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Uncle Buck

Uncle Buck

Studio: Antigua Pictures
Category:  All Sex
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picman's ratings for Uncle Buck:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Uncle Buck overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Uncle Buck Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Uncle Buck Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Uncle Buck Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Uncle Buck Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Uncle Buck DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Uncle Buck A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  7/17/2005
Prologue Last month there was a thread in Star Crossed about Buck Adams, questioning whether he still performs. Kami Andrews chimed in with this little tidbit: "well I walked on set booked for a bga and i see an older well kept gentleman. I'm like ha! cake walk. next thing I know he's turning me out like a Canadian (read Brandon iron EE) I was shocked! when he got sick of fisting me and fucking me he started shoving big toys in me, then I look up and there are like 30 people clapping. the whole thing was surreal"
Needless to say, I had to track down that video. I determined through impeccable detective work (and the ADT search features) that Kami had appeared in one video with Buck. Having the choices narrowed down like that made it an easy pick. And now to inspect the fruits of my labors. It appears that Buck had a fine old time with some premium North Hollywood flesh. In addition to Kami are Vanessa Lane and Haley Paige. Candy Apple rounds out the cast and she looks pretty cute, too. Watching the BTS before viewing the feature, I noticed Lola getting a good seeing to by Joey Ray, and Tyra Banxxx hanging around the set with her. Now I have to figure out what they were into for Antigua.
Vanessa Lane is hanging out on a couch, dressed in lingerie, but covered up with a blanket as she awaits the appearance of Uncle Buck. She came to play and hopes he finds her worthy. Vanessa shows off her wares and she looks good enough to eat. Buck shows up and he's looking extremely old. He's got that senior citizen paunch and the general look of someone who took too many punches to the head in his boxing career. He looks over Vanessa and does what any red blooded man would do. He starts nuzzling and fondling this fine woman. Her tits pop out of their confines and his hands go down her panties. Buck sticks his face in Vanessa's ass, pulls down her panties and proceeds to eat at the "Y". He pulls his sweatpants down and his dick pops out, straight and hard. Vanessa is impressed and she takes him to the balls in one swallow. Now, I'm impressed. She gives him the kind of bj he never got in the 80's, probably rivalling even his sister's. Vanessa keeps taking him deep and getting it wet enough to be nasty. They 69 and Buck fingers her bung. Cut to a mish penetration. Another cut and Buck is checking out her ass again before penetrating the vag in doggy. He even does an up and over. I think I hear the oxygen tanks coming into the room. Buck gets into that ass he's been playing with and goes balls deep. Quick cut to mish anal, also in an up and over. Vanessa spreads wide for the more conventional mish position, then they go to spoon. They roll into RCA where Vanessa works his load up and gets to his cock to reap the reward. The sexy bitch licks the mess off of his cock and gives him a peck on the lips to end the scene.
Candy Apple is a strawberry blonde, wearing an orange sunburst bikini. She's a cute beach bunny type. The director checks her ass for rebound (none) and has Candy show a tit so he can fondle it. She pulls her bottoms aside for a peak at her goodies, then walks onto Buck's set. He's introduced to Candy, and the director suggest that Buck try her out in an audition for work down the line. Buck shows her a double dong that's at least four feet in length and probably another foot in circumference and Candy seems to be alright with it. He strokes her smooth young flesh and pulls down her bra to suck some tit. His tongue takes the journey down south and Candy's bottoms are removed for the carpet munching. Actually, there is no carpet. Buck sticks four fingers into the wet hole and works her clit. Cut to Candy sucking Buck's hard cock. He has her try to deep throat him and she gets some nice depth, but not all the way. They work at it until Candy almost pukes, then give it a rest. Cut to a side entry. He goes into a full on mish and pounds Candy. Cut to CG with Candy ultimately riding hard and talking shit. That gets Buck's dander up and he folds her up and pounds the newbie in mish. He relives the old days when he was a badass and shags Candy hard, pulling out and streaming a nice load across her face.
Kami Andrews is wearing a one piece, white fishnet outfit and playing with a black double dong that's almost as big as the one described, but not used, in the previous scene. The difference is that Kami's using this one. She sinks the head into her pretty pussy and a lot of shaft follows. She works a Jack Napier length into her fuckhole and lubes up her ass. Kami dispenses with the dildo and concentrates on fingering her ass. After she's worked four fingers in she tries to replace them with the dong. Buck comes in and commandeers the toy. He gently fucks her with it and takes a lap at Kami's already tasty pussy. Kami looks like she's getting off from this anal stimulation and Buck starts fingering her pussy with the toy jammed up her ass. He gets her off and the toy shoots out of her butt. That gets Buck fingering Kami like mad and has her reaching for cock. He goes back to the toy play and shoves the fake dick back into Kami's pussy. Buck works the lube into her ass and fingers it, making Kami squirm. Buck undresses and Kami hangs her head off the edge of the bed. Buck jams his cock down her throat and when he isn't, she's bringing her head up to engulf his hardening rod. It's not the super speed throat reaming she'd get from the younger studs, but Buck is really burying himself into her gullet and she's getting off on it. They move into a more conventional bj position but Kami continues to deep throat him continuously. Buck slams Kami onto her back and jams his cock into her pussy in mish. He folds her up and dicks Kami deep. This isn't some "Golden Age" creampuff he's fucking. Kami'll take that and raise him. Buck works her clit with his cock buried to the hilt and Kami has a nice orgasm. They cut to Buck playing with her brown eye. He sodomizes her in mish, again making sure to get good and deep. Cut to more toy play. Only this time they bring out the monster from scene 2. This thing is like reverse childbirth and Kami puts a stop to it early. He fucks her ass in a side entry. Cut to Buck stroking another nice load onto Kami's tongue. She shows and swallows, shoving the stragglers from her cheek into her mouth.
This scene starts with Buck fondling Haley Paige through her one piece, yellow bathing suit. She looks like she's dressed for Baywatch. The top comes down to give him access to her incredible breasts. The camera pans out and they're in an office, against a desk. He kneels, pulls the suit off completely, and goes down on Haley. Not that I blame him, but Buck has really been getting off on eating all this young pussy. Freshness counts. He finds her sphincter and adds that to his play. Cut to Buck face fucking a kneeling Haley. A short pass at titty fucking and a nice slobbering bj. Haley lays back on the desk and Buck fucks her in mish. Cut to standing doggy. They like this position and hold it for awhile. cut to mish anal on the desk. After he gets himself good and worked up, Buck hops up on the desk to fuck her in an up and over. Cut to Buck cumming all over Haley's mouth and giving her a little kiss on her forehead to end the video.


