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Undercover Operations: Special Agent 69

Undercover Operations: Special Agent 69

Studio: Pleasure
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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cristabel's ratings for Undercover Operations: Special Agent 69:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Undercover Operations: Special Agent 69 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Undercover Operations: Special Agent 69 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Undercover Operations: Special Agent 69 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Undercover Operations: Special Agent 69 Sex rating 0 stars
Plot/Acting Undercover Operations: Special Agent 69 Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Undercover Operations: Special Agent 69 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Undercover Operations: Special Agent 69 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by cristabel  on  10/18/2004
Undercover Operations Special Agent 69

category: feature film, standard
director: Jim Gunn
studio: Pleasure Productions
Starring: Gina Lynn, Nikki Benz, Krystal Steal, Pantera, Travis Knight, Nick Taylor, J.D.Coxxx, Joe Maverick.
runtime: beautifully and passionately spended 87 minutes
date of production: does it matter? it's timeless like Shakespeare but there is nothing about it at school; 2003 if someone did not conjecture

Movie begins the most beautiful view I have seen in my 23 years old life - that is Gina Lynn on horizon. Principle I do not know I watching Gina's movies for her, or I watching movies with her just for movies. I'm joking, surely for her. But she has also very good movies on my taste. So maybe also for movies? Hmm. Forgive me this mess in my head and distraction, I just finished watching this movie.

scene 1: Nikki Benz and J. D. Coxxx
Gina call to Nikki Benz and invite her on tomorrow's event on yacht.
Nikki Benz and J.D. Coxxx are in bed, when Nikki (she is undercover policewoman) tell him, that there is action (it's about prostitution) on yacht during which she plays prostitute tomorrow. Man is jealous, so Nikki assures him about faithfulness in way that only women can assure. She make him good nicely, then he pay back for with the same, and then they have sex in three positions. The scene is made nicely, the sex is not maybe too unbridled but magnificently showed, good work of camera, but sometimes here and there too darkly. Pretty good fellatio and rider's position of miss Benz.

scene 2: Pantera and Joe Maverick
Gina Lynn tests new girl (Pantera) using Joe. Quite good sex, but the guy is not in too good shape (I'm really fat man and I look less good, so nobody will suspect me about intolerance, so I think I can tell like that). Our Kitty is opposition of the rest of the girls, she's red and she's more skinny, but very pretty

scene 3: Gina Lynn and Nikki Benz
Gina's Boss, Nick Taylor, wants to see Nikki in action, because she wants job. So Nikki start from doing lap dance on Gina.
Pretty, lesbian scene, girls are very passionate, but they caress too little, as usually to my taste. Gina has sexy lips, she kisses wonderfully, so why director did not prolong view of kissing of two beautiful blondes with big breasts, and sometimes he goes with camera I don't know where? Really, I do not understand Americans in this point. Gina has so much passion, oh God.

scene 4: Gina Lynn and Nick Taylor
Nick wants to stay with Gina alone, he say he has something important to talk about with her. They starts very long talking about Helen Fielding's new book and are Tom and Jerry gays. Haha, I'm joking, they didn't blow this movie in this way. Scene is perfect, it is just ordinary sex, but Gina as always gives 1000% from her. It's probably not possible from mathematical point of view, is it? But I don't care about mathematics right now. Or by the way I would like to thank all my teachers of mathematics, that we spended 12 years solving some nonsense, which from 95% wasn't necessary in my life. Coming back to Gina, she is very passionate and I do not know how much she act, but I would give back ten years of my life to be on Nick's place.

scene 5: Krystal Steal and Travis Knight
This is the worst scene in this movie. Krystal does unfortunately lousy blowjob to Travis, that I would make better.... oh hell, no, no, no, no, I remove this, pfu, pfu. Just lousy, OK? Forget about this.
Bad work of the camera which does not catching what it should, director already slept probably at the end of shooting. Despite all scene is not so bad, because Krystal is so pretty and after all, they are both great professionals.

- Gina Lynn
- Gina Lynn
- Gina Lynn
- I will spare this to you, because I would can write this name my entire life
- beautiful, sexy actresses, unless that someone does not like beautiful blondes with great breasts
- great, classic sex
- the best rider positions I have seen
- Gina Lynn?.... OK, I try to calm down already
- great climate

- too little of Gina Lynn
- movie is too short, hmm it should last....... I do not know, until the best porno become ugly to me, that is....maybe it should not finish at all
- too little caresses and kissing of girls
- sometimes poor lighting, especially during close ups
- no anal and other more advanced sex if someone wants it
- J.D. Coxxx and Joe Maverick should go to the gym or quit, because they ruins scenery with such beautiful girls. Sorry about that, it's just review.
- actually, you know what? don't care about minuses, there is Gina Lynn here, and this is an excellent film, so I do not know what are you doing here and why are you reading this, go to watch the movie!

Summing up, this movie is almost perfect for me, and there is no reason to concern about little mistakes. Actresses are gorgeous, especially my future wife, Gina Lynn (I hope she won't read this), unless as I told already, someone may does not love girls like that (is that possible?).
Music is only during three last scenes, it's not too interesting, rather little audible, and it does not disturb fortunately.
If someone likes more unbridled sex, he will not find this here, rather classic, simple, but great sex.

I'm sorry for English mistakes, I'm sorry England, USA and other countries with English language, that I hurts your language, but I'm just stupid, non educated, simple polish guy who is in love with Gina Lynn
I'm sorry also if I hurted someone opinion or it's sounds like affront to actors or director. It's just my opinion and just movie's review not people's review.
I will be grateful for hints and opinions

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