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Un-Natural Sex 3

Un-Natural Sex 3

Studio: Diabolic
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Un-Natural Sex 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Un-Natural Sex 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Un-Natural Sex 3 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Un-Natural Sex 3 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Un-Natural Sex 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Un-Natural Sex 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Un-Natural Sex 3 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Un-Natural Sex 3 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  8/28/2001
Un-Natural Sex #3
Captured by Jon Dough
Starring: Diamond, Kami, Suzanne Storm, Wanda Curtis, Madison, and Scotti Andrews (with Erik Everhard, Mr Marcus, Mickey G, Mark Davis, Bobby Vitale)

My main reason for watching this movie was the presence of a young lady from Scotland credited here by the name of Scotti Andrews. She is also known as Claire Kiernan. It was intriguing to me that a young lass, virtually from my neck of the woods, should end up making some porn with the USA's anal experts Anabolic/Diabolic, more so when I read that this game youngster consented to a double anal in this movie (she has also done several other tapes for Anabolic and Diabolic). However, Scotti's scene is last, so we'll get there soon enough.

First is Diamond (AKA Diamond Forever), a cute, curvy Canadian who takes on two cocks (as the action goes on these are revealed to belong to Mickey G and Erik Everhard). She sucks their dicks and they pull down her little dress, such as it is, to reveal soft, sizeable tits. She has a couple of piercings and a tattoo but not sufficient to be distracting.

She seems to like sucking cock more than she likes a dick in the ass - because in this movie they go straight for the a-hole, and once in there they make her pull some real "concerned" expressions. The guys alternate fucking her butt and then getting their dick sucked, ass-to-mouth of course. Missionary and doggy anal ensue, done slowly as if to emphasise the agony and the ecstasy (judging by her facial reaction, more of the former), before switching to reverse cowgirl. In this position she gets an awkward DP, and they give it up after a while, returning to the act in a more sensible cowgirl position. In between we see a dick being dipped in Diamond's mouth, her head upside down in the frame in quite a surreal shot. She also rims the guy's ass.

The come shots arrive rather abruptly - what is that in the FAQ on Anabolic's site about no jump cuts? - and Diamond receives two wads in her mouth, all swallowed save one streak across her pretty face. Not a bad scene at all, but it could have been better if it had a little more build up, and more connection between the performers.

Kami, who says she's 22, is the slim young thing who comes next. At first I didn't find Kami too attractive, but I warmed to her as it went on, she looked like she could be good fun. She's paired with Erik, and she immediately announces that she loves to suck dick. This she does for quite some time. Then Erik gives her some doggy style anal, dismounting every little while to give her a taste of his dick, straight from her butt. They then use a fairly deep spoons position where she uses a little pocket rocket vibe on her pussy while he plunders her ring. She sinks down on his cock in reverse cowgirl, and starts to look like she might be enjoying it. Missionary anal follows, with more ass-to-mouth, and he goes from ass to pussy too until it's time for him to pop in her mouth. One load, which she swallows, is followed by another little wad and she waves good-bye. This was enjoyable enough, but if I am being totally honest I felt there was little heat here, they hardly say anything to each other and there's a sense of going through the motions about it.

Moving swiftly along, Suzanne presents herself for our attention. She's a brunette with perky tits and pretty brown eyes and she has a line in stating the obvious: "I love sucking dick!" "He's fucking my ass!" "They're doing a DP," she squeals.

She has Erik and Mr Marcus in attendance. Plenty of slobbery cock sucking starts things going. A lot of cock sucking, in fact. Eventually, Erik and Marcus fuck her in the ass in turn, with ass-to-mouth of course. Suzanne can clearly take the anal a little bit harder than some of the others, as Erik starts off with a sturdy pace that they maintain. Things really get meaty when they give her some hefty DP in a couple of positions. She also rims Marcus in between having his dick dipped in her mouth. Finally, both guys pop in her mouth and she swallows the lot.

I guess there's less to say about this scene, maybe cause it all went smoothly and though she does get them to stop a couple of times, she did seem to enjoy it.

That can't be said of Madison. She starts off telling us she is only 20 years old, and I got kind of excited seeing her body all spread out there ready for action. However, she puts very little effort into her performance, dishing out perfunctory blowjobs and letting the guys do the work. Mr Marcus goes in her ass, and almost immediately she's holding his leg to stop him. He takes it easy on her in the missionary position. Bobby Vitale then has his turn and she does a grudging ass to mouth on Marcus. It's ironic, because her very discomfort with her tight ass is the source of pleasure for the guys. Shame.

