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VCA's Gravest Hits

VCA's Gravest Hits

Studio: VCA
Category:  Classic , Compilation
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for VCA's Gravest Hits:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
VCA's Gravest Hits overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks VCA's Gravest Hits Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks VCA's Gravest Hits Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex VCA's Gravest Hits Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting VCA's Gravest Hits Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras VCA's Gravest Hits DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality VCA's Gravest Hits A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/31/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: 225 min. (cover states 4 hours, so I'm deducting a half point from the overall score because the fifteen minutes this is short is enough for one more scene)

Production Date: 7 / 3 / 1995

Director: Various

Cast: Alex Jordan, Cassidy, Crystal Wilder, Eva Allen, Kelly Royce, Megan Leigh, Melanie Moore, Mia Powers, Nicole London, Nikki Dial, Ona Zee, Porsche Lynn, Rebecca Steele, Rebecca Wild, Sabrina Dawn, Savannah, Teri Diver, Tonisha Mills, Trinity Loren, Brad Phillips, Buck Adams, Don Fernando, Joey Silvera, Jon Dough, Jonathan Morgan, Marc “Dick O Death” Wallice, Mike Horner, Peter North, Sean Michaels, Tom Byron, T. T. Boy, and Woody Long

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: “4 Hour Compilation” are three words that always give me low expectations.

Initial Reaction: It's nothing too special.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of dead porn stars

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting high quality technical aspects

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: As with most compilations, the technical aspects vary a bit from scene to scene. The audio is pretty well balanced, and there are very few background noises. There are a couple scenes where the balance falters, but they're definitely the exception to the rule. The video is presented in the full frame format, and shows the age to many of the scenes. Very few of the scenes look downright bad, but they all look very dated and show a bit of grain. Some even appear to be shot on film with the amount of grain they show. The lighting is well done in most of the scenes, and there's very little camera motion to interfere with the action.

Music: As usual with compilations, the audio varies from scene to scene. It often has the cheesy porn music feel to it, and the balance is normally pretty good as well. That said, there are a few scenes where the style and balance changes, but for the most part there's a good balance between the music and audio.

Menus: The main menu is extremely generic, and doesn't even include a still photo! The chapter menu is just as generic, and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and a chapter number.

The Feature

VCA works this compilation around a subject few other studios have tackled, dead porn stars. That's right, every scene in this compilation features a porn star who's no longer with us. The scenes are arranged by stars rather than mixed up randomly, with each star and their date of death being identified at the start of the section. Before each scene the performers in the scene and the movie it comes from are also identified.

Scene 1 – Rebecca Steele and Tom Byron

The opening scene comes from Juicy Lucy. Tattooed brunette Rebecca lets her roommates Mia Powers and Sabrina Dawn know not to disturb her before heading into the bedroom to start sucking Tom's cock. She doesn't waste much time sucking him before climbing up to ride him cowgirl style as her roommates listen through the wall. She lies back for Tom to fuck her missionary style next, and then rolls over so he can fuck each of her holes from behind. Finally, Tom pulls out and pops on her ass. Afterwards, she magically goes to her back and gives a fake squirt with the help of her vibe.

This is a pretty average scene. There's okay chemistry between Rebecca and Tom, and it moves around with some choppy editing. The roommates add a little humor, but overall this scene was pretty forgettable.

Scene 2 – Mia Powers, Rebecca Steele, and Sabrina Dawn

When Mia and Sabrina show Rebecca an add for a sex doctor looking for girls who can squirt, she tells them that she doesn't know if she wants to teach everybody how. She would teach them how, so even though they're in the “library” (which looks like a regular house dining room), she decides to teach them. They all strip down and start out teaming up on dirty blonde Sabrina, first working on her tits together and then with Rebecca dropping down to tongue her twat. They move to the couch for Mia to sit on Sabrina's face as Rebecca continues to go down on her before they pull the cushion to the ground and Sabrina and Rebecca trade places. As soon as Rebecca squirts they head somebody, and rush to get dressed and on their way.

