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Vista Valley P.T.A. (Cal Vista Classics)

Vista Valley P.T.A. (Cal Vista Classics)

Studio: Cal Vista Classics
Category:  Classic
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T0MBOne's ratings for Vista Valley P.T.A. (Cal Vista Classics):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Vista Valley P.T.A. (Cal Vista Classics) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Vista Valley P.T.A. (Cal Vista Classics) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Vista Valley P.T.A. (Cal Vista Classics) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Vista Valley P.T.A. (Cal Vista Classics) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Vista Valley P.T.A. (Cal Vista Classics) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Vista Valley P.T.A. (Cal Vista Classics) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Vista Valley P.T.A. (Cal Vista Classics) A/V Quality rating 0 stars
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Reviewed by T0MBOne  on  9/21/2009
Written and directed by Anthony Spinnelli and starring Jesie St. James, Richard Pacheco and John Leslie, VISTA VALLEY PTA (1980, VCX-Cal Vista standard frame re-release, 2009) delves into the sordid sexual lives of small town inhabitants via the arrival of a trouble-shooting teacher bent on reforming the troublesome Vista Valley High school.

The teacher, Miss Martin (St. James) drives up to a dreary gas station to the goofy sounds of the Vista Valley PTA theme song that disappears until it resurfaces for her departure at the end of the film. In between her arrival and departure bookends, VISTA VALLEY PTA breaks down into three sections: the first section introduces some of these characters including a creepy Jamie Gillis playing a religious zealot with a sordid sexual streak; the second section reveals a series of flashbacks as PTA audience members pay more attention to past events then consuming the information Miss Martin offers them; the third section details Miss Martin's downfall as she succumbs to the advances of a mischievous student.

Meeting the folks of Vista Valley---In the front seat of his car, students Greg Davis (Richard Pacheco) and his girlfriend (Dorothy Lemay) paw at each then she sucks his cock to the sounds of birdies in the woods and the ringing of the school bell that they ignore; a nebbish john (Jamie Gillis) pays $25 to watch a lovely hooker (Desiree West) masturbate, then he gets himself off, rants about saving her, which forces the hooker to kick his ass outa there; in a mirror, Polly (a sexy Sharon Kane) dresses herself and admires her boob then her Dad (Gillis again) makes her wear a bra that she discards on the way to school; Dorothy Lemay squabbles with her Mom (Juliet Anderson) then hubby Walter (Aaron Stuart) forces himself on his wife (Kay Parker) by taking off her orange jump suit, admiring her feet and fucking her in a too quick-on-the draw mish that leaves an unsatisfied Kay.

This mish-mash of encounters serves as interesting teaser for what's to come so this sequence receives a !!!

What folks are really thinking about at the Vista Valley PTA meeting---Kay's flashback reveals her fighting with her daughter; Jamie Gillis's flashback shows him reading Scripture then seducing and fucking his daughter Polly in the bedroom; Juliet Anderson's flashback details her encounter with the gas station guy Mr. Davis (John Leslie) as he fucks her, then her daughter while Juliet watches, then he watches mother and daughter suck on each other.

This creepy middle section is solid with two terrific sexual flashback encounters but Kay Parker's kitchen argument with her daughter piling fixings onto a sub-sandwich goes no where---!!! 1/2

Dear Miss Martin---Miss Martin reads Greg's "How I spent My Xmas Vacation" essay that details his sucking and fucking good time via the printed word then he calls her on the phone wondering what she thought of his paper. The following day at school, she keeps Greg after class, threatens to expel him but agrees to talk things over via a cup of coffee. Greg hood-winks her into checking out a place that his Dad and he plan to rent then the duo end up in a suck and fuck session against the wall and on the floor. Mr. Davis lurks nearby with a camera, which sets up a gang bang finale with Jesie St. James taking on John Leslie, John Seeman, Ken Scudder and Lee Lemay.

This final third of VISTA VALLEY PTA boasts a hot performance from Jesie St. James as she dooms her trouble-shooting teacher job in favor of sucking and fucking her student then his Dad and friends. Spinnelli chooses a rather strange way to conclude the gang bang as quick dissolves speed up this sequence and muffle its effect. Maybe he worried about this scene being too rough and somehow being censored. As is, this finale of VISTA VALLEY PTA is pretty amazing and warrants a !!!!

So, Anthony Spinnelli's VISTA VALLEY PTA (1980, VCx-Cal Vista Classic re-release) has a rather dark and creepy feel that benefits from terrific Jack Remy cinematography plus a solid sound and music mix. The middle third contains some terrific sex sequences but the flashbacks really do nothing to move the narrative, which leaves the incredible final third with its rather quick-on-the draw, multi-dissolve ridden gang bang.

So overall, the 85 minute VISTA VALLEY PTA does not quite measure up with some of Spinnelli's better films like NOTHING TO HIDE or EASY but this small-town creep show might delight viewers with a decidedly black sense of humor. Final rating---!!! 1/2 outa !!!!!

Extras include the usual VCX-Cal Vista Classic bonus scenes, trailers, legendary tribute plus a brief photo gallery. Also, a version of the film dubbed in Spanish can be accessed as a Special Feature function; I watched enough of the Spanish language version to notice the voices are horribly out-of-synch so that feature was mostly a waste of time.

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