She goes on top, showing a nice pair pf tits, but I don't find her facial looks too appealing. She doesn't do a DP, and after a little doggy anal from Bobby, and a little rimming and dick dipping for Marcus, she takes an oral shot from one. Marcus fucks her pussy some and then shoots over her lower body. I guess her difficulty makes it more compelling viewing than it otherwise would have been. A lukewarm lady in a lukewarm scene.

Wanda Curtis, a leggy brunette with a great ass and nice tits, is the kind of girl who likes to prove how hot she is with a feisty sexual attitude, acting up to the camera as much as she can. She spanks her own clit and ass during the action.

Teamed up with Erik and Valentino, she supplies them with plenty of nasty girl spit-soaked oral action and they alternate, fucking her ass in missionary and then doggy, letting her suck ass- fresh dick with startling voracity. Wanda seems more capable of accepting some harder anal, and she gets a DP and some more anal, especially well done in a cowgirl position that highlights her sexy bottom.

Valentino gets his ass rimmed and dips his dick in her mouth in that position again with the girl's head hanging off the end of the bench. Then it's time for them to pop and Erik shoots in her mouth. She swallows, and Valentino shoots on her face and in her mouth. All gone! Nice one, a slickly paced scene with more energy and a much more capable girl.

Finally, we get to the really good stuff. Buxom, big breasted Scots lass Scotti takes on Mark Davis and Erik in a scene that is just great fun. Although again it lacks any build up, there's a good energy going on here and the guys seem pretty happy to be with her.

It starts with Scotti on a couch between the guys, demonstrating her oral expertise and judging from their reaction it's good. She drops to her knees to continue sucking; showing her big boobs wobbling gently. Back on the couch, Mark goes down on her hairy pussy (most girls in this movie are in racing stripe territory) and then fingers her vigorously till she shudders and squeals and her upper body flushes red...looks like a real one! She says she doesn't know what happened, so they do it again. Excellent.

The guys then take turns fucking her ass and offering her some ass-fresh cock to suck. She seems tight at first but after some slowly built up fucking, her butt is open. Scotti goes on top and shows good energy, not to mention some sexy looks to camera, as she bounces on the cocks, sending her boobs into constant motion. They move to the floor for a DP. Mark is on the bottom in her pussy and soon finds he is struggling to avoid coming. He holds on, and thus they are able to move to the piece de resistance, a double anal.

"Two dicks in ma arse?" she says quizzically (and to non-Scots who have observed this: yes, her accent is quite broad). She receives the two cocks slowly moving into her butt hole in an exquisite double anal in the reverse cowgirl position. They break after a while and continue the act with her in cowgirl.

She rims one of the guys' arses, and sucks him too, before Mark finishes off by banging her ass hard in missionary till he leaps around and into her mouth pops a large wad, which she successfully swallows while giggling at the funny noises he makes when coming. Then Erik supplies her with another load to swallow before she gently waves us goodbye. It's superb stuff - a young girl seemingly experimenting with some new (or perhaps not so new) acts on camera for your pleasure.

My initial reaction was that there was some good shooting, some really nice big screen-filling close-ups of cock sucking, and anal, but there's something mechanical about it, less imaginative and lacking in passion heat, energy or whatever - essentially it was a very basic fuck film. All the scenes follow the same formula, though that's not a criticism unique to this movie.

From Diabolic and Anabolic's other lines that I am familiar with, I think for really raw anal action, Assman or Debauchery are better, and Down the Hatch is better for fun sex, where the girls can show a little personality too. However, the scenes with Wanda and Scotti made me look on it a good deal more favourably, and I must confess I have a soft spot for Diamond too. So as long as you bear in mind what you are going to get, just no-frills anal-oriented sex, then I don't think you will be too disappointed.

Random observations: I forgot to mention that every scene in this production starts with the weakest gimmick of having the girl do a ventriloquist's act with their ass to announce herself...oh please stop it. And why did they locate most scenes on a piece of furniture that seems to be the size of an ironing board? And as you might expect, the music is so poor as to be virtually pointless. But then you don't watch this stuff for the music...

DVD Comments
This disc has a modest menu, and an even more modest selection of options. Basically, you can play the movie or use the chapter menus to recap favourite scenes or watch the cumshots again. There is a slideshow of still images, and a selection of trailers on the flip side. However, this might be a good addition if you haven't seen any Diabolic titles, but if you have seen one then you'll already be familiar with these clips. That said, picture quality on the main feature is very respectable indeed.

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