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Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex

Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex

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fu_q's ratings for Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tristan Taormino's Rough Sex A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  8/8/2009
“Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex” is a hot and heavy foray into the various facets of aggressive sexual behavior. As such, it serves as a distinct deviation away from the productions that Vivid usually brings to the market and also touches on some very taboo themes that may not be for the squeamish. Fortunately, the DVD is presented in a mature way, and it is overt from the onset that all of the activities are fantasy-driven and clearly consensual. This doesn’t get in the way of the eroticism of the production, however, as most of the action is smoking hot and, quite honestly, often shocking. The scene featuring Sasha Grey and Danny is the best, but the others are all worth looking into, as well. One drawback is that there is a website watermark down in the lower right corner of the screen. This, however, really doesn’t take away from the action and is fairly minor. If you are a fan of rougher sex or are simply intrigued by the subject from afar, you should pick up this title. It won’t disappoint.

Inserting the Disc / Main Menu
Upon inserting the disc, the standard warnings and information pages play, along with an animated logo. After this, it’s off to the Main Menu, which has a number of options. Among these are “Play Feature”—where we’ll start things off, the titles and female stars’ names for the five scenes—each of which takes the viewer to the indicated segment of the disc, and then five additional options that will be covered under “Bonus Materials / Other Options” at the end of this review. One thing to note is that the typical Vivid advertisements don’t play when the disc is inserted for this title. As for now, let’s go ahead with “Play Feature”.

The opening features a teaser involving clips from the upcoming interviews that precede each scene and also clips from the movie’s scenes. This opening also explains the fantasy-based nature of the production.

Scene One (Adrianna Nicole and Marco Banderas)
The title of this scene is “Breaking and Entering”, and it involves Adrianna Nicole, a curvy blonde actress with significant tattoo work on her right hip, and Marco Banderas. The action here focuses on simulated forced-sex / semi-forced-sex in which Marco surprises Adrianna right out of the shower in her home. The setting is an elegant bathroom with marble tile and then, later, a bedroom featuring a fancy, wooden bed with gold sheets and pillows. Adrianna starts off nude, and she has large breasts (natural?) and is fully-shaved.

Marco gets hold of Adrianna—things get a little bit disturbing here.

In terms of the action, there are some nice soft-shots of Adrianna soaping up in the shower. She has a butt-plug in that is removed shortly before Marco sneaks up on her from behind. A lot of the activities are either forced (simulated) or fairly rough, and there is hair-pulling, choking, and the use of a wand vibrator for part of the action. There is also some forced making out and sloppy blowjob work that includes ball-licking, spit, face-fucking, deep-throating, and gagging. Sex-wise, Marco takes Adrianna in a variety of positions, amongst which are: doggie-style, reverse-cowgirl anal, side-entry anal, missionary-like anal, and doggie-style anal. The sequence essentially ends with a pop-shot in Adrianna’s hair that Marco is pulling—followed up by some oral cock clean-off.

Overall, this scene is far more hardcore than what Vivid—or most companies, for that matter—generally put out. It touches on some taboo themes, though the creepiness factor is diminished by the setup interviews of both participants. These make it clear that everything is actually consensual and just a fantasy. Additionally, Adrianna really can take a pounding, and she definitely does so here. While not for the faint of heart, this scene is worth a watch and is very good.

Scene Two (Satine Phoenix and Derrick)
The title of this scene is “Stranded” and involves Satine Phoenix, a curvy Latina actress, and Derrick, a buff bald-headed actor. The fantasy-line here is that Satine’s red-orange convertible buggy is broken down in the desert, and her cell phone doesn’t work. Derrick comes along, lets her borrow his phone, and then the pair keeps themselves “busy” while Satine waits for assistance. The action starts out soft and friendly but quickly gets very rough and very hard. In this scene, the nonconsensual component is missing, which is a plus because things do get somewhat violent. Satine is wearing a white sun-dress, no panties, and no bra and does a bit of urinating while sitting on a rock before Derrick arrives. Physically, she has brown hair with a pink streak on the side, perky natural breasts, and a womanhood whose lips are shaved with a tightly-trimmed patch of pubic hair just above.

