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Virgin Territory (Smash)

Virgin Territory (Smash)

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Virgin Territory (Smash):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Virgin Territory (Smash) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Virgin Territory (Smash) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Virgin Territory (Smash) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Virgin Territory (Smash) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Virgin Territory (Smash) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Virgin Territory (Smash) DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Virgin Territory (Smash) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  5/13/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: 183 min.

Production Date: 3 / 18, 19, 20, 22 / 2006

Director: Haley Paige

Cast: Adrianna Nicole, Alicia Alighatti, Codi Star, Holly Wellin, Joanna Angel, Samantha South, Brian Pumper, Hung Lo, James Deen, Joe Rock, Joel Lawrence, Steve Austin, Steven French, and Tony T.

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Haley has almost always been very impressive in front of the camera. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she can do behind it.

Initial Reaction: It’s not fantastic, but it is a very nice debut movie.

Who Should Watch It : Anal fans

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting overly serious porn

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is clear and well balanced. Although there are a couple minor background noises, they seemed like they were there for a reason. The video is also pretty good. It’s very nicely lit, but does have a touch of grain. The camera moves around fast, but was consistent enough with it that I didn’t have a problem with it. Finally, there’s a few places where there’s a little digital breakup with thankfully only lasts a split second each time.

Music: None

False Advertising: The cover has claims of ”All Anal!”, ”DP’s”, and ”7 Scenes”. Out of those three claims, the only one which didn’t disappoint me was the claim of seven scenes for the simple reason that there’s actually nine scenes. As for the claim of the movie being all anal, of the nine scenes there’s six scenes with anal, one vaginal only, and two short oral scenes. I could have probably lived with the claim of the movie being all anal if all seven of the major scenes were anal while the two short scenes weren’t counted, but with only six anal scenes I just can’t look past it. Finally there’s the claim of DP’s. Note the letter “s” at the end of “DP”, which makes it plural and means more than one. I’m not sure how one can have more than one double penetration scene in a movie when there’s only one scene with two guys in it. I’m deducting a half point from the overall score here because of these claims.

Menus: The main menu is pretty standard but nicely done, combining a hilarious scenic background which should make you do a double take, a bit of the cover, and a bit of the movie. The chapter menu is also nicely done, and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and the name of the lovely lady in it. There’s also a position menu to let you jump directly to specific sex acts such as anal cowgirl, double penetrations, and cumshots.

The Feature

Virgin Territory marks Haley Paige’s move from in front of the camera to spending some time behind it. She mixes up scenes that have a bit of plot with ones which are straight on sex, and makes sure to work in a little humor throughout the movie.

Scene 1 - Joanna Angel, Haley Paige, and James Deen

While Haley and James sit back in their yard admiring their lemon tree, tattooed brunette whore Joanna sneaks in to steal them pulling them off the tree and putting them in her pink mesh outfit. Haley takes the lemons inside and leaves James to teach her a lesson about stealing lemons. He slaps her a couple times before making her get down to take his cock in her mouth. James fucks her face so she gets his cock nice and deep in her throat, and teases her with a lemon as she sucks his cock. Haley taunts her with a couple more lemons promising them to her if she does good enough, and then decides that they should take her inside to see what she’d do for a whole bushel of lemons. Haley plays with a lemon on her pussy as she watches Joanna suck James’ cock, and keeps encouraging her as she takes James’ cock in her ass doggie style. Joanna lets James go from fucking her ass to fucking her face, and even lies back so he can fuck her ass missionary style while he chokes her. He teases her pussy with a lemon and lets her take it in the ass reverse cowgirl style, with Haley moving back and forth to watch as she diddles herself. James lets Joanna have a little cock for her pussy as he fingers her ass, but makes sure to go back to fucking her ass. They move over by Haley so Joanna can lick Haley’s pussy while getting buttfucked from behind, and then pulls her away so she can suck his cock and fully concentrate on it ramming in and out of her shitpussy. James works his cock between her holes as the cameraman gets a few gropes in on Haley, with Joanna continuing to take tastes on James’ cock as well as showing some decent gapes. Haley moves in to put her ass next to Joanna’s as James pops a great load between both asses. Haley licks up the cum from Joanna’s ass and swaps it over to her before James has Joanna lick the cum from Haley’s ass so they can swap it all back and forth before Joanna swallows it down.

