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astroknight Under Pimp Arrest 3.5 starsUnder Pimp Arrest 3.5 starsUnder Pimp Arrest 3.5 stars
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Under Pimp Arrest

Under Pimp Arrest

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Black
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Under Pimp Arrest:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Under Pimp Arrest overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Under Pimp Arrest Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Under Pimp Arrest Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Under Pimp Arrest Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Under Pimp Arrest Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Under Pimp Arrest DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Under Pimp Arrest A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  7/29/2005
Prologue Smash has come up with an interesting concept. They have a pimp introducing scenarios and imparting his philosophy between scenes. The sex is performed by known pornstars with the exception of one scene. This guy, Mr. Johnson might be a real pimp, and one of the women, Amenha Blu could very possibly be a ho. She certainly doesn't look like she's made for the big screen. Better known names like Lori Alexia, Angel Eyes, Sydnee Capri, Beauty and Stacey Cash will go on the stroll for this maggot.
Mr. Johnson starts off the video with his pimp speak. A jumble of low brow rhymes and alliterations punctuated by a litany of "You know what I'm saying?" He's driving a bemused Lori Alexia to her John in his tricked out black Mercedes. This guy loves to hear himself talk. Lori's looking smoking in a turquoise dress that shows some nice cleavage, offset with a matching necklace. She's too classy to be on the stroll. Mr. Johnson gives her a pep talk before dropping Lori at an intersection to attract business like a common "Track Ho". She can't even keep a straight face as she gets out of the car. Lori hits the street and waves at one car, and it stops. Taylor, the driver wants her to get in so they can park and have some fun. So low class. Lori wants to talk money first. She wants a thousand dollars and he agrees. Lori points him to a motel up the block. They complete the money transaction in the room and Lori lays back to let Taylor at her charms. He bares her tits for a quick feel and a taste before going south and pushing her panties aside for some tasty looking pussy. Lori gets naked and goes down on Taylor's rapidly growing cock. She hangs her head over the edge of the bed and Taylor dips into her. He turns it into a 69 because her snatch looks too good to be left alone. She's lubricated and he sinks into her in mish. P2M leading to CG. Lori's firm ass looks so good in this position and her pussy is creaming from the stroking. More P2M and they move to doggy. The camera knows what Lori's greatest asset is and we're going to get a load of it. Lori sucks the dick clean and Taylor plays with her ass before fucking her in spoon. He has her take off her heels and spread her mouth with the heels. Taylor pulls out and cums in Lori's stretched out maw. Lori plays with the thick goo and swallows whatever didn't leak out the side of her mouth. She picks up her money and leaves.
Mr. Johnson is driving around with Amenha Blu, who's wearing a cheap fur coat. They're complaining that it's slow when her cell goes off and she gets a call from a regular. He wants to bring a friend and dollar signs are lighting in their eyes. Amenha gets dropped at the hotel and a nervous Lee Bang is talking with Roy, who set the whole thing up. He lets her in, makes the introductions, gives her the money and she pulls his pants down to get the party started. Lee puts his fat, twisted cock in her face and skank ho Amenha is a happy tramp. She lays back on the bed with her head hanging and Lee skull fucks her. Roy gets a few seconds too, but Lee is intent on dredging out her throat. Amenha's face gets covered with slobber like a good little throat gagger. Her face a mess, Lee spears Amenha in mish. Roy sinks into her throat to keep her busy at both ends. Thankfully she's keeping enough clothing on so we can't see how busted her body is. Roy pulls out a long dildo that looks like a screw and replaces his cock with it. I don't get the thrill of sucking plastic. He puts it into her pussy along with Lee's cock, then jams it back down her throat. Lee moves his cock into her ass and Amenha's hot for the sodomy. She does A2M and Roy won't leave her alone with that dildo. She jumps on Lee in RCA and it looked like Roy was about to lick her when he realized what he'd be doing. He gives her the technical DP with the dildo and Amenha's doing a happy ass dance on the cock. A2M and Roy puts the dildo up her chute, then she climbs onto Lee in CG for another technical DP. Amenha's getting off on being such a nasty whore and she's throwing her hips into the fucking. She also takes multiple tastes of the dildo. Getting to her knees she chicken heads Lee, pries her mouth wide open and takes his ball blast on her tongue. Amenha gargles and Roy digs out the cum with the dildo to paint her face with it. Her face is left a mask of cum and slobber, then she spits it all onto the window and licks it up.
Angel Eyes is being transported to her scene and Mr. Johnson gives her a garage door opener to let herself in. Angel is very pretty and she's got a whole lotta body. She walks in on Bishop, who's doing some Buddhist chanting. Angel stands over him and he rubs her legs. He's also in sniffing range and reacts strongly to her scent. I know where the brotha's comin' from. Angel drops down onto the prayer blanket and Bishop attacks her pussy like it's his last meal. His dick is pitching a tent in his pants and Angel pulls them down to relieve the pressure. She deep throats him and Bishop has communed with the holy spirits. Angel gets a cushion under her shoulders and Bishop skull fucks her. She uses her slobber to lube up and Bishop mounts in mish. Angel's pussy gets very wet and creamy, so when she asks for a taste I figure she's getting a good one. She rides in CG and the ass eye view is lovely. It's also very nice when she puts that big ass into motion. More P2M with Angel taking Bishop down to the nut sack. They get back to CG where Angel puts it on him again. She spins on his cock for RC for another nice ride. More P2M and the move to doggy. Watching those cheeks quake is mesmerizing. They trade off doing the fucking and Angel is really putting it on him. Bishop pulls out and forces a long hot stream into Angel's mouth. She gargles and puts out his candles with the cum. Aside from the weirdness surrounding Bishop, this was a really good scene.