This is a below average scene. Mia and Sabrina are darn hot, but Rebecca just doesn't do it for me. Her squirting looks fake, and the other girls seem pretty much wasted. This scene just didn't do it for me in any way.

Scene 3 – Rebecca Steele, Don Fernando, Marc Wallice, and Tom Byron; Kelly Royce and Brad Phillips

Rebecca's scene from Party Doll is next. When Rebecca answers the door, she finds a very unhappy Kelly there looking for one of the guys and invites her in to wait. Kelly follows her upstairs where Rebecca's taking on Tom, Marc, and Don, and watches as Don starts fucking her missionary style while Rebecca works her hands and mouth between the others. Kelly can't help but get turned on as she watches them fuck, with Tom taking his turn doggie style before Tom and Marc double stuff her pussy cowgirl style. When Brad arrives and finds Kelly playing with her tits, he lets her know that she just might get fucked. She begs for him to make her wet as the guys make Rebecca airtight, and moments later gets a cock in her cunt as she leans over a washing machine. He has her suck him clean, and finally pops on her ass before the three guys pop all over Rebecca as she lies between them.

This is a pretty good scene. I love the voyeuristic aspect of Kelly watching and getting turned on, as well as Brad arriving and fucking her. Rebecca does her part as the dirty slut, and I only wish the scene would have lasted a lot longer to show more of each side of the scene. This scene has potential but would have been a lot better with more time.

Scene 4 – Ona Z., Cal Jammer, and Tom Byron

Cal's first scene comes from Nikki's Last Stand where he and Tom take on Ona for a porno movie. They quickly hop on a bed so Ona can work her oral skills between the guys while also letting them give her a little in return. Tom gives her the first fuck missionary style and spooning before letting her up for a cowgirl ride. Ona plays with her ass to get it ready for Cal to join in for the cowgirl DP. Afterwards she lies back and lets the guys pop on her chest and face.

This is an okay scene. Ona takes on the two guys pretty well, and doesn't hesitate to take the DP. That said, the camera work and editing did very little for me as it rarely showed both the penetration and Ona's reaction, as so often happened in the early nineties. Instead it went back and forth between gyno-cam shots and borderline softcore distance shots. This isn't a bad scene, but it isn't too good of one either.

Scene 5 – Rebecca Wild and Cal Jammer

Busty blonde Rebecca gets it on with Cal on the bed for the movie next. She moves to get off the bed and check on some voices she heard, but Cal holds her back to get it on instead. They fumble through a little kissing as she mounts him before freeing her big fat titties for him to suck as he gropes her ass. He rolls her to her back and kisses her from her tits down to her pussy, with Rebecca happily accepting his tongue and fingers between her legs. She attacks him orally in return while mixing in some great eyes before giving it up missionary style. Cal also lets her have it doggie style before popping on her ass.

This is a pretty good scene. Yes, it has the camera and editing problems of the previous scene, but Rebecca makes this one much more bearable. She gives the scene a fun feeling, and looks to get into the sex very well. She even gives a few nice smiles that really worked for me. This is a decent scene.

Scene 6 – Melanie Moore and Cal Jammer

Anal Future arrives next. Blonde Melanie dances in with a plant wearing a green nurse-like outfit as Cal sits on a bed with what looks like a bowl of ice on his cock. She gives him a booster shot after asking him a few questions, and then chats with him a little more before they start kissing. She massages his cock while they kiss, and then unwraps it so she can start sucking it. They suck each others nipples when Melanie takes a break to strip down to a pair of black stockings and heels, and then move on with a cowgirl ride. Melanie gets on all fours for Cal to take her from behind, and after a bit begs him to fuck her ass. Cal grants her wish, and finally pops on her back when a doctor interrupts them.

This is an okay scene. Melanie is darn cute and takes it in the ass quite well. Cal, on the other hand, looks like he has some major wood problems as he tries to fuck Melanie's ass. The camera angles once again left a bit to be desired, but the scene worked okay.

