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Twisted Youth (Pulse)

Twisted Youth (Pulse)

Studio: Pulse Pictures
Category:  Barely Legal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Twisted Youth (Pulse):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Twisted Youth (Pulse) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Twisted Youth (Pulse) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Twisted Youth (Pulse) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Twisted Youth (Pulse) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Twisted Youth (Pulse) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Twisted Youth (Pulse) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Twisted Youth (Pulse) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  4/6/2006

“Don‘t Call It A Comback!”

Twisted Youth

2006, 2 hours and 33 minutes
Pulse Pictures
Directed by Van Styles
Starring Marquetta Jewel, Tifffany Taylor, Georgia Peach, Tyla Wynn & Hillary Scott

What You Should Know:
Twist. A simple enough verb. “To distort the meaning or form of; pervert. To cause to become mentally or emotionally distorted; warp.”

During the hiccup in his relationship with Larry Flynt Productions/Hustler, director Van Styles took his act and ideas to upstart Pulse Pictures, home of Bryan Xin and Kevin Moore. That would‘ve been quite the stable of directorial talent in the 18-34 age range but I suppose it wasn‘t to be. Styles came to terms and re-upped with Hustler in the end (DVSX‘s Bobby Manilla stepped in to helm Barely Legal: Corrupted 5 in his absence) but not before completing two movies featuring themes near and dear to his own heart before departing. He left Pulse with the movies I jokingly refer to as Take It Black 3.5 and Barely Legal: Corrupted 4.5, “Black Up In Ya“, another IR escapade and the movie I‘m going to cover today, “Twisted Youth“ which features one of the best casts and hottest sex Van has had the pleasure of producing in quite some time.
Scene One: Marquetta Jewel with Kurt Lockwood

Styles couldn’t have possibly chosen a better inaugural scene than the one that features a personal favorite of mine, Marquetta Jewel. To say that she has filled out nicely and in all the right places since her quiet and inauspicious debut would be an understatement. Jewel is in possession of one of the industry’s most adorable faces and naturally voluptuous bodies; soft and smooth, creamy complexioned skin, slurp-worthy tits and a delectably ample backside, I find her top-to-bottom perfect, irresistible and definitely my kind of girl.

Lockwood and Styles pick up pedestrian and aspiring “actress” Jewel as she walks down a lonely street midday. Once inside their vehicle, they convince her to participate in an impromptu “screen test” that involves Kurt first kissing Marquetta unexpectedly, pulling the straps of her top down over her shoulders to reveal her boobs and lifting her tiny white pleated miniskirt to finger her pussy. Marquetta thinks it’s only fair that she return the favor so she goes down on Kurt with gusto as Van films and puts the pedal to the metal back to his pad. By the time they get their, innocent little Marquetta has come out of her shell and revealed herself to be a very naughty and horny girl. She jumps right on Kurt‘s prick cowgirl, the perfect position to showcase her stupendous ass. Obviously aware of what her best asset is, Jewel is seemingly no stranger to this position and she works Lockwood‘s cock over here with veteran-like proficiency until he stands and then pummels her pussy mish. He slaps a light choke on the rapturous Marquetta there before moving the action to a staircase where he fucks her standing doggie, her left leg up high on the banister. “This white boy‘s fuckin‘ the shit outta me,” she tells us as she looks directly into the camera. Kurt allows Marquetta the pleasure of tasting her own plentiful juices on his cock before plowing back into her pussy piledriver. You can literally see them both building towards orgasm with each stroke until Kurt pulls out and rains pearly protein down onto Marquetta‘s face.

Scene Two: Tiffany Taylor with Jerry

Fans of large, natural breasts are going to cause a commotion when they lay eyes on temptress Tiffany Taylor. Tiffany‘s a genuine stunner and while I‘m not a huge fan of the fishnet outfits, I wouldn‘t have Tiff‘s tits parked in anything else right now. Her cans looks so gorgeous swaying about freely in her loose-fitting purple mesh top (the same outfit Gia Paloma wore in Take It Black) it‘s almost disappointing to see her tease end. When it does reach its conclusion, she saunters over to an already-nude Jerry, who waits for her on a chaise lounge. She straddles his face and takes his pole into her mouth, her tits spilling out and over her top. After a short sixty-nine, Tiffany kneels between Jerry‘s legs to work her mouth over his meat some more. Once he‘s sucked up to maximum height, Taylor settles down on him reverse cowgirl, once again the ONLY position tit men will want to see Tiffany in. Her top allows her tits to bounce and jiggle naturally without restricting them but offer just enough restraint to keep them from bashing her in the face; they look TERRIFIC. The footage here is plentiful but anyone witnessing it will still wish it was longer. Tiffany Taylor in reverse cowgirl is GOLD. After a bit of conventional cowgirl,the couple moves to the stairs where Jerry enters Taylor from behind, standing doggie. Jerry holds one leg high and opens her wide for the camera and provides us the perfect view of the penetration and all of Tiffany‘s peerless body. The action here and in the missionary that follows is just as good as the reverse cowgirl. Basically, any opportunity to see Tiff‘s entire frame and especially that great rack of hers, is one that should be savored. On her knees, Taylor waits while Jerry jacks himself off, spraying onto her face and sending a few errant streams into her hair.

Scene Three: Georgia Peach with Kurt Lockwood

And the hits just keep on comin’… Up next is the former Georgia X who has since chosen to take the moniker “Peach.“ Certainly fitting since her ass is likely to remind you of her namesake; a fat, fully-ripened, succulent and mouth-watering peach that makes you drool just thinking about sinking your teeth into it and swallowing down every single drop of its sweet juices. Having seen Georgia many times, I can guarantee you she’s going to up the nastiness quotient as compared to her two non-anal predecessors.

Styles happens upon the shapely Georgia wearing an airbrushed wifebeater and short denim miniskirt as she walks down the street and invites her back to his place. Of course, she accepts and piles into his car for the ride back. Before they get inside, Georgia shows Van her ass and flashes her tits. They make small talk in the car and Georgia shows off her panties before arriving at Styles‘ pad and meeting Kurt Lockwood. Kurt introduces himself in typical porno fashion -- by approaching Georgia from behind, groping her tits and slapping her on the ass before grabbing a handful of her hair and forcing her to her knees to gag on his cock. Well, hello. Georgia only slightly objects at first (“Hey…moving a little fast here, aren‘t we?”) before willingly complying to it all. She rolls her head around his dick as if her neck were a swivel and tosses her t-shirt, shoes and underwear aside. Right onto Kurt‘s lap she goes, cowgirl, bouncing her monstrous ass on his dick, her thunderous thighs quaking each time she comes crashing down. In mish you can clearly hear just how wet Georgia‘s pussy is as Kurt slides in and out of her with ease. Georgia then sashays seductively upstairs, slips out of her skirt and turns her ass towards Kurt, offering herself to him spoon on the edge of a bed. Lockwood gets the most vocal reactions out of Peach here as he slams her ass side-saddle, mish and doggie, Georgia playing with her pussy as she gets railed. The scene ends when Kurt drops a load on Georgia‘s face after an inspired piledriver session. Georgia flicks her tongue over the head of his cock and sucks it clean as the picture fades.

Scene Four: Tyla Wynn with Scott Nails

If you wanted “twisted” you’ve come to the right place and you’ve found the right girl. Tyla Wynn’s been a permanent fixture in hard edge gonzo since day one and shows no signs of slowing down. I don’t think she’d have it any other way. Tyla‘s all-natural hanging tits are on par with Tiffany Taylor‘s easily so why shouldn‘t they be in a similar top to produce a similar effect? Wynn lounges on Styles‘ chaise, enjoying a huge lollipop and caressing her tits as she runs her tongue up and down her sweet treat. She plays with her pussy a little before standing and giving Van a look at her entire body. He zooms in close and when he pulls back, a naked Scott Nails has appeared, lying where Tyla just was. Wynn struts over and lines up her candy with Nails‘ prick, lavishing them both with plenty of oral attention before deciding to cast the sugary candy aside and settling on the taste of blood-filled flesh instead. Wynn looks fantastic bathed in all this soft, white light and Scott‘s dick is telling us that he thinks so, too. Soon, Tyla is begging to sit on it so she removes her pink booty shorts and hovers above it while Nails thrusts up into her loose gash. When she dismounts to ride him reverse cowgirl, Tyla maneuvers his prick into her ass, taking him long and deep while she plays with her hanging pussy lips. She sucks him off a2m and then crawls away to a carpeted portion of the floor, glancing back, inviting Scott with just the look in her eyes, to come her fuck her ass silly doggie. Her face to the floor and her ass high in the air, Scott obliges, going up and over, bottoming out in Wynn‘s rectum and it drives her absolutely nuts. She ass-to-mouths his prick once more before doggie becomes spoon and Wynn threatens to suck all of Nails‘ spooge out of him with just her ass in piledriver. She succeeds and has to leap up to get to her knees in time to catch a massive facial and Nails’ jizz on her tits.

Scene Five: Hillary Scott with Brian Surewood & Mark Wood

Hillary Scott. Hrm. What can one say about her that accurately and effectively describes her unprecedented level of immorality and the unaffectedness she displays as she happily goes about her job? Anal Princess and Super Ass Whore Hillary Scott should be tranquilized and caged when she‘s not working. She’s a danger not just to her partners but to herself. She teases from a distance, atop Styles‘ staircase while he shoots from below. The music here is perfect; it sounds like impending doom and that‘s the sense of dread you ought to imply when Scott is in the area and about to wreck shop on some hapless victim or preferably, victims. As she touches herself and crawls around on all fours, her t-shirt pulled up over her new tits, one can almost sense the tension, the uneasiness; Scott is a coiled, high-tension spring and you can feel her wanting to release. She rubs her clit and spanks her pussy until she comes face-to-face with Wood and Surewood‘s tools. She alternates blowing them and then gets taken from behind by Surewood. Wood gives her everything he‘s got in mish (“Fuck me like the slut that I am!” she implores) because hey, when you‘re fucking Hillary Scott, nothing less will do. Scott doesn‘t bother even wasting time with lube. She simply spits on her fingertips and gives her asshole a quick once-over before shoving Mark Wood up there reverse cowgirl. When she finally climbs off of him to taste herself, Mark looks physically DRAINED. Luckily for him, Surewood‘s there to pick up the slack, practically running over to stick his cock in Hillary‘s ass doggie while she continues to suck Mark dry. When it‘s his turn to get back into Hillary‘s ass again, he brings the NOISE doggie, going up and over and using all of his weight to send his cock barreling as hard and deep as he can bury it in her. By the time he tosses her to Surewood for anal mish, Hillary barely looks conscious. Cut to Scott sitting on Wood‘s cock reverse cowgirl anal and Surewood sinking his prod into her pussy, making Hillary wail with delight in a d.p. She dismounts to clean their cocks with her mouth and then hops right back on Mark cowgirl, putting him in her pussy and bouncing wildly on his cock until Surewood slides into her ass. Hillary, somehow still ambulatory, staggers over to a chair and fingers herself while Mark and Brian stroke their cum out into her open mouth. She gargles both loads, swallows and smiles.


This is the best movie Styles has been responsible for in a while. I don‘t want to say he was falling off but his work felt like he had lost the hunger and was coasting. I don‘t know what rejuvenated him but whatever it was, let‘s hope it happens more frequently because there is not a scene included that you can‘t rub one out to. All-star cast from top-to-bottom and every scene is hot, showcasing the ladies best attributes and highlighting their most favorable assets with a combination of the right clothing, lighting and sexual positions. The sequencing of the scenes is just right, starting with two ultra-hotties in Marquetta and Tiffany and then slowly building to a dirty crescendo by offering us Georgia as the middle ground and closing with two of the nastiest sluts to come along in the past five years, Tyla and Hillary. This is a strong, strong, strong title for Styles and he should be proud. If I were Hustler, I‘d feel silly. This could‘ve been your Barely Legal: Corrupted 5 and not to slight Manilla‘s work on what he put together for them, but Twisted Youth is that crack right now…I can‘t put it down. And neither will you. But you gotta pick it up first.

Bonus Features:
Crucifixio Jones

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