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Video Virgins Gold 2

Video Virgins Gold 2

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Amateur
Starring: , , , ,
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Darkmage's ratings for Video Virgins Gold 2:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Video Virgins Gold 2 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Video Virgins Gold 2 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Video Virgins Gold 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Video Virgins Gold 2 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Video Virgins Gold 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Video Virgins Gold 2 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Video Virgins Gold 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Darkmage  on  5/22/2000

The Plot: Once again the Porn Fairy has delivered unto me a disc with no plot. There is a routine, or a procedure, but no plot. Basically, this disc is the best type of extra that you could wish for: We start with an interview of a porn star, and then they do something sexy and X rated. Ahhhh, life is good. It’s like having an interview and a link to a good scene, without the hassle of actually having to click on a link once the interview is over. I wish more extras were like this. The $64,000 question is “Can a disc with nothing but extras be interesting?” Read on, intrepid porn fans.

The Cast: Well now, let’s see who the video virgins are today… We have, for your interviewing pleasure, Vanity, Taylor, Debbie, and Mimi. I guess when you make more than one movie they’re allowed to give you a last name. Oh, there is also Victoria Del Rio as one of the interviewees, and Jewel De Nyle drops in for a snack. Technically, Mimi is not a video virgin as she was in Volume 1, but I’m not going to really complain. Vanity has a fairly nice body, but she has way too many metal things sticking in and out of various parts. She has a clit ring, a belly button ring and a tongue ring that looks like it came from a deep-sea fishing tackle box. Victoria has some amazing eyes, and apparently is one of the few women in porn who still have original equipment breasts.

The Sex: Our first contestant on Who Wants to Be a Porn Star is Vanity. The interview is quite interesting, and she answers in more than monosyllable grunts. She appears extremely tense when the interview starts, but she loosens up a bit as we go along. Alas, as these are newcomers to the porn business, they don’t provide much insight into what it is like to be a porn star, but the interview is interesting nonetheless. After the interview is over, we see her have a solo scene with Mr. Plastic. She’s wearing a set of dog tags, and unfortunately she doesn’t say what’s on them. I have several theories, chief among those is “If found flirting, please return to Mr. Vanity at…” followed by an address. After she finishes her solo scene, we fade into her and some guy that I don’t recognize. This is fine, because Digital Sin was kind enough to provide very complete credits, so I know that his name is Dave Hardman. They go at it, and thankfully they remembered to listen to her advice on what she likes. She gives good-looking blowjobs, but they’re not consistent. Some parts look great, other parts she looks bored. Once they get down to bumping pelvises, she does a great job. She’s definitely a moaner. During the various positions that they go through, he does several really good pull out and penetrate routines, which are very nice. If she keeps in this business, I think she’ll do fairly well. There is too much metal punching through parts of her for my taste.

Our next interview victim is Taylor St. Claire, who according to the interview is a model-turned-porn-star. The interviewer asks the same questions, and then lets the conversation just flow naturally… for about two and a half minutes. We then get an interlude with Taylor posing and stripping slowly to the “thumpa thumpa” beat and then back to the interview. Well, we get down to the $64,000 question, which is “What do you want to do today as a fantasy?” and the answer is “Jewel”. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Jewel De Nyle and Taylor have sex on the kitchen counter. Jewel has apparently been doing this a while as she gets four of Taylor’s fingers in a whipped cream laced fondle party. Jewel is screamer and she has a trash talk that pops out during intense moments. They may not be sweet or endearing phrases, but they definitely let you know what she’s thinking! After switching places and letting Taylor be on the receiving end, Jewel dons a strap-on and lets Taylor have it doggie-style. The cut from Taylor writhing on the end of three of Jewel’s fingers to the strap on being prepared is quite abrupt. Watching Jewel ram it into Taylor is quite fun, and watching Taylor pour what looks like blue milk over herself is definitely on the different side. We fade out with Taylor being teased with a candy cane dildo and blue milk dripping all over the place. This scene is definitely a good one.

Have you ever wondered if porn stars watch porn before they become porn stars? Debbie, our next contestant on Dildoing for Dollars, apparently has seen too many porn movies. She jumps right down the obvious lead to the “Would you like to see my breasts?” line that is right out of some bad porn web site Spam mail. Either that, or she’s worked as some form of the pay-for-play services like a phone sex line or webcam site. The lines are just too practiced, too corny, and the moans are just too precise. I’m not too impressed. The interview is so-so compared to the rest of the interviews, but thankfully she whips out the Clit Tickler, a small vibrator, and uses it to good effect. I just wish she would ditch the 1-900 act.

