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Up For Grabs (Mustang)

Up For Grabs (Mustang)

Studio: Falcon Studios
Category:  Gay
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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joeblow69's ratings for Up For Grabs (Mustang):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Up For Grabs (Mustang) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Up For Grabs (Mustang) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Up For Grabs (Mustang) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Up For Grabs (Mustang) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Up For Grabs (Mustang) Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Up For Grabs (Mustang) DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Up For Grabs (Mustang) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by joeblow69  on  9/6/2001
Director: Jeff Russel

Cast: Nicolas Clay, Colby Tayler, Jason Branch, Blake Harper, Mitchell Stevens, Rick Matthews, Doug Jefferies, Zak Tayler

Story: There isnít much of a story here, except for a paper-thin garage sale theme that ties the four scenes together.

Scene One
Scene one starts out with Mitchell Stevens taking a shower in his backyard. Mitchellís got a nicely toned body, and a cute little uncut cock. He doesnít have a lot of privacy in his back yard, as his neighbor, Jason Branch, gets a little peep show. Do I need to stress again how much I love Jason Branch? Even when he isnít at the top of his game, heís still a heck of a lot of fun to watch. Heís not as verbal and commanding in this scene as he usually is, but he sure seems to enjoy plugging away at Mitchellís tight hole.

Scene Two
Colby Tayler and Zak Tayler are playing a game of high stakes basketball, where the winner gets a piece of the loserís ass. My god, Zak has a huge cock! Colby gives that monster a good tongue lashing, but stops short of trying to deep throat it. (Come on, Colby, you can do it!!) I canít imagine having a dick that sized in my presence and not trying to shove the whole thing down my throat! Unfortunately, Zak lost the game, so he bottoms in this scene. Damn! Isnít the guy with the biggest dick supposed to top?? Oh wellÖ itís still pretty hot seeing Zak jerk on that mammoth cock of his while Colby plows into him. And if you can manage to keep from blowing your load long enough, they eventually flip flop, and we briefly get to see Zakís cock where it really belongs: lodged firmly up Colbyís ass. Itís kinda funnyÖ neither one of these guys is what I would call gorgeous, but this scene still ends up being incredibly erotic.

Scene Three
Doug Jeffries bought a t-shirt at the garage sale, and returned home to give it to his boyfriend, Blake Harper. Blake is looking as devastatingly handsome as usual, and even Doug is looking pretty good for an olí porn vet. Doug gives Blake a very slow, slobbering, sensual blowjob, and Blake returns the favor by sucking Doug down to the root! Yeah, baby! Thatís how we like it!! Itís always a pleasure watching Blake get fucked, and this scene is no exception. Thereís a heck of a whole lot of close-ups of the penetration hereÖ I almost feel like Iím on a first name basis with Blakeís sphincter!

Scene Four
So the whole reason I bought this DVD was to see studmeister Nicholas Clay (heís the hunk on the cover of the DVD). When he finally came on screen, I was a bit disappointed. Heís not as cute (or tan) as he is on the cover. He has one hell of a big, thick cock, though, so Iíll overlook any airbrushing that may have been going on. Nicholas, Colby and Rick Matthews (is he cute or what??) break into a threeway right in the middle of the garage sale. Rick is the designated bottom here, and both guys do the duty of filling his ass with dick. Itís a pretty good scene, but Nicolas doesnít appear to be particularly interested in whatís going on. Rick has some great facial expressions while getting boned, though.

Audio/Visual Quality
Iím beginning to notice a trend in Falcon/Mustang DVDsÖ the video quality isnít that great. To be honest, it isnít much better than VHS. To top it off, thereís a 1 second screen-scrolling error near the end of scene 4. It isnít a big deal, but still detracts from the overall presentation.

At first glance it looks like Falcon stiffed us again, and didnít include any extras at all. BUT, if you stick around until after the credits, youíll see lengthy previews for Manhungry and Throttled. It would have been nice if those were accessible through the menus. (I wonder if Falcon even knows they are there??)

Final Word
I guess they really are rightÖ you canít judge a book by its cover. I bought this for Nicholas Clay, and I ended up liking everything except him. The first three scenes are excellent, but the finale just doesnít quite have the spark the others had. Sure, some of the guys look rather cookie-cutter, and most have definitely been through the ďFalcon carwashĒ, but that doesnít bother me in the least. I donít care how shaved down these guys are, as long as theyíre steaming up my screen, Iíll keep watchin!

Running Time: 70 minutes (short but sweet!)

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