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MisterNoGood Ukrainian Cocksuckers 2.5 starsUkrainian Cocksuckers 2.5 starsUkrainian Cocksuckers 2.5 stars
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Ukrainian Cocksuckers

Ukrainian Cocksuckers

Studio: NJ Films
Category:  Foreign , Oral
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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dandaman's ratings for Ukrainian Cocksuckers:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Ukrainian Cocksuckers overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Ukrainian Cocksuckers Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Ukrainian Cocksuckers Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Ukrainian Cocksuckers Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Ukrainian Cocksuckers Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ukrainian Cocksuckers DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ukrainian Cocksuckers A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by dandaman  on  5/31/2005

Ukrainian Cocksuckers

Studio: NJ Films

Category: Foreign , Oral

Director: none stated

Starring: Alexandria, Alicia, Heni, Katarina, Katy, Kelli, Orsula, Paulina

Let's get this straight Jon dough has been top dog in the gonzo department, this time he brought a oral series with a bevy of girls from some part of the world Ukraine. I know most of the girl and with the exception of the two with the big knockers. It's always nice to see some early work, because I don't thing this was shot recently: date of production shows 012103, in the other hand what a nice surprise to find that someone it's trying new things, maybe too much complains from some will be less, if We try to find something that fits our expectations and not expect us to fit in every flick is release, called gonzo or feature.

Scene 1- Alexandria
(Alexa May) it's first Ukrainian cocksuckers to show up, she plays with her pussy, then she grabs a dildo and fire up! She is so cute but with very bad habits, yeah, she smokes, lol, for those who ask about a movie where the girl smoke a cigarrete. She almost finished the whole thing, bad, bad Alexa, bad, I'll wait for you at home with the whip in my hand to make you understand how bad girl you look smoking and how bad for you health it is, lol again, she seems to read my mind and switch the cig for something else a man's dick, now that's what I'm talking about, she does the guy a bit then stand up and walk to show us her pretty derriere and body she also crawls around she got herself rewarded with some milk.

Scene 2- Alicia
Our next girl is wearing pink the best part here is the major league lips she has and not exactly the ones in her face, she does herself in a high chair she is cute and she also insert dildo up her ass. After all she has a very impressive list of her perfofmances.

Scene 3- Kelli
Very natural brunette wearing a red and black dress and matching panties about the same here. Nothing to write home about it.

Scene 4- Katy
Katy tease us with those big melons, she does herself and got two dicks to prove she can, well if she can carry those big tits and don't see how she cannot handle two little dicks, lol, as I say she handle them with easy, she is now a proved cocksucker, pops are in her mouth but let them spill in to those lovely tits.

Scene 5- Heni
WOW my world stop spinning at this second, and quick before I die all my memories of this girls pass in front of me: Simony Diamond, how many nights, how many dreams, how many stories and moments of you, will be with me until my last breath.
The world start spinning again so I can continue the review, the cameraman in the meantime is taking advantage of being so close to this doll that let her do a BJ and cum in her left breast, you little SOB., lol, again. Simony is a pro and do the guy intended for the scene. There's a time when she assumes the doggy position and show us all the nice figure she posses, how beauty you are my love, the guy thinks the exact same thing and cums in her mouth.

Scene 6- Orsoyla
Another big breasted beauty here, but same act, cumshot in those big cabungas.

Scene 7- Paulina
Paulina (Polina) is naked with a cigarrete in her mouth, more work to do when she gets home, she has being a top performer in the anal department, she even does DAP in some flicks, talking about some other productive things instead of nasty habits like smoking, same play here, she get a little spank by one of the boys, they cannot help but fall in love with this candy they kiss and fondle her, one of them eat her pussy out, tasty and for a change the first one put his dick inside her, what a change of pace here, she has a nice lite body, she crawls away and didn't come back. Not the end but a To be continue sign show up......

Clear sound and good camera work, dvd is not the greatest but at least has some BTS, with chapters and subchapter, slide show and so on.

Bonus scene Katarina
Katarina (Viola) is my secret love (hope Victorie never see this) she is in her category the best kept secret in the biz, she has a nice body, a nice face and those gorgeous lips up and down of her, she basically do the same stuff, pussy play, dildo, BJ. The extra points here will be to take close look at her entire body and hard rock nipples, this is worth the price of the ticket, she stands up shows more of her nice bootie and walks, then she crawls around, the guy move her panties, so we can check that pretty ass, some spanks, she got in front of him to receive a pop in those near to perfection lips. The end (now I understand the meaning of " I adore my amore"

Since this is not deep troath, not gonzo, not feature, don't expect to find what it's not in here, not even intercourse, (except the scene with Polina), but if you like the oral theme and if you dig one of the girls like Simony this is a Pretty decent effort from DBV productions, and as I say at the beginning is a fresh and honest try. If you dig this kind of stuff you can go safe for it, if you want to try it first, it's worth to put it on the wish list.

any questions, comments or tomatoes, just drop me a line

Thanx Dandaman A.K.A mascared marvel

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