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Ultimate Asses 2 (Red Light District)

Ultimate Asses 2 (Red Light District)

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Renee's ratings for Ultimate Asses 2 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Ultimate Asses 2 (Red Light District) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Ultimate Asses 2 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Ultimate Asses 2 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Ultimate Asses 2 (Red Light District) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Ultimate Asses 2 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ultimate Asses 2 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ultimate Asses 2 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Renee  on  2/4/2004

Michael Stefano's

Ultimate Asses 2


Themes: Gonzo, Conventional and Anal sex, some throat grabbing and slapping (not to face)

Note: All images shown are computer screenshots; they do not represent the original DVD video quality


Ultimate Asses 2 naturally features East European women with ample posteriors, who get to show off their bodies in five scenes. All are one man/ one woman segments, and begin with a long tease footage set to music, with the woman showing off her bodily assets.

Scene 1: Claudia Jamsson and Michael Stefano

       Gorgeous Claudia, with her dark hair and blue/green eyes, saunters around a patio in a skimpy fishnet mini dress, that doesn't leave anything to the imagination. Once inside, Michael asks her to show him her ass, which he proceeds to kiss, knead, slap and kiss some more, almost worshipfully. A BJ follows, with her gagging some.
        Standing CG sex is up next, with Michael holding onto Claudia by the heels of her shoes, while she grinds herself into him. The camera, down on floor level, focuses a lot on her rear during this. As expected, he puts a lot of energy into his moves, going slow, speeding up, then slowing down, as they switch to mish on a sofa; she likes this a lot, and looks at him as he murmurs to her constantly with his erotic dirty talk.
        Doggy anal is next, then up and over doggy. Claudia's moans are louder now, and Michael is moaning too. "Are you a horny bitch?" he asks. She hesitates, then says yes. A couple of ATM's are done, with Michael making her go all the way down on him, making her gag.
        Last up is mish anal; Claudia is starting to look a bit tired, and winces a bit when he enters her again. But Michael leans down and kisses her passionately, which seems to help her relax. They finish with him cumming really strong into her open mouth.
        This was a first rate scene, with these two obviously feeling some attraction for each other. The only tiny flaw was Claudia's occasional mugging to the camera, which looked out of place here. That stuff belongs in a fluff Private movie, but not in a straightforward scene like this one.

Scene 1: Sabina Black and Manuel Stefano

       Brown-haired Sabina, in a denim miniskirt, does a slow walk around a patio, playing with herself, and showing off her biggest asset. She moves indoors to a bedroom, where one of PXP/RLD's biggest assets, Manuel Ferrara, lies on a bed. She gets on top of him, he kisses her neck, then runs his hands over her undulating body, which he tells her to keep moving. He soon has her smothering him with her ass, to the point where he has trouble talking. He then spends a lot of time rimming her, fingering her, making her moan, and smothering himself some more.
        Manuel does take time to lick her pussy, which she responds to, then fingers her hard. He starts off with spooning vag, then works up to a pounding rhythm, which is kept up when he does doggy, then RCG. During the PTM, he leans over her body and slaps her ass, then kneads it lovingly. "Is my cock in your pussy?" Manuel croons this as he starts a strong CG, which the camera uses to capture her ass bouncing up and down on his cock.
        He pounds into her during the RCG anal that commences, then stops to make her gape, then its CG anal, and more gaping. She kneels for the facial cum shot, which she licks off her lips, then off of him.
        This was an above average scene, but Sabina looks sort of subdued during much of the action, although Manuel tries to get her into it. She does seem to feel some pleasure occasionally, but mainly she does what he tells her to do, leaving all the pressure on him to keep the action going, and to keep the energy level up. On the other hand, he enjoyed the scene, and it was fun to see him do his stuff, so still well worth watching.

Scene 3: Sandy Style and Steve Holmes

       Sandy, a slim blonde, walks around outside an elegant home in her leopard skin outfit, slowly peeling off the top and bottom. When she gets half-way done, Steve strolls up to her, kissing her long and hard. As he helps her off with the rest of her outfit, he bites, slaps, kisses and squeezes her shapely derriere, looking like he is going half-mad with it. Sandy is getting into getting all this attention, and looks coolly passionate with what Steve is doing to her. Once he starts licking her pussy, she's really going wild, and looks like she may have had an orgasm or two.
        Onto a long BJ for him, with Steve holding her hair and making her go nearly all the way down on him. But in between, he kisses her passionately, making this look like he appreciates her oral efforts. They move over to a bench for some doggy vag sex, that was powerful with all the hard ass slaps that Steve through in.
        Picking Sandy up, Steve takes her over to a stone water fountain, topped with some iron grillwork. Sandy holds onto the grillwork while Steve licks her pussy again, then does mish on her. He slaps her breasts a couple of times, then puts his hand on her throat for a few seconds, but then leans close and kisses her hard, while doing this slow, delicious thrusting into Sandy. Soon there is standing mish, which allows the camera to capture Sandy's ass as she bounces on Steve's cock.
        Regular piledriver is followed by piledriver anal, which starts off slow, then gets faster. CG and RCG anal is next, broken up by some ATM. There's a cut to mish anal by the fountain again, during which Steve caresses her breasts and clit, and Sandy bites down on his thumb (well, he did put it in her mouth). When he regains possession of his thumb, he fingers her pussy hard while still doing anal on her, and naturally this makes her come again.
        Sandy kneels for a facial, ending this strong scene. This one was a joy to watch, owing to the sincere connection these two had for each other. The action was hard, and the slaps weren't light little taps, but this was balanced out with the ardent kisses that Steve continually gave to Sandy throughout the segment.

