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Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 11, The

Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 11, The

Studio: Odyssey
Category:  All Sex , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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DenverDon's ratings for Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 11, The:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 11, The overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 11, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 11, The Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 11, The Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 11, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 11, The DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 11, The A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by DenverDon  on  7/5/2002
Review of: Video Adventures of Peeping Tom 11

By: DenverDon

Overall Rating: 3.5

A/V Quality: There was an audio track in most scenes but it stayed in the background. There wasn’t any dialogue but if there had been the audio would not have interfered with the dialogue. There was some slight graininess in a couple of scenes, but generally the images were pretty good, especially when you consider this was shot more than four years ago. The lighting was good and there were very few dark shadows that hid what you were meant to see.

DVD Extras: Skimpy. A photo gallery with about 22 photos that were not as clear as the video that was shot. There were only four trailers, and those tried to be a trailer for an entire series, such as “Video Adventures of Peeping Tom” series. The trailers, because they tried to cover an entire series, didn’t come across that well. There is a bios section, but it tended to be short and mainly an advertisement for other OGV videos that the cast have appeared in. The scene selections were fully animated and adequately jumped you to the beginning of each scene and were well identified as to which performer (female) you were jumping to.

Run Time: 1:47

Director: Tom Stone

Studio: Odyssey Group Video

Compilation: No

Condoms: No

Date of Production: 01-Mar-98

Themes: Straight, Couples, Interracial, Anal (soft?)

Stars: Sylvia Saint, Leanni Lei, Illana Moore, Anita Dark, Anita Blonde, Erica Bella, Haken, Peter North, Frank Towers, Vince Voyeur, Byron Long, Jake Steed, Tony Eveready

The premise, or storyline, is simple enough and given in the title on the DVD. There is a peeping Tom running around with a video camera, and since this is a porn flick he peeps in on people having sex, and captures it on camera. Nuff said.

Scene 1 – We start out with our peeping Tom looking through a window at the lovely Sylvia Saint as she primps herself in bathroom mirrors. Some eye candy here, and Sylvia is always good eye candy, since she is wearing next to nothing. Sylvia leaves the dressing room and the peeping Tom moves around the house to find her again. Conveniently, the drapes to the sliding glass doors of the bedroom are open, and the door itself is open and we find Sylvia on the bed with Hakan as they begin to have sex. Hakan, the lucky bastard, gets to pull Sylvia’s panties off and then orally feast at her center of pleasure. Sylvia returns the favor to slide her mouth down his pole with plenty of tongue action. Sylvia then jumps on cowgirl to ride his manhood and we get some good camera shots as she moves on him. They change to doggie position and for a short while Hakan plunges into her pussy before pulling out and stretching her sphincter for her. Sylvia keeps nice eye contact with him as he plugs her butt and before too long they roll onto their sides to continue fucking spoon style. When he’s ready to pop, Hakan moves up to deliver his load onto her face and in her mouth. Sylvia looks completely satisfied with his performance and with a cum coated face, and a smile on her lips, she licks and sucks his pole.

Scene 2 – Next up, we peep in on Leanni Lei as she is primping in a bathroom. Same as before, she is wearing nothing except panties and provides another eye candy shot of her petite frame. She leaves the bathroom and we move around the house until we can peek in through the window and watch her climb onto a bed with Peter North. Peter quickly removes her panties so he can get between her legs and spread her lips and play with her clitoris with his tongue. The camera catches this fun quite well. Peter then straddles Leanni’s chest so she can give him a BJ. This is not the best BJ because the position pins her to the bed and restricts her movements, but she does the best she can in that position and maintains nice eye contact with Peter as she works on him. Soon Leanni kneels on the bed and Peter enters her from behind to begin servicing her. After awhile of doggie and spoon, Peter lies on the bed and Leanni straddles him reverse cowgirl to impale herself on his pole. It always amazes me to see this petite lady accommodate the porn stud cocks. Where does she put all that meat? We get a fairly long time to watch from various angles as Leanni rides the Peter pole before she dismounts and gets between his legs to lick his balls. Then, in a surprising finish for Peter North, he pops his copious load but it is up into the air. Most of it falls back on him or the bed and very little hits anything else. Leanni still exhibits pleasure and happily sucks him into her mouth for a little post-pop BJ.

