralled Bella is with her ability to swallow a dick to the short hairs. She could charge Kurt Lockwood for renting space in her throat as she seals his pubes with her lips. Hammer heading and rough oral works her into a masturbatory frenzy with Kurt manhandling her. Penetration is straight to the "a", balls deep, and banging. It's all eyes rolling up in the head rapture as Bella negotiates the various positions and gives Kurt's cock free reign of her colon. I don't think her body could be more perfect than it is here, and the famed back arch comes into play during doggy. Like a good girl, Bella keeps the cock clean with a couple of A2M's, and takes a nice load to her mug.
Ashley Long from I Like It Black (and deep in my ass) 5

This is one of my favorite Ashley Long scenes, ever. Oodles of chemistry between Ashley and Sean Michaels, or at the very least, his big dick. She comes this close to completely deep throating him, shedding a few tears along the way, and eliciting some heartfelt moans from Sean. She gets so into the oral that I think Van had to break the spell a little to move things along. Sean gives Ashley's body a thorough exhibition of his prowess as he repeatedly finds the bottom of her pussy, and maybe some forays into her womb. The anal is awesome as they move from the first tentative strokes to long, deep slides that reach their apotheosis in an up and over that Ashley takes with aplomb. In spoon she's spanking her own tits and ass, her body clearly on fire. They have a genuinely romantic interlude before RCA, a truly uplifting ride replete with Ashley's potty mouth, which would have been more than enough for this boy to fertilize her sump pump. Instead, Sean just rails her and long strokes Ashley's incredibly hot ass. As usual, he's no load warrior when it comes time to pop, but it sounds like his balls are trying to squeeze through his pisshole.
Katja Kassin from Azz Fest 5

Katja, looking adorable, is on her knees, surrounded by guys dropping their pants. She introduces herself to each of the cocks with her mouth and throat as they lengthen from her ministrations. Brett Rockman has her glug-glug-glugging on his dick and they all get a bounce off her uvula. They take her to some stairs and start penetrating other holes as Brian Surewood and Mark Wood put her on the spit. She rides Brian in CG with Rockman poised over her as though he's going to join the party, but he slips under for the anchor position as the DP's begin with Wood in her ass. Airtight becomes the order of the day, and Surewood gets the second ride in Katja's ass. She drops on Wood's cock for RCA and a double dick suck, then more DP and airtight, which is especially dynamic in this position. Doggy anal highlights Katja's stupendous rear while the other two dicks feed her oral hunger. Up and over leaves a gape you could drive a BMW through, and the cocks find no resistance as they visit her bowels during this anal train where they fuck her to and fro. They take the party upstairs for mish anal, and if those tight little buds on her tits are any indication, Katja's loving this. A kneeling Katja takes a nice cumbath as the pork vendors unload on her face, leaving her a smiling, beautiful, sated mess.
Gia Paloma from Black Out Girls

Gia Paloma when we all fell in love with her, looking healthy, natural, and projecting an innate love of hard cock. She toys with Mr. Marcus, and quacks on his fat dick as he discovers the joy of fucking Gia's oversized mouth. She grabs her heels and opens her throat, bobbing happily like a kid at an amusement park. Gia's bared chest sticks out proudly to capture the cock slobber, and when she's finally had enough, rips off her panties and draws Marcus into her little pussy. Some nice ramming and he makes it gape, then we move along to a doggy anal penetration. They rotate through RCA, spoon for a good, long spell, RCA again, then an A2M cum pumper.
Mary Jane from Azz Fest 5

Mary Jane was hot for about a minute, then disappeared. She had finally progressed to giving up her anal cherry, and this was the moment of her deflowering. Kurt Lockwood was given the honors. Possibly an odd choice given his reputation for roughness, but here it is.
Mary Jane's booty is covered in hot pink shorts, and she has arm stockings to match. Kurt's focus is completely on her tight sphincter as he pries, prods, licks, fingers and verbally cajoles the video virgin. She gets his blood running with some hot looking head that incorporates mild D/s play. With the cock primed and Mary Jane ready, she spreads on a couch and Kurt goes straight to the "a". Things move pretty smoothly and Mary Jane doesn't display much discomfort, and only a little nervousness. Her bejewelled clit looks delicious as her dirt box gets all the action, and Kurt suggests she rub herself. She initiates the move to doggy and Kurt gives her a real lesson in anal 101 by going up and over, digging in deep. They really go for the complete experience by moving to piledriver. As a reward for her good behavior, Kurt lays Mary Jane down and hammers her hot pussy, then blasts her face with a nice load. A nice job all around as a smiling Mary Jane says "It wasn't bad". It's a shame she never built on it.
Sativa Rose from Mamacitas 4

