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Versaute Spermagirls!!

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Versaute Spermagirls!!

Studio: GGG
Category:  Foreign
Directed by:

Released on: 
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FacIan's ratings for Versaute Spermagirls!!:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Versaute Spermagirls!! overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Versaute Spermagirls!! Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Versaute Spermagirls!! Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Versaute Spermagirls!! Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Versaute Spermagirls!! Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Versaute Spermagirls!! DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Versaute Spermagirls!! A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by FacIan  on  1/20/2003
Versaute Spermagirls!! A Review by FacIan

Versaute Spermagirls!!
Translation: Depraved Spermagirls
Studio: GGG
Price: €27.5
Format: PAL

Actions and Key Words
Action: Straight; Facial; Cum covered face; Cum swallowing; Toys; Masturbation; Anal
: Stockings; Piercing tongue; Short hair; Long hair

Initial expectation
What else do you want me to expect than a GGG-like action?

General comment
You like the girl on the cover? Forget her! She is 2mn in the film in solo scene!
You are looking for cum covered faces? Then read this review, it is for you!

Caution! As usual, I will describe every cum shot. That means that if you want to keep any surprise you might want to skip the details and only read the global conclusion and the conclusion about each scene. It's up to you pal!

Screen shots
You can find the screen shots of this film on my site.
The screen shots are here.

DVD perspective

  • Picture is very good.
  • Sound is direct and in German. No bothering music.
  • Menu: Play movie + Trailers.
  • Chapters for each scene inside the movie + logical changes inside a chapter.


  • Time: 80' 03''
  • Scenes: 6 including a solo-girl one.
  • Girls: 5 + 4
  • Cum shots: 66 with 75% Good and Winners
    • Winner: 23 (=35%)
    • Good: 27
    • Forget: 13
  • Female orgasm: None


Cumshot quality description : I explain the vocabulary I use. You can check my web site for a full and better explanation.

  • G = Good (everything I like will be good). To be good a facial has to be in/on mouth; on face from mouth to hair. A few drops on chin and falling down is not good!
  • F = Forgettable: a cumshot with no volume or watery or missing the target is forgettable.
  • Winner = A cumshot which is very good and you want to see more than once. For example, in many cases the cumshots have no power. It falls down from cocks poorly. If it is one with strong powerful white thick sticky jets right onto a nice happy face, it becomes a winner. ;-o) Hurray! In case the shot is not a facial, a winner is one that gives a visible and nice result on picture.
  • Glue = Glue is a shortcut for a load which is white, thick and sticky. These are my favourites as you have something to see on the film.
  • Strong = A strong shot is the opposite of the usual "sperm is slowly getting out that cock to fall miserably down like if we had a look at an old leaking tap". I consider a strong shot as a better one!
  • Weak = opposite to strong. Doesn't mean that the volume is low or that it's watery. Just that it falls out from the cock instead of being thrown out strongly.
  • Jet or Wave = Well, you should know what I mean. A normal cum shot comes in few "jets".
  • Decorator or Decoration: A Decorator is a guy that doesn't target the mouth of the girl but instead targets her face. That leads to a Decoration made by a Decorator.
  • GJ = Girl job = The girl makes the guy cuming! I consider that point as a big plus. After all, it is nicer to see a girl making a guy cuming with her mouth than the same guy masturbating in front of the girl's face. So you might have HJ + GJ. That means she makes him cum with her hand


  • Short hair blonde: She is extremely blonde with grey eyes. Her hairdressing is simple: all hair toward her back. Her tits are firm and...round. Her legs don't look extremely long but all in all she is okay.
  • Short hair black hair: She has a sharper face with a very nice smile. I'm pretty sure that she would look better with another haircut. Her body is nice with long legs.
  • Long hair dark blond: This one has long dark blond hair, a fleshy face and body
  • Helena: She has a nice round butt on the top of black stockings. Her tits are "normal-small" and her pussy is bald.
  • Cover girl
  • Black hair: She has a pretty face with nice lips.
  • The wild bunch