Victoria Del Rio is next up on the interview roster, and we get the standard interview questions (“How old were you when you had sex?” “What was the best experience?” “What was the weirdest place you had sex?”). Victoria is a lovely lady, and not what you’d call a typical porn star. Maybe it’s the makeup? I don’t know what it is, possibly the fact that she has not hooked her breasts up to the air compressor like most porn stars. Hallelujah. After chatting with the interviewer for a while, Victoria and Jake Steed have some fun on a bed. This is a pretty good scene for the both of them. Not grip-the-headboard-or-risk-flying-off-the-bed action, but a good scene nonetheless. Victoria does quite well in the blowjob department. (Doesn’t that sound like the department store of your dreams? “Where can I find lubricants?” “Go past the blowjob department and turn right at the leather swing sets.”) I’m not surprised she does well, she had a lot of material to work with if you catch my drift. There are some good visuals, but nothing really memorable.

Well, it really wouldn’t be a porn movie without at least one three-way, now would it? Mimi is the last recipient of the Video Virgins Interview and Fantasy Fulfillment Services, Inc. Actually, there is no interview with this particular lady, there is just sex with John West and Brick Majors. I don’t know which one is which, but they’re both pretty well built guys. Apparently Mimi was covered in the previous disc, Volume 1 (along with Jewel De Nyle). Therefore there is no interview, just three people having sex on a couch. Surprisingly, this was the only scene on the disc where somebody didn’t sit on the photographer hard enough, because you see the flash and hear the camera a couple of times. I can’t really blame the photographer, it was a pretty good moment. Mimi has a nice smile, and a face I would describe as “impish”. Unfortunately, her breasts need to go in for their 10,000 dick-lengths servicing. Hell, she puts on a good 4,000 dick-lengths in this scene alone. Mimi really shines when she’s on top in a reverse cowgirl. That girl must have thighs of steel, because she just keeps bouncing up and down like an X-rated pogo stick. Both guys get their turn, and Mimi gets double penetrated both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. She takes two healthy loads on the face, and the credits roll. Ah, a nice ending to a splendid scene.

Overall, the sex was okay on this disc. Nothing really special or fascinating, but good solid sex.

The Audio / Image: The audio on this disc is a bit frustrating. You can hear the dialogue fairly well if you turn up the volume, but the background music that fills in for the solo scenes is much louder by comparison. So you fiddle with your remote every now and then. Thankfully, once the sex starts, the volume stays consistent so you don’t have to… er, interrupt anything to reach for the remote. Another weird part about the audio is that the sound is recorded in 2.1 Dolby Digital. That is, left & right channels and the LFE signal. Why the hell they included that LFE signal, I don’t know. In general, it was mildly difficult to hear the various bits of dialog during the scene, and less so during the interviews. One of these days, they’re going to discover the miracle of the clip-mike for interviews, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

The image is crisp, clear and without flecks or artifacts. Colors are slightly on the warm side, but not to the point of distraction. Whoever was in charge of lighting did an excellent job, as none of the scenes had that lit-up-like-a-surgery-bay look that pervades some movies. You could see everything, but it didn’t look like someone had a spotlight on the actors. Great job.

The Extras: Pretty much the standard extras on this disc. We have four trailers (Video Virgins Gold 1-3 and North Pole #4), chapter index (with full motion video) to fifteen points on the disc, a photo gallery, and company information. The preview section also has a page with the box covers of the Video Virgins Italian Style series (all six of them) but no trailers for these. One last page has the web site and street address for Digital Sin. All in all, there is nothing really special. The trailers are done reasonably well, and I may go pick up VV1 based on the preview. Yeah, the disc is pretty sparse on extras compared to some of the great ones, but considering most of the disc is interviews with porn stars, I don't really mind.

The Good: The interviews are good, the sex is pretty good, and the image is fantastic.

The Bad: No plot at all and the sound could use some work.

Overall: A solid entry into the porn business. If you like to know your porn actresses, then this disc is wonderful. If you’re just looking for sex, this one is still worth your time. And that is my final answer.

another stellar review by darkmage!

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