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Twin Warriors

Twin Warriors

Studio: U.S. Male
Category:  Gay
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wizzerbud's ratings for Twin Warriors:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Twin Warriors overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Twin Warriors Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Twin Warriors Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Twin Warriors Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Twin Warriors Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Twin Warriors DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Twin Warriors A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  5/28/2006
Twin Warriors gets it title from two European guys who appear to be twins. The guys are only in one scene. It’s not clear where the warrior part comes in as the 4 scenes in this 99-minute film all take place in a gym. The guys are all shirtless and wearing only a pair of gym shorts that makes for fast stripping. Fast tempo music plays in the background throughout the video but not so much as to drown out the voices of the participants. There is no script and really hardly any speaking among the guys. Each scene is a meet and fuck.

The opening scene has us with the twins featured on the DVD front box cover, Atilla and Istvan Lenart. They are working out in the gym along with Claudio Antonelli. The twins are two tall guys with huge dicks and appear to really be twins as they bear a strong resemblance to each other. They join Claudio, a hot muscular guy and begin rubbing and licking his chest and shoulders. He quickly has the twins’ dicks out and starts sucking on them. The guys stand over each of his shoulders and do not touch each other anytime during the scene. He continues sucking them as they continue rubbing all over his upper body. They bend him over the flat bench and while Istvan fucks him doggy style, he sucks Attila. The guys go through position changes of doggy style and missionary with one of the twins fucking while the other is sucked. They do a lot of moaning and groaning but there isn’t much intensity in their fucking. They end with Claudio kneeling and each one of the twins lets loose a cumshot on each of Claudio’s shoulders. Claudio delivers a decent cumshot of his own.

In the second scene, Miklos Czider a tattooed muscular guy is doing a flat bench press and once he finishes his set, he is approached by Robby Stephens, a rather plain faced looking guy with a tight compact muscular body. They start kissing and Robby rubs on Miklos’s hot chest and sucks on his nipples. He works his way down to Miklos’s dick and pulls out the hardon and starts sucking. After a while Miklos returns the favor by also giving Robby a mediocre blowjob. No deep throating here. These two seem like they were a last minute pairing and neither happy with the partner they were stuck with. The only bright point is that once the sucking is over and the fucking begins, Miklos drills Robby good. They start with doggy style and move to cowboy style, sidesaddle, and reverse cowboy. Robby’s ripped ass and abs really show in these fuck scenes. Once they finish fucking, Robby is seated and shoots his load first and Miklos follows by shooting his onto Robby’s chest.

Thus far this video has really not been much to watch, but that all changes once the third scene comes. Alfredo Castaldo, a shaved head muscular guy is hitting a punching bag held by Julian Vincenzo, a hot muscular stud who is no stranger to porn. They stop the punching and move over to join an equally hot and muscular Enrique Gardinelli. The guys grab at each other, squeezing pecs and rubbing on one another. Julian and Enrique are the first to get the kissing started and then its Enrique and Alfredo. The men kiss, and lick and rub over each other’s muscled pecs and nipples. Julian’s dick is out first and Enrique is on his knees sucking it. Antonelli is standing to the other side so Enrique goes back and forth between the two sucking their thick cocks. They go through position changes with doggy style fucking and sidesaddle fucking with Julian and Alfredo swapping back and forth as fucking and their dicks getting sucked. These three keep the momentum flowing without letting up any throughout the scene. They do a hot three-way sandwich fuck with Julian fucking Enrique who is fucking Alfredo. Alfredo’s freckled ass looks interesting here. I have to give props to the camera work here as they really balance out close-ups with panned out full body shots. Once the fucking is over Enrique kneels down and Julian shoots first followed by Alfredo with each shooting on each one of Enrique’s shoulders. (This director has little imagination as we have seen this before in the first scene.) Enrique finishes last with a thick load of his own.

For the final scene, Ray Randolf is on a leg machine when Lucio Maverick joins him. Both of these guys are well built muscled jocks with handsome faces. They do some kissing and then move on to some mutual pec exploration and nipple licking. They are quick to have their dicks out and Ray starts sucking Lucio’s cock while stroking his own. These two have it all with their hot bodies, faces and big dicks. They also seem to be very into each other. Ray bends over while Lucio fucks him with a dildo. I am not a fan of dildo sex, especially when there is an available hot big dick in the room. Fast forward 2-3 minutes and Lucio is drilling Ray’s ass doggy style with his own dick. I am used to seeing Lucio as a bottom, but he performs quite well as a top. Ray isn’t really showing much emotion but Lucio is showing enough energy for both of them. They change to missionary style and then to reverse cowboy. Ray starts getting back into it as he rides up and down on Lucio’s dick. Lucio has not slowed down at all throughout the scene pumping and drilling his cock into Ray’s hole. This is the best performance I have seen out of him. They change to some sidesaddle fucking and then finish off with a seated Ray dribbling out somewhat of a cumshot and Lucio blasting a load across Ray’s chest.

Extras for the DVD include a photo gallery; trailers from numerous videos in the US Male library; website information; a fetish menu for the anal, blowjob, cumshot, kissing, sandwich, and toy play scenes; and behind the scenes footage that lasts almost 35 minutes.

The feature of this video is the twins and their scene is probably the most boring scene in the film. I could skip the first two scenes and not miss them, but the last two scenes make this video worth watching. Julian Vincenzo is one of the best in this industry and he stays with his normal great performance here. His hot scene partners add to it. Lucio Maverick’s great performance coupled with his hot scene partner makes the final scene worth watching again and again. The video is definitely worth a rental but would probably be worth adding to your library.

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