Having reviewed this one, I wonder if a fresh viewing will bring up anything new for me. Sativa has always been something of an enigma. She has a totally hot body, lips that look like they were built for sucking cock, diva attitude, and until recently, a DMZ at the backdoor. She did like a good, hard fucking, though, and Mr. Pete is the delivery man here. As with the other scenes, this one dispenses with the tease or setup and goes straight to Sativa sucking dick on the bathroom floor. Her blue tank top is pulled up over those impossibly firm titties and Pete peels her shorts and panties off to fuck her over the wash basin. No luvvy duvvy here as Pete slams that steaming gash, Sativa's pussy lips damp with cocklust. In mish, Sativa invites the pounding and begs for it deeper, moving Pete to go up and over, nailing her into the sink. She sucks the cum coated cock somewhat reluctantly, then gets led over to a mirrored wall so the can fuck in standing doggy with a view. With her leg raised, the action totally opens to the camera, Sativa's bald pussy being filled and wondrous body inviting premature ejaculations from the other side of the screen. In this awkward position, Sativa starts moving her hips and fucking back, raising the heat factor perceptibly, then they get a little dirty and fuck in RC on the toilet. More standing doggy primes the pump for an open mouth facial and PCH.
Olivia O'Lovely from Azz Fest

There are few women in porn more physically imposing than Olivia, and Van likes to put that big body to the test. He has a couple of rough boys in Jay Ashley and Brian Surewood sticking their dicks in her hungry mouth, drool cascading down her chest. Ashley gives O'Lo a hard face fuck while Brian sucks pussy. They switch ends so everybody gets a proper taste, then the fucking begins with Olivia putting her ass down on Surewood in RC. Ashley mentions double pussy, but I guess that idea got aborted. Instead, he does a scissors move in an up and over standing doggy while she's bent at the waist to suck Surewood off. They're going to turn this amazon every which way but loose, attacking her to and fro. In an odd bit of action/editing, OLo is riding Ashley CG, and her asshole looks recently vacated, with Surewood walking around to her head and Olivia claiming an A2M. A phantom DP, so to speak. The dirty deed gets done for sure after that as Brian mines her colon. They keep things democratic as Ashley pummels her ass in CGDP also. She turns for RCA with Brian while Jay feeds her his dirty cock. There even seems to be a shaky legged orgasm before they put her on the rotisserie, anal style. Facials from the boys decorate Olivia's pretty face.
Ana Nova from I Like It Black (and deep in my ass) 5

Ana is a pretty, but hard looking, Teutonic titan with an ever present sneer. Her fun bags are fake, but just seem to fit her toned body and attitude. Domineko, on the other hand, is an unlikely looking stud. Not very attractive, with a sunken chest, thin arms, slight paunch and questionable fashion sense. His Heff necklace, which he's so proud of, makes him look like a clown. One saving grace is that he's got a decent sized dick and knows how to use it. That's really all Ana ever needs. She strips and spreads in an office for standing doggy that they both agree is very good. Ana thrives on the hard pounding and is willing to pick up the slack anytime Domineko lets up. When they're both in gear at the same time, it's pretty hot. She expresses even more pleasure when he's dicking her up the ass in mish. She plays her hot cunt and tits, and even indulges in some kissing. A sure sign of total engagement on her part. Ana lays out in possible orgasm as Domineko mines her ass and squeezes her throat, then A2M before climbing on top for RCA. These two are really rutting in this position on the desk, then take to the floor again for doggy anal that turns into the most visually arresting of the scene as Domineko stands Ana up and fucks her like a rag doll. By the time he's finished and Ana's worn out her clit, she sinks to her knees for the denouement and takes a mighty blast to her open mouth. She has the dirtiest look on her face when she's cleaning off the cock, cum dripping down her entire torso.
Daisy from Crema Latina

