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Vicieuses Tout Terrain

Studio: JTC Video
Category:  Foreign
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BIGmike's ratings for Vicieuses Tout Terrain:
Overall Rating 1 star
Vicieuses Tout Terrain overall rating 1 star
Female Looks Vicieuses Tout Terrain Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Vicieuses Tout Terrain Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Vicieuses Tout Terrain Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Vicieuses Tout Terrain Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Vicieuses Tout Terrain DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Vicieuses Tout Terrain A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by BIGmike  on  12/27/2002
[Now would be a great time to say that I flunked 6th grade French and never took it again, so I used an online French to English translator to look up meanings of some words, and needless to say, I didn’t understand a thing said in this DVD.]

The title, Vicieuses Tout Terrain, translates from French to Vicious Any Ground , in English.

With Ovidie, Laura Guerlin, Estelle Laurence, Bianca Romanova, Ian Scott, Tony Carrera, Philippe Duroc, Jack Slater.

Realization Stan Lubrick

SCENE ONE : Bianca Romanova, a pretty good looking, large racked blonde, dressed in a red sheer nightie, and red panties, strips for a guy, who is sitting on a couch. She unbuttons his shirt, moving down to his pants, and frees his cock to suck on. He pulls her panties to the side and she sits her pussy down on his cock, riding him reverse cowgirl, stopping to give some P2M oral. They continue on, he gives her some oral now and more vaginal before a good amount of anal follows, then to end this pretty good scene, the guy cums on her tits. [A guy walks in soon after, catching the two of them as they were finishing up and calls another guy, now he is with a group of people, riding mountain bikes.]

SCENE TWO : Laura Guerlin, a decent looking, large racked, curly haired brunette, and the guy who walked into the previous scene, stray from the other four bikers. They start kissing, and undressing each other, as soon as they hop off their bikes. She then starts to suck his cock, and after she gives him a good amount of oral, she rides his condom-clad cock, through a few various positions of vaginal, starting with reverse cowgirl, as they sit on a fallen tree. [Cut to the next scene…]

SCENE THREE : Estelle Laurence, a pretty hot blonde, and a guy are stopped in a secluded area, with the guy looking at her flat tire. They start kissing and it isn’t too long before she starts sucking his cock, then the scene cuts back to Laura and guy…

SCENE TWO (continued) : The guy is still fucking Laura’s pussy, as she is now bent over, standing on the tree, ending a below average, and interrupted, scene with him cumming on her stomach.

SCENE FOUR : Ovidie, a good looking black haired girl, and guy walk their bikes up an incline, stop, and kiss, then the scene cuts back to Estelle and guy…

SCENE THREE (continued) : Estelle is now sitting on a boulder, with the guy fucking her pussy with his condom clad cock, and soon her top is lifted up and over her large chest sacks. [Cuts back to Ovidie and guy]

SCENE FOUR (continued) Ovidie is now sucking the guy’s cock, giving the guy a good amount of oral. [Cuts back to Estelle and guy]

SCENE THREE (continued, again) : Estelle is now riding the guy’s cock, reverse cowgirl, still vaginally. [Cuts back to Ovidie and guy]

SCENE FOUR (continued, once again) : Ovidie is now bent over on hard rock, and on her knees, getting fucked by the guy. [Cuts back to Estelle and guy]

SCENE THREE (continued, once again) : Estelle is now bent over, getting anal, and to end what could’ve been a good scene, but instead, turns out to be a below average, and interrupted, scene, with the guy getting jerked off. [Cuts back to Ovidie and guy]

SCENE FOUR (This is where I say that I really HATE this cutting back and forth nonsense) : Ovidie gets fucked, all vaginal by the condom clad guy, moving through a few positions, ending what could’ve been a pretty good, if left uninterrupted, scene, with the guy cumming on her back. [All six riders meet up, back at a car, and load up the bikes.]

EXTRAS : A photo slideshow lasting 1 minute 40 seconds, just under 5 ½ minutes of Best of, which is like a recap of some of the sex acts leading to the cumshot, there’s also a 18 minute bonus scene of Ovidie and a guy, and two previews.

BONUS SCENE : Ovidie, looking hotter here, in this scene, than in the main DVD, squats down and rubs a guy’s cock, grabbing a condom to place over it before sucking. She gives him a brief bj, stands and sits her pussy on his cock, reverse cowgirl, to begin, moving on through a few other positions, and to end a pretty good scene, he cums on a tattoo, on her back.

OVERALL : PAL format. The girls were pretty decent to pretty hot, the sex was good, though the cut backs intruded on the scenes. Menus and language throughout is French.

FINAL THOUGHTS : I’m sure that there might be a story here, and I’m sure that whatever that story may be, it is at least a little interesting, but do not ask me what. This is a PAL format DVD, so unless you are capable of playing PAL DVDs, do not look for this disc.

Now to comment on the direction of the scenes… Interrupting the scenes for a second or two, possibly a bit more, would’ve been at least acceptable. But these were no little “breaks” in the action, they were interruptions. The scene would cut back to another scene, which is in mid action… definitely not good. The scenes should’ve been kept contiguous, no cut backs, not that that would’ve helped the overall, because this was only about 1 ½ hours long, with just four(?) scenes, of pretty routine fucking.

Oh yes, this review is probably more complicated/annoying than it had to be, but I don’t speak French, and the scenes cut back and forth, mid action, so that is the reason why, to show the annoyance of cut backs, once the action gets going.

Any questions, comments, complaints about this review or my past reviews talk to me

--- BIGmike, over and out! ---

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