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Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Upload:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Upload overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Upload Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Upload Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Upload Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Upload Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Upload DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Upload A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/6/2007
This review refers to the director's cut of Upload

Welcome fans to a most anticipated review on several levels. SexZ pictures had quite the year last year scoring multiple nods and wins for their Corruption movie and now a year later and we have another movie that in one word can best be described as Epic and I mean epic from length to cast to visual effects to the sex captured in the movie. Epic in one word covers the movie but in no way shape or form tells the whole story, for that you'll need to plop down your hard earned porn dollars and buy this movie which as most of you know is in two forms-- a XXX cut and a directors cut which has about 15 minutes of footage on it which includes some hardcore bondage, fisting, and a few bouts of pissing so I'm already going on record to say it's totally worth it to get the extra footage-- I do that with as many mainstream hollywood films as I can whenever they're released, it might cost a few bucks more but for me it's worth it to have the making of documentaries, interviews, extra footage etc. but in this case you get all that with both versions, the only difference being the extra footage of pissing, fisting and bondage so if that's not important to you then by all means save a few bucks with the XXX version you aren't missing any other extras besides the ones mentioned above. An interesting fact for this movie, Upload, is the final budget which came in at over $360,0000 bucks which makes it one of the more expensive movies ever made in the adult biz so let's jump in and take a ride as you, me, Eva Angelina, Hillary Scott, Kylie Ireland, and a few select other beautiful women are all Uploaded!!

This is very much a futuristic movie modeled in part on Hollywood flicks such as Blade Runner, Minority Report, and I can see a nod or two also to the Matrix flicks. Eva Angelina is one of the two femle leads in this and she plays a Digital Security Agent who we learn is addicted to the very types of computer programs she's trying to reign in or police if you will. Her partner played by Derrick Pierce doesn't share this problem. As we all know by now if we've read about this movie Eva Angelina does both her first anal and then her first dps for this movie and watching ahead just a bit you don't wait long to see that sexy ass blasted hard by a cock, but patience my young Porn Jedi!! The other female lead in this is played by none other than the current AVN Female Performer of the Year, Hillary Scott, and her role as Tesla is as a hacker who just might have a huge secret inside her that might change the future of the world so needless to say Eva and her people want to get a hold of her. So there is a bit of groundwork on the storyline which will play out over the next few hours. I'd also say the packaging for this movie is among the best I've seen for a movie period including mainstream Hollywood, you get a lot for what you pay out for this, no doubt about it.

Eva Angelina, Sandra Romain & Evan Stone:

We begin the flick as it displays in the near future and you have Eva in the office I presume of her superior who is played by the director of this fine flick, Eli Cross. I was immediately struck by the computer on his desk which is awesome, I'd not seen one like this where the monitor is pretty much a thin slice of glass and you see the picture on reflected on both sides-- very cool and futuristic. It seems we're at the end of the entire story and now Eva's being made to explain herself as it seems she helped 'upload' the dreaded Enigma virus onto the grid. Eli's delivery is very matter of fact and Eva does a fine job handling her dialogue in return, never seeming to be pulling stuff from out of her ass, she knows the score and is more than willing to give her side of events. This virus Eva and her partner were after was rumored to be capable of crashing the stock market and even launching nukes so yeah they needed to get this baby before that happened so this takes us to the first scene of sex where Eva meets up with Sandra and Evan at a club. After some dialogue she says hey lets seal this deal in a private location, if you get her drift and bingo we have liftoff!! If you have ever seen a Sandra Romain scene you know how strong a performer she is and Eli really turns her loose here on Eva who more than handles everything dealt to her from hard pussy and ass fingering to multiple A2M's and for her first on camera anal scene it couldn't have gone any better, so much footage with reverse anal being my fave. Evan doesn't say much and he didn't need too, just keep that cock hard and drilling each girls asses and we'll be happy which is what he did. I like how before we get to the sex Eli is pushing her when Eva says this info came from an informant but no record of payment was on file for this and Eva lets it out the payment wasn't in the form of cash and then we get to the club and the sex follows. This is such a thrill ride for Sandra fans and if she's not long for this business on our side of the pond this scene here if it's her only one will serve as testament to her greatness and also being the first ever anal for Eva Angelina makes this a fabulous first scene for everyone. You also get a preview of the later dp for Eva when she's nailed in both holes by Evan and Sandra who sports a strap on for the last part of the action. The dp too has Evan nailing her ass so plenty of anal for all you who've yearned for Eva to do this!!Evan leaves his seed across Eva's gorgeous face.