Let's see. Daisy's too skinny. She's ruined herself with all those tattoos and piercings. She won't do anal. Everything about her is wrong......except that she's one of the most beautiful, sexy, lust inducing women in porn. She's paired up with a primary hater's target, Mr. Marcus. All he ever does is have fun, and make it fun for his partners. Bad Marcus. Together they're poised to make sweet music for Van's camera, their attraction for each other palpable. Daisy makes love to his cock with mouth and tongue, kneeling in a very precarious position at the top of Van's stairs, her back to the downward path. Marcus fucks her willing mouth in between her more sensual licks as they banter and play. Daisy's intensity rises as she goes deeper and deeper on the fat dick, the chemistry becoming more combustible with every playful saliva twirl. They kiss like two lovers and Daisy sits on the cock for a CG ride that would have dead men spurting. They trade the lead back and forth, pussy cream streaking Marcus' dick. P2M, and Daisy's pointing her ass at him for doggy. Daisy keeps inviting Marcus in, then wondering what was on her mind as he stretches and fills her, pussy juice soaking his dick. He's balls deep and Daisy says "I've been a bad girl", then she tells him to "hit that shit", and he does. Her pussy lips puffy and wet, Marcus slows down and Daisy chides him, gets rammed, and suggests a slowdown herself. One of the most enduring images for me is when Daisy crawls away to the top of the stairs, turns toward Marcus looking like nothing but a bitch in heat with her raw and battered pussy jutting out toward him, and spreading for deep mish. Things really slow down here as they both pay the price of all that lust spent, and Marcus is clearly in trouble as he digs her out deep. He spanks his leaking dick to try to get it back under control. This is supposed to be a creampie scene. He lets out a little pressure and Daisy licks some cum off the tip, then they get back to heating each other up physically and verbally. Daisy sits on Marcus' cock in RC and he takes her for an ecstatic ride, then delivers the internal cumshot, which drips down his shaft and gets licked off by a very sated, but still nasty, Daisy. She does a thorough job and finds it all finger lickin' good.
Lauren Phoenix from Azz Fest 2

Another amazon for the final scene, the ever imposing and aggressive Lauren. She's swathed in wide net fishnets, her ass raised for easy access eating before the deepthroat blowbang portion. Her body turns red and tight as she attacks the dicks of Brett Rockman and Brian Surewood, who put her on the rotisserie with Brett disappearing between her cheeks. Merry-go-round rotation as they keep up a frantic pace, then CG on Brett as Lauren makes his monster hose look small, working her big ass over him and multi tasking by chicken heading Brian. He, in turn, dick dives into Lauren's ass for the DP. She arches her back and moves into the thrusts and throws in some nasty talk. "Oh yeah. Fuck my cunt and my shithole." A2M as she uses Brett's staff like a slip and slide, then riding him RCA. Brian fills the raw pussy of this cock monster. "Yeah. Stuff me like a turkey." With legs raised on Brian's shoulder, Lauren takes a hellacious pussy pounding in the RCDP. Keeping in her very physical nature, Lauren raises up a little and thrusts back at the pistoning cocks. She hits the floor to coax loads from the two cum guns and gives panting deepthroats until they unload simultaneously onto her countenance. Her face and body are streaked, with one eye glued shut, Lauren panting and drooling jizz.
Epilogue This was a very good collection of scenes. Van had some of the top stars like Lauren, Belladonna and Katja at a point in time when they were on everybody's wish list and exuding fresh energy that had them invading every pervert's consciousness. More special relationships were forged with Sativa, Daisy and Olivia, all of whom have done monster scenes for Van throughout his career. Daisy, in particular, seems to play to Van, and us through him, while still locked into her sportfuck with Marcus. It's one of her most memorable scenes ever, if not the most. The Ashley Long scene was another of my all timers. It all just looked so good, and she was so hot for Sean's dick, the mercury blew out of the thermometer. The atmosphere on Van's shoots seems to liberate these women, and even as he faced a learning curve with lighting and exposure, his instincts for the great shot has always been there, as evidenced many times over here, with his framing of Katja's ass during some up and over standing out in my mind.
If there are any drawbacks, I would cite the editing that becomes necessary in trying to shoehorn ten scenes onto one disk. All the tease and setups are missing. That wouldn't be significant for some directors, but Van usually leads into the sex with nice stuff. There may have even been some editing wihtin the scenes, but that I'm not sure of. Also, I hate to second guess about something like this, but I feel like an important performer was missed here. Chanel Chavez. I don't know who I'd eliminate to make room for her, but be assured that if I had been choosing the scenes, that firecracker would have gotten some play.
The Disk With so much of the disk already devoted to the ten scenes it only makes sense that there wouldn't be much in the way of extras here. Popshot access, photo gallery and trailers make up the special features. The previews are, fittingly, videos from Van that aren't represented here. I would have loved to have some of his BTS sequences here, especially Daisy's ultimately futile effort at taking Marcus up her ass.
Recommendation This DVD works on a couple of levels. First, obviously, is that there are some fine scenes here. Second is that it may lead you into checking out Van's videography for Video Team, and on into the present. This would qualify as a good buy.

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