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astroknight Valley, The 4 starsValley, The 4 starsValley, The 4 stars
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Valley, The

Valley, The

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Feature film
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bono-ONE's ratings for Valley, The:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Valley, The overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Valley, The Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Valley, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Valley, The Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Valley, The Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Valley, The DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Valley, The A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/26/2013
Greetings porn fans. I have a movie from director Sam Hain that was put out through Zero Tolerance studios last year starring a good cast led by Andy San Dimas, Chanel Preston and male lead Tommy Pistol. It is a gritty story that takes place in the seedy world of The Valley or as some call it Porn Valley! Tommy plays a private dic hired to find a missing girl. In one of a few twists in the movie immediately after he is retained by the girls father played by Peter O'Tool the dad offs himself. We learn why much later on in the production but it just lets you know Sam isn't afraid to shock you at any moment in this one. Andy San Dimas is the other daughter who comes off as cold and perhaps calculating- a typical rich bitch perhaps. Chanel has a terrific supporting role in this and while the role of porn star isn't a stretch for her to play this particular character has a nice scope to her that Chanel is able to bring out in her limited time on screen. So we basically follow Tommy along through a series of encounters that helps him piece together this web connecting Andy/ her dad and the missing daughter played by Chastity Lynn to the porn industry. It is all woven together neatly with the dialogue, camera angles and the lighting too. So now that I've set the stage a bit let's cover what many of you will be watching this for and that's the sex. I should also add the opening credits were awesome to watch coupled with a superb soundtrack. The various characters are listed along with who plays them. Credits often go unnoticed but not by this view in this production.

Lizz Tayler & Stevie Shae:

The movie actually opens with Tommy coming by the estate and he's greeted by Andy who lets him know her father committed suicide after their deal was sealed to find her sister. Tommy takes this info in and barely bats an eye. Andy has this cool calm manner about her while letting Tommy know he can continue his job. Tommy leaves and from there we go immediately to the lesbian scene featuring Lizz and Stevie. A real nice g/g pairing too with plenty of oral and some nice kissing. The ladies work in some trib action too before the scene ends. Not long after Tommy shows up and we find out Lizz was a former roommate of Lucy Bannister the girl he's trying to find. A very good scene between Lizz and Tommy as he finds out a bit more about Lucy and also this is where the porn angle comes into play. Lizz turns him on to another seedy guy Tom played by Evan Stone. Off Tommy goes to The Valley which he hates. The voice over stuff here was great.

Katie St. Ives:

So Tommy arrives in the valley and has a meeting with Evan who is perfectly cast as the slimy porn producer. Evan at first denies knowing this Lucy person but when shown a picture does let Tommy know he knew her. Evan doesn't fully tell Tommy everything but of course he can't now the movie would be over! After the two men dance around the issue for a couple of minutes Tommy is handed off to one of his stooges to go and visit a set. Evan is left behind along with Katie St. Ives who has the role of secretary in this! You can guess her primary job duty is that of dicktation!!!! It was great to see Katie in any regard here as she's got such a great natural rack but the gist of the scene here was all oral which Katie shows she's quite good at. There is some oral for her as well about mid scene when they do a 69. A shame it was only oral but still a solid bj scene from Miss Ives.

Chastity Lynn:

Moving to the porn set we have Tommy escorted there by Anthony Rosano who looks every bit the part of stooge/ hired goon for Evan. Tommy gets to meet the director who is named Set played by James Deen-- he seems very rigid and mechanical in his manner. The talent Tommy gets to talk with is Chanel who has a good scene here talking with Tommy who inquires about Lucy. Chanel doesn't let on but you can tell she knows something. She takes a card and lets him know she'll call if she remembers anything. As Tommy leaves she gives him a look that he doesn't see but that we do. From there Tommy heads back home where he has some mail waiting. In amongst the drudge is an envelope which contains a single disc labeled Lucy. Slipping it in he is taken to a scene filmed featuring this girl he's searching for. Chastity is laying there almost catatonic that is until Anthony and James tug her to a mat. From there it's game on with cocks going into her mouth and to her pussy. This wakes her up pretty quick! Chastity is known for her anal work but this scene is all about the two men trading off nailing her cookie and they give to her pretty hard as you'll see. Both men facialize her to finish the scene.

Chanel Preston:

The scene fades off on his laptop followed immediately by a knock at the door. As he opens it who is waiting but Chanel who obviously knows something. This was a very good scene dialogue wise for Chanel and Tommy as we learn a lot more about Lucy and the porn industry that she was drawn into. Turns out that Evan not only makes regular porno but also specialized scenes requested by wealthy people who shall we say want their porn a bit more risque-- aka illegal shit! Chanel is matter of fact while laying this out and Tommy doesn't show much reaction in return taking the info in. The two might not have shown it outwardly but the attraction had been building and spills over to Tommy's bed as they bang one out. Strong dialogue followed by the best sex scene so far. Tommy adds in some great finger banging along with licking her pussy and ass. Chanel goes one better having a seat on his face and that is a super position to eat pussy in no! This moves neatly to a full 69 as Chanel gets a mouthful of cock. Some fine shots in the sex ending with a piledriver that leads to the pop sprayed down onto her tits.

Andy San Dimas:

After they are done and Chanel is about to take her leave the door is opened and who is waiting but Andy. She sees Chanel there but doesn't show a reaction like she knew they'd been fucking. Andy is here for an update on the "job" but Tommy thinks she's here for another reason. Tommy does fill Andy in on the whole porn angle involving Lucy but this doesn't get much of a rise out of Andy who keeps the steely facade up. Tommy finally tells her to get the fuck out and he'll call when he's done. A lone "bitch" cry comes off as the scene fades. Next morning and Tommy receives a call from Chanel who asks to meet him. Turns out it's at a hotel and when he knocks the door slides up-- not good! Tommy had developed some feelings for Chanel but those dreams were dashed when he finds her and I was not shocked at all to find her dead in the bathtub, wrists slit-- but who did this? You get a suspect show up but I'll let you find out who- he's dealt with as obviously Tommy can't die!From there Tommy heads off to the estate to meet Andy. He needs a shower to clean off the blood of both Chanel and the guy who tried to kill him. Andy still has that facade up but when she goads him about fucking Chanel but not her Tommy decides he's had enough and gives Andy a thorough fucking. This was an excellent bookend scene to wrap up the movie as Tommy bangs out his frustrations over losing Chanel and of the whole seediness of the case/ his life. The scene ends with an ass pop but we still need to resolve the central issue of the movie, why this happened and who was leading it. Turns out the father was financing those movies Evan making but he couldn't handle it when Lucy was pushed into the biz but by who? Well Tommy lets that out to as it was Andy all along and Tommy calmly lays out the whole scenario with a little input from Andy. It was an excellent wrap up to the movie which ends with Andy sitting in the back of a cop car. Another case closed by Marlowe, private detective!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a superbly crafted and filmed story by Sam Hain with a great cast led by Tommy, Andy and Chanel who all played central parts. Anthony Rosano also had some key moments in this movie as it played out. From the great opening credits to the final black screen with the words The End you will be glued to the screen finding out the next detail of the story. As for extras you get a separate disc for that and you get nearly 30 minutes of bonus interviews with Andy, Chanel, Tommy and combined Chastity/ Katie with Anthony piping in to kiss those great tits of Katies and finger her-- fun times! You also get some behind the scenes which feature a chat with the director Sam Hain but he's shy so we only see him from the back!! If you like gritty detective driven stories fused with some hot sex this movie is well worth checking out. It's a shame it took until now for me to see this film but it is extremely well done from start to finish.

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