Scene1: A short hair blonde is dancing. She is probably a kind of dancer because she looks like she knows what she is doing. Her face and body are...rounded? Can I say that? She is not fleshy or fat but she looks like she has no edge. She is extremely blonde with grey eyes. Her hairdressing is simple: all hair toward her back. Her tits are firm and...round. Her legs don't look extremely long but all in all she is okay. She is wearing black stockings. She also has 2 tattoos: one around her navel with a piercing and another one on her arm. As you can expect from the previous description, her pussy is 99% shaved and smooth. About piercing, she also has one in her tongue.
On a chair, she is now masturbating with a jelly dildo. She is quite active and she manages to make that hot. Isn't it hot to see a girl, legs wide open moving a dildo inside her? Yes it is and she will also do it in doggy.
Next picture is that girl riding a cock in squatting RCG. What is strange in this scene is that alone, I wouldn't care about that girl but in action I think she is looking good. Maybe it is because she has a lot of energy as we can see again in CG or even in doggy where she is still actively moving her butt.
How is she with a cock in mouth? Guess what!...Active! This girl has probably drunk a barrel of Red Bull before starting the scene. With such a behaviour the guys are becoming a bit wilde fucking her hard.
Timer: 11' 44''
[...] She is kneeling on the floor, holding a black plate under her chin.
CS#1: 7 strong jets of cum across her open mouth. She mainly gets her left cheek decorated with 2 white lines onto her tongue. Very good! G
CS#2: A big drop onto her cheek and another one onto her tongue. G
CS#3: A light wave into her mouth. F
CS#4: This guy is actually painting her other cheek in white with glue. Heavy load! Winner
CS#5: Another heavy load on/in mouth and against her tongue. Winner
[...] She is now gathering the sticky cum from her face with the border of the plate and then swallows it. Wow.
CS#6: Another heavy load on her tongue and recently cleaned cheek. Winner
CS#7: Here is the killer of the scene!! In 5 heavy jets, he is completely decorating her face. One strong line onto her left eye and cheek and another thick line onto her right eye from top forehead down to upper lip. The rest is for her corner lips and mouth. You were looking for the shot? Here you are! Senior Winner
[...] Even with such blinders over her eyes, she manages to reopen her eyes. I told you that this girl is not the average!
Now that she is full of sperm, she is dancing again but she is now looking tired. We will forgive her! Those who are looking for post-cumshots action will be happy!
Is her name "Danka"? I think I've heard something sounding like that from Mr. JT at the end of this scene. I don't even know if it is a first name...
Rate: 4.5 out of 5. A good scene with a very positive girl. The pace is very good and we do not get bored by the average sex action. The cumshots are very good quality and the the last one is the cherry on the cake. The only reason I do not give 5 is because this girl is not that attractive to me. But if you do not care, give a 5!
Timer: 16' 30''  Scene#1 Summary: 4.5
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girl's behaviour
4 2 1 7 0 Very Good


Scene2: I hope you like short hair girls. After a blonde we now have black hair with even shorter hair. She has a sharper face with a very nice smile. I'm pretty sure that she would look better with another haircut. Her body is nice with long legs. No stocking for her, just a panther top and black shoes. Her pussy is shaved with some hair on pubis.
She is now masturbating after the mandatory dancing session.
Sitting on a chair, she is now sucking slowly a cock. With or without hands, her motto is "deep and cautious". By trying to mouthfuck her, I think that the guy is loosing something. Anyway...
When she is getting fucked mish on the table, we will hear her more than the previous girl. Like her BJ, she "sounds" sexy. But it is in doggy that she likes it the most regarding to the sound-meter. The usual BJ+Doggy combination is following. GGG doesn't manage to surprise us.
The atmosphere is a bit wild here when they hold her head to give her the pace of the BJ (hard pace as you can imagine).
She is trying her best on a double BJ.
Timer: 29' 26''
[...] From her double BJ situation, kneeling on the floor, she is ready for receiving her award.
CS#1: Thick shot mainly on her corner lips with some drops into her mouth. Very good. G
CS#2: In case she is thirsty or hungry, this load should satisfy her! The guys delivers a very heavy load of sticky glue onto the top of her tongue. We clearly see the cum dripping slowly along her tongue down to her throat. Amazingly clear and nasty cumshot. A senior Winner
CS#3: Dick head on her tongue, he is shooting his cum into her mouth in few jets. Very hot one! Winner
CS#4: This one can be forgotten as he completely misses the target. He only manages to cum onto her throat. F
CS#5: And again: another generous donator. He is delivering his package right onto her tongue in a few waves making a mess around there. Winner.
[...] She now has her mouth quite full of cum. Did she swallow? I do not know because of a strange editing. Maybe yes, maybe no.
Rate: 5 out of 5. Excellent scene! The girl is not at her best because of her haircut but she is looking good. The cumshots set is extremely good and GGG addicts should be fully satisfied. The picture quality is very good. For once I just have to say that I did not like the sound of that scene. You hear the guys moaning like bulls when you hear her very lightly. You even hear people speaking around the scene... I also liked the pace: the scene is only 15mn long. That is enough!
Timer: 31' 20''  Scene#2 Summary: 5
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girls' behaviour
3 1 1 5 0 Very Good.

