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Ukrainian Cocksuckers

Ukrainian Cocksuckers

Studio: NJ Films
Category:  Foreign , Oral
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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MisterNoGood's ratings for Ukrainian Cocksuckers:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Ukrainian Cocksuckers overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Ukrainian Cocksuckers Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Ukrainian Cocksuckers Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Ukrainian Cocksuckers Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Ukrainian Cocksuckers Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ukrainian Cocksuckers DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ukrainian Cocksuckers A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by MisterNoGood  on  5/29/2005
I have seen some of Jon Dough's work in the past and I was happy to see him start a blowjob series, especially with some girls that I have not seen before.

Alexandria, a very attractive girl with long black hair, lays on a couch to masterbate with a purple vibrator. A guy walks in and stands next to her, and she sucks his cock while still masterbating. For some unknown reason, she starts crawling around the floor for a while until she stops in front of the guy to finish blowing him and he jerks off in her pretty face and she sucks the cum off the head.

Alicia, a pretty blonde girl in a pink mini dress, sits on a stool to masterbate with a purple vibrator. When the guy shows up, she sits on the bed to softly suck his cock while she continues to masterbate. Eventually Alicia gets to her knees to slowly suck his dick, and he jerks off in her mouth and she sucks the cum off the head.

Kelli, a cute girl in a red mini dress, lays on a bed to masterbate. Eventually a guy walks in, and Kelli softly sucks his cock while still masterbating. The guy has a large picture of a babys face on his shirt and it stays on for the whole scene. Kelli gets to her knees to softly suck him and he jerks off in her face and mouth and she sucks the cum off the head.

Katy, a cute girl with huge boobs, jumps up and down for a while, thens sits on a couch and masterbates. Two guys walk in and she places her hand around the base of each cock and slowly sucks on each one. With her mouth around one guys cock, he cums, and she opens her mouth and lets the cum slide down her tongue. She does the same with the second guy as well.

Heni, a pretty girl with red hair, gets on her knees to suck the camera man. She mostly uses her hand to stroke him. Heni does not seem to enjoy giving bjs as she only puts the head of his dick in her mouth. He ends up jerking off on her boobs. Heni then moves to the couch to masterbate for a while until another guy shows up. Heni softly sucks his cock while she masterbates and he jerks off on her tongue.

Orsoyla, a plain looking girl with huge boobs jumps up and down for a few minutes, then masterbates with a vibrator until the guy shows up. She sits at the edge of the bed to softly suck him until he jerks off on her boobs.

The last scene is with an attractive girl named Paulina. She masterbates with a purple vibrator, then when two guys walk next to her, she softly sucks both their dicks. One of the guys starts to fuck her pussy while the other guy gets his dick sucked. For some unknow reason, Paulina gets on the floor and starts crawling away, and on the screen it says "To be continued."

Okay, lets get the bad things out of the way first, and there are many. The girls did not make good eye contact with the camera in all the scenes. In just about every scene, the blowjob action was interupted by the camera moving around to show the girls pussy, or butt, or her crawling around. I dont mind these things in the opening tease segments, but once the blowjob action starts, I dont like the camera moving all around the room. The sound quality is not good in some spots and there is also an annoying music soundtrack in some scenes. All the set ups are the same and the movie feels very repetative. And why is there a purple vibrator in every scene? is this the only color that they sell in Ukraine or are the girls forced to share the same one? Why is there an old car and a few old motorcycles parked behind the couch in the scenes? couldn't they find decent set locations to shoot in. The guy wearing the shirt with the babys face on it is in poor taste, and I really hate the scene where the guys cum into Katys closed mouth (I hate oral cream pies as you never know when the scene is going to end or if the guys really cum). I also didnt enjoy that some guys came on the girls boobs instead of her face. I also didnt like the last scene not finishing.

On the plus side is that there are alot of girls you might not have seen before. There is a bonus scene in the special features, but unfortunatly its shot as bad as the other scenes.

I have alot of respect for Jon Dough. He has been a great performer over the years and an award winner. Jon is also good at directing all sex gonzo movies. Unfortunatly has no clue how to make a good blowjob movie. Hopefully he will improve as he goes. I would love to see him keep bringing us these Ukrainian babes.

This movie would only be for die hard blowjob fans or guys that enjoy watching girls they may not have seen before.

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