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Villa, The (Vivid)

Villa, The (Vivid)

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Black Panther's ratings for Villa, The (Vivid):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Villa, The (Vivid) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Villa, The (Vivid) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Villa, The (Vivid) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Villa, The (Vivid) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Villa, The (Vivid) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Villa, The (Vivid) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Villa, The (Vivid) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Black Panther  on  6/27/2005
Running Time: 1:35 minutes

Production Date: 6-12-2004

Director: Paul Thomas

Studio: Vivid

Extras: 20 minute Behind-The-Scenes segment that clearly shows good footage being edited out of the original release because the crew thought they had enough footage. The footage where Evan Stone is fucking Janine looked hot, but wasn't added to the original. Dale Dabone talks about Janine's orgasm with him from her first film "Maneater." 6 minutes of previews. Scene selections, position selections, and 5 older Janine g/g scenes. Vivid's extras suck as usual.


Haley Paige
Tiana Lynn

Evan Stone
Dale Dabone
Nick Manning
Vincent Vega

First Impressions: Well Vivid is apparently holding all of Janine's films back now that she is no longer with their company, this is only the 2nd of several films by Janine already filmed.. I believe Janine just signed with Digital Playground recently. Paul Thomas as always is either hit or miss with me. You won't find better written stories from anyone else, but Paul has been known to butcher sex scenes with poor and unnecessary editing. Janine really impressed me in her first b/g, so my expectations aren't as high, plus her last film was a documentary, while this is a standard feature film. I'm expecting this to be as good.

The Scenario: Janine is playing an adult film star who Evan's character talks into directing. Janine doesn't want to star in any Gonzo bullshit, so directing is the next step. There is the usual jealousy that features tend to have. Again I'm not sure most woman find that hot or sexy, but I guess it doesn't matter. This kind of turns into a film within a film. The ending might surprise some people, but I saw it coming a mile away. Condoms used in every scene.

1st Sex scene: Janine turns director and gets Jassie to seduce Evan while cameraman Julian films it. Jassie does a little dance for him, then Evan starts sucking her nipples and rubbing her pussy. Janine joins in, and they are both blowing Julian while Evan eats Jassie pussy. Evan does Jassie Doggy, while Julian is still being blown by both women. Edit to Julian doing Janine in RCG, Varied Missionary, Froggy, Picking her up and fucking her, and Doggy. Evan does Jassie in Doggy and Missionary. Julian does Jassie briefly in Doggy and RCG. Evan is fucking Janine in Doggy, but the camera doesn't show it. Check the BTS to see a brief glimpse of it. They basically cum at the same time, Evan cum on Jassie's tits, while Janine takes a damn good facial from Julian with her mouth open and tongue out thru most of it. Jassie seemed to get coaxed to take a few licks off Evan's dick, while Janine sucks Julian dick dry and appeared to swallow some. The BTS showed that some got in her eyes and was burning. Despite the less-the great editing, this a very hot scene. Chemistry was great all-around, and Janine was especially into it. 14 minute sex scene. Felt too short!

2nd Scene: Janine does a short masturbation scene on a bed (thinking about Nick) that isn't shown well at all. Barely lasted 2 minutes and was filmed in very low light. Bad move Paul!

3rd Scene: Gameplaying Haley and Tiana do Vincent on the living room couch. Have never seen either of these young women before, but I'm very impressed and turned on by both. The brunette Haley is very sexual and the red-haired Tiana is a serious squirter. They all make-out for awhile, then they give him a double-bj that looks very hot. Vincent eats Haley, Haley eats Tiana. Vincent fucks Tiana in Mish while Tiana plays with Haley's pussy. The intense look in Tiana's eyes clearly says she's about to cum, but I didn't know she was a squirter. She cums twice with towels used to soak up all the fluid. Vincent also does Tiana in Doggy, with Haley getting it in Mish, RCG, and Doggy. Vincent jerks off on both of their faces with Tiana licking a little while Haley keeps her mouth shut. Man this was still a hot scene! Loved how both girls really got into it. 12 scorching minute scene.

4th Scene: Tiana, apparently playing a different character, gets Nick to fuck her while running his potential girlfriend Janine away. A pissed-off Nick gets between`her legs and gets her squirt twice. She gets off the counter to give him a hot bj that isn't filmed well at all. Nick fucks her briefly in Mish and gets another huge squirt out of her. She takes a guey facial. Only a 6 minute scene, but tough to complain after 3 Tiana squirts.

5th Scene: Housemates Janine and Haley get steamy in the shower. Janine plays a motherly figure to Haley, so she's the more aggressive one. These two are all over each other though. Lots of kissing, hugging, and touching. Janine fingers and rubs Haley's pussy a lot. Janine then puts a butt plug in Haley's ass and a string of beads in Haley's pussy. Janine still knows how to drive women crazy. Haley fucks Janine's pussy with a dildo while Janine has a vibe in her own ass. I haven't seen a really hot g/g in a long time, but this one qualifies. Seemed longer, but this was 11 minutes.

6th Scene: Haley flirts with Nick in an outdoor pool, then they switch to some kind of an area near by underwater aquarium. Nick drives her crazy by fingering and licking her pussy. She gives him a hot bj that is way too short. A great angle of Haley bj was really cut short. He fucks her very briefly and very hard in Mish and Doggy. Licks her pussy a little more, then cums on her face and tongue. She takes this facial better than her first one, but I got the filling that facials aren't her thing, she clearly loves to fuck though. A scorching scene, but a extremely short 5 minutes. Even though this scene got a load out of me, 5 minutes is unforgivable.

Last Scene: Janine fucks her gardener played by Dale. A lot of subtle and not-so-subtle flirting going on between these two. A great moment where Janine is rubbing her ass and pussy against his bare dick. He eats her briefly while she fingers her ass. Janine never gives Dale a Blowjob for some odd/stupid reason. An edit to Mish comes out of nowhere. Their both into it, but it looks uncomfortable since they're fucking in the grass on top of a comforter. An edit to Doggy arrives out of nowhere, with standing Doggy again coming from nowhere. Cut to Dale jerking off on Janine's tits. Janine completely avoids taking a lick, which surprised me, since she swallowed damn near every drop of Julian earlier and had swallowed Dale's cum in the film "Maneater." 10 great but horribly edited minutes.

Final Thoughts: Another fine outing from Paul Thomas and Janine. Decent story with hot sex. Janine is still horny and and as hot-looking as ever. Hadn't seen Jassie since I saw Kylie Ireland's "Defiled In Style" awhile ago, she still turns me on. Haley and Tiana were the nice surprises though. I don't find a lot of young women that hot, but those two nearly stole the show from Janine. Camerawork was good, but extremely poor editing by Sonny Malone almost ruin it. Take away the poor editing and short sex scenes, and this would probably be perfect film. Can't wait for Janine's next film, whichever company releases it first.

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