Beauty gets delivered to a well appointed home to do a scene with a couple. LT shows her in and introduces Beauty to his wife, Sydnee Capri, who's seated on a couch by the fireplace. They take the time to inspect the goods and the couple are affecting English accents. Sydnee sounds rather good at it, by Jove. The girls get friendly while LT watches. Well, he said he was going to watch but he can't keep his hands off of Beauty's ass. She bares Sydnee's hot chocolate nips and dines at the "Y", getting a wonderful rise out of Syd. She leaves the whore alone with her husband and Beauty gives LT a noisy bj. Sydnee comes back sporting a black strap-on and has Beauty suck them both. Sydnee decides to kneel and give bj lessons. The girls team up on LT, then Beauty leans her head back on the couch to suck them both again. LT mounts Beauty in doggy while Sydnee feeds her plastic cock.He goes deep and she soaks his cock. P2M and she's back on the rotisserie again. LT wants to fuck his wife, so Sydnee takes off the strap-on and points her ass at him for her own doggy reaming. Beauty does some pussy fingering to help and chips in with P2OGM. Sydnee cleans his cock some more before a CG mount. She's also generous with her love juice as she creams on his long dick. When Sydnee does P2M she's getting a serious taste of her pleasure. She leaves some for Beauty to lick off and goes back to CG. Beauty jills off to this demonstration of marital bliss. Sydnee lays back on the couch for some mish loving and Beauty sits on her face. LT stuffs his cock in Beauty's face, then a cut to the girls side by side as he finishes fucking Sydnee in mish and pulls out to share his seed. They literally fight over his cock as the semen spews and Beauty gets most of it. She rubs it all back onto his dick and Sydnee's face and they have some post pop play. Sydnee informs Beauty that her job is done and she can leave.
Mr. Johnson gets a call from his pimp cousin, Mr. Vic, who has a problem ho he wants to pass on. He's agreeable and the ho turns out to be the foxy Stacey Cash. In a neat bit of pimping, Mr. Johnson talks a frustrated Sylvio Mato into spending some time with Ms. Cash. Stacey's looking fine in a blue dress with a neckline that plunges down to her waist and barely contains her lovely small breasts. Sylvio gets in the back with her and they agree to terms. They leave the car for a more comfortable place that I suppose is Sylvio's crib. Stacey sits on the couch with her dress hiked up and Sylvio splits her like a chicken, dining on the little snatch. He must have paid for the GFE. He sucks her clit and she arches her back in pleasure. Stacey trades places with him and goes after his thick cock. She hangs her head off the couch and gets a gentle skull fuck. She's not up for much more than that as she chokes easily. Stacey lays back on the armrest of the couch and gets her pussy filled in mish. Sylvio fucks her till her legs are twitching and shaking, then he fucks her some more. Stacey whimpers and squeals and cums. She does P2M and looks good squatting and giving the oral love. Sylvio pulls her on top of him for a CG ride. She gets her hot little ass in motion and leaves a trail of cum, then turns for RC. That leaves her more unsteady than a new born foal. Cut to a hard mish with Stacey repeating her tremors. Her dress is still covering her breasts but it looks like the nipples are going to rip through the fabric. They move to doggy and Stacey's ass looks sweet. In fact, they tried to tap that ass in the BTS, but he was too thick and aborted. Here, he pulls her back and forth on his cock with her bunched up dress. Sylvio turns Stacey back to mish, putting her in a small package and getting extra deep. He warns her he's going to cum and drops his load in her unprotected womb. Stacey plays with her pussy and tastes the cream, then gets paid.
Epilogue There are a lot of good things in this video. The women are pretty hot and there are a couple of really good scenes. Angel Eyes and Stacey Cash got good seeing to's in their pairings. Lori Alexia has yet to deliver the sex I think she's capable of. She'll be getting a taste of RLD's version of jungle fever soon, so my wait may be over. Amenha Blu surprised me with her nastiness and might have had the scene of the disk if one of her playmates wasn't a limp dick. Sydnee Capri and Beauty had an opportunity for a very rousing threesome. The strap-on was misused. No penetration. And Beauty was underused. It was like she was hired to watch a married couple fuck. Beauty should have had her tongue everywhere and her holes invaded by both employers. I did enjoy the fact that both ladies apparently got off in their scene. As far as Mr. Johnson goes, I had to fight the urge to put a baseball bat through the screen while he was alliterating. Louisville Slugger dental work is definitely in order.
The Disk There's a CD of raps from the feature. A BTS, photo gallery, interviews, introduction to the pimps and a trip to a comedy club to watch a stand up delivered by someone so high on heroin that it's a wonder he didn't just nod off in the middle of his act. Not the least bit funny either, but the pimps and their ho's were tickled pink.
Recommendation Despite some obvious flaws and even though I'm not giving this a high star rating, I think this is worth a rental.

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