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Virtual Lap Dancers

Virtual Lap Dancers

Category:  Softcore
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astroknight's ratings for Virtual Lap Dancers:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Virtual Lap Dancers overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Virtual Lap Dancers Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Virtual Lap Dancers Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Virtual Lap Dancers Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Virtual Lap Dancers Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Virtual Lap Dancers DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Virtual Lap Dancers A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  9/14/2003

Running Time: 61 min.

Production Date: 2002

Director: Dean Guiliotis and Nicolas Sage

Cast: Aria Giovanni, Erica Campbell, Monica Mendez, Bettie Ballhaus, Friday, Nikki Nova, Sydney Moon, Kim Chambers, Sierra, and of course, Danni Ashe

Initial Expectations: I’ve heard a lot about Danni but have never seen her. I’m really curious about this one.

Initial Reaction: It’s hotter than I would have ever dreamed!

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting to admire the female form

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting actual sex or control of the dance

Audio /Video Quality: Most of the internet based porn I’ve seen so far has been lacking in the technical department. Thankfully that isn’t the case here. The audio is very clear and well balanced. The video is also clear, well lit, and free from any kind of pixelation or other blemishes that would interfere with it. There’s a couple moments where the lighting is a bit high and starts to bleach out the colors, but that’s the biggest problem with the entire feature. This is hands down the best internet based feature I’ve seen for audio and video quality.

Music: The music is nicely sexy and done by Performance Anxiety. It normally dominates the scene, but since there isn’t really much said it isn’t a problem and actually helps the scenes.

Menus: The main menu is basically a glorified chapter menu that lets you choose a scene based on the name of the lady in the scene and her dance.

The Feature: Danni Ashe starts things out with an introduction. She lets you know who the girls are and that she’s put out this DVD due to how popular the segments were on the web. Each lap dance has its own introduction and style so you know who the performer is and have a general idea of the theme for their dance.

Danni Ashe starts things out interrupting “you” as “you” watch some porn on TV. Danni starts out looking like she got home from a day at the office and slowly starts stripping out of her suit. She shakes her big fat titties and gives plenty of sultry looks as she takes it off and gyrates around “your” crotch.

This is the first I’ve seen of Danni Ashe, and I’ve gotta say that I’m darn impressed! First, she’s gorgeous and has an amazing body! I can see why she’s the most downloaded woman on the internet and I was thankful that this was a virtual lap dance because this way I could leave my wallet at the other end of the house! If this would have been a real dance I think I would have just handed it over to her and even if I had it on me here I might have ended up flapping it against my television. Second, she knows just how to play to the camera here and makes her scene every bit as hot as a trip to the nudie bar. This is one heck of a great way to start out the feature!

Erica Campbell’s Wake-Up Call is next. When her roommate Tanya doesn’t want to wake up she decides she knows just how to get her blood flowing. Erica, a very cute brunette with a great body, strips down and dances around in front of Tanya. She moves to the couch where she strips off her last bit of clothing, a pair of fuzzy green slippers, before moving back for a little close-up teasing.

This seems like a pretty short sequence, and is pretty standard. Erika does a good job and keeps things nicely playful. There isn’t anything too different here, but with the constraints of this feature it’s well done.

Aria Giovanni’s Dressing Room appears next. Aria, a sultry looking brunette with a killer body, seems happy when her make-up artist leaves her alone with “you”. She strips out of her rope and rubs her body against “yours”, and holy shit do I have a great set of tits here! Aria kisses and licks her way around “your” body a bit, including some nice nipple attention and finger sucking.

This is an extremely hot scene! Aria plays to the camera extremely well and I really like how she pushes the limits of the lap dance by adding a little kissing and licking. The scene isn’t much longer than the others, but feels nice and slow as it goes along. That’s a very good thing here, and makes me realize why so many people have been going ga-ga over Aria.

Friday, an extremely hot and well built dirty blonde, is Hard At Work for her tease. She catches “you” watching her as she bends over at the file cabinet, and then starts taking it off after saying that it’s okay to watch because she kinda likes it. Friday strips down and plays around “you”. She moves in and out as she strips down, and isn’t afraid of a little rubbing while her eyes do a little work.

I think it was Jerry Seinfeld that said that if you have to swear as part of your act, you obviously haven’t perfected it yet. That thought hit me a while after watching this scene because Friday caused such a rush of blood away from my upper body that all I could think was “FUCK!!!” when I finished watching it. No, there isn’t any sex in it, but Friday puts so much into the tease that it makes many scenes between two people look dead! Heck, it even makes some of the scenes I’ve watched with Friday in the past look dead! She looks absolutely amazing in her gold colored traditional woman’s business suit, and leaves her glasses on the entire time. Friday oozes sexuality throughout the tease, and makes this feature worth renting for her scene alone!

Bettie Ballhaus, a good looking busty redhead, takes her place as Dancing Diva for her scene. She starts out in a recording studio wearing a multicolored shiny dress which finds its way off rather quickly. She dances in and out of reach as she strips down, but lets you help remove her panties before grinding against “you” and teasing “you” by loosening “your” belt, letting “you” touch her tits, and sucking “your” fingers.

Not surprisingly, this is another very hot tease. The touching aspect sets this scene apart nicely from the others, and Bettie nicely paces herself through the scene. This is the first I’ve seen of Bettie, and I hope it isn’t the last.

Nikki Nova’s A Passion For Art is next. Nikki, a good looking and well built lady with her hair streaked a few different colors, feels the need to strip down to show how much looking at “your” paintings affects her. Nikki doesn’t waste any time getting out of her tan business suit and then just rolls around naked, smiling and sucking her fingers.

This is one of the least impressive dances in the feature. Nikki seems to rush getting out of her clothes, and the dance seemed a little chopped up rather than flowing nicely. Although she seemed happy throughout the dance, it never seemed to have the deep happiness or playfulness that makes some of the other scenes here such a success. In the end, this scene might make it a little above average, but not too much.

Monica Mendez, an attractive Hispanic, plays The Fan next. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to get in to see her favorite performer, and in this case it means giving you a dance so you’ll let her in. She slowly strips out of her outfit as she dances around in front of you. She mixes things up between dancing and a little rubbing, and knows just how to show off her goodies. After she’s done, she heads through the door without any clothes to find a little surprise waiting for her inside.

This is another nicely done scene. Monica keeps things fun and playful. Although she strips down right away she keeps the spirit going and the camera seems to know just how to capture her right. The setup is also done very well, and this scene has one of the best endings in the feature.

Kim Chambers, a gorgeous and busty dirty blonde, gives a little Nap Time Nookie. She catches you watching her sleeping and gives you a reminder of how horny she normally is when she first wakes up. She slowly strips out of her clothes, teasing you quite a bit with her eyes and tongue as she works, and not doing it all at once. She lets you cop a few feels and grinds against you a bit, never overdoing anything.

Not surprisingly, this is an extremely hot scene. Kim has had quite a bit of time on the dance circuit, and it really shows here. She knows just how to move and just how to pace herself to make this another smoldering scene. If you’re a fan of Kim Chambers, you owe it to yourself to check out her scene here!

Sydney Moon, an extremely cute dirty blonde, takes the penultimate place with Popsicle Girl. She’s out of popsicles and is determined to find something else to lick. She takes her time stripping out of her brightly colored tank and short shorts, and keeps her bra on for quite a while. When she finally frees her breasticles she gives her nipples a lick, but doesn’t let you focus completely on them. She lets you admire every bit of her fantastic body before finally announcing that she hears the ice cream man.

This is another excellent scene! Sydnee keeps a great playful spirit about the entire scene with playful eyes and an alluring smile. She keeps her distance a little more than the other girls, but does a fantastic job and makes this another of the top rung of scenes in Virtual Lap Dancers.

Sierra, a busty black woman, finishes things up with one For the Boys. After dedicating her scene to the men in uniform she rips open her white shirt to reveal a stars and strips bikini, throws off her sailor’s cap, and slides her khaki pants down to reveal a beautiful booty! She dances around and bounces her booty on “your” lap before finally announcing that you’re not at half mast anymore.

This is a different scene to end things with. It feels more like a stage dance, but it’s a well done stage dance. I’ll admit that part of why I like the scene is seeing somebody dedicate a scene to the people out their risking their lives to protect us, but she does a good job even beyond that.

Virtual Lap Dancers is an excellent softcore movie! I’ll admit that I was a little apprehensive going into this feature because so often “virtual” means “interactive”, and I couldn’t see how that could work. There isn’t anything interactive in this DVD outside of selecting which girl you want to watch, and that’s a very good thing here. Each girl has their own style and theme to dance to, and trying to interrupt that would seem like a very bad thing. The girls all do a great job, with Friday, Danni Ashe, and Sydnee Moon standing at the top of the class here and many of the others chasing them. The camera work is excellent throughout the entire feature, and gives a great point of view feeling that always seems well balanced. It mixes a few distance shots with some well done close-ups, and they always feel like what you’d be seeing if you were sitting in the chair. When it comes to the close-ups the girls normally draw your attention to a certain area of their body, so it isn’t like the camera just decides what you want to see. It feels like a natural transition and progression, and it’s a huge part of why Virtual Lap Dancers is as hot and successful as it is. It also doesn’t hurt that every girl here is gorgeous. There really isn’t an unattractive girl here, and although some of them have implants, they’re all well done. Virtual Lap Dancers is an excellent softcore movie that anybody who loves watching the female form should put at the top of their list!

Extras: There’s webslinks for Danni’s site on the main menu and a trailer for it before the main menu.

Themes: Softcore, tease, lesbian (light), and spanking (light)

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None needed

Overall: Currently, most DVDs can be found online for between $15 and $25 with only a few stores offering them. Although there’s nothing for extras, I can’t help but recommend this one at the low end, and would even give it some consideration at the high end. The feature is extremely hot, although it doesn’t give you any interactive control like most people think with virtual features. The technical aspects are also excellent, and easily the best I’ve seen from any internet based feature. The lack of extras is the only thing that held this DVD back from a perfect overall rating.

Note to This is a very short DVD, so a few extras would be great! I know interviews might not be too feasible here, and trailers can take a lot of work. You should have enough material ready to make a bonus scene an extremely easy thing to include. A photo gallery to show some of what can be found on would also be great. You have a great start here, now please make the DVD feel like more than a flat VHS tape.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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