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Ultimate Sex Tease

Ultimate Sex Tease

Studio: Rosebud
Category:  All Sex
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celluloidferox's ratings for Ultimate Sex Tease:
Overall Rating 1 star
Ultimate Sex Tease overall rating 1 star
Female Looks Ultimate Sex Tease Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Ultimate Sex Tease Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Ultimate Sex Tease Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Ultimate Sex Tease Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras Ultimate Sex Tease DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ultimate Sex Tease A/V Quality rating 1/2 star
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Reviewed by celluloidferox  on  7/17/2010
Ultimate Sex TEASE
Director: Jules Jordan
Studio: Rosebud

First Impression:

Being an Avid Jules Jordan fan, I have seen many of his movies, Including the entire “Ass Worship” series, “Take No Prisoners”, “Weapons of Ass Destruction”, “Space Invaderz”, and “East Coast Assault”, just to name a few. From what I know about him, Jules started making porn in Philadelphia in the late ‘90’s, working primarily for Pleasure Productions and Rosebud. Some of his more well known Titles of this period were the “New Breed” series, and the first 2 “Heavy Metal” movies starring Lexington Steele. Upon his arrival at Evil Angel his first movie was the inaugural “Ass Worship”, and from then on he became a major player, eventually Founding Jules Jordan Video in 2006. Though I have seen many of his movies, I had never seen any of his “Pre-Evil Angel” work, So when I saw “Ultimate Sex Tease” at my local Adam & Eve store, priced at $19.99, I couldn’t Refuse. The packaging is very generic, just plain white text over a Picture of our Cover Starlet August. I have always been against compilations, and to be fair I don’t know for sure that this one is a comp, but it seems pretty likely that it is, but I had to see it anyway.

Opening Credits: well the credits weren’t very reassuring, The single, cheap looking title credit with the Rosebud Logo, reminds me of a bargain bin Leisure Time comp.

Scene 1: August & Jules Jordan
Almost from the first frame I could see that this scene was unmistakably Jules Jordan doing his usual routine, we see August in a sexy Business Woman outfit, walking across an indoor parking lot. I absolutely adore August, and her later scenes in “Ass Worship 6 & 10” rank among my favorites of the series, so it was nice seeing her a little younger with short black hair, wearing glasses, Jules follows her up the stairs and they exchange a little dialogue before she starts blowing him right there on the staircase. The lighting here in definitely amateurish, showing what a “Low Budget” JJ scene looks like, they continue up to August’s hotel room, at this point I’m noticing how choppy the editing is, for a movie with Tease in the title, the Tease sequence seems very brief. Once inside the hotel room August starts to strip down, at this point Jules hands over the camera duty to some dude who couldn’t avoid getting his reflection in the mirror once or twice. August starts blowing him, then he Starts eating her out, these parts are oddly abbreviated, making me now very aware that somebody had to have tampered with the footage, Not only because of the choppy editing, but also the annoying drum beat muzak heard in the background, both are things Jules is not known for. Jules positions August on a chair and gives her the prick in her perfect little pussy. Then the scene cuts randomly to them moving to the couch for some reverse cowgirl, this part is pretty nice but then… Once again the scene randomly cuts to a minute or so of missionary before cutting to the pop shot, August receives the load on her temple and forehead, giggling a bit before the scene fades out. At this point I’m thinking the “Tease” part of the movie is the movie itself, Normally the only thing I gripe about in a JJ movie are the scenes being too long, this time the scene is not only uncharacteristically short, but too short by any standard, but the scene itself was not bad, August is always great, Though it should be mentioned that the scene looks very Amateur, with the lighting basically being all natural light from the window of the room and the one lamp in the room, cheap looking but forgivable.

