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astroknight Virtual Sex With Kira Kener 3.5 starsVirtual Sex With Kira Kener 3.5 starsVirtual Sex With Kira Kener 3.5 stars
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Virtual Sex With Kira Kener

Virtual Sex With Kira Kener

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Interactive
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bono-ONE's ratings for Virtual Sex With Kira Kener:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Virtual Sex With Kira Kener overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Virtual Sex With Kira Kener Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Virtual Sex With Kira Kener Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Virtual Sex With Kira Kener Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Virtual Sex With Kira Kener Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Virtual Sex With Kira Kener DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Virtual Sex With Kira Kener A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/14/2007
Here we go fans with a new interactive from Digital Playground featuring the lovely Kira Kener. I must confess to not knowing a lot about her but recognize she's very attractive and can see people wanting some alone time to appreciate her pretty body and this dvd will certainly afford one that opportunity. I'm not sure if she's ever done anal before but you do see her ass tapped in this dvd though only in one position and I tried all four positions but it only showed doggie anal with the best shot coming as you looked down upon her ass. I would think most of you are familiar with how this particular series goes but if not here's a quick synopsis.

There is a beginning stripping sequence where Kira who isn't wearing much works her way out of the bra and panties she's got on but I found it very frustrating while watching the entire time the camera was doing this slight shaking motion, always in some form of constant motion and not once did we really stop and see her body without the picture moving in some form or fashion. Once we watch this then you go back to the main menu where you can listen to some stories Kira tells about losing her virginity, where she likes to have sex, you get the idea and as she's talking you get Kira stripping again as behind her a huge wall of flames are flickering.

This gets us to the foreplay section and here you get to pleasure this lovely woman with a few devices-- your fingers, a dildo, and then with your tongue though this last area isn't done very well. She's talking like you're licking her pussy but both shots you can use obviously show no one's there. At least the My Plaything's get you up close and the camera moves up and down like you're eating her out while here that illusion's not really attempted beyond Kira dirty talking to us. I will say her orgasm's pretty hot sounding here.

Now for sex you get the four standard positions-- doggie, reverse, cowgirl, and mish. The normal view has you looking down as your would if it was you fucking her while the second is usually a side angle shot or one up close depending on the position you change the angle in. It's in the sex area that you get Kira sucking on your schlong again with the two different viewpoints to watch. This dvd also has what's called an I/N icon and that stands for innocent and nasty. You start with innocent but upon changing to nasty it seems you stay in that mode even when you change a position or say go back to foreplay which is fine. Now I know the popshots in these dvds can often be hilariously fake and they can also be pretty good. For this particular volume I'd put it somewhere in the middle with one glaring exception and not in a good way. In both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl in either mood when she pulls the cock out to have him blow his load nothing comes out, absolutely nothing, not even fake cum spurts out so that was very disappointing and slightly misleading I think. Now the two pops from oral seemed real though it appears they use the same pop for both moods and you don't really see him cum but there is something on her face and she pushes something out of her mouth so I'm a little suspect there too. There is one last area to check out and that's titty fucking and Kira's definitely got the funbags worth slipping your cock in between and here the pops do seem very real and she rubs the jizz around her tits some.

So there you have it, if you're a Kira fan I'd say for sure pick this up at least as a rental as you see plenty of her and she's really pretty to look at. The format Digital uses for this particular series seems very limited when compared to other interactive titles out there and they don't seem to have improved at all on this model since introducing it a few years back while other's have been pretty innovative with outfits, different locations but this series has stood pat and I know it's a popular line otherwise they wouldn't keep making them but I'd have a little more concern about my customers who were buying my product and try and make it as good as possible. This release is good but could have been far better-- pops in each position for one, the anal should have been in more than just doggie and perhaps eliminate the oral on her altogether if you're not going to make at least an attempt to make it like it's us eating her out-- ala moving the camera up and down simulating pussy licking. I know we have to suspend some reality at that point but it would be easier to do so with a little incentive. Kira was very good energy wise I thought and her dirty talk at points was pretty good. Overall I see this as a rental and for fans of Kira Kener who want a good 1-1 experience this comes pretty close with a few shortcomings but overall worth a look for you the hardcore Kira fan.

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