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Twist Of Anal, A

Twist Of Anal, A

Studio: Midnight Mayhem
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Coyote22's ratings for Twist Of Anal, A:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Twist Of Anal, A overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Twist Of Anal, A Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Twist Of Anal, A Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Twist Of Anal, A Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Twist Of Anal, A Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Twist Of Anal, A DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Twist Of Anal, A A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Coyote22  on  7/27/2004

Reviewed By:




We have here a film directed by Aurora Snow and this would be my first film seeing her doing so. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of hers but I do think she gives a great performance. There are a few ladies lined up for this film however Aurora is in two scenes herself so fan’s might want to read on… Mayhem is a company that has a long line of hard sex videos and I hope that this one will be added to that list.


The video was in full frame and was clear. The audio was in stereo and was nicely done.


2 Hours 01 Minute & 02 Seconds


Oral, Anal, ATM, ATOGM, 2 on 1, Rimming (f/f), Toys, DP, Masturbation


Trailers (assploitations 2, mayhem massacre, mr. pete p.o.v. perversions, double reamed and creamed, multiples), Bios, Interviews, Behind the Scenes ( 4:53 ), Photo Gallery, Pop Shots


I rate in an un-bias way; meaning I will not let something come in my way of reviewing a film before I see it, I make sure to give every film I review a fair chance! I will try to give a detailed description of the film that way you (the reader) will get a real sense for the film and what it contains. I will give a film a 5 if I like all of the scenes, all of the stars, enjoy the performances (you get the picture); I rate descending upon that. I like to see: anal, atm’s, atm’s, atogm, ptogm, rimming (f/f,m/f), spitting, kissing, choking, gapes, titty fucking, low amount of toy usage, dp’s, girl on girl, eye contact, ass worship, female ejaculation, 2 on 1 (f/f/g), anal cream pies, and intensity. What I don’t like: excessive toy use, strap-ons, dap’s, feet worship, rough bondage, orgies, more than 3 guys per 1 girl, excessive slapping, golden showers, and anything that causes pain. Of course that is just the broad stroke of things, and I adjust accordingly



Themes: 2 on 1, anal, atm, atogm, facial, rimming (f/f), toys

Cast: (Ashley Blue, Aurora Snow, 1 Guy)

Aurora shows up after the credits behind a bar and here she introduces her film then takes two shots. We next see Aurora and Ashley’s butts crawling to their guy naked. While he sits on a couch he fingers their asses while they bend over on the floor side by side. He has them taste their asses then they lick over his feet. He stands up and together they attack his cock and balls with vigor and passion. There is some deep throating and gagging here along with a POV of the BJ. The guy bends over on the couch and the girls suck his cock from below. He gets off the couch and Aurora bends over on the couch and her asshole is fingered by the guy. He pulls his fingers out of her ass and Ashley digs her tongue in it. After Ashley tongues Aurora ’s shitter both the girls have their asses fucked with toys along with ATM. Aurora is first up to get fucked and it is in doggie on the couch while Ashley plays as “cock cleaner”. Soon she licks Aurora ’s ass then it’s Ashley’s turn to be fucked. In the same position her ass is invaded by meat while Aurora does ATOGM. Soon the girls lay on their sides with the guy in the middle spreading their legs. He fucks them one at a time starting with Ashley’s ass first. Aurora has her pussy fucked then he moves back over to Ashley and fucks her ass. He moves back over to Aurora but fucks her ass this time then the patter repeats. When he gets back to Aurora Ashley does some ATOGM then the girls get into a piledriver while leaning against one another. He fucks Ashley’s ass then feeds his cock to Aurora . He moves his cock down into their asses moving back and forth fingering and gaping as he goes. There are some close ups of the gapes which are very nice! The girls get up and move to the couch holding their legs to their chest while he fucks their asses one at a time. They gape a long they way as well as finger their asses too. The camera shoots from behind as well as from above at an angle for some good viewing. He moves to Aurora ’s ass and fucks it while Ashley does a little ATOGM then she gets back up on the couch and takes an anal pounding. He moves her on her side and continues while Aurora does ATOGM. The girls sit up and take a facial then kiss and lick up the cum off their faces and the cock.


A good scene with a lot of anal! From the moment the scene started I was fully attentive… I couldn’t help but wish there was a longer sequence of the girls crawling but hey something is better than nothing. There wasn’t a lot of intensity here but there was some good anal. The camera was usually in the right spot at the right time and gave some good angles to boot. I was glad that there was some g/g rimming along with gaping and ATOGM. There wasn’t a whole lot of interaction between the two girls but there was a little. This was a good start to the film and I hope the rest follow in its tradition.

