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Joe Shaver Under The Big Top (Sarava) 4.5 starsUnder The Big Top (Sarava) 4.5 starsUnder The Big Top (Sarava) 4.5 stars
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Under The Big Top (Sarava)

Under The Big Top (Sarava)

Studio: Sarava
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
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sydguy's ratings for Under The Big Top (Sarava):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Under The Big Top (Sarava) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Under The Big Top (Sarava) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Under The Big Top (Sarava) Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Under The Big Top (Sarava) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Under The Big Top (Sarava) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Under The Big Top (Sarava) DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Under The Big Top (Sarava) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by sydguy  on  11/17/2008
“Under The Big Top” is a Sarava production directed by Lucas Kazan in 2002. It shares the same strengths and weaknesses as the films made by Sarava’s more famous director, Kristen Bjorn, at this time. On the plus side are the cast – 10 of the most beautiful men working in porn - and the videography, with clear definition, good color and subtle lighting which brings out every muscle and sinew of the sculpted bodies on display. There are also three versatile actors and some multiple cum shots (a few of them no-hands). On the negative side, the scenes tend to go on too long, much of the fucking is mechanical and languid, and there isn’t much chemistry between the models, probably because many of them are gay-for-pay.

The action takes place in a circus tent, where the models work as clowns, acrobats or back-stage workers. The plot is inspired by Leoncavallo’s opera “Pagliacci” – opera music is used throughout the film, which tends to dampen, rather than enhance, the mood of the sex. The lead character is Nello (Slava Petrovich), who seems to inspire lust in all those around him.

The prologue is presumably an aria from the opera, sung competently, but not exactly well, by a non-sexual performer. When the action starts, we have a brief scene of Nello kissing his boyfriend Canio (Pietro Rosselli) on a beach. Then we cut to the tent, with both of them naked, and Pietro orally worshipping Slava’s dick and balls. For several minutes, he lovingly slides his tongue up and down Slava’s bouncy dick, and plays with his foreskin. His sucking isn’t quite as impressive, but it’s still a highly sensual performance. Pietro then rims and fingers Slava’s perky ass before we cut to a scene with Slava on his back and Pietro again licking his ass, dick and balls (something we’ve already seen at length). Finally, Pietro fucks Slava missionary. Although we see a lot of Slava’s gorgeous chest, we don’t see his dick at all until he squeezes out a nice load while being fucked. Pietro then sprays a decent load.

We cut abruptly to Slava fucking Pietro doggy style. Pietro is flaccid throughout, and so was I. Slava cums on Pietro’s ass, then briefly licks and jerks Pietro’s (suddenly erect) dick to a messy climax. What bothered me about this scene was Slava’s almost complete lack of involvement. In the first part of the scene, Pietro does all the work (and does it well), but Slava is like a blank canvas. Neither guy seems to enjoy getting fucked, and Slava clearly didn’t want to suck Pietro. He was a better performer in other films for Kristen Bjorn, in particular “Dreamers”.

Nello is back in scene 3, when Tonio (Ivan Andros) professes his love for him and is spurned. But that’s not because Nello is being faithful to Canio. Quite the contrary, it seems he has been cheating all along with Silvio (Max Orloff, better known in other films as Jan Dvorak or Pavel Novotny), who arrives for some pre-show sex. After some romantic kissing and touching, Nello gives him head. Slava’s sucking is rather mechanical and goes on too long, but ends with him jerking Max briefly to produce a fountain of cum. Max then sucks Slava, and does a much better job of it, until Slava cums. Meanwhile, Ivan watches the action from the shadows and plays with his thick prick.

Max then fucks Slava doggy, and proves to be a good top, with elegant hip movements and varied tempos. Unfortunately, when filmed from below, we see that Slava is completely flaccid. Max produces a handless cum shot while rubbing his dick across Slava’s ass, and Slava jerks himself to climax. In the background, the jealous Tonio shoots a big load, then leaves to tell Canio what he has seen. The scene ends with Slava briefly, and tentatively, sucking Max before fucking him missionary. Slava plugs away with grim determination, while Max plays with his own hard dick. Slava pulls out, then each man produces his third cum shot of the scene.

The rest of the film has no relationship to the plot. In scene 4, Ivan plays with three other backstage workers: fellow bottom Antton (Harri) and tops Cesar Moreno and Tiziano Cortese. The first pairings are Ivan with Cesar and Antton with Tiziano, the bottoms each alternately sucking, and being face-fucked by, their partner. Veteran performer Ivan gives us the best sucking of the film, easily deep throating Cesar’s mammoth meat. He buries his nose so hard in Cesar’s shaved pubes, you wonder if he’s going to bruise it. Antton is also very good, though no match for Ivan. Ivan gives us an impressive no-hands cum shot, while Cesar and Tiziano squeeze out good loads themselves.

The fucking begins with a change of partner: Cesar fucks Antton doggy, while Ivan lies under him and is fucked missionary by Tiziano. Except for some brief nipple licking at the beginning, there is no interaction between Ivan and Antton, which is a real shame. Antton has a half-smile and seems to enjoy it, but we can’t see Ivan’s face or dick at all. Then there’s an abrupt change of partners and we find Antton riding Cesar cowboy, while Tiziano fucks Ivan standing doggy. It’s great seeing Antton’s milky-white ass cheeks ripple as they bounce up and down – worth watching in slow motion. Ivan’s big dick is hard throughout, and he produces another handless cum shot after Tiziano has finished with him. In contrast, we don’t get to see Antton’s pretty pecker at any point in the scene, until he produces his single cum shot at the end.

The scene is about 30 minutes long, but there is no kissing, the tops don’t suck, and there’s not much real chemistry in the pairings. Despite the big efforts of the two bottoms, it’s hard to avoid feeling that it’s really a case of two gay guys servicing two straight ones. The look that Antton gives Ivan at the end suggests putting those two together could have been an explosive combination, but we don’t get to see it.

Scene 2 is the best one. Acrobats Max Veneziano and Antonio Armani practice under the watchful eye of their coach, Vilem Cage, each wearing only gymnasts’ tights. As Vilem corrects their poses, his hands naturally stray to their groins and asses and soon all three have erections straining to be released from their clothing. After 5 minutes of this highly erotic foreplay, Antonio chows down on the others’ magnificent members, energetically alternating between them. This morphs into a sucking tree, with Vilem sucking Max as Max sucks Antonio’s smallish dick. Vilem jerks out a huge load, and then helps Max to a shuddering orgasm. After that, we have a few minutes of rimming, with Vilem lightly tonguing Max’s winking hole, while Max hesitantly rims Antonio.

The fucking starts with Antonio being fucked by Vilem and face-fucked by Max. Antonio’s dick stays hard throughout, and even twitches with each pounding his ass receives. Antonio is then twirled around in a suspended hoop to be vigorously fucked by Max while he sucks Vilem. One more rotation, and Antonio is again fucked by Vilem while Max abuses his mouth with his huge piece. Vilem gushes out an incredible stream of cum while Max sprays out a smaller load.

After some brief kissing, Antonio rides Max reverse cowboy: as Max buries most of his dick in Antonio’s well-worn ass, Vilem buries most of Antonio’s dick in his mouth – hot! Vilem strokes Max to yet another climax, then sucks Antonio until he finally delivers his only cum shot to end the 34-minute scene.

Overall, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more attractive cast or higher production values. The film is certainly a cut above the standard fare of most other studios, but is let down by a lack of energy and chemistry in some parts, especially in the performance of its lead character. Still, it’s well worth a look. There are 16 chapters but the only extra is a gallery of about 20 posed photos.

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