Hillary Scott in a gangbang:

Well we don't go directly to that but it's the next main sex scene which happens after some crucial plot development. It's slightly humorous as Derrick shows up and Eva needs him to help her out as just before being jizzercized by Evan the night before one of her wrists was bound in a handcuff to the bed railing and naturally the key wasn't anywhere near here so like a good partner he helps out and doesn't look to hard at that smoking hot naked body which is starring him in the face. So the hot tip which Evan gave Eva leads the two partners to the Temple of Boom which is a club where people go to live out their fantasies on Sims-- I'm not all to familiar with computer jargon but it seems you sit there wearing a big pair of glasses and your brain is bombarded with images fitting whatever fantasy you're going for. This is where we meet Tesla-- great name too, played by Hillary. Seems she is just out of the shower and walking around the various patrons she finally stops before one and lifts up her top exposing those awesome titties but the guy's to busy immersed in his fake world to take note of something which is very much real-- a nice quick commentary on life as we can often get wrapped up in our own little world and not even note when something so good and real is actually right there before us. Seems Hillary had brought a few fantasies of her own to the place and the head tech guy was very much impressed with what he was able to see-- then in comes Eva and Derrick and not sure if specifically they were after Hillary but Eva quickly takes off in pursuit of her and later we learn it was a gut feeling she had which caused her to take down Tesla. The picture here too has a greyish tinge to it giving me anyway that edgey vibe but you don't miss anything so far as visuals go. They got quite a haul from the club and it seems Eva doesn't always do things by the book-- like all great movie cops, and she acutally jacks into the fantasy Hillary had just made-- Eva's got a slot in the back of her neck where she slips the chip in and now we get to watch the gangbang featuring the lovely Miss Scott. The facial expression on Eva's face too takes on a junkie like appearance as the eyes flutter as she's taken away to another world.

The setting for the scene is a big wherehouse and for the guys you have a good group- Tee Reel, Brian Surewood, Jenner, Alec Knight & Marco Banderas. Anyone who has watched Hillary over the last couple years knows this is a #, 5, of guys that she has no problems handling. The guys take very little time before thrusting their cocks everywhere they can go with Hillary so plenty of hard fucking and sucking right from the start. I guess the picture reminds me a bit of Sin City the movie, it never seemed to get daylight there so it there was always a layer I guess you could say over the pic making it slightly darker but still giving you the strong visuals. Of course you get Hillary dp'd and she works in some dirty talk too when her mouth's not gagging on a cock. Like Sandra in scene 1 this scene here plays to all of Hillary's strengths as a gonzo queen and she delivers yet again taking four loads on her ass and also doing one anal creampie. Like the great superasswhore that she is Hillary dips her hand deep inside her ass to get as much assjuice on it and then gagging herself on it cleaning the filth off!! Taking the chip out we see that Eva is affected by what she just watched, I can bet she wants much more now with Hillary so stay tuned. Seems her partner, Derrick Pierce, is concerned that Eva's got a real problem with those sexual Sims she seems to enjoy hacking into and Eli's just doing his job and seeing if there's anything to this which causes Eva to get real defensive, you get a bit of Derrick explaining the possible harmful effects of said Sims to a group of reporters who not correctly that he himself doesn't have a chip jack in the back of his neck so how can he really know what those people experience when they jack into a sim? Eva then interrupts this small gathering to give her POV which is that you can just watch a painting or you can experience it fully by diving right into the middle of it courtesy of a jack-- actually this is where the two first meet and she lets Derrick know they're now partners which elicits a less than enthusiastic response. Eli is also interested in how Eva feels about her former parter, Julie Knight, who was the victim of one of those Sim Rings which traffics those chips which in this story are all the rage. Time for scene #3.

Julie Night, Adrianna Nicole & Alex Sanders:

