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Virgin Brides

Virgin Brides

Studio: Hustler
Category:  All Sex , Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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x911's ratings for Virgin Brides:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Virgin Brides overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Virgin Brides Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Virgin Brides Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Virgin Brides Sex rating 0 stars
Plot/Acting Virgin Brides Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Virgin Brides DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Virgin Brides A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by x911  on  11/29/2012
This is basically a collection of bride theme clips, strung together in no particular manor. This movie will mostly appeal to people looking for a video of older men with young girls. I generally like this type of flick (being an older man), but I was not very impressed with the sex throughout. And, when we’re talking about no script-just fuck type of flicks, that leaves me disappointed. Add to that some very junior level camera work, and the scenes are more waste than want.

The girls in this collection are all very pretty and attractive. Some may have looked virginesque but none really acted it – nor did their new husbands treat them as such. It’s all personal preference, but I think that they chose the right girl for the cover (Alyssa Branch). She has a sexy quality about her – from her look to her voice - and my opinion is that she generated the most heat of any of the girls. This is not to say that the other girls completely fell flat – in fact, there were some nice segments here. However, I felt that the male cast was not very inspiring and paved the way for mostly luke-warm performances.

I should note that I was biased while watching some of the scenes. I am generally not a fan of actions like forced blow jobs – holding the girls head down – unless there is a reason to do it. With the right setup, this can be great – without the right setup, it just comes off as disrespectful. Luckily, there was not much of this within the scenes. Additionally, I am a big fan of condomless shooting (pun intended) but I think that the lack of any attempt of intimacy (read: real kissing) between actors was very obvious here and just ended up hurting the scenes – even without the condoms.

Scene 1 - Trinity St. Clair, Ryan Driller

The Good: Trinity St. Clair is teeny-tiny, beautiful and innocent looking – but happens to be a little slut – what’s not to like about that? TSC gives a sexy whistler at times, and seems to enjoy sucking right out of her pussy too – I love that!

The Bad: That friggin’ rhythmic “yeah” gets old fast (but NEVER stops), and her moaning is terrible. The scene just went on too long for what it was worth, and it appeared that Ryan could not cum – ended up feeling monotonous. She was happy to take the open mouth cum shot at the end, but this was gaffed by poor camera work – SHAME!

Outfits: Both are Naked – no clothes or shoes – cute little purple toes (hers, not his)

Ryan carries her across the threshold – not much of a honeymoon suite, but let’s go with it. Trinity looks gorgeous – tiny, pretty, innocent looking – and, is clearly eager to get down to business. At first, it looks like she might only be able to take a couple of inches into her mouth, but as the BJ goes on, she starts to gag herself with his cock – in fairness, it is not blow job virgins.

Finally, she asks “Do you want to put this in my tight virgin pussy?” and Ryan is happy to oblige. Trinity climbs on top and starts to ride. Again, I want to mention my appreciation for a girl that will slurp on a cock that has been in her pussy – and, she does so nicely here. With nary a transition or any warmup, she is taking him in her ass reverse cowgirl – and, with seemingly no lube! Love the RCG position laying on back and taking it up ass – but, even this was overshadowed by the terrible audio. They move to some doggie anal, then finally missionary vag – let’s get it over already – and, finally the open mouth squirt.

Overall, I thought this scene was ok – it would have been even better if it was a tad shorter, and if Trinity made better noises.

Scene 2 - Alyssa Branch, Will Powers

The Good: Swollen lady parts – I simply love her pussy. It’s that simple. This girl also seems to love sex. It was not the most intimate; however it did look like she enjoyed herself. I always appreciate an open mouth cumshot – she has some learning to do, but she took it like a trooper.

The Bad: The camera work was not very good. Have I already said this?

The Outfits: Him – naked, her - naked with heels

The action starts pretty quickly with some nice pussy and ass licking. She takes it like a true receiver and looked like she really liked the ass licking. The move through a few of the standard positions (Doggie, RCG) – for my money, I say that the best fucking on this tape was her hip thrusting swirl on his cock – real nice!