Scene 4: Janny and Michael Stefano

       Janny is a statuesque lady with light brown hair and a very ample derriere and an almost zaftig figure. After she prances around showing off in her miniskirt, Michael moves in on her, and he's in rear-end heaven, making her shake her ass, biting her, kneading her cheeks, and having her smother him for a good long while.
        "Can I fuck that ass?" he asks. Of course, she says yes, and they start right away with CG anal on a sofa. She moans a lot as she bounces up and down on him. "I love your ass, baby," Michael croons as he makes her gape, then has her do ATM. He then runs to get ready for spooning anal; during this he holds onto her real tight and talks to her the whole time. By now, her moans have become cries, and sometimes sound like she is screaming.
        They stand up, with Janny's back to the camera, and you can see Michael grinding his cock in between her thighs while making her ass shake. There's some doggy anal, then up-and-over doggy, where he goes deep inside her. They move to a sideways position, that she seems more comfortable with. They end with her kneeling for a facial, with the cum dripping down her ample breasts.
        This scene is a lot like the second one, where there's an energetic man paired with a fairly docile woman, who basically follows his lead. Janny doesn't say much, except to respond to Michael's questions every once in a while. Her crying out during much of the scene confused me somewhat – I wasn't certain if this was from discomfort, or pleasure, or she was just emoting for the camera. She looked okay in the BTS footage, even when there is some anal going on, and during that she was silent.

Scene 5: I See Pleasure – Sandra Romain and Manuel Ferrara

       The question must be asked: Does a woman exist who can match Manuel Ferrara's energy level? Is there a woman alive who can wear him out? We are about to see for ourselves:

       Sandra, the Romanian beauty with long black hair, saunters around outside in a flowered mini dress, flirting with the camera, posing to show off her ass as well as the rest of her shapely figure. There's an interesting moment where she uses some rope netting to accentuate her bare posterior.
        A quick cut to indoors shows her smothering Manuel, hardly letting him breath as she grinds her body over his face. When he comes up, she grabs hold of his hair and presses his head into her rear (left picture). As soon as he pulls his pants down, she grabs his hard cock and strokes it. He turns her around, and starts rubbing his cock up and down her ass until….

"Put your dick inside!" Sandra has no time for games, so Manuel follows her order and penetrates her ass right away. "Yes, I like, I want this," she moans, very convincingly. There starts up a little battle of wills, as they each try to control the action -

Manuel: Put your finger in your ass and look at me!

Sandra: I want something bigger in my ass!