There are some things you don’t expect to see or hear in adult movies. “Gag on his cock you lemon stealing whore!” is one of those things. Amusing lemon lines are tossed in throughout the scene, which does a great job of balancing corny humor with hot and nasty sex. James does a surprisingly great job of dominating Joanna, with Haley adding a nice touch by just watching and diddling herself. The little interaction between the girls is very nice, but the scene is completely Joanna’s. She takes a great ass pounding as well as plenty of ass to mouth, and doesn’t seem to shy away from anything. This is a great opening scene for Haley Paige’s directorial debut, and definitely had me standing at full attention.

Scene 2 - Haley Paige and Joe Rock

After Joe chats with the camera about how long he’s been one of Haley’s fans, he’s rewarded with his prize... Haley Paige! She crawls up and goes right to work sucking his cock as the camera captures it POV style. Haley gives the camera some great eyes as she sucks and strokes Joe’s cock, and is rewarded with a large fake pop on her forehead.

This is an okay scene. Haley does a nice job sucking cock, and it’s captured nicely. The problem is the pop. It looks close, but just didn’t look quite right. You can clearly tell that it come out below Joe’s cock, and part of what makes it obvious as being a fake cumshot is that it come out the side of his cock at about a forty five degree angle! This started out as a pretty good oral scene and then nosedived with the fake pop. This would have been a great scene to include as a bonus scene rather than as a part of the movie. As a bonus scene it wouldn’t have held back the rest of the movie and it would have also upheld the ”All anal!” claim on the cover.

Scene 3 - Codi Star and Tony T.

Busty brunette Codi, who has a very nice natural rack to go with a lovely pierced nose, navel, and hood along with a hideous lip piercing, starts out chatting with Haley about the dirty dreams she had at a very young age. She’s interrupted by Tony, who shoves his cock in her mouth for a few thrusts before turning her around to admire and spank her ass and tits while she strokes his cock. He lets Cody go back to sloppily mouthing his manhood before spooning her ass, and makes sure she gets a chance to suck it clean before waiting too long. Cody cries out for Haley to fuck her ass as Tony bones her, and is often rewarded with a hand over her mouth so she can’t cry out so loud. Tony moves around to fuck both her holes missionary style before letting Cody suck his cock clean and ride it in both cowgirls. She sucks Tony a few more times, and finishes things up taking a pretty average pop in her mouth and letting it flow down over her chin.

This scene didn’t do much for me. I’ll admit that part of it was probably that lip piercings are an incredible turn off for me, but Cody’s vocals also really held the scene back for me. Physically she looks like she’s a great fuck, but she never really moans through the scene. Instead she screams at the top of her lungs making it sound more like she’s being painfully tortured rather than given any kind of pleasure. Her vocals were so annoying I actually turned down the volume so I could barely hear it and got out the remote. This scene fell short for me, and the more I thought about it the more I hated it.

Scene 4 - Haley Paige, Holly Wellin and James Deen

Sexy nineteen year old British tart Holly changed her hair color since I saw her last, going from a sexy blonde to a good looking brunette. Thankfully she didn’t do anything with her fantastic rack, which she quickly shows off as she chats with Haley at the start of the fourth scene causing Haley’s husband to reach out from behind the camera to give them a grope. After a bit more chatting they head to the couch where Hailey has Holly lift up a leg so she can examine her ass as well as spanking it before letting James fuck her face. James slides his cock down her throat repeatedly as Holly drools uncontrollably, and then starts fucking her pussy missionary style while choking her and slapping her face. He moves down to fuck her ass, and of course comes up after a bit to fuck her face before going back to her ass. James lets Holly have another taste of her ass before fucking it doggie style, and then pulls her back to ride it reverse cowgirl style as she encourages him to choke her. Holly continues to have James choke her as he gives it to her missionary style before getting down and demanding he feed her his cum. James makes her keep her tongue in her mouth as he shoots an impressive load into it, and then lets Holly gargle it before swapping it around with Haley until it runs out around Haley’s great body. James gives her a second pop for them to play with that she also gargles and swaps back and forth before the girls head off into another room.

