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Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane

Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Interactive , Straight
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fu_q's ratings for Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Virtual Sex With Jesse Jane A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  4/28/2012
“Virtual Sex with Jesse Jane” is a very good 2003 release from Digital Playground that was a member of the earlier generations of the interactive sex genre available on DVD. Prior to these, such offerings were usually limited to the computer in a CD-ROM game format (i.e. “Virtual Vixens”), and they were more of a novelty than anything else. Regardless, this particular release features none other than a young Jesse Jane in a virtual sex environment in which the viewer uses his or her remote to control the action on the screen and to “fuck” Jesse. Despite its age, Jesse’s presence really makes up for any technical shortcomings, and this production is still a strong (enough) one…even in 2012. For fans of Ms. Jane, it’s a must-have.

In comparison with the more-modern releases of this type, this one is simple. All of the main action takes place on a solid black background, with only Jesse, her partner’s relevant body part(s), and the control icons visible on the screen. While Jesse does wear some black lingerie in the earlier action—and even transitions between a few outfits in the “Stories” mode—she is typically featured in the nude as she’s getting lewd. There’s really nothing wrong with that, of course. Control-wise, the various choices are broken down into icons that are ghosted on the sides of the screen. These allow for a relatively simple navigation of the disc’s contents and also allow the viewer to skip around as much as desired.

To kick off the festivities, there’s a greeting from Jesse, and then a choice of menu items. One can select “Strip”—in which she does a slow and seductive strip-tease for the camera—or one can select “Stories”. Under this latter option, there’s a voice-over of Jesse talking about her experiences, her fantasies, etc. that plays over her dancing erotically in a variety of outfits in front of a flaming background.

There’s also an option that takes the viewer into the main action. This is where one finds the bulk of the disc’s content. This section includes a “Foreplay” choice, which itself offers up options for fingering Jesse, using a glass dildo on her, massaging her breasts, and massaging her ass. If one hits the “ORG” button during any of these items, Jesse climaxes. In all of the rest of the items to follow, using the “ORG” button brings the guy to a climax (i.e. a “pop”—all but one of which appears to be fake). Throughout the proceedings, one can also toggle the view between a couple of angles (using the “Angle” button on the remote—I knew that there was a use for that button!), and there’s an option (“I/N”) that switches Jesse’s attitude between “innocent” and “nasty”.

Beyond the “Foreplay”, there’s also an “ORL” (oral) option that brings up Jesse putting forth some sexy blowjob / hand-job work. Also under this section is an icon for having her do some titty-fucking. The blowjob pop-shot is the only one of all of them presented on the disc that actually appears to be real, and it’s hot. In essence, Jesse jerks the faceless stud to a pop all over her face, mouth, and chest…and then provides some oral cock clean-off—nice!

In terms of the “Sex”, the viewer has a choice of four positions—all with their associated (and apparently-fake) cum-shots. There are cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl options—with pops that are both of the “cream-pie” variety—and there are missionary and doggie-style positions presented, as well. The loads in these are both external.

As for bonuses, there aren’t any. This isn’t really surprising, given the nature of the release and its age. In terms of other notes, it should really be remarked that Jesse is in top form here, and she knows how to work it. She always put forth energetic performances, and those on this disc are no exception. Dirty talk is one of her specialties—making the “nasty” attitude option the better of the two—and she provides a good deal of eye contact so that the viewer can really connect with her…which is the whole point. In all, the actress and her performance really make or break a release like this, and Jesse certainly excels.

Regarding technical aspects, this disc does well enough. It played well on my HDTV via the blu-ray player (which up-converts DVDs through an HDMI connection). It certainly wasn’t perfect, but it was more than fine. So, there are no serious worries there.

All things considered, this simulator is a very good one, despite its age and lack of frills. In large part, this is due to Jesse’s looks and her strong performances. As such, this one is highly recommended for her fans…and recommendable to others who enjoy the genre. It’s worthy.

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