Scene 3 – Next up, we move around the outside of a house until we spot the nice looking Hungarian, Illana Moore in the kitchen. It’s wonderful how all these people have so many glass doors and windows, and leave the drapes completely open. It makes it so much easier for the voyeur with a camera. Frank Towers enters the kitchen and begins kissing and fondling Illana. As they kiss her clothes quickly disappear and of course she conveniently has no panties on under her dress. Frank lifts her onto the kitchen island worktop so he can help her labia become moist with his tongue. Illana appears to enjoy this as she begins to writhe and squeeze her breasts as his tongue does its work. Illana returns the oral favor as Frank leans against the work island so she can get a good lip lock on his member. Then they both climb onto the kitchen island where a bath towel has magically appeared (after all those marble countertops can be hard and cold!). Illana climbs on cowgirl to ride his pole so we can get a good view of his cock moving in and out before they change to a doggie position. Frank plows her pussy for a while before pulling out and plugging it into her butt. Before too long, Frank has got to blow so he shuffles up to her face to deliver a nice load of cream into her mouth. Illana shows her gratitude with a post-pop suck and lick.

Scene 4 – Next up, we wander around the outside of a house until we spot another dark haired Hungarian honey, Anita Dark at the kitchen sink, topless and with only a pair of scanty panties on. Ahhh, the wonders of the porn world where the women work in the kitchen topless, but she is nice eye candy standing there. She leaves the kitchen and we work our way around the house to find where she has gone when – whoops! – she has come outside and is heading for the swimming pool. Being the good voyeur, we head for the bushes to hide and peek. Anita finds Vince lying on a lounge chair by the pool and she goes and stands next to the chair. Vince sits up and instantly his mouth is attracted to her nipples. Can’t say as I blame him, her nipples are luscious looking. Vince soon lays Anita on the lounge chair and removes the only itty bitty piece of clothing she has on so he can get his tongue into her pussy. Can’t blame him for this either, she does look entirely edible between her legs. Vince stands up to remove his trunks, but Anita won’t let him go further until she has a chance to suck on his stick. Then he buries his now moistened stick into her moistened pussy missionary style. They change and Anita kneels so Vince can enter her from behind doggy style. Anita must have had a tight, nice pussy because Vince doesn’t last very long before he pulls out and pops his load onto her face.

Scene 5 – Next we enter a backyard and find another dark haired Hungarian honey, Anita Blonde (she used to be a blonde and now has dark hair) cleaning an outdoor bar area. She finishes and walks through the back yard to the swimming pool where she finds Byron Long lying in a lounge chair. We scuttle for cover behind palm trees and bushes as they start kissing and clothes disappear. Byron picks her up and carries her around the swimming pool to lay her on a different lounge chair (so we can get a better view) where he removes her panties and dives into her muff to practice labia parting with his tongue. She seems to enjoy it since her pelvis bucks and rotates as he licks her and works a finger inside. Can’t blame him because she also looks entirely edible between her legs. In fact the two Anita’s look very much alike, which also translates to very nice looking. After he has thoroughly moistened her, he strips off his swimming trunks and plugs his cock inside her missionary style before she can lay a lip lock on him. Pretty quickly they change so she can ride him, first reverse cowgirl (which is nice for the camera) and then cowgirl. She manages to cum before she dismounts and kneels to take his load in her mouth and down her front. She gives him a nice post-pop lick before the scene fades.

Scene 6 – For the last scene we walk around a house, find a glass sliding door open and peep in to find another Hungarian lady, Erica Bella, listening to Jake Steed play the piano. When Jake finishes playing, Tony Eveready walks into the room applauding and immediately starts kissing and fondling Erica’s lush body. The three move to a couch where Erica can pay oral homage to the two cocks before moving onto Jake’s stick reverse cowgirl so we can see her labia wrap themselves around his shaft. Then there is an awkward change of position before they settle down and Erica is kneeling so she can suck Jake’s dick while Tony takes her from behind doggy style. Tony wants more and before long he changes ports and porks her in the backdoor. The anal is very short because the boys want to ‘Oreo’ Erica, and soon she had Jake in her pussy and Tony stretching her sphincter in a DP. The camera catches most of the action, but it must have been pretty intense for the guys because pretty soon they both pop onto her face and in her mouth.

Summary: It must have been Hungarian week at the casting agency. Except for Sylvia (Czech Republic) and Leanni (Filipina), the rest were all Hungarian. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, in fact all of the women in this film looked pretty damn good. Of course Sylvia Saint and Leanni Lei always kick it up a notch.

Note: Director Tom Stone tried to portray sensual sex, even to the point where the anal scenes could be termed ‘gentle’ anal, or possibly ‘couples friendly’ anal. This is definitely not “I’m going to fuck your brains out”, hard pounding sex. If that’s what you want, look elsewhere. If a softer, more sensual presentation that is fairly well filmed is what you are after, this is not a bad DVD to have. If you are a Sylvia fan, then she turned in another “I love having sex” scene

Raincoat factor – medium

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