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Unfaithful 6 (Viv Thomas)

Unfaithful 6 (Viv Thomas)

Studio: Viv Thomas
Category:  All Girl
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bono-ONE's ratings for Unfaithful 6 (Viv Thomas):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Unfaithful 6 (Viv Thomas) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Unfaithful 6 (Viv Thomas) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Unfaithful 6 (Viv Thomas) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Unfaithful 6 (Viv Thomas) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Unfaithful 6 (Viv Thomas) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Unfaithful 6 (Viv Thomas) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Unfaithful 6 (Viv Thomas) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/5/2013
Hello porn fans. I have a recent Viv Thomas title that is culmination of a series that's been going on for a few years entitled Unfaithful which with this final volume hits #6. I checked out the first couple of the series but haven't seen the next few volumes so I have no idea on the story and how it's progressed from the first couple movies until now. I see that Lisa is still around but she has lost her love Nella. Two other Viv girls are in this one, Jo and Eve Angel- these two play a couple. The title of the movie kinda gives it away no, Unfaithful and there is a couple scenes in this one that tough on this aspect when Jo finds out that Eve's been with another girl prompting her to have a bar fling in the finale. Lisa appears in two scenes and while she's not attached to anyone after her first hook up the girl finds a picture of Nella on the bed turned over and is like I'm outta here. This pretty much covers the story of the movie so let me hit the more important elements for me and that's the sex.

Lisa & Cayenne:

The story opens with Lisa and her friend returning to Lisa's apartment after hooking up at the local bar. There is some fine kissing as they find their way to her bed. The only real problem I had with this scene and it was all the way through was the lighting. You had one bedside lamp and that was pretty much it. Not sure what sort of lighting they had behind the girls where they were shooting camera of the action. Having said that the girls do a good job with the sex portion as each does some boob kissing with Lisa's breasts the bigger pair. The oral was good as well. You can pretty much bank that girls in a Viv Thomas scene like to eat pussy. Besides the lack of lighting this was a solid opening scene.

Lisa & Angelina Wild:

The next scene also features Lisa who doesn't hit the bar for her next hook up. Instead she uses her cell phone to select a lady who shows up soon after. Angelina makes her way into the bed room and the lighting was much better as this was a day time scene and there was a good bit of natural light spilling into the room. Angelina is there to massage out the kinks on Lisa's body beginning with her tits and she is told to squeeze them harder by Lisa. There is some early kissing too so the happy ending is well on its way to being a reality. The camera works its way in close for some good closeups too but sadly not when Angelina moves down to lick between Lisa's ass. The view gets there eventually but I would have liked a longer look at the booty licking, another staple of a Viv Thomas scene. When Lisa flips over the shot from behind working in part of Miss Wild's ass hole was hot but alas fleeting. I did enjoy when Lisa asked Angelina to sit on her face at one point towards the end of the scene. A better scene than the first due mainly to the lighting.

Jo & Eve Angel:

This next scene probably features the two models I most associate with Viv Thomas, Jo & Eve Angel. I can't remember how many movies I've seen these two in and they've worked together endless times but always produce a fantastic scene. The two in this movie know Lisa and are concerned about her many escapades plus she drinks a lot. But the two also want to have their own alone time here and soon stop the talking as Eve strips down to her birthday suit for bed. This pleases Jo and we soon have these two lovelies engaging in another wonderful scene. There was a little darkness to this scene as well as there was one lone lamp behind Eve. The closer in shots were better in showing the action as they kiss and move on to the oral also using fingers. The open shot of Jo eating out Eve was probably my favorite, shows the great oral plus some nice shots of Miss Angel's tits.

Eve & Nesty:

The next scene is started quite ingeniously I thought on the heels of the previous one. Eve was hovering over Jo and then the next second she is moving off the top of the body underneath and we've had a switch to Nesty being in the bed. It looked fantastic how they did it. So Eve is the one cheating here and doesn't expect Jo to be home for hours-- yeah we know how this is gonna work out! Since the girls dont' speak English we get the good use of subtitles to convey their dialogue. The lighting seemed better in this scene too as we get more hot pussy eating from Eve who has such an all around hot body it was great to see her twice in this one. When Nesty gets behind Eve working her way down we get some ass licking from her but not nearly enough. The open shot in mish for the pussy licking from Nesty was fine too plus Eve moves up to sit on her face! Not to long after this as is when Jo walks in, she wasn't pleased!!

Jo & Cipriana:

This movie is winding down and now we've had the big couple of this volume not break up, at least not yet but Jo has walked out. In a last shot of Lisa we return to her place where she still pines away for Nella and is doing some serious drinking judging by all the empty wine bottles left around her place. The last shot of Lisa is of her seated on a couch, the wine glass empty and slipping from her hand onto the floor- is she dead we don't know and we don't find out. This leaves the viewer to form their own opinion. Back to Jo who has left Eve and gone to the bar we saw in the first scene. It was amusing to watch a guy walk up to Jo and try and pick her up, no success! But nearby we had Cipriana sitting with another girl and they both seemed to be checking Jo out but only Cipriana joins her at the bar. The two quickly hit it off and in no time they've left the bar counter and gone to a nearby hallway where they have a quick hitting lesbian encounter. The lighting was again a little than I would have liked. However, the frenzy the two have here in going about their fucking was a site to see. In little time Jo has her new friend naked and is on her knees licking Cipriana's pussy. The breaths are coming fast and furious from the two as the clothes are ripped off, the kissing is quick to the mouth as well as down from the breasts and eventually to the pussy where Cipriana soon makes her way to. A fitting way to end this show which has a happy ending when Jo goes back to the apartment she shares with Eve. The two clearly still have feelings for each other and things seem to be ok between them as the movie ends.

Final Thoughts:

This movie was a bit of a mixed bag for me. The biggest problem I had with this show was the lighting in a few of the scenes was just to dark for what I like to see in a sensual g/g scene. The actual scenes so far as the sex goes was solid throughout as Viv picks the best girls for his shows and the ladies here we no exception doing fine jobs with the oral in particular and in a few cases licking their co stars ass hole. The kissing was fine also. Everything would have looked better with some better lit scenes I think is the biggest technical take away I get from this show. The sex more than held up its end of the bargain. Nothing really so far as extras go but you do have some trailers to check out for other Viv Thomas shows and if you do enjoy sensual g/g with little to no toy usage then this studio is well worth your time to check out. As for this one if you're fan of the series and want to see how it ends then you'll be picking it up I'm sure but for the rest of you this one should probably be a rental first and then see if you like how the scenes were lit more than I did.

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