This is a pretty hot scene. James does a great job of delivering an intense fucking, and Holly does just as good a job driving the scene to be as hard as possible. I was really surprised at how much choking was in the scene, but at the same time it was great to see how Holly was driving it all. The camera work is nicely done through the scene, and I like how Hailey comes in at the start and end of the scene to help out. This is a nicely done scene.

Scene 5 - Adrianna Nicole, Steven French, and Brian Pumper

After Haley gives a quick demonstration of the “froggy position”, hot bottle blonde Adrianna, who has a nice body that’s held back a bit by some huge tattoos, appears on her knees and starts sucking Brian and Steven. She quickly moves onto Brian’s cock for a cowgirl ride with Steven moving in to DP her mere seconds later. She moves around for a reverse cowgirl with Steven on the bottom next, and then sucks them clean before letting Brian fuck her ass doggie style while she continues to suck Steven’s cock. Steve also gets a turn in doggie style before they trade back and forth between fucking her asshole missionary style and getting their cock sucked. Adrianna lets Brian take his time as they work him to a pop in his mouth, and collects Steven’s in her mouth as well before swallowing it all down and letting Brian act like a monkey.

This is an okay scene. Adriana has a very nice body, but her ink didn’t do anything for me. She took on both guys very well, but when she was moaning like crazy for the guys to fuck her harder when she didn’t have either of them fucking her from behind, she really lost me. That second or two caused me to doubt her entire performance, and took the scene from being very good to just average for me.

Scene 6 - Cody Star and Hung Lo

After talking with Haley about how she’s dated guys of different colors, Cody lets her know that she wants to try a yellow guy that she can push around. Luckily Hung Lo is there with his legs in the air so she can eat and spank his ass. Hung gets on all fours for Cody to work him over again, and finishes things up giving her a nice load in her mouth.

There’s a prat of me that really wanted to like this. The racial humor is mildly amusing, but Cody just doesn’t do anything for me. Although her vocals weren’t nearly as loud as earlier, they make up for it by kicking up the annoying level to the point that I couldn’t help but reach for the remote. Thankfully this is a short scene and it ended before I could get it. This is a pretty average oral scene that could have been a heck of a lot hotter with a different female in it.

Scene 7 - Haley Paige and James Deen

Haley starts out the next scene giving James a bit of a show and diddling herself. She moves in to suck James’ cock before letting him fuck her from behind, and then makes sure to suck him a bit more. They move on with both cowgirls before Haley sucks and strokes James to an impressive pop on her tits.

I’m not sure if this scene makes it quite past the average mark. Haley and James have very nice chemistry, and James doe a pretty good job with the camera work. It isn’t a great POV scene, but it moves along nicely and gives a good feeling of chemistry. That said, this scene also left me mightily disappointed because there’s absolutely no anal. I could kind of look past the two oral scenes which were before this as not counting as they’re short little scenes that act like a fun filler, but this is a full scene lasting roughly twenty minutes and definitely counts as one of the seven scenes advertised on the front cover. Having this be just a vaginal scene left me very disappointed here.

Scene 8 - Alicia Alighatti, Haley Paige, Joel Lawrence, and Steve Austin

Haley and Alicia start out the penultimate scene kissing with Haley wearing a cute little corset and Alicia wearing glasses, a red plaid skirt, and a white top. They kiss a bit and help each other strip down before Haley climbs on top of Alicia. Joel moves in to check them both out and give them some very brief oral attention before fucking Alicia from behind. He has the girls sixty-nine each other so he can fuck Haley missionary style before moving around to fuck Alicia from behind, and of course takes a few moments to let the girls suck his cock as he fucks them. Haley puts her ass in the air so Joel can pile drive it while Alicia keeps hers available for some missionary work with both girls being nicely willing to suck the other’s ass off Joel’s cock. Alicia also helps Haley double stuff herself with toys before they kiss and have Joel shoot his load into Alicia’s mouth. Of course Alicia saves it so she can swap it down to Haley, and they swap it back and forth a bit before Alicia lets it flow down onto her fantastic natural tits. Not satisfied with just one load, Steve comes in and lets Haley have a pop in her mouth which she of course shares with Alicia. Alicia gives it back and lets Haley dribble it down on to her tits before they rub it in and wave goodbye.