Scene3: Let's go for a third girl! This one has long dark blond hair, a fleshy face and body. Her pussy is bald and she has natural tits. Even with stockings she is not the kind of girl I find sexy. She is not ugly or have any special default but she is too...hmmm....well...not sexy.
She is quickly kneeling in front of Mr. Big Tool's attribute trying to suck it. He's a bit much for her. So, let's try a RCG on chair. That works much better and you can see her bald pussy working on that serious piece of male.
She now has more work to do with a doggy + BJ.
Timer: 38' 12''
[...] Kneeling on the floor she's going to receive the assault of some oppressive cocks.
CS#1: Hard to say what happened. She gets some cum on her tongue and body. F
CS#2: From her back, she receives some lines of sperm onto her left eye and cheek. The end of the delivery is for her tongue. G
to #6
These 4 shots are coming all together. One is for her tongue and mouth and the 3 other ones are professional decorators. They fully paint her face with many strong jets of cum. It comes from everywhere. She cannot win the battle. The best is to stay calm. That is what she does. Honestly these few seconds are quite impressive. I have to give 4 winners at once! Winner. Winner. Winner. Winner
[...] With such a face, she is licking her lips in front of the camera. If you like to see cum covered faces, then just push on the pause button and enjoy!
CS#7: A little bit low volume but well put onto her tongue. G
CS#8: After having mouthfucked her a hot way, he precisely delivers a heavy load of glue onto her tongue and into her mouth. This is the best to do as her face can hardly be wetter. Winner
[...] Show time. She offers the result to the camera.
Rate: 4.5 out of 5. Let's be clear: if the girl was sexy to me I would give a 5 without hesitation. What a cumshot session!!
Timer: 41' 00''  Scene#3 Summary: 4.5
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girl's behaviour
5 2 1 8 0 Good!

Scene4: Here is a brunette again with a face that doesn't do much for me. Her name is Helena. She is smiling well and looks quite happy in front of the camera. She has a nice round butt on the top of black stockings. Her tits are "normal-small" and her pussy is bald. Her hair much be long as she has a bun.
She starts with a dancing and masturbation session with a black dildo.
The sex action starts in spoon. It is quite boring and I do prefer when she is in doggy butt in the air. She then looks sexy while the other bull is fucking her. At least it makes some heat in that scene.
Her BJ technique is made of rotating mouth actions while she keeps the balls in the warm of her hand.
Timer: 50'18''
[...] She is kneeling on the floor.
CS#1: While she is licking his balls, he is shooting weakly some drops of cum falling down onto her face making white spots here and there. G
CS#2: A bit like in previous scene. 3 guys are shooting together. One onto her tongue, chin and upper lip; the 2 others are decorators working onto her face, mainly on her eyes. G. Winner. Winner.
CS#5: Nice load onto her tongue that definitely needs a complement. G
[...] The light man is waking up! I guess he was sleeping somewhere because we suddenly have a lot of light and we discover the messy result of previous shots. It is a shame that we did not get that light before!
CS#6: 2 heavy loads at once. Both are for her open mouth, landing mainly onto her upper lip and dripping along her face and into her mouth. That is a heavy glue delivery! Winner. Winner
CS#8: Hard to make any difference now! Glue onto her cheek. G
CS#9: Another decorator adding some glue on her face. G
CS#10: Same on the other side! G
  She is now gathering the cum from her face to her mouth.
Rate: 5 out of 5. Helena is getting one of the nastiest facial I've seen. Wow! Her face is fully covered of white sticky cum. Cum covered faces lovers will need that scene in their collection!
Timer: 53' 18''  Scene#4 Summary: 5
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girls' behaviour
4 6 0 10 0 Very good

Scene5: The black hair from the cover is here, smiling at us. She will be posing like a model but...she is not involved in any sex action! Why is she on the bloody cover? A trap? It is the second time I see that with GGG. The previous was with Sperma!!! Wonach schmeckt das?. I am upset and I will not review this short solo scene!!!!
Rate: Nothing out of 5. I should give zero for the scene and -1 for the trap!

