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Vintage Erotica Anno 1920

Vintage Erotica Anno 1920

Studio: Rykodisc
Category:  Classic

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YogaDame's ratings for Vintage Erotica Anno 1920:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by YogaDame  on  6/29/2009

Vintage Erotica Anno 1920

Cast: Uncredited.

Director: Diverse.

Production dates: The scenes are film shorts circa 1920-1930; the DVD release date was 7/25/06.

Length: 99 min.

Extras: A 2-min. bonus scene ("Le Verrou" from Vintage Erotica Anno 1930) and a gallery with 50 erotic photos from the era. The advertising also states "optional subtitles: French/English," but I am unable to find those on my disc.

Audiovisual quality: These films go back some 80+ years and are the oldest I've personally watched. It's not surprising to encounter a variety of damage and deterioration and dropped frames. While I am far from an expert, I do get the sense that loving care has gone into the collection and presentation of these shorts. Since I can usually see the action through the scratches, I've made a generous allowance for the age of the material when rating the visual quality. The movies are black-and-white and silent, of course. Many include explanatory text cards in French. I can sorta-kinda read French, so I'll do my best to provide rough translations in the scene descriptions. It appears that the films are no longer in their original aspect ratio, alas, since some of the text is cut off at the edges. The audio includes an original orchestral score by Marcel Fragonard et le Epopée de Culté Sinfonletta. The music has a lovely period feel and suits the visuals very nicely.

Trailer: At the time of this writing, a clip from the scene "Après La Confession" is available at


Scene 1: Zut! Zut! Ma Légitime! The doorbell rings, interrupting a blowjob that's just begun. Monsieur hastily explains that he's been working on his photography. His "assistant" emerges from the darkroom wearing male garb, but Madame is no fool. She takes the cute young mistress for herself in a brief 69. Time: 2:43.

Scene 2: Le Satyre Casimir A couple of ladies are strolling in the park and find a gentleman who's disguised himself as a statue of a satyr. They lift their skirts to determine whether he's really rock hard. The group forms a threesome while another male companion enjoys the view and masturbates. Time: 4:12.

Scene 3: Un Après-Midi À La Fumerie Four naked ladies loll around and smoke. I believe they're using an opium pipe, although I'm too naive to be sure. This poor little film is in tough shape. It's also very unusual, so I'm glad someone tried to salvage it. Time: 3:11.

Scene 4: Au Clair De La Lune Pierrot woos Colombine with a song. She welcomes the kisses and foreplay. Arlequin arrives, and whoops, what's this, Pierrot has breasts under "his" shirt. There's oral lovin' for all. Pierrot takes a short ride on Arlequin's cock, and they finish with an explicit ejaculation. Time: 4:51.

Scene 5: Les Mésaventures De Monsieur Gross Bitt In this amusing cartoon, our well endowed hero spies a horny lady. She's got a clock and a few other surprises in her cooch. Thus begins the misadventures of a much abused willy at the beach and in the barnyard. Time: 6:11.

Scene 6: Les Deux Colombines This is another Pierrot-themed romp, similar to scene four, but dirtier. These performers put a lot of energy into the explicit oral and vaginal sex. One actress even rims the actor while the other actress provides a blowjob. Time: 5:41.

Scene 7: Séduction It appears a grim fate awaits the wife and sister-in-law of the Duke of Sommerange. They seduce their jailer in their dungeon. There's unambiguous intercourse in a cowgirl position. The scene ends happily, with two cumshots and an "ordre de libération." Time: 6:21.

Scene 8: La Coquette Aux Bas Blancs "Bas blancs" means "white stockings." The pretty heroine does indeed wear those, along with black Mary Jane shoes, at an orgy involving two couples. Time: 5:15.

Scene 9: Le Retour De L'Explorateur The explorer has come home from Africa with a "chimpanzé" to impress the ladies. This puts the two women into a wild mood. The man in the monkey suit gets loose and joins the fun, mostly humping the gals, but also making a brief attempt at the guy. Time: 6:45.