So after telling Eli that by the time she got to Julie they had done a real good job of breaking her and this takes us to that fateful scene where this is finally accomplished. You have Julie's wrists bound and hanging up on either side of her body and some serious clamps are tugging hard on her nipples- that had to hurt but oh so good right! This is full on bondage it would appear so not sure how much is in the XXX version but Adrianna is a great dom and you have Alex there too with a small cane device spanking her feet, then that's put aside for a different toy which is thrust down her throat, there's spitting on Julie and lots of hard gagging on the glass device. The toy is then thrust hard up inside her pussy and you really see Julie fading out from all the hard play on her body. She's released from her bounds and thrust hard over a table where the riding crop/ cane is brought back and Alex does some severe spankings to her ass but then he dives down to lick it so he's not all hard and no romance! Adrianna then switches with Alex munching on ass while he pulls out his cock and severely skull fucks Julie's face and fans you are right there for many of those thrusts. Oh man you find out that Eva is actually there along with a collegue watching this physical assault on their fellow comrade. Adrianna gets a bit of Alex's cock thrust up inside her too but the focus is soon back on Julie and the absolutely hardcore assault which now shifts to anal sex and Alex just pounds down into her asshole. We see Eva and her partner slowly moving in on the action but will they stop it in time, I suspect not we need a pop! Alex drops a fine load inside Jule's mouth then Adrianna moves over Julie's face with her pussy rubbing the jizz in. The two cops then make their move but as Alex is turned facing them he pricks his neck with a small needle and evidently this was some serious strength juice as he is suddenly on the male cop, as the two struggle Eva fires her weapon and it's not a traditional gun and instead of bullets has an electrical current which takes care of Alex but also does harm to her partner as the two are locked in hand to hand struggle, so both are killed. In the ensuing melee Adrianna gets off a traditional gunshot wounding Eva who in return zaps Adrianna with those strong lethal volts from her gun. Eli's great diagnosis on the situation here is that Eva doesn't feel guilty over her partner dying, nope, she's feeling bad because she fantasized about being the Julie Night character and being the object of that tortured sex assault, sociopathic is a word which gets mentioned in conjuction with this desire from Eva.

Hillary Scott Fisting Scene with Flick Shagwell & Michelle Aston:

We resume the Hillary angle to the story as she's not being interrogated by Derrick who takes a short leave from the room as we have Eva watching on closed circuit tv. There is more awesome footage using those computer screens which can be viewed on either side, the revelation is uncovered that Hillary is a hacker, so good in fact she's taken herself completely off the grid-- no prints, no records of any kind are found on her. Eva spots something from the footage just before they arrested Hillary and this leads to a face off sit down between the girls. It's short and sweet really, Eva says where's the chip, Hillary clams up and we're on to the rough stuff! Michelle and Flick take Hillary to a room where she's scanned from head to toe, made to take off her clothes, all of them and as Eva watches the action gets decidely violent as Flick puts on a glove which goes all the way up her arms and starting with some pussy fingering it eventually gets to where the whole fist is in and you get some extended footage, very graphic of Flick fisting her but no chip is found!!Hillary offers up some chirpy dialogue and she then begins a loud rant to the camera shooting her calling out Eva but using terms like dike and cunt! The music too is very forboding as this activity is being done on Hillary's pussy, there is some anal fisting too but I don't think Flick gets as much in her ass as she did to Hillary's pussy. Hillary is then made to lick her juices/ lube off that glove, icky! Of course we go back to Eli interrogating Eva as to whether or not she enjoyed this. The response was of course not but we all know she did. This leads to a quick bit of solo stroking in a bathroom stall by Eva eventually she pisses her pretty blue undies and she even licks her piss covered hands after dipping them back in her now extremely wet pussy. This was very arousing and Eva emoted great enjoyment at this vigorous pussy stroking and closing out pissing herself silly! Going right back to Dr. Eli who asks you did find the chip meaning the enigma chip and yes she says she did after a night alone at home. We're treated to images from that night as Eva does some heavy drinking saying into the mirror so she's looking at herself that she fucking hates you, you cunt so maybe just maybe she's conflicted about enjoying those nasty sex sims. This seems like a real emotional rollercoaster for Eva and we experience this along with her but I don't think she'll find the answers in the bottom of that bottle. As the music builds up to a crescendo you see Eva picking up a chip so she's giving in to her deepest and darkest desires and this takes us to the next scene.