Satine and Derrick—getting to know each other before the beating.

Featured in the activities here are some flirting, some making out, and some fingering by Derrick. The domination starts with the initial blowjob action by Satine. Here, there is lots of deep-throating, throat-fucking, and spitting. Throughout the course of the scene, Derrick really beats up on her—slapping, spanking, hair-pulling, choking, and scratching all occur. The positions (all vaginal) include standing rear-entry, missionary-like on the hood of the car, cowgirl in the car, and reverse-cowgirl in the car. The finale involves Derrick jerking off on Satine’s face, neck and chest from a standing position, with her lying flat (and nude) in the dirt next to the car. He feeds her some of the cum, slaps her, and then leaves her there.

All in all, this scene is actually very hot. While it is definitely rough—and not something that I would personally ever want to do—the pure domination and disregard here do have a distinct taboo appeal from a fantasy-based perspective. Again, the action’s potential shock and creepiness is reduced by the pre-sequence interviews—which is a good thing. If you’re looking for something very different or something rough, this scene should be checked out.

Scene Three (Francesca Le and Christian)
The title of this scene is “Taking Over”, and it involves Francesca Le, an adult industry veteran, and Christian, another buff and bald actor. The storyline that underlies the action centers around a wife who is tired of her domineering / workaholic husband’s ways and decides that a good female-domination session is the perfect cure for their troubles. Francesca starts out dressed in denim pants, a black tank-top, a black bra, and a white thong, but while Christian is on the phone, she changes into a black- and white-vertical-striped corset, white fishnets, black latex arm coverings, a white thong, and a black, little skirt-like bottom. Physically, Francesca is of Latina decent, is well-toned, and has nice-sized enhanced breasts, brown hair, a womanhood that is pierced and shaven other than a decent patch above the lips. The setting for most of this sequence is a fancy bedroom containing a wooden bed with off-white sheets.

Francesca and Christian—who’s in charge now?

Early in the scene, there is some making out, teasing, and breast-smothering. As the action progresses, Francesca does all sorts of things to Christian. She makes him eat her ass, lick her heels, and worship her feet. She spits in his open mouth multiple times, spanks him, chokes him (including with a belt), stuffs his tie in his mouth, and sits on his face and grinds him. She flogs him, puts her foot in his mouth, and steps on his head while she beats him with a belt and then a leather paddle / strap. Francesca does blow Christian at several points, but the action is often brief and coupled with tease and domination. Christian gets in some oral work on Francesca, and she does give him a double-foot-job at one point during the proceedings. In terms of the sex (all vaginal), a number of positions are employed, including: cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, side-entry, and missionary-like. The scene essentially comes to a close with Christian cumming in Francesca’s mouth, followed by her cum-swapping with him, an apparent swallow (?) on his part, and some oral cock clean-off by Francesca.

Overall, this scene is pretty intense and pretty erotic. It is less disturbing than the prior two scenes because it features a male being beaten on by a female and not vice versa (which in and of itself presents an interesting, internal double-standard on my part, I suppose). Francesca really puts Christian through his paces, and the ending is quite unique. Again, this isn’t for everyone, but for those who like this type of thing, this is a very good scene.

Scene Four (Marie Luv and Julius)
The title of this scene is “Caught”, and it involves Mari Luv and Julius, both African-American adult industry thespians. The fantasy for this sequence focuses on “make-up sex” in which Julius has discovered Marie’s cheating ways and decides to confront her about them. As in the first scene, there is an element of non-consent that, save the preliminary interviews, might come off as a touch disturbing. Marie starts out wearing a dark red-purple sweater, a plaid purple, white, and red-purple skirