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Virgin Territory (Smash)

Virgin Territory (Smash)

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Virgin Territory (Smash):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Virgin Territory (Smash) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Virgin Territory (Smash) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Virgin Territory (Smash) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Virgin Territory (Smash) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Virgin Territory (Smash) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Virgin Territory (Smash) DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Virgin Territory (Smash) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/13/2006
Well it's time to welcum a new director to our midsts, the lovely Haley Paige who's had a nice career fucking on camera now takes her place behind it. So in a sense she's a "virgin" being this is her first time helming a flick but she's obviously not a virgin in any other area. She's picked a nice varied cast for her first flick mixing in new talent with some more established talent. Codi Starr is one girl I've taken notice of in the last week or so and Alicia Alighatti is another performer I've liked in the past and you add in Haley being involved in most of the scenes in some form or fashion and you can call me interested. The scenes here are more aggressive for the most part tending to get real aggressive when it's Tony T and what I mean there is face slapping, smothering the face with his hand, slapping the ass pretty hard. All these things are instant wood killers for me and I know there are a lot of you out there who find that highly arousing so you will get your wish more often than I do in this title. Joanna Angel's scene had an amusing set up with her being a lemon stealing whore, lol. You have to sit and listen to some awkward but slightly funny dialogue between James Deen and Haley before we get Joanna involved. If she's a good whore and fucks James good she just might get a lemon,lol. I thought the fucking was pretty solid and James is aggressive with his fucking but I never sensed it was nearly as rough as Tony got in his scenes. Still the action is ranging towards the harder end of the gonzo spectrum with gagging and plenty of ass fucking to Miss Angel. Oh wait I do see some face slapping, I hate that shit. I won't even pretend to think it's erotic and wow James is really getting more towards Tony as the scene goes on. Oh fuck now he's choking her with both hands, this just needs to stop. Haley does get her pussy licked a little as James is torpedoing Joanna's ass. We end the scene with James spewing on both their asses which are ass to ass. Haley then licks the cum off Joanna's ass, then she does the same to Haley's tush. Ok I was wrong about James, he's just as hard core as Tony is in this dvd and so fans of the harder fucking will get their money's worth in this title.

Moving on we get a nice pov bj with Haley and wow where did all the rough stuff go, thankfully off my fucking tv. What we get here is some good old fashioned dick sucking done by a pro. Haley does deep throat/ gag but there's some good slow style bj mixed in too. She ends up taking a good pop and doing some extended cleanup. Ok not a full on scene but a welcum development after that first scene. Our next full on scene stars Codi Starr who has a great look, nice tan body all over and some very nice sized tits which Haley is sure to play with. Unfortunately for me Tony is in this scene and I'm sorry but his aggressive style just isn't for me. I know he's not "really" trying to hurt the girl but this type of aggression is just not what I want to see in my porn but I'll give him credit, he's very good at what he does and so long as the girl's not objecting I won't complain to much,lol. Codi proves to be a pretty good knob polisher as she gags long and hard on Tony's rod and you see some long strands of spit start dangling as she worships his tool. The sex is vag to start but for the most part he's pounding her young ass. This kind of sex to me just comes off as being aggressive for being aggressive's sake. I don't sense the real passion, it's just blatant fucking and the sounds coming out of Codi's mouth seem more pained than pleasured as the scene moves along. I'd love to see Codi in a scene where the goal wasn't just to fuck the shit out of her, I know that is the aim here and they do a bang up job of that. Tony does deliver a pretty good pop to close the scene out and Codi does a good job swallowing most of it.

Our next girl up is Holly Wellin and she's another that's been around now for a year or so and she's very good at fucking plus she's got a great sexy accent. I like the talking Haley's been doing, it's not brain surgery fans and Haley's making it a little bit more fun watching this for me. Holly does a fine job showcasing her own body doing some good ass fingering and Haley herself gets hands on like any good director should feeling that ass and even spanking it. James is back and wow he's balls to the walls right from the start with Holly slapping her face and spitting at it. This is so not my cup of tea but Holly is more than up for this doing lots of gagging on James's cock. We get good angles of this throat assault which elicits some good spit strands from Holly's mouth and she's a feisty girl as we here in the scene. The makeup too starts to run reminding me of Hillary's Scott's hard scenes. The fucking here is much more forecful looking than in Joanna's scene or even Codi's scene preceeding this one. Again some choking is shot which left me limp. There is plenty of good hard ass fucking done to Holly and her ass is made a crimson red by Jame's many slaps. Ok when a girl's face is nearly pink and her eyes are red to the point of I don't know what I think you've taking the aggression needle and gone as far to the extreme end as you need to go. The only thing this didn't have was Holly puking. She takes a pop in her mouth and the jizz is swallowed.