Scene 10: Pierrette Allait À La Rivière A young woman falls into the stream while fetching water. Keeping her back to the camera, she strips off her clothing and spreads it on the bank to dry in the sun. Time: 2:22.

Scene 11: L'Amour Chez Minouche Flora, who works at the millinery house of Minouche, leaves to make a hat delivery. The other two women at the shop discover a strap-on dildo. There's very good hardcore footage of the penetration in this scene. Flora returns with a gentleman who proclaims he can offer something better, and indeed he does, complete with a cumshot. Time: 7:17.

Scene 12: La Leçon de Piano The plot of this short makes about as much sense as a lot of the modern porn I've seen. A young woman cleans up on a bidet before meeting her male piano teacher for sex. Elsewhere in the house, another man is doing the deed with his mother-in-law. They all end up in bed together. Time: 7:23.

Scene 13: Le Pédicure Enflammé Perhaps the title was a prank, since this is definitely not a foot fetish film. A woman named Gaby attracts the attention of two gentleman in a bathroom. One man blows the other, leading to anal sex for the two of them. Gaby then partners up with one of them for vaginal sex. Time: 3:36.

Scene 14: Les Bas-Fonds Napolitains Here's another bisexual orgy, this time with two women and two men, freely circulating. They get a ticket for having sex in a public place, at which point there's a bizarre and abrupt shift to an indoor harem scene. Time: 2:53.

Scene 15: Untitled A couple of nubile women frolic at a swimming hole until a funny old man startles them. Time: 3:39.

Scene 16: Le Télégraphiste The maid is making the bed when a man enters with a telegraph. The lady of the house is mightily displeased when she walks in on the ensuing debauchery. She dismisses her servant and takes the messenger boy for herself. The maid tattles, but the gentleman of the house seems perfectly content to join his wife and her new lover for bisexual action, including anal sex betwixt the men. Time: 8:27.

Scene 17: Ménage Ultra-Moderne An older wife administers a little tenderness to a new bride before their shared husband joins them. The young woman is very uncomfortable and apparently a virgin, but the more experienced one shows her how it's done. Time: 6:40.

Scene 18: Gisèle Et Le Groom A woman who's soon to be married is in the mood to play with the bellboy. The groom discovers them and decides to dispense with formalities, immediately putting the ring on his wife's finger. The bellboy is actually a bellgirl, which suits everyone just fine. Time: 6:47.

Scene 19: Après La Confession The priest teases the choir girl's pussy with an unlit candle and his tongue. A nun catches them in flagrante delicto. She ties up the priest and flogs his butt while the choir girl slides the candle along his ass crack. The choir girl gets quite a spanking, too, before the nun insists that they finish what they started. Time: 4:31.

Bonus Scene: Le Verrou Jean Honore Fragonard's painting "The Bolt" comes to life, and we learn that a woman is entertaining a lover in her chamber. When her husband knocks, she undoes the door bolt and persuades him that all is well. There's no sex in this mini costume drama, just a bit of toplessness. Time: 1:44.

Thumbs up: Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. There was no shortage of jizz in the Jazz Age. While these films are quite brief compared to modern porn, it's nifty to see how the same themes which interest many viewers today were equally fascinating several generations ago. There's definitely some very explicit and taboo content in this collection.

Thumbs down: I'm not sure of the current availability of this disc, since most stores have listed the whole Anno series as discontinued. The series does still appear to be available at the Cult Epics website, and there might be used copies floating around, as well.

Themes: Trios (MFF, MMF), orgies, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, masturbation, outdoor locations, vintage lingerie, undressing, crossdressing, bisexuality, strap-on, smoking, BDSM, incest, and bestiality (in animated form and also implied in costumed form).

Condom use: None. What can I say, those were different times.

Juice-o-meter: Medium.

Final analysis: If you've ever been curious about porn in the good old old old days, Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 is a lovely place to start.

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