This is a hot scene. The girls have very nice chemistry and Joel fits in very well. Alicia looks absolutely fantastic, and the only thing that holds her back at all is the braces. The camera captures it all very well and I love how they mix in a couple different positions for the sex such as using the sixty-nine and the pile driver and missionary with the girls right next to each other so Joel can work back and forth. This is a very nicely done scene that makes me think I might have to check out more of Alicia.

Scene 9 - Samantha South and Tony T.

Cute nineteen year old Samantha starts things out in a cute little pink outfit talking about having the superpower to drain any man’s testicles. When she hears one screaming out, she uses her powers to go there and finds a buck naked Tony in a bedroom. She lets Tony fuck her face before spooning her ass, and sucks it a bit more as Tony takes her ass through a bit of doggie fucking. Samantha lies back for a bit of anal missionary next before getting up to impale her ass on his cock in both cowgirls. She doesn’t hesitate to suck her ass off his cock repeatedly as they fuck, and finishes things up with a good pop around her closed mouth.

This is a pretty good final scene. Samantha puts out some very nice energy through the scene and doesn’t hesitate to suck Tony’s cock clean. Tony puts out his usual intense scene, and Samantha takes it all with ease. She doesn’t do it completely submissively, but seems to actively go after as much as Tony will give her. The chemistry between them helps the scene very well, and they help Virgin Territory to end on a high note.

Virgin Territory is a pretty good directorial debut for Haley Paige. She keeps a fairly fun feeling to the movie with some nice humor, but never loses track of the sex or lets the jokes interfere with it. I love the opening scene with Joanna, James, and the lemons, with Holly and Alicia’s scenes coming out on top as well. Although I’m not much of a fan of her braces, I can rarely think of a time when Alicia has looked as good as Haley has her here. The camera work and editing help things out nicely, and there aren’t many of the little things that seem to plague first time directors like very inconsistent lighting or not having a good feeling for what the camera will do. There were also a few things that didn’t work for me. The top of this list is definitely Cody Star, who’s vocals were about as welcome to me as fingernails on a blackboard. Actually, in all seriousness, I would have rather had somebody running their fingers across a blackboard in the background than listening to Cody’s vocals. She puts out some nice energy and does look to get into her scenes quite well, but her vocals all but ruined both her scenes for me by being just as bad to listen to as people squeaking styrofoam egg cartons. My final problem is that for a movie that’s supposed to be all anal with double penetrations (note that the “s” means multiple), only six of the nine scenes had anal and only one scene had the two cocks needed for a double penetration. Virgin Territory is a pretty hot debut movie for Haley Paige as a director, and even with the few problems I had with it Virgin Territory has enough going for it that I’m looking forward to seeing what Haley will do next.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery lasts just over a minute with about four seconds per good looking snapshot. There’s also weblinks.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, anal, ass to mouth, masturbation, voyeurism, group, lesbian, cum swapping, swallowing, interracial, DP, rimming (male > female and female > female), and toys

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many Smash DVDs can be found online for between $14 and $24 with most stores offering them in the $20 range. I’d rent this one first or aim low. There’s some decent action, but I’m just not sure if it’s hot enough to justify a lot of repeat viewings. The technical aspects have a few minor blemishes, but for the most part is nicely done. Sadly, due to the length of the movie, there aren’t any extras. This is a pretty good DVD.

Note to Smash: Although this one didn’t work for me nearly as well as many of your other releases, it’s not too hard to see why you took Haley Paige behind the camera.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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