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Virgin Surgeon (Zero Tolerance)

Virgin Surgeon (Zero Tolerance)

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Barely Legal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Renee's ratings for Virgin Surgeon (Zero Tolerance):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Virgin Surgeon (Zero Tolerance) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Virgin Surgeon (Zero Tolerance) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Virgin Surgeon (Zero Tolerance) Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Virgin Surgeon (Zero Tolerance) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Virgin Surgeon (Zero Tolerance) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Virgin Surgeon (Zero Tolerance) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Virgin Surgeon (Zero Tolerance) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Renee  on  11/4/2003
Virgin Surgeon

Studio: Zero Tolerance

Directed by Mark Davis, produced by Wendy Knight, filmed and edited by Quasarman

Themes: Gonzo, Conventional Sex

This video is dedicated to the latest fetish in the porn world, vaginal sex. Remember this archaic ritual? For millennia, it was practiced by us humans, and our humanoid ancestors. But thanks to the help, the loving guidance from the porn industry, we have all been tutored in that higher form of sexual expression, ANAL SEX. Today, everyone knows that old-fashioned vaginal sex is for reproductive purposes only.

Nevertheless, there are still individuals, mainly virgins and near-virgins, who are interested in this antiquated sexual custom. Hence, the need for a film like Virgin Surgeon, in which Mark Davis focuses on young women who are new to the porn industry, and who are making their first boy/girl movies. Each actress is introduced by Davis, who stars in 3 of the scenes, and who has cast 3 additional men in the others.

Davis introduces each actress, asking her how old she is, when she lost her virginity, does she like sex, etc. This could have turned out extra sleazy, but with his relaxed manner and sexy BBC radio announcer voice, it works quite well. Plus, he has each girl dressed in cute tops with matching panties, that show off their figures real well. A nice way to start each vignette.

Scene 1: Tracie Kelly and Mark Davis
Tracie is a tall blonde, 19 years old, who was last a virgin when 17. She reminds me of Britney Spears, though less fake than the singer. Her mom thinks she is just doing some nude modeling that day (Not!). When asked by Mark, she says that her first sexual experience was just okay, and sex has only gotten a bit better since then.
Well, it got a whole lot better for Tracie with Mark at the helm. Once he helps her off with her clothes, he kisses her all over, moving slowly from her neck down to her toes. When he fingers her intensely, he makes her come several times while she lies on the sofa. Next, it’s time for her to blow him, and even though she’s so young, she gets him hot and bothered in no time. He was getting so excited, that the muscles in his lower body were tensing up, like he was having these mini-orgasms; I thought he might cum right then and there.
They move onto RCG, PTM then CG. All the while, he talks to her tenderly, letting her know what position or angle to take. I liked the way when he has her change positions, he does it slowly, so he doesn’t surprise her, or yank her body around.
Davis next stands her up, grabs her hair, and asks Tracie in his sexy British accent, “How do you feel?” “Good, I want more,” she breathily says. Well, he gives her more, but good, switching to doggie style on the sofa, as he pounds her for a minute or two. He is so excited that he cums in her mouth without jerking off, and he’s practically screaming. Tracie looks mighty satisfied, as well, as a very hot scene comes to an end.

Scene 2: Shayna Knight and Mark Wood
Mark Davis tells us that Shayna, a pretty brunette from Germany, is just 18, and she hasn’t been innocent since the age of 13. He leads her to Mark Wood, who is in a bedroom. Wood undresses her, fondles, and fingers her as well; she might have had an orgasm at this point. Shayna then blows him on the bed, while he keeps fingering her, caught well by the camera. They move onto RCG, then doggy, then kneeling mish; Shayna cries out “Ya, Ya” a lot. They end with him cumming in her mouth.
During this scene, something didn’t sit quite right with me. I noticed the couple glancing sporadically at the big window in the bedroom. I found out why, in the BTS footage. The entire time of filming, a golden retriever (the homeowner’s dog?) is sitting outside, looking in on the sex action. The dog has a “why am I out here when everyone is inside?” forlorn look on his face, to boot. No wonder everyone is distracted. I must say, however, that the dog cooperated by not barking even once during the footage shown in the DVD. Thanks, Rover.