She also takes that wet cock right into her hungry mouth and looks just perfect sucking on his ample member. This scene earns my nod for the best quote, from him - “Did you learn this from your mom?” Really? The most disappointing part of this scene was when he grabs her ass, she says “Fuck, I love that” – and, he stops doing it. Also, the side fucking on the couch was great too – and, again, way too short. Watch her put those fingers right on her asshole - this was going somewhere good…

This was my favorite complete scene. I thought Alyssa was nice to watch, and I look forward to more of her – I expect that we’re going to see her get down and dirty in the near future.

Scene 3 - Vanessa Cage, Eric John

The Good: Vanessa is very pretty, with pretty lady parts to match that face. She felt the most innocent of the group, and I liked it.

The Bad: Not much chemistry here – again? Yes, again. Boring sex. Camera work was not very good.

The Outfits: Him – naked, her - naked with heels, then barefoot

We get down to a BJ in no time flat, and I have to say that this girl looks great with a cock in her mouth. It was sensual and very inviting. There was nothing too crazy about it, and that was ok with me. Next up was some sweet pussy licking action. Hold on – why did he keep rubbing his nose into her? Definitely odd.

They start off the action with some missionary, and while it was slower and a bit tamer, it looked like she was getting what she needed (note the wetness on his cock – good sign). They move to reverse cowgirl action and after a bit she says “I want to taste myself off of you”. I like nice girls like that too. The CG action that follows was nothing to rewind, but moves into doggie where she looked at her very best.

This one finished up with another open mouth facial – and, while she took it, it did not look like it was as fun as getting her nails done would have been. Not a bad scene, but better chemistry and camera work would really help this beauty shine.

Scene 4 - Giselle Leon, Billy Glide

The Good: Giselle’s body is very sexy. Sorry, that’s about all I can muster for this one.

The Bad: Forced BJ – not a fan, and she did not look to enjoy it either. Billy Glide should use more verbal restraint. Camera work not very good

The Outfits: Him – naked, her – stupid stripper wedding shoes

I always like to see a small girl get it from a dude with a major crank. Billy Glide is about as big around as my quads, and I have squatted over 500lbs! When I set out to review this movie, I was excited for this pairing the most.

We start out with a straight-to-BJ situation again, which sets the tone. She really tried to get more of that thing into her mouth, but it was just too much. The truth is that I kept feeling like this girl deserves better than this. We get to the sex with a cowgirl start. To say that the ass slapping was uninspired is a gross understatement. Basically, they go through a few different positions RCG, cowgirl against the couch (best visual for the bust) but I just did not get the sense that it was that great for either of them.

I did particularly care for the spooning – leg up – pushing her head down sequence. Again, it just came off as disrespectful in this scene. Luckily, we come to an end and it’s a weak jerk off facial. I was not sad to see this one end.

Scene 5 - Maia Davis, Otto Bauer

The Good: Pretty girl, and an enthusiastic sucker. Loved the laying back RCG shot – just too short.

The Bad: Camerawork. Sound – Sheets or did they fuck on wrapping paper? Very weak cum shot.

The Outfits: Him – naked, her - naked – lots of tats

She quickly pulls her panties aside for some cunnilingus. BTW, not all virgins like getting their pussy spit on but Otto goes for it anyway. The BJ that follows has some light gagging (again, not impressed). It looks like she is playing with herself while sucking (which I like) but the camera work misses that action which means we don’t get to see it – Yes, there is a recurring theme here.

The aligning of the boy/girl parts start out in reverse cowgirl – at least it looks and sounds like she’s having fun here. Then, we’re back to BJ, then into spoon with leg up on her side – I love this position, but _again_ the camera work is too far out to appreciate this girl’s sexy body.

The doggie is really nice here, but short – I just love looking at that spread and ready ass! Finally, we’re back to missionary and the pop shot is coming, which ends up about as weak as the rest of this video.


It is probably obvious that I just ran out of steam watching this one. The positive is that all of the girls were very attractive. The negative was that the sex was just not that good. And, as if that was not bad enough, the camera work added insult to injury.

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