The next scene stars Adriana Nicole and she's already face deep in two cocks as the scene opens and the twin bj's go pretty quick before we get to some fucking in cowgirl and even shorter is the wait to the first anal sex as they dp Adriana in this position. No context to this scene it's just fucking and fucking right from the get go. There is some reverse anal with A2M, wow this girl has some some extensive artwork on her body which gets shown off throughout the scene. This seems like a pretty normal scene as compared to what we've seen so far, just your normal fucking and cock sucking and I must say I welcome this. I like the Adriana takes one pop in her mouth internally showing it off and the second load soon joins it resting on her tongue, there's some gargling and then she swallows. A nice change from the spitting and slapping which had dominated up to this point.

Haley brings back Codi who wants someone she can push around, beat the shit out of and Haley brings in Hung Lo and we get some extensive man ass licking done by Codi who also gives his cock some love. The man does a lot of talking in his native tongue and I'm not sure what this is supposed to be but it doesn't have the best of intentions I'm suspecting. I did have to chuckle though when Codi tells Hung to feed her his soy sauce. It was so bad but I had to laugh. We then get some 1-1 time with Haley and I loved the nipple licking from her and she does have a great look, cute face, big boobs and a nice butt. Moving on we get some POV sucking and then Haley is fucked but surprisingly it's all vag with no penetration to her booty. The energy and flow to this scene was easily the best of the dvd and again where was all the slapping and spitting, no where to be seen and the whole experience watching this was much more enjoyable. It doesn't get much better than Haley Paige riding your cock in reverse cowgirl, I mean staring up at those wonderful boobs bouncing about is quite the site I imagine. The pop is to her tits for the most part and she rubs the cum in. This was a refreshing change of pace like the scene with Adriana which we just watched.

Going on we get Haley in the scene once more joined by Alicia and the two do some real nice g/g play kissing and samping each other's tits. The kissing here was reminding me of the Viv Thomas titles I so love watching, nice tongue usage by the girls and they kept the kissing going beyond the initial 5 seconds. The girls get in a double stacked doggie which prompts Joel Lawrence to join in and he is all over this action fucking both from behind with some P2OGM mixed in. The girls then engage in some 69 action with Alicia on top. The girls then get ass to ass in piledriver and Joel goes from bunghole to bunghole with Haley doing A2OGM. Joel then analizes Alicia doggiestyle while Haley stays in piledriver to do a toy dp and there is more A2OGM too from Miss Paige. To close out Alicia takes the jizz all in her mouth, then she shares with Haley who then reswaps with Alicia who I might add is sportin braces. The girls aren't done taking cum as we get a guy walking in just to dump a load which he does this time in Haley's mouth. The girls engage in some more cum swapping and these two worked nicely together, again when the scene isn't so forecful I like what I've seen here and it's been about 50/50 in this title with the to rough stuff and the ok rough stuff. Our final scene stars Samantha South who claims to have a pussy and ass which will drain any man of all their jizz. She then does the wonder woman twirl and arrives in Tony T's room and it's right to some hard cock sucking and Tony maintain's his rough image from previous scenes slapping her face, tits, and ass plus there's the covering up of her face with his hand. I'm sorry fans this just isn't what I want to see so I'm skipping ahead. The fucking in this scene is all anal from what I can see and Samantha's got a nice ass to look at but the whole vibe of the scene is not what I want so I didn't fully appreciate her assets this time out. Tony does a very good job, though, of really fucking Samantha creating a nice sized gape in her ass by scene's end. They close out with Tony jerking his load all over her face and she does a little rubbing in of the cum.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well for Haley's first time out as a director I'd say the results were mixed. When she was in the scene either fucking or sharing the screen with say Alicia the results were pretty good but there were scenes such as the first one with Joanna, then with Codi where the rough stuff just got way to over the top for my tastes and I found no sexual turn on going on at all. I'd love to see Haley direct again but this time I'd hope for more of what we saw in her scenes and much less of the real rough stuff we saw in the other scenes. There aren't any real extras for this one, you can go to your favorite position such as bj, anal mish, cowgirl, doggie,and dp plus you can revisit the cumshots. I'd recommend this mostly as a rental but for the real hardcore fans you might enjoy this more than I did and for Haley Paige fans I'd give this a look just for her scenes where she still looks and fucks as good as ever.

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