Scene 7 – Savannah, Peter North, and T. T. Boy

John Leslie's Laying the Ghost starts off Savannah's run. When Savannah bends over to light a candle in some white lingerie, she's surprised when T. T.'s cock pokes into her. She learns that Peter's there as well, and after learning how old they are teases them with her body. She moves in to stroke one of their cocks before dropping down to suck and stroke them both. She doesn't let either of them fuck her, and instead teases them as they give themselves a hand. Finally T. T. gives her a small pop on her pussy and Peter unloads on her tits with a great pop.

This scene didn't do a lot for me. It's lit very low, which can occasionally work for me but didn't here. Leslie's laugh track that's thrown into the scene also didn't do anything, and often pulled me out of the scene. Savannah looks great, but this scene just didn't do much for me.

Scene 8 – Savannah and Buck Adams

Roxy arrives next with Savannah and Buck heading up to a bedroom to get it on. They kiss while running their hands around each other before Buck kisses his way down to Savannah's pussy. She kisses her way down Buck's chest to suck his cock in return before he carries her to the bed so they can kiss a bit more and fuck missionary style. Buck mixes in a little trash talking and takes her from behind, and finishes things up giving her a great pop on her back.

I really kind of liked this scene. The chemistry between Buck and Savannah comes and goes, which seems to fit them just meeting after writing back and forth. There's some very nice moments and smiles between them, and I couldn't help but be drawn into the scene because of it. It goes back and forth between dirty and romantic, and just worked for me for some reason.

Scene 9 – Savannah and Peter North

Savannah and Peter get it on again in a scene from Angels. When Peter goes back into his office after chasing somebody off, he finds Savannah stripping out of a tan trenchcoat and floral lingerie to only a black bowler as she runs her hands around herself with a great smile. They're magically transported to a bed where she even loses the bowler as she kisses her way across his chest and down to his cock. She moves up to ride him cowgirl style before slowly sliding off and letting Peter poke her from behind. Finally, Peter pulls out and pops on her back before giving another kiss and pulling her back to cuddle.

This is a nice scene. There's some very nice chemistry and passion between Savannah and Peter. It isn't overly graphic, but it works very well. This is another scene that I can't help but like.

Scene 10 – Porsche Lynn and Woody Long

Rocket Girls starts out Woody Long's portion of the comp. Porsche starts out writhing around a bit wearing black cowboy boots with a black bra and panties before Woody walks in claiming to want the same thing she does and licking his way up her stomach and chest to kiss her on the mouth. He goes back down to eat her pussy before letting her work out his cock and suck it. She climbs up to ride him cowgirl style before letting him take her missionary style. He comes up and lets Porsche suck him before going back to fucking her, and then comes back up to pop on her face.

This scene just didn't do a lot for me. Porsche looks very rough, and although the scene had a kind of nice grudge fuck feel to it, I just couldn't get into it much. There's also a cheesy feel that didn't help it. In the end, this one made me glad I had a remote near by.

Scene 11 – Nicole London and Woody Long

John Leslie's Bare Market arrives next, and starts with Woody reading the paper out on the deck at night. Hot brunette Nicole arrives moments later, and they chat a bit before she starts to strip down in front of the pool for him as he strokes his cock. He comes over to her so she can suck his cock while straddling a pool chair before letting her lie back and take it missionary style on the chair. Nicole also rides him cowgirl style before hopping off and stroking him onto his stomach.

This is a pretty good scene. There's some very nice chemistry between Nicole and Woody, and I love how her slow strip by the pool. She gets a little carried away with some of her vocals, but she also puts out some very nice energy. I can't help but doubt some of Nicole's reactions, but at the same time I also can't deny that I enjoyed this scene.

Scene 12 – Nikki Dial and Woody Long

Next up is a scene from Still hard to Stop. When Woody helps her out, cute brunette Nikki can't help but repay her with the oldest currency still in use today, starting with a kiss. Woody's magically taken out of his clothes while Nikki's taken down to a sexy red bra and panties, and he can't help but give her tits a little attention before lying her back on his desk to tongue her twat. Nikki attacks his cock orally in return before riding him cowgirl style, and then bends over the desk for him to take her from behind. They finish things up with a bit of energetic missionary work before Woody pops on Nikki's bush.

