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astroknight Virtual Sex With Shay Jordan 3.5 starsVirtual Sex With Shay Jordan 3.5 starsVirtual Sex With Shay Jordan 3.5 stars
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Virtual Sex With Shay Jordan

Virtual Sex With Shay Jordan

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Interactive
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bono-ONE's ratings for Virtual Sex With Shay Jordan:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Virtual Sex With Shay Jordan overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Virtual Sex With Shay Jordan Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Virtual Sex With Shay Jordan Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Virtual Sex With Shay Jordan Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Virtual Sex With Shay Jordan Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Virtual Sex With Shay Jordan DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Virtual Sex With Shay Jordan A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/13/2007
Hello fans time for the newest Virtual Sex With and the lucky lady this time is Shay Jordan who I've seen a few times and no doubts she's got a killer bod worthy of some solo attention which the virtual lines are great at doing. My biggest problem with this particular series isn't the girls or the technical areas which aren't bad but the whole concept seems rather stale from Digital Playgrounds end when compared to other virtual series such as the My Plaything or even better now the Zero Tolerance series of which I watched half the Bree Olson one being filmed a couple months back. Those series offer up some interesting wardrobe choices, locations and in the Zero Tolerance case you get added bonuses such as full on scenes with the girl with more than one guy, now they've brought in a girlfriend for a scene and shared bj while the Digital line has stood pat with the same old black screen and icons surrounding the girl. If they didn't at least give you the good technical production then this line would really be lagging, as is it's really dependent on if you're a fan of the girl or not and in this case I'm sure Shay Jordan's fans will snap this one right up and they won't be disappointed I suspect. The format is exactly the same as it was for every other Virtual Sex with I've seen with Shay coming on wearing next to nothing and she asks if we want to have some fun with her and I'm sure the chorus of Yes's will be loud and clear to this pretty lady. You see your options on this main menu displayed nicely on the screens bottom with strip, stories, foreplay, and sex all laid out.

Strip--This is the first option I pick and I will say Shay does stand out against the black backdrop and the camera does some good rotations around as she slowly shows off the bod and she does have one sexy package from her pretty face to her modest breasts and a nice looking booty too. Shay works in a little dirty talk as she shows us her goodies and before jumping in let's hear a few stories from Shay.

Stories--The familiar burning background appears and Shay is shown off in several sexy ways, mostly nude and she pipes in with her thoughts on sex and the biz. She even likes premature cumming so long as the guys' ready to reload and fuck her again! No one night stands yet for Shay, she's a more get to know you kind of person, then let's fuck like monkeys!! Shay wouldn't mind being dominated and then if she's doing something wrong tell her and she'll work even harder to please you!

Foreplay--Ok here is where you get to prime Shay's pussy for later action starting with your hands. The ever present icons are surrounding her on both sides of the screen and for me that's a turn off. They really should be smaller and either on the bottom or the top of the screen but still easy to read for the viewer. Having them on the sides like this makes them to much a part of the actual scene for my tastes. You see an I/N on the bottom right of the screen and that's where you change Shays mood from good to naughty!! This section starts with several fingers banging out that twat and Shay in nasty mode does some fine moaning and dirty talk. There are also options available to bang her pussy with a purple dildo, you can also massage your breasts or ass-- this would be quite a lot of fun to do in real life and you can make Shay orgasm at any time by pressing the Org icon on the left side. In the nasty mode you have Shay calling you her daddy as you're banging her out so that's kinda hot. I always laugh a little at the oral shot here-- like it's you doing it to Shay well really it's the camera up close but hey it's a good shot of her pussy and I say it's time to plant our cock in there!

Sex--Now jumping on to the main event as they say and one thing I notice is the mood stays the same if you click the sex icon. Now there are a few more icons in this area as you have more than a few positions to get your freak on with Shay and before you get your hopes up, no anal fans. The best shot by far in this area was Shay riding your cock in reverse, having those gorgeous tits swaying back and forth towards your face was awesome and Shay keeps up with some good sexy talk, cowgirl was good too but it's also shot from a reverse perspective with Shay rocking backwards to her man, us, who as you can probably guess is Scott Nails-- his tell tale tattoed arm is in the frame at least once in this one. You can also get Shay to worship your rod and well that is a big highlight for sure and Shay doesn't disappoint lavishing her wet mouth all over your tool and taking the load to her slightly open mouth. Oh yeah the pops are often a point of contention for these releases and in this one they do a lot of internal pops with some sort of liquid seeping out but you don't get lengthy shots of that but at least it's not the obvious fake pops which had been the case for a lot of these releases other than the blowjob pops which are often the only real ones. A couple extras which I hadn't recalled seeing before for this one-- you can titty fuck Shay and then slip your schlong between her feet- the pop here is real so far as I can tell shooting out on those toes so that's good, to bad Shay doesn't lift them up to her face and then lick the cum off that would have rocked.

Final Thoughts:

So there you have it, Shay Jordan is beautiful no doubt about it and that's captured pretty well here but it's the format that I wish Digital would change as it's quite stale in comparison to what the better virtual lines are doing these days. The roster of girls for this company is quite good and it's a shame they don't invest in doing a virtual shoot that really gives each ladies fanbase a real hot virtual experience with their fave girl. What you get here isn't bad at all but when you see what Zero is doing with their Interactive Sex With line and compare it to this, the comparison is so one sided in my view with the Digital line suffering greatly with lack of more appealing options. I liked the foot and titty adds which I don't recall before but that's a small step and I hope they might do a more complete overhaul for this series and redo each girls virtual shoot as I think Jesse, Katsuni, Teagan, Shay, Sofia, and Jana all deserve that and it could be so good too I think, let's hope this might happen at some point in the future.

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