       With that, it's onto spooning anal on the sofa. Sandra absolutely loves this, and no matter how fast Manuel pounds into her, she can take it. When he reached down to rub her clit, she rolls her head back in ecstasy, and has Orgasm #1. "Make me to come," she pleads with him; he obliges her, and she quickly has Orgasm #2 (center picture).
        "Fuck me hard," she says over and over, and she means it. There's now sideways CG with some slaps and gapes, then ATM (neither of them has noticed that they have slipped off the sofa). At this juncture, Manuel inquires calmly, "Do you want more in your ass?" "Of course, what do you think, because I like, I want more." She says this in a "don't ask me silly questions" tone of voice, as she glares at him. The anal starts up again in CG, doggy and up-and-over doggy.
        Just about now, Manuel must have been getting winded. His hair is all messed up, his face and neck are flushed red. To give himself a little breather, he slows down his strokes. How does Sandra take this? She slaps his leg, and tells him to give her more, go harder, fuck her more. To truly give himself a break, they stop for ATM. This time, he makes her go all the way down on him; she can do this without too much trouble, and only a little gagging.
        Back onto the sofa for some reclining RCG anal, with Manuel rubbing her clit as he moves inside her. Naturally, this leads to Orgasm #3. She asks him to put his hand in her pussy, and 15 sec. of this causes Orgasm #4. By now, every time she climaxes, her entire body tenses up, her head rolls back, and she grows quiet just before she comes.
        Manuel purrs, "Let me see if I can make you come." Orgasm#5. After a short break for ATM, they lie down again for more RCG anal, soon with Orgasm #6. They both stare at each other passionately now while Manuel kisses her, grabs her neck, but doesn't choke her. He points to the ceiling, where there's a mirror, and asks her to tell him what she sees (right picture).
        "I see my pussy. I see pleasure. Make me to come, please," she pleads with him. Manuel follows through one more time, for Orgasm #7.
        There's a cut to her kneeling for the facial, which she takes with an open mouth. Right after, Manuel makes her deep throat him again; the camera fades out while Manuel does one of those cheek hooking moves. Thus ends a 22 minutes of passion, with only 2 minor cuts in it.
        What a couple these two made, like they were meant for each other, at least on screen. What a pleasure to see a woman be something other than passive. Sandra was forthright in what she wanted, and she had no hesitation about asking for her needs to be met. It's not a coincidence that in this scene, where the woman is obviously enjoying the action and calling some of the shots, that the most female orgasms happen.
        What's enjoyable as well is seeing some of the burden for keeping the action going taken off the male actor's shoulders, for once. Sometimes in gonzo scenes, it looks like the actor is going through a checklist of positions and time frames that he has to follow, but that is certainly not the case here. The heated action just flows off the screen, almost in real time, not too far from the way this was filmed. It's obvious as well, that Manuel was way more aroused in this scene than in Scene 2.
        I would have liked to have seen a few minutes of footage after the cum shot, to round out the action; it's hard to believe that Manuel and Sandra just got up and walked nonchalantly away from each other afterwards. One tiny complaint I have is the cheek hooking that concludes the scene was a tad insulting to Sandra, given her bravura performance. But, considering that 99% of the scene was outstanding, it's not too awful.
        Without any hesitation or doubt, I'd rank this amongst the top two or three best male/female scenes I've ever watched.

Overall Impression: When I first watched this DVD, I figured from the title that it would be heavy on the anal sex, and big on never-ending screen-filling close-ups of asses, but not much else. However, there's a lot more to this title than I first imagined. The initial three scenes have about half of the action devoted to vaginal sex, keeping things nicely balanced. There are plenty of close-ups of rear ends, but not to the point that it gets boring.
        The camera work was good at capturing the heat of the scenes, and Stefano's work behind the camera in the last scene was fantastic. He got all the action in, and showed a good intuitive sense of where to point the camera, and for how long. So, all-in-all, it's a better than average gonzo movie.

DVD extras: Photo gallery, photo shoot, cum shot recap, previews, director's bio, Behind-the-scenes footage.

In the BTS, there's some interesting moments. Cover Girl Claudia sings a Hungarian children's song to make the sun come out. Stefano and Ferrara are enchanted by this, giving the movie a 'Sesame Street' feel for a minute. There's some shots of Stefano, Ferrara and Brandon Iron traveling from Budapest to Prague by train, lamenting about the travel woes of porn producers, making one almost feel sorry for them (not).
        There's footage of Stefano shooting Steve and Sandy in the third scene by the fountain. Stefano asks her if her ass feeling better now, and she says yes. During this exchange, Steve is doing anal on her, but extra slow. Evidently, she must have been in some discomfort during her scene, and asked for a break. It was good to see this being honored, and to then see Steve doing what he could to make things for comfortable for her, so they could finish the scene. I give Stefano some kudos for having the honesty to show this in his film; I can't recall seeing anything like this elsewhere.
        One other interesting factoid was at the very beginning of the film, when the screen shows the production dates, there is a sentence that says this is non-violent viewing material, for adults only. Also something I've never come across before.

Renee's Wristwatch-O-Meter: This film gets a perfect score of 5 out of 5. For the five times that any of the men are performing, they don't wear watches, though in non-sex footage, they aren't wearing them either (must be a PXP company policy). There is nothing that bothers me more than seeing a naked man clutching a starlet, naked except for the huge timepiece on his wrist; it's a real fantasy-killer to me.

Best Line in Film: Brandon Iron in the BTS, "Dollars, a lot of dollars." He's commenting on the PXP guys having to withdraw stacks of US dollars from a Budapest bank, to pay the porn actresses with. He says that these girls aren't stupid (that's not a joke). I would have thought that paying in euros would be more convenient, but that's doesn't appear to be so; makes me wonder if the Hungarian economy runs on US currency.
        Later on the train trip to Prague, they show the stacks of dollars. These aren't 10's or 20's; I could make out the portrait of Benjamin Franklin, meaning these were 100's they're carrying with them, in cash. Well, it's like rap singer Puff Daddy says, it's all about the Benjamins, even in Prague or Budapest.

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