Scene 3: Sue Diamond and Mark Davis
Sue is 27 years old, and from Slovakia; she’s a tall blond in a bikini. Although she looks a tad ill at ease, Davis does his best to make her feel more relaxed. Once he goes to work on her by kissing and licking her all over, including some wonderful pussy eating, you can see that she gets way more comfortable. He even does some licking of her in doggy, which sets her to moaning a lot.
When Sue kneels to blow him, he’s nice enough to run his hand through her hair from time to time, and he encourages her quietly. They proceed to RCG, PTM, then CG on the sofa. After that, Mark has her get on her hands and knees on an ottoman, so he can go at her in doggy; this she likes a lot. Finally, he carefully turns her over onto her back, folds her long legs back and has her hold them while he pumps her some more, sort of like a modified piledriver position. He varies his strokes from fast to slow, and back again, which definitely delights her. They finish with him cumming in her mouth.

Scene 4: MaryLou and Benjamin Brat
Mark Davis is shown holding MaryLou on his lap, as they sit on a carpeted staircase. She is Mexican-American, with beautiful black hair and pale skin. She says she likes sex, and has since she was 15. While Mark is undressing her, he remarks that he wishes he could do the scene. He sits behind her on the stairs, nuzzles her hair, and asks her if she like to have some sex today? Si, she says.
Fellow Latino Benjamin comes on the scene, and doesn’t waste anytime getting to know MaryLou. These two bond instantly with each other (the BTS footage shows why), and the intensity is heightened some more when he starts fingering her. At this point, he is speaking in Spanish, which I will do my best to translate as follows:

Benjamin, slips one finger in MaryLou, “Aqui, para ti,” [Here, for you] as he has her lick his finger.
Benjamin, slips two fingers in, “Ahora, otra vez,” [Now, another time] as she licks his fingers.
Benjamin, slips three fingers in, making her come, “Ta bueno!” [That’s good!]

She is moaning, Si, Si, the whole time. As he rims her, he asks if this is a virgin ass; si, she answers. They move on to her blowing him on the stairs, and he gets her to take him deep, what with his gentle, encouraging words. Before they move into doggy, he embraces her hard and kisses her. In doggy, he does this great variation of pumping her hard, then slowing to an intense grind, which has her crying out, “Si, me gusta, que rico,” [Yes, I like it, it’s so fine]. When he massages her clit while he pounds away at her, you can see her cumming, while she yells at him: “Mas, Mas” [More, More].
He is so strong and agile, that Benjamin is able to hold on to MaryLou, and rotate into RCG right on the stairs, without missing a beat. After a few minutes of this, they cut to her lying upside down on the steps, with him above her, pounding away in mish. Papi –[Daddy], she screams, don’t stop. They do some PTM, and with her so relaxed after all her orgasms, she can take him balls deep. They end with him cumming in her face. The camera lingers as he helps scoop up the cum with his fingers, into her mouth.

This couple was, to put it simply, on fire from beginning to end. They look spectacular together, with her pale skin next to his tanned, muscular body. Their sexual passion is a great match, too. In a movie that has several fine scenes, this one stood out as the best.
As for Mr. Brat, I want to say a few words: Que guapo, un gentilhombre latino, con brio! So handsome, a real latin gentleman, such passion! Lest I forget, I want to thank Senora Anderson, my Spanish teacher at Susquehanna Township Senior High, for teaching me just enough Spanish to make this porno film enjoyable. Muchas Gracias.