Adrianna Nicole, Lorelei Lee, & Madison Young:

Puttin in the chip you see that glazed look come over Eva's face one more time as she's transported this time to a desert where the three girls are located, as you recall Adrianna was one of the people who killed her partner. Wow what a change in setting here from all the other scenes which were so dark in their tone, this scene is much brighter as you see the cavernous mountains thrusting high up into the sky we see the girls gettin busy with one another. The music too had a nice haunting quality to it fitting the tone and you have three hot girls for sure to enjoy. This is another of the scenes which due to its explicit nature was cut down for the XXX version. Oh oh! We got the girls all taking a blue pill and what happens when you take the blue pill, lol. The pace quickens and we start to see some hardcore pussy play done involving hands and yes some toys as well, the music still has that haunting tone to it which helps keep the momentum going. The highlight here just might be the joint fisting done by Madison and Adrianna but that isn't all the rough stuff you see, Madison practically punches Lorelie's ass, then it's Adrianna doing the same as well as doing more anal fisting. There is also some great wind sounds worked in as this dreamlike scene unfolds. Oh snap!! After some hardcore ass toy play which as Adrianna astutely notes opened Lorelei's ass up, takes the toy out and pisses and I mean strong streams of piss into the freshly gaped ass!! Wow, the focus then goes on to Adrianna's ass with Lorelei leading the charge, more hardcore finger play, toy play and wow, I mean wow we get Lorelei pissing into Adrianna's mouth, sweet!! As the thunder cloud sounds ring out we're taken back to the office where Eli continues to grill Eva unmercifully. He wonders when she jacks into the sims does she ever switch roles, maybe as a man but Eva is like nope I'm always the whore! She starts to open up bigtime saying she likes feeling helpless, used and abused while being fucked-- those were Eva's words, wow that's a revelation. This leads to Eva climbing on the desk, opening up her legs and stroking her pussy as she just lays it all out for Eli who sits there taking it in without much emotion showing on his face. "Inappropriate is where I live, it makes me cum the hardest!" Eva! Ok she then pushes Eli's face right on her pussy and he starts licking-- ok this is probably a fantasy, lol. Eli works in some fingerbanging too while munching on that cooch, don't care if this is fantasy or not this is some good pussy eating, sure enough Eva is snapped back to reality. Eli wants to share a story about Eva's current partner and we're taken to a dinner date between Derrick and Trina Michaels who is ravishingly hot as she sits chatting with Derrick. The two are having a spirited discussion on the merits of fighting heavily armed men vs fighting chip junkies and Derrick's position is information is the real power and that there is only so much harm a gun can do. The two start to argue a bit over Cassandra-- that'd be Eva and Derrick is adamant she's the best he's worked with while Trina is like I've heard plenty and that she's a burnout and also she feels Derrick wants to nail her. We leave the marathon shrink session to go back to Hillary in the interrogation room, she's now in prison orange. Eva enters with a device and says she knows the chips in the room, on Hillary's person and instructs her to lose the clothes prompting a glib response from Miss Scott. Eva turns on the device laying out the scenario for Hillary who finally comes clean and says ok you can have the chip but it's not a virus. A cool visual effect is then shown as Hillary literally reaches inside her stomach pulling the chip out, she's willing to talk but just not there. It must be off the grid Hillary says a place completely dark. Eva's not buying it even as Hillary's sreaming at her that you can't just fuck around with that program, they don't know what it can do... continued on disc two!

Trina Michaels with Derrick Pierce:

I liked how they seemlessly move right into the scene, as the fire place crackles we move to Derrick and Trina hot in the throws of passion, some angelic choir like singing is piped in too as they couple with one another. Trina is looking lovelier than ever, fine titty kissing and Derrick works over her pussy too both with fingers and his tongue. The atmosphere here is decidely different than any other scene, much more romantic and perhaps since Derrick's the straight ace it makes sense but he still fucks as hard as anyone else has in the flick, perhaps not with the fisting and the like but still bringing it strong to Trina who seems to be enjoying herself. Derrick does some seriously fine pipe laying to Trina here too long strokes in mish causing some beautiful boob bouncing and there's some fine footage too in cowgirl, this woman's got quite a nice ass too. She's working in some dirty talk too! Sweet we get some anal too for Miss Michaels, reverse buttfucking was a winner with A2M too! There hadn't been as much knob polishing so this was very good to see, more action then follows in reverse anal, some sideways anal and you have Derrick pulling out and blasting his nutjuice on her neatly trimmed pubes, it was a good load so I was a bit sad to see it wasted on her lower belly instead of her face/ mouth. The after scene was real nice as they lie there doing the romantic kissing, smiling at each other and I just feel this is setting us up for something else which probably isn't to good. He leaves the room to get a drink and the music too seems to signal somethings up, sure enough he finds Eva in the living room waiting for him. Trina then joins in and the mood goes from post sex bliss to frosty in very quick order, she leaves Derrick going upstairs so this better be something good Eva wants as this has definitely put him on the outs with Trina. Ok she holds up the chip freshly acquired from Hillary and this does peak Derricks interest so they go to his nifty computer which like the other's is a see thru glass monitor. Shit, he's even got the keyboard displayed on the screen so no actual keyboard. The code displayed on his screen is very similar to what you've saw on the Matrix movies. Derrick wants to take it down to the lab to be analysis but of course Eva's got the quick fix idea and he knows not to fight her so it's slipped inside her jack and where as before her face had that glazed junkie look when she jacked in this time her face is more painful in it's expression, Derrick manages to get the chip out before she's a goner. Eva says that chip is much smarter than they are. We go back to Eli questioning Eva who lets it out that Enigma was not a virus and that she put the chip in on faith. This take us back then to Hillary, Derrick and a tech guy in the interrogation room. Hillary keeps saying she can't talk about it there and finally she convinces them to take her to a place where they can discuss this most important topic.

