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Up and Cummers 98

Up and Cummers 98

Studio: New Machine
Category:  Amateur , Gonzo
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Speelie's ratings for Up and Cummers 98:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Up and Cummers 98 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Up and Cummers 98 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Up and Cummers 98 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Up and Cummers 98 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Up and Cummers 98 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Up and Cummers 98 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Up and Cummers 98 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Speelie  on  4/26/2002
Up and Cummers 98
Directed by Randy West
New Machine DVD
Released late 2001

Cast : Jenna Haze, Hannah Harper, Krystal Steal, Randy West

Gran’pa Randa keeps putting out new porn at a prodigious rate, and keeps appearing in front of the camera, no matter how much most people wish he would stick to directing. He does often feature additional male talent, since apparently some young women prefer not to perform onscreen with him, but whenever possible, he indulges his “randy” urges and gives in to his desire to fuck the often beautiful ladies in his movies. As an experienced, older man, albeit one with a large and ugly gut, he does develop a good rapport with some of his performers, such as Tera Patrick in 73 & 80, and Anne Marie in 99. But I at least would find it easier to enjoy the actresses if I didn’t have to mentally block Randy out of the scenes.

The women of course are what the Up and Cummers movies are all about. Each edition has three or four ladies who are new to porn, or making a first appearance on the West Coast. Randy always gives them a good natured interview, shows lots of body shots, and then places them in a low-stress, low-key sexual situation. The ones (like Mei-Yu) who enjoy an aggressive anal romp, are given one, but the action never gets more intense than the girl(s) wants. This can result in very good scenes if the girl (like the afore-mentioned Anne Marie) is willing to give a good performance, but can also lead to boredom with women who merely go through the motions. The biggest plus to Randy’s format is that viewers get a long, intimate (by porn standards) look at these actresses, allowing more “access” to the women than is provided in more frantic and extreme movies.

I first viewed Up and Cummers 98 on VHS because I am fond of Jenna Haze and Hannah Harper. Krystal Steal was new to me at the time, but I found her pretty. Weeks later, the DVD proved an immediate disappointment, as New Machine’s picture quality was inferior to that of the Evil Angel VHS version, coming through somewhat washed out and cloudy. The menus suck too, as they are hard to navigate and don’t work especially well.

Still, the movie opens with Jenna, and that is always a plus. She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but neither is Randy, so they quickly are on good terms. Jenna seems like a genuinely nice person (again, so does Randy), and she usually shows good enthusiasm in her scenes. I enjoyed her very much in Flesh Hunter, Whack Attack 12, and Anal Addicts 6, and if she’s a bit thin for my taste, I trust she’ll add some pounds with maturity.

Jenna seems to genuinely like Randy, eagerly sucking his cock, and even managing to deep throat it a bit without banging her forehead on his gut (which sticks out even when he desperately sucks it in, but give Randy some credit, he has a decent haircut for once). They 69 a bit, and she sits on his face to get her juices going. Now that she’s ready, the fuck for a while, and then Randy seizes up, and claims he just ejaculated. A small gob of white stuff trickles out of Jenna’s pussy. The camera cuts away, and returns to Randy rimming Jenna, before fucking her pussy in doggy. Finally, she sucks and stokes his cock for a good while, and Randy again claims to have cum, though the liquid in the vicintity of his cock seems to be mainly, or entirely, her drool.

Jenna always seems like kid, which to be honest, she still is. So is Hannah Harper, who shares Jenna age of 19, but is a lot more mature in her onscreen presence. She’s a pretty, slightly generic dyed-blonde with nice curves. Her bust is artificial, but fortunately was only enhanced to the point that it matches her hips. I was intrigued with Hannah ever since I first saw the cover to Service Animals 4, but I still haven’t caught up with that movie. I then adored her in a pre-boob job role in Ben Dover’s End Games (which also has a separate scene with fellow Brit Rebecca Lee, better known in the Colonies as Flick Shagwell). Hannah doesn’t look too good, IMHO, on her website, but she really smoulders when in a sexual situation, quietly appearing to be driven by the male attention to some far away dimension of pleasure.