Kelli Jensen sitting on a loveseat sucking on a big black cock. A little face fucking. Not too deep, but enough to induce a few tears. She's a pretty girl with blonde and brown hair with just a touch of skank about her for the sexually available look that I find endearing. Kelly does a pretty thorough job and isn't in any rush to finish. The cumshot comes out of a cut for some reason and seems rushed compared to the head that led up to it. Kelly is pretty greedy about the cum and makes sure she gets it all. Post pop play and a nice smile.
Epilogue Not long into this video I started feeling I was watching a porn version of a retard joke. Buck Adams had his day in front of the lights and he's an almost legendary figure. He has not aged well considering that a couple of his contemporaries are still working regularly and look far younger. He's still functional, probably in part by the miracle of modern science, but not spry. I'll bet there were some hilarious phone calls to agents when the scenes were completed. The girls all put out and did their jobs but there were some strange looks during the scenes. The only one who truly rose above all this was Kami. I'm not just saying that because she's an ADT regular and I like her. She posted no barriers to her possible enjoyment and I'm fairly sure that at least one of the orgasms I counted was bonafide. Anyway, the producers had their joke. Buck made some money and the girls got their rates (I hope). It wasn't awful and I'm feeling better about my own physical conditioning. The women looked great.
The Disk A photo gallery, BTS and the bonus scene. Kami is getting her outfit together while Buck is lurking in the background and Lola can be heard getting rogered in the next room. I'm not sure she's even aware that that's who she's fucking for her scene. Kami puts on a little show as she prepares her holes with some fingering.
Recommendation Kami fans will like her scene. I can't think of any other reason to get this.

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