Scene6: The first picture you get in this scene is a guy trying to put his cock into an asshole. Yes! It is an anal action and I am not kidding! The girl is in mish and we just see her pussy and the beginning of her black stockings. When the view becomes larger we see the only girl I've seen so far accepting anal in a GGG (I know there are some others): Claudia. Claudia used to have very short hair. You can see her in Spritzt Du jetzt ab? scene#3, Sperma!!! Wonach schmeckt das? scene#3 and Ich Liebe Sperma!! scene#4. Next to her is Tracy, the blonde from the great Sperma schlucken? Cool!. Next to Tracy is a fat mama that I am quite happy to have never seen before and that I hope I'll never see again. Next to the fat one is a brunette I've never seen before. She is the main girl of the scene and she has a pretty face with nice lips. All the other ones are there only to prepare the guys for delivering the money shots to the last brunette. From time to time, they will also share cum through chain snow balling. On the back of the scene we will very briefly see Maria giving a BJ. Maria whom you can see in Ich Tanze für Sperma!, Ich Liebe Sperma!!, and Sperma schlucken? Cool! scene#2.
Timer: 57' 00''
[...] Quite immediately, the main girl will take the first shot. She is lying on her back on a table, fucked mish and will stay in that position all the scene long. In order to save you time and to not make that review too boring, in the next avalanche of cumshots, I will describe only the most interesting ones. Otherwise, I will only give my usual rate. All the shots are targeting her open mouth unless specified. She is swallowing all the cum! Most of the time, she is showing clearly the cum in her mouth and on her tongue (with some maximum close-ups) before swallowing.
Ready? Let's go!
CS#1: Very good start! This guy carefully makes his deposit onto her tongue. The glue drops are falling down her throat. Not a single drop is lost. Decent volume. Winner
CS#2: Strong jets of cum over her mouth. Most is landing in her mouth. Winner
CS#3: G
CS#4: F
CS#5: Watering can. F
CS#6: Good volume of sticky cum into her mouth. When showing the cum to the camera, two big white sticky drops will drip onto her cheeks and stay there. Winner
CS#7: Well done but watery. G
CS#8: G
CS#9: G
[...] She now has cum on her face and hair. Otherwise, everything has been gulped!
CS#10: Low volume but you see it dripping along the inside of her cheek down to her throat. Could have been a winner. G
CS#11: 1 strong jet right into her mouth. G
CS#12: Well done but watery. G
CS#13: Strong jets of glue across her open mouth. That makes her tongue white. Winner
CS#14: This one could have been a killer but all these strong waves of glues are too strong and jump over her face. What a shame! F
CS#15: Wow! This guy request her to suck him. She does and that makes him cum (GJ) a very heavy load of glue over her cheek but mainly in her mouth. You see the sperm level in her mouth. When she "plays" with that cum, it makes a really impressive result. Definitely a Winner
CS#16: Sticky. Sticky. Sticky. G
[...] Time for some snowballing. You then see that the brunette has a lot of cum in her hair. The snowballing itself is not very sexy to me. I do not like to see girl spitting on each other. On of the rare cases I've seen a sexy cum sharing in a GGG was in Ich brauch Sperma!!!
CS#17: F
CS#18: F
CS#19: Coming from the back of her head, he is unloading onto her teeth. The thick cream is going down her throat. Winner
CS#20: F
CS#21: F
[...] Other snowballing session: the brunette to the mama to Tracy. Tracy sucks the mama's tit. Awful! There will be another session like that a few cumshots later.
CS#22: Onto the tip of her tongue. G
CS#23: G
CS#24: F
CS#25: G
CS#26: Watering can. F
[...] Snowballing again but directly to Tracy and without spitting. That is much better!.
CS#27: F
CS#28: The first decorator of the session. He is targeting her mouth but, too strong, he is reaching her hair, her eye and her cheek. She is half blind. Winner
CS#29: G
[...] She feels the need to make some bubblecum and to gargle. Not my cup of tea but I am pretty sure that some of you are in that stuff!
CS#30: G
CS#31: Very good one against the tip of her tongue. G
CS#32: Decorator! He is mainly painting her cheek and the root of her black hair making a white large spot over there. G
CS#33: G
[...] The brunette is now licking Tracy's pussy with some cum and finishes the scene by deep kissing her with her shiny face. These two girls are making a nice pair together. End of the swallowing session!
Rate: 4 out of 5. If the other scenes were about covering faces with cum, this one is about swallowing. This girls swallows and swallows and swallows. The guys are coming one after the other: 33 of them in 23 minutes! My main concern is that there is no real variety in the scene. But that might contribute to fulfil some people's fantasies. Personally, I still prefer scenes with about 5 shots than 30. Question of taste! So, I give 4 because it is a good scene in its style but it is not the kind I really like.
Timer: End  Scene#6 Summary: 4
Winners Good Forget. Facial On pussy Girls' behaviour
7 16 10 33 0 Very good

This film is supposed to satisfy the facials maniacs (face covered with cum) with the first 4 scenes and the swallowing maniacs with the last one. Every scene is very good quality! The picture is good. The pace is perfect. The girls try their best. The wild bunch has done its job. Somehow, it could deserve a 5. But I have to say that girls are not Nothing too bad but nothing too good either. But at least you have five of them.
Somehow, Runterschlucken!!! was the opposite: a single cute girl, mainly swallowing sperm with a few facials. With these 2 flicks on your shelf you have choice for 2 different moods.

My global rate for the movie is 4.5 out of 5. So, if I rate the girls, I go down to 3.5 max. If I rate the shots and the general quality, I should give a good 5. Therefore, I consider a 4.5 as a generous compromise. I obviously favour the cumshots point of view. I also take in consideration that I did not get bored by too long tedious GGG-like intercourse sessions. If you find the girls attractive, go to 5.

The screen shots are here.

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  6. Blond und Vollgespritzt is not officially a GGG but a JT. It is very good as well!

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