Hannah frequently does anal, but as she dicusses with Randy (after lots of pleasant tease and posing, she DOES look good in this movie), she really prefers to save that for her private life. Randy begins by eating her, and then mounts her without the need for head himself. If Jenna was sexy and energetic, Hannah is sultry and passionate. She certainly seems to be enjoying herself all through it, and for me, the hottest moment comes towards the end, when she fingers herself in the pussy and ass. This is followed by a tad more intercourse, at the end of which, Randy pulls out and dribbles a few drops on her vulva.

Krystal Steal is somewhat like an American version of Hannah. She’s another pretty dyed-blonde with an enhanced (badly) chest, but here the comparison ends, for Krystal has none of Hannah’s class or charm. As Randy interviews the 18 year old, she says she doesn’t care about his age, since she’s been with a 56 year old guy (congratulations, I think). The tease and posing shows a nasty tattoo on her tailbone, but Krystal is attractive, and I can understand why Jules Jordan fucked her himself in Flesh Hunter. She switched from stipping to porn to make more money, in less hours, while having sex, which in theory should be fun. I think she was expecting to meet more “Jules” and less “Randies,” but she expresses willingness to get it on with Gran’pa West.

In Randy’s bedroom (the only set in this edition), Krystal bends over to let him lick her privates, an activity that is interrupted for a moment while she breaks wind. “Air raid!” Randy declares. Afterward, Randy is again randy without getting blown, so he fucks her doggy style. She then finally fellates him, before taking a ride on his pogo stick. Krystal’s lack of sexual experience is shown when she is utterly bewildered by Randy’s request that she suck her own toes. He snacks simultaneously on her other foot, and then has her stroke his cock with both her feet. This makes much more sense to her, and she gets into it. Krystal then takes another short ride, before sucking and stoking out a load that again seems more like spittle than cum.

The movie concludes with a short segment billed as Jenna’s first onscreen anal. This likely was the first to be filmed, even if it was far the first to be released. It has a “real world” quality, as she uses a vibrator on her clit most of the time, and seems to be truly feeling a mix of pleasure and pain. Randy states that it is now a week after their previous encounter, and Jenna looks to have kept busy during that time, as she has rug burn on her knees. Jenna’s claim to have practiced some anal in her private life is backed up when she requests that action begin in mish, which she finds easier for anal penetration. Even Randy’s small cock, combined with the vibrator, makes her emote a lot, and after she cums (or claims to, either way, it is fun to see and hear), the action continues in doggy. Randy ends it by depositing a genuine cumshot, albeit a small one, on her ass cheeks. Jenna is panting, and excitedly describes all the feelings and emotions she just went through.

Thus closes yet another example of why, despite my jokes at his expense, it is good to be Randy West. Your enjoyment of Up and Cummers 98 will depend on your tolerance for seeing Randy naked, and on whether you get turned off by the thought of a 52 year old humping 18 and 19 year old girls. If you can get past these things, and want to get a more in depth look at Jenna, Hannah, and Krystal, then you’ll probably like this movie. For further viewing, Jenna recently signed an exclusive deal with Jill Kelly Productions, while Hannah similarly became a contract girl for Legend, so check the new releases from those companies. Krystal, meanwhile, shot a couple of volumes (5 & 6) of Jonathan Morgan’s Sex Project in Hawaii. None of these, as far as I can tell, have Randy in them.

I already complained about the DVD mastering, but I can add that, on the positive side, it includes many chapter breaks, and an action menu of different sex acts. There is a short photo gallery, and six “previews” for other Randy West titles. Only three of the six actually show any footage, and what’s there is very brief and choppy, and not likely to increase his sales.

In sum, fans of Jenna Haze, Hannah Harper, and Krystal Steal, or anyone curious about them, should enjoy Up and Cummers 98 as a rental, and SFBs might want to purchase it if the price is right. Anyone else can safely skip it.

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