Length: 27 Min


Themes: oral, anal, toys, dp, facial, atm

Cast: (Audrey Hollander, 2 Guys)

Aurora introduces this scene from behind a bar mixing a martini then takes a drink. Audrey shows up naked and sucking two cocks next to a burning fireplace. This red headed girl takes their cocks almost all the way down her throat and even uses her hands to hold their balls! The camera zooms into her sucking their cocks and spitting on them as well. There really isn’t any specific attention to her medium sized tits here which was a little bit of downer for me. Soon she has her pussy fingered while she continues to suck dick. The camera focuses on a butt plug (foreshadowing anyone?) then we see her being fucked doggie while sucking cock. Her yummy butt is soon fingered then a fist toy is used to fuck her ass. Soon she is doing some anal RC and then a DP (a toy is used as well). She moves back to anal RC while the other guy plays with her pussy then she bends over and is anally fucked doggie while she sucks on man meat. There are a variety of angles here including another shot of that buttplug. Audrey moves into cowgirl where she is DP’d then does some ATM along with a close up of her taking meat up her pussy. Ah, so that buttplug is put to good use and shoved up her ass while she is fucked cowgirl. The other guy beats off while squeezing her tits as his buddy fucks her pussy and she pushes and holds the buttplug in her ass. She removes the toy and sucks on it then pushes it back into place. Both guys stand up and cum on her face and in her mouth. The scene ends with her sucking their cocks.


Not a bad scene! I’ve seen Audrey many times and have always thought she was a good performer but sometimes just isn’t in good scenes. This one is not really any different however she does give her ass a workout. There really wasn’t any intensity here other than just fucking her holes. Still the setting was very well done especially the fire burning. The ode to the buttplug was a nice touch and I’m glad that no one forgot about it and actually used it (other than for camera candy).

Length: 22 Min


Themes: oral, anal, facial, atm, rough sex

Cast: (Julie Night, Alex Sanders)

Julie shows up in a living room wearing a black tight leather short dress and is joined by Alex who massages her small tits and rubs her pussy from behind. They kiss and then she bends over and sucks his cock and also has her mouth fucked. While she makes with the head Alex fingers her ass and even uses both hands to stretch that thing. It isn’t long before she is getting her ass fucked and to start things off she does it cowgirl. She does ATM a few times before she bends over on a couch and Alex fingers her ass while she rubs her clit. Alex slides his cock up her ass and fucks her doggie for a bit then she sucks his cock. Following up her sucking she takes him up her butt in RC then in spoon. She does ATM a couple of times then she lays back on the couch and does some anal missionary. The camera zooms in for a real good close up of her asshole while he fucks it then he teases it by dipping hi cock in and out of her ass many times. He picks up with the fucking and then she does some ATM. He fucks her ass some more then they move into a spoon followed by ATM. She takes a facial to end the scene.


Not bad and was about the same as the last scene. Julie however showed more energy than Audrey which made the scene feel more charged. Julie did a great job at deep throating as well as taking anal. The camera had some really good close ups of her asshole which was nice. I would have liked to have see some rimming but fingering is all there was. Julie did a good amount of ATM which I’m sure many people will enjoy.

Length: 26 Min


Themes: oral, anal, atm, facial

Cast: (Holly Hollywood, 1 Guy)

Aurora pops up again behind her bar then the scene starts. Things start off with the two kissing outside then he sucks her tits. She sucks his cock then he fucks her from behind while she leans against a railing. The camera zooms into the action then shoots her face. She seems as though she’s really enjoying it while the guy pumps away grabbing onto her hair. After a good long fuck she sucks his cock then is skull fucked along with some deep throating. Without any prepping she lays on her back and takes his cock up her ass. They move from missionary to spoon then she sucks his cock. She bends over on a brick wall and is fucked doggie then sucks his cock briefly only to moves onto RC then back to doggie. Not long passes and he pulls out and pops on her face getting some of it in her hair. She sucks his cock to end the scene.


This scene was about average. The sex was rather boring however her attitude made up for it. She was really into the sex and seemed like she was enjoying herself. There wasn’t much anal here but rather was all about the pussy. The angles weren’t bad but weren’t as good as the previous scenes. This was the weaker scene out of the 4 so far.

Length: 17 Min


Themes: oral, anal, masturbation, facial

Cast: (Aurora Snow, 1 Guy)

Aurora shows up at her bar again then we see her sucking a guy’s cock in a living room. There are a couple of angles here, one being under the action. Soon they move into the sex and it starts off with vaginal missionary. Not long passes and she’s taking cock up her pooper in RC on a chair then she moves into a piledriver. The last position doesn’t last long and she stands up bending over taking his cock up her ass in doggie. I like the POV here as he spreads her cheeks but sadly does not pull out. She sits on the couch bending over and continues to take his cock up her ass then she lays back and takes it missionary. He pulls out of her ass and she fingers her pussy while he beats off. She licks her fingers a couple of times as she masturbates then takes a facial.


Well this scene wasn’t that great, especially with it being the last scene. The sex was average at best and didn’t really offer much in the way of spontaneous. Their wasn’t much chemistry between the two which I feel hinders a scene and the camerawork wasn’t that well done.

Length: 20 Min



This film started off with a good scene but ended with a scene that didn’t compare. The sex throughout the film wasn’t more than average and really didn’t offer anything that is a must see. The performers weren’t really that intense other than a few instances and if they did show a lot of energy the sex lacked. The special features were okay but I feel could have been better. I mean at least show 10 minutes of behind the scenes stuff! There were no cast lists which makes it hard to identify every performer however there was a bio section but didn’t offer picks of the guys which is what I really need to identify all of them. The cover states that the film runs over 140 Minutes however that isn’t the case. The film runs over 2 hours by a minute! Now they could be including the special features but that’s just wrong. I’m sure a lot of people would think that the 140 minutes meant the “film” as did I. In my opinion doing this really sucks!! This was an average film at best and didn’t really offer anything I would say needs to be seen.

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