After they get into the desert Hillary says that the chip is obviously not a virus but a new lifeform, a fully realized artificial intelligence living in a holographic matrix-- I had to type that one out! A man named Gagarin designed it,she lays it all out for Eva, that he was killed probably by hackers and that this intelligence is already out there but that it's pychotic. Ok the techincal stuff is losing me but it's interesting. Eva was secretly having the entire conversation listened in on by Derrick and I suppose the people back in the shop and this just sets Hillary off, that they're fucked and sure enough an EMP is generated at their location, an electro magnetic pulse which killed everything electronic so Hillary's paranoia was right on. Ok if all things electronic were killed it's weird that her laptop would work but it wasn't on when the EMP went off so perhaps it was still allowed to work. Anyway, they are indeed being targeted by a satellite above and their time is short. Out of the car they just get away when the beam fires nearly evaporating the car. Eli was a bit skeptical still as we get a bit more with him and Eva, then it's back to the desert where Hillary is made to get naked again, lol, seems she's got GPS sewn into her prison gear! Ok Hillary's goal is to upload her Angel of Death chip which was the one Eva slipped in earlier to kill this pychotic thing which is already on the grid. They finally reach a motel after trekking through the desert. The girls have more discussion about destroying Hillary's former lover's persona on the net. She also lets it out that she also enjoys the sex sims. This leads to an offer to show Eva where she lives on the net. They're both transported away via chip and you get some interesting visual effects here fans, think Transformers as Hillary's surrounded by a shell which looks like a robot. Eva gets a little armour on and the girls go at it but Eva is decidely outmatched with Hillary's body armour, eventually Eva tires of having her ass kicked and takes out the chip, walking over she slaps Hillary saying that's plenty enough real action for her! Derrick hears them and just wants them both to go to sleep!

Kylie Ireland, Delilah Strong & Derrick Pierce:

Well we didn't see much of Derrick on the first disc other than some acting so back to back sex scenes open the second one with him in them. That extended bit with Eva and Hillary now over we're back to some action which takes us back a few decades, the music takes on an almost big band type feel. Derrick has a hot receptionist in Delilah and it's Kylie Ireland waiting in his office, a potential client with a missing husband! The picture here is totally black & white which helps harken back to that era, there's even an I Want You Uncle Sam poster in his office. Kylie can't go to the police in this matter, it would be to complicated plus the fact is only Mr. Born can help her, it's something she heard and if you can't tell she's flirting bigtime then you're truly clueless. Derrick gets the idea finally and walks around and the two start going at it, delving into the matter of finding her missing husband-- this necessitates them fucking of course, staying black & white there's a good side angle bj shot, eventually Delilah join in too! Hopping on the desk Kylie opens up her legs and Miss Strong dives in. This is another scene cut down for the XXX version. Kylie works in some very good dirty talk while taking pipe and you see Delilah too get fucked real hard by Derrick. There is some very good anal sex too for Delilah in reverse cowgirl with Kylie adding in her fist deep inside the nonoccupied pussy!! Kylie also takes cock up her poopchute, more anal for Delilah with Kylie sitting on her face ending with Kylie taking the load mostly in her mouth and the girls then share! I didn't know they were so freaky back in the 50's I don't think Mr. and Mrs. Cleaver banged it out like this, lol. Who drops by the office but Eva who back in the day was also a cop, Derrick has left the force for Private Dick work but she's got a homocide kicking her balls and she wants his help on it. But we get a weird effect where they snap in and out of color, Derrick's waking up and this takes us to a whole separate scene.