Scene Rating: 7/10

Scene Two: Brittney Blue, with Jules Jordan and Erik Everhard.
Opening up on some wall decoration, Jules pans over to a slutty looking young lady named Brittney Blue, he gives her a short interview, mostly just asking her about sex and what she wants to do. The only part of this I find interesting is when he asks her how old she is and she says “Eighteen”, No offense to her, but I don’t believe that one bit, I’d barely buy her saying she was 28, but aside from that she is a reasonably sexy girl so I can forgive a little age exaggeration. From there we get a tiny amount of tease albeit heavily scissored up, for example there is a cut from her wearing a thong to suddenly NOT wearing one. Then an almost unrecognizably young looking Erik Everhard shows up looking like the long lost Backstreet Boy, from there Brittney gives Erik and Jules a double BJ, She seems to favor Jules’ prick during the exchange, then Everhard goes to fuck her doggie style while she continues blowing Jules, the scene pretty much continues this way all the way through except one switch to reverse cowgirl, then we cut to another double BJ before Everhard spooges all over her face while making animal noises, then Jules lays down some face icing while Jules and Everhard start laughing at her for some reason, She doesn’t seem amused at first but then starts giggling saying “You guys are dicks!” and “Fuck You Guys!” in response to their amusement, Jules asks her “What happened to your face” she responds rather emphatically “I Got Cummed On!” fade out. The lighting was much better in this scene and It was a little longer, but still noticeably short for a JJ scene, Brittney’s performance wasn’t bad but she definitely didn’t have any remarkable energy, and I just couldn’t get over how young Everhard looks, I had to laugh a few times, not a bad scene at all.

Scene Rating: 6/10

Scene Three: Claudia Fields and Jules Jordan
So this scene is actually a POV blowjob scene that differs a bit from the others in terms of presentation, The lighting is still minimal, but not terrible, The scene stars with Jules opening a door to meet Claudia who has come for an “Interview”. Claudia doesn’t really look like a porn star, she wears a jacket over a sweater and not the sexiest jeans ever, but she has a cute face and in this scene, that is the main thing, one plus about this scene is the absence of the muzak, and Claudia has some refreshingly nice BJ skills, seeming more interested in giving a good BJ then a good looking BJ, the only thing that really bugs me about this scene is the editing, somebody tried to be too cute with the transitions, quickly cutting back and forth between the angles before settling on the latter, it gets annoying after a while, and it seems that they cut to the cum shot a little early because we have to watch Jules jerk off for a full minute or so before creaming her face, I could’ve lived without that, but overall it was a respectable BJ scene.

Scene Rating: 5/10

Scene four: Diamond and Jules Jordan
This scene pisses me off, It would’ve potentially been the best scene in the movie had it not been for the asshole editing it and that damned annoying muzak again! So in this scene we see Jules getting a nice shot of the valley off a balcony, then through a series of annoyingly rough edits finds his way to a sexy blonde looking at the same view, he talks to her for a bit and she says she is a French Canadian nude model, then some more annoying montage and some god awful drum beat muzak they go inside where she discovers some anal toys, then Jules spends some time tonguing her fleshy labia, while giving her the butt plug treatment, she gives him a happy BJ and then it is time for the fucking, there is some nice anal, and probably the best popshot of the movie. She gives a decent performance, the lighting is much better than the previous scenes, but the cameraman couldn’t help getting his reflection in the mirror again, the editing in this scene is so bad I won’t even describe it, would’ve been a good scene otherwise.

Scene Rating: 3/10

Scene Five: Layla Star & Jules Jordan
Well our last scene in this so far disappointing flick opens on Layla Star particularly her eyes While Jules explains why it was such a treat to be able to get her while she was in town, but as the scene goes on I have to wonder why. The scene appears to be filmed in some motel room with overly bright Fluorescent lights. Layla give Jules a longer than needed blowjob before we cut to the fucking but… there’s a condom??! WTF!? There is no place for rubbers in a JJ movie or any movie for that matter, so now what do we assume? Either JJ Really liked this girl, enough that he was willing to wear a rubber in the scene, or he was just really desperate for any model that he could shoot that day, whatever the case, the sex is very generic and kinda boring, Layla’s performance isn’t bad as long as you don’t mind her moaning “Oh Shit, I’m Cummin’” every 15 seconds like some verbal tic she can’t get rid of, all vaginal, cut to a few seconds of BJ be Jules give her a facial, and the scene fades out.

Scene Rating: 4/10

Final thoughts:
I hate to say it, but this movie sucked, The editing is awful and the Muzak is just about unbearable. I doubt very much that Jules had anything to do with that, so I have to say, Rosebud botched this one, August’s scene was the best in the movie, and the rest sucked quite frankly, Watch this if you are given a copy for free, I can’t recommend buying it, Jules may have directed it, but the presentation is like that of some crappy bargain bin comp, a total shame.

Movie Score: 3/10

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