Scene 5: Bobbi Eden and Mark Davis
Bobbi, dressed in a pretty bra and panties set, sits next to Mark on a sofa. She a tall blonde from the Netherlands, and this will be her first B/G scene not with her husband! Once the lingerie comes off her shapely body, Mark fingers her intensely for several minutes, making her come so much that she can’t lay still. More of the same follows when he licks her off.
Finally, it’s his turn for some pleasure, and does she ever provide it when she gives him a long, sensuous blowjob. Between her tongue, her lips and her hands, Bobbi has him writhing so much, Mark says that he might just cum now. They proceed onto CG on the couch, and she shows a lot of enthusiasm with her athletic body. Mark picks her up so they can go at it in kneeling mish, while he slowly pounds away at her. After some PTM, he gets her in RCG, making her moan a lot. It all ends with him cumming in her mouth, and she has a smile on her face.

Scene 6: Serena South and Kurt Lockwood
Mark introduces us to petite brunette Serena, who is 20 years old and only wears a size 5 shoe. He wants to do this scene, too, but instead Kurt shows up. Kurt is good looking, tan and muscular, and looks fine next to little Serena, as he gives her a deep kiss.
They start off with a blowjob, which gets Kurt hard in no time. He talks to her and runs his hand through her hair, while she goes deeper on him. They do pause for some kisses and some light slapping, but resume the action for a few minutes longer.
On the floor, he enters her in kneeling mish, and within a minute she is having her first orgasm, followed by many more. While he varies his strokes a lot, she tells him, “It feels so good! You fuck so good!” Kurt bends down to kiss her, and she grabs hold of him around the neck and won’t let go. So, he makes the best of it and does a slow grind right on top of her; you can see her toes curled, she keeps climaxing so much. (why don’t porn films show this position more often?)
Now they switch to doggy style, with some ass slaps thrown in for good measure. After PTM, Kurt lies down on his back, and Serena mounts him for some CG and RCG. She is so wet from all the orgasms, and so overwhelmed, that she nearly falls off of him, but he holds onto her tight.
They end back in a powerful grinding mish, and he cums in her mouth without having to jerk off. Well, these two work so well together, that in the BTS footage, they are asked if they are dating. No, they had only met once before, and this was the first time they performed together. Could have fooled me, with their intense chemistry. Another great scene.

Overall Impression: For a film that is about conventional vaginal sex, with inexperienced performers save the director Mark Davis, this was a real treat to watch. Everyone did a fine job and came across as enjoying what they were doing. It goes to show what the right casting and a good working atmosphere can accomplish. Other things I liked were the variety of positions shown (some I’d never seen before), and that they took their time with the actual sex footage, since there wasn’t the mad rush to get to the ANAL SEX that you see in a lot of porno films nowadays.
Mark Davis contributed a great deal to my satisfaction with this film. It’s clear that he genuinely likes women, and likes giving them pleasure. Even the producer Wendy Knight is impressed, and asks him in the BTS how he got to be so good. He tells her “Practice.” Well, plenty of other porn actors have had just as much practice, but without Mr. Davis’ results. I mean, he had the 3 women he worked with, all novices, climaxing within 2-3 minutes of him laying his hands on them. Impressive, indeed.
Quasarman’s camera work and editing were an added bonus. He caught all the action well, and kept the camera moving from close-ups to long shots, without it being noticeable or jerky. I only wished there had been more side views of the actors, even if this means there isn’t the ideal lighting from that angle.

Extras: Striptease, Photos, filmography, BTS footage, Cum shot Recap.
On the BTS, we get to sample Quasarman’s sense of humor, as he cracks jokes about Mark’s British accent, Girl Scout cookies, foreskins, urologists, and Rover the Golden Retriever. The DVD is practically worth it for his comments alone.

Renee’s Wristwatch-O-Meter: This film scores a 6 out of a possible 6. It originally had a score of 3, because Mark Davis wears a watch in his 3 scenes, but since he is the director, I’ll give him a break. I don’t like seeing a man with a timepiece on during sex scenes; to me they are real fantasy-killers.

Best Line in Film: (Mark Davis to Tracie) “What kind of mint is that, an Altoids?” Mark relates an interesting factoid; i.e., if a woman chews on a strong mint before giving head, it will burn like hell for the man. Who Knew? Quasarman suggests she rinse her mouth out with water before the scene. This must have worked, because the scene went fine, blowjob included.

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