Hillary Scott & James Deen:

We're now in the homestretch of this one and we get Hillary waking up, she's topless, poor girl can't seem to keep her clothes on, at least she's got white panties on! You hear someone typing earnestly away on a keypad and it's James Deen aka Gagarin who at this point is a very much alive boyfriend of Hillary's. He takes a break from working on the computer. Hillary is a bit confused about things but this doesn't stop them from having some wicked hot sex. James slips his fingers inside Hillary's pussy and she's soon working hard on taking all of his cock deep within her mouth. The sex takes them through a few vag positions before the superasswhore opens up that bunghole in spoon, mish and best yet reverse anal! Hillary works the load out herself, a side angle is used for the popshot which hits her face and then some in her mouth with cleanup of course. After a strong sex scene the hard part comes when James suddenly says he has to leave and starts backing away causing Hillary to get quite emotional, the range she shows here was amazing and I don't think you can help but be touched by her depth here. The scene then shifts to Eva who gets to visit her own private hell.

Eva Angelina with several people-- Eva's first DP:

Basically what's going on is an orgy so we keep floating around to various couples/ groups fucking. You see Eva's dead partner there but in hell it seems you can still get your freak on! You get plenty of anal, finger banging, bondage and even double anal for Julie Night who is also amongst the girls fucking. The music too was very good in setting the tone, if there's a soundtrack playing in hell this could very well be it. You also get some pretty hot g/g ass eating too, so much going on I can see you watching this one a few times, so much to see here. Eva isn't the sole focus for sure in the scene but when it came time for her big dp they did make sure to keep her center stage and Eva takes a good facial to end her part with cleanup after. Eva then lies back down and slowly masturbates until she receives more loads from the other guys who'd been laying pipe to the various other girls in the hellhole. Strange then we have Eva waking up in a room being nailed by some dude while another sits waiting his turn-- where did that come from, how did she get there and where is Hillary and Derrick? Well wherever she was Eva comes back read to kick ass and gets the better of the guy she's hooking up with. Eventually she finds Michael aka Derrick, seems he had some surgery done as they gave him a jack outlet in the back of his neck. They go off in search of Hillary who we find on the same mattress she just had sex with her dead boyfriend on, she's using a dildo to fuck herself into remembering him. More emotional range displayed from Hillary and after last year's amazing work in Corruption this shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone that she can emote so strongly. You can feel her pain at having lost James and it seems the only place she can be with him is this altered reality but is that any way to live your real life? Eventually Derrick and Eva find Hillary who is still plugged into the grid, it seems Gagarin aka James won't let her go but she's unplugged and Eva asks if she still has the Angel of Death chip which will end this altered reality nightmare and she does. You have James's skeleton sittin in a chair there too with one of those head pieces still around his head, it's taken off and he is taken out of his chair as a still topless Hillary slips in the chip leaving them only 17 minutes to get the hell out of dodge. Hillary stays behind to make sure it's done right, letting Eva and Derrick get away, final words from Hillary, I miss you so much and a blinding light takes us back to the office where Eli is still at it with Eva. He's still very skeptical even as Eva takes her leave, meeting up with Derrick who lets her know it was Eva who snapped him out of his computer generated reality when she was nice to him, a bit of humor at the end of such a dark tale. We cut to Eli doing his recap of the session with Eva when his recording is cut short by a 'guardian angel' Tesla aka Hillary who locks the file with her priority override, Eli looks to the heavens as Have a Nice Day is displayed on his screen!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Wow, what a ride and I mentioned epic to describe this and I stand firmly behind that short word which says so much about this title. So much to take in but it was done very well with some great effects-- I have not seen computer screens like they had in this and that was very impressive. Eva in the main title role held her own against Eli in their marathon session, in her dialogue scenes with Hillary and action wise she did a real good anal scene with Evan Stone and Sandra to start this, the dp was good but so much else was going on that hopefully she can do that again where the focus is solely on her. Hillary Scott, enough can't be said about how good an actress she is and she has two strong sex scenes in this one. There are two whole discs of extra materials for this title. There's a feature on how this was brought from script to casting to bringing this title to the blue screen. Also there's a feature on the post production and the visual effects made for this movie, I'd urge you to watch them all as this title was so impressive you can learn how this all can to fruition and the fruit was dark but well worth the time to digest. On to the fourth disc which has a full sex scene with Katja Kassin doing anal. You can see how they put together the Teslabot fight sequence with Hillary and Eva duking it out. There are outtakes, you can actually see the screenplay, there are trailers and a teaser for Upload too that you can check out. I don't know what else to say but PLUG IN!!

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