This scene started out on a very high note for me with some nice camera work and chemistry. The chemistry stays throughout the scene, and Nikki puts out some very nice energy and vocals to go with it. The problem is that there's a lot of extreme gyno-cam work as well as close-ups of things like Woody's chest. With a little better camera work and editing this would have been one heck of a hot scene, but as it is, it barely makes it past the average level.

Scene 13 – Teri Diver and Jonathan Morgan

Still Hard to Stop sticks around to start out Teri's portion of the comp. Redheaded Teri puts the moves on Jonathan, with him somehow resisting at first until she learns he's a virgin. Teri gets tired of his talk and goes right to mouthing his manhood with the help of plenty of spit and a little stroking. He licks her slit in reciprocation and drives her wild playing with it before moving up to fuck her from behind and missionary style. Finally, he jumps up and gives Teri a nice facial finish.

This is a pretty good scene. Teri has an animalistic feel about her that I couldn't help but get into. She and Jonathan also look to have some nice chemistry, and put out some nice energy. This is a fun scene that worked well for me.

Scene 14 – Teri Diver, Tonisha Mills, and Marc Wallice

Teri's next scene comes from Merry Widows. Although hippie Mark claims to not be in the mood due to something bad going on outside, hot redhead Teri and dirty blonde Tonisha won't leave him alone. They quit playing with each other on the floor so they can team up on his cock orally, which quickly wins him over. Teri strips out of her cutoffs to sit on his face, but makes sure to bend forward and give Tonisha a little more oral help. She slides down to wrap her pussy around Marc's cock reverse cowgirl style while giving Tonisha a little oral attention before letting Tonisha ride him cowgirl style while they kiss. Mark also gives it to Tonisha doggie style while Teri sucks her tits before popping between both girls tits.

This is a pretty hot scene. There's something about Teri that really does it for me, and that made this scene work for me once again. There's a very fun feeling about the scene, and I love how the girls take control right away even if it is with a scumbag like Mark. The only complaint I can really have about this scene is that Teri only gets fucked in one position, but it's still an enjoyable scene.

Scene 15 – Cassidy and Teri Diver

Teri's next scene comes from Just for Tonight. Brunette Cassidy starts out with one leg up so Teri can lap away at her pussy before returning the favor as Teri sits on a counter in some sexy blue lingerie. Cassidy also gives her a little finger action before coming back up to kiss her, cuddly, and suckle at Teri's tits as the camera fades out.

This is an okay scene. The girls get into each other pretty good, but the action going from one licking to the other licking to the scene being done was just way too short for me. A little more back and forth or some toy action would have really helped this one out, and the scene also seemed like it might have started in the middle of the action. This scene had plenty of unused potential, and would have sucked if not for Teri being in it.

Scene 16 – Alex Jordan and Crystal Wilder

Alex's segment starts out with a scene from the late great Jim Holliday's Cheerleader Nurses. She and Crystal sneak into an unoccupied hospital room where curly haired dirty blonde Alex lets straight haired dirty blonde Crystal know that she just can't explain how turned on she gets thinking about sex in a hospital bed. They kiss as they help each other out of their nurse's outfits, and Alex lets her know that she takes her job of breaking in the new student nurses very seriously as she pushes her back on the bed to attack Crystal's tits. Alex makes her way down to attack her pussy as well, and then gets on all fours so Crystal can show her what she learned. Crystal also oils up Alex's ass and puts on a rubber glove to finger her pussy before Alex breaks out a pair of pink dildos for them. She pounces on one toy while putting the other in her mouth to pile drive Crystal's cunt, and then picks up a little speed working it in and out with her hand. Finally the girls suck their toys clean.

As usual with the late, great Jim Holliday's work, this is a very hot girl – girl scene. The girls get into the action quite well and mix things up well. The toys don't feel like a crutch, and there's a fun feeling that's a nice relief. This is one of my favorite scenes in this compilation.

Scene 17 – Alex Jordan and Sean Michaels

Alex journeys to the dark side with a scene from Sex Stories. As Sean chats with Peter North, Alex sucks his cock and then picks up speed after he hangs up. Alex lies back on Sean's desk and has him strip down to his tie to fuck her missionary style, and then bounces on him reverse cowgirl as he sits back in a chair. They also get in a little doggie fucking before Sean pops on her ass and back and gives her a passionate kiss.

This is a pretty good scene. Alex and Sean have nice chemistry and the scene moves along nicely. It's a simple scene, but the only thing that really holds it back is the white creamy lube that's used and drips out of Alex's pussy. This is a pretty hot scene.

Scene 18 – Mike Horner and Trinity Loren

Trinity's section starts with a scene from Sirens. When Mike appears to be dying of thirst in a boat, busty dirty blonde Trinity appears in front of him letting him know she's his death. She straddles his face to have him eat and finger her pussy before letting him come up to suck at her mammoth melons. Trinity moves down to work him over orally in return before letting him fuck her missionary style as well as from behind. Finally Mike pulls out and nuts on her ass.

This is an okay scene. The styles are nicely, but the editing is a bit choppy. Mike gets into the action okay, but Trinity just didn't impress me much beyond a great chest. This scene is okay, but nothing too special.

Scene 19 – Eva Allen and Megan Leigh

Megan Leigh's scene comes from Henri Pachard's Sex Lives of the Rich & Famous 1. Dirty blonde nurse Megan walks in with an enema bottle just in case redheaded Eva needs one. When Eva doesn't know she gives her the choice between an enema and eating her pussy, and Eva talks the latter. They kiss before Megan strips off Eva's panties and goes right in to kiss and finger it. Eva helps her strip down and kisses her tits before biting her ass and attacking her pussy orally. They even get in a little sixty-nining before they're interrupted by Eva's “Dad” and the scene comes to an end.

This is a pretty hot scene. The girls are cute, and the “first time licking pussy” experience is handled with a bit of humor. Eva overdoes her reactions a bit, but with some nice chemistry and the fun feeling of the scene I just couldn't get too down on it. This isn't too bad of a scene despite the limitations of being early nineties porn.

Scene 20 – Megan Leigh and Joey Silvera

The final scene also comes from Henri Pachard's Sex Lives of the Rich & Famous 1. After he struggles with a little tree trimming, Joey takes a break to try some of the drink Megan brings her. They head into the tool shed where Joey hoists up her skirt and starts kissing his way around her ass. He rolls her over to kiss her mouth and strip her all the way down before she rips open his tank and starts sucking his cock. Joey pulls Megan around so they can sixty-nine before moving around to fuck her missionary style. Finally, Joey pulls out and pops on her stomach.

This scene doesn't even make it to the average mark. There's some nice chemistry and a fun feeling between Joey and Megan, but the action is just too limited. I mean, a little sixty-nining and one position? That's just a little too limited to turn out a really good scene.

VCA's Gravest Hits leaves me with mixed feelings. The first of those feelings is that this is a kind of morbid compilation subject, but at the same time it's nice to see these scenes brought together so we can realize what kind of stars we've lost. I'm not sure any of the scenes here were made in the last decade, which limits the styles and sex quite a bit and is probably going to lose quite a few people. On the other hand, I really like how VCA went to the effort to not only identify the stars for each scene and the movie it came from, but to give the date of death for the star being remembered in the scene. Sexually, VCA's Gravest Hits leaves plenty to be desired, but there's a touch of care that helps make it at least bearable. This is far from a great compilation, but for fans of early nineties porn it's probably well worth picking up.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Kill Girl Kill 2, Busta Nut, Dez's Dirty Weekend 4, and Fresh Flesh. There's also internet information.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, anal, toys, squirting, group, lesbian, DP, DPP, and interracial

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of VCA's compilations can be found online for between about $6 and $13 with a few stores offering them at the low end. For that price I can't get too down on this one, especially with the care VCA put into identifying the performers and movies the scenes came from, but don't expect too much. The sex is pretty standard early nineties porn, and the technical aspects are just as dated. As for extras, there basically are none. The care in identifying the performers and original movies helps this one nose by a lot of the other 4 hour compilations out there.

Note to VCA: Thank you for putting the effort you did into identifying all the performers and original movies. Because of it I might be picking up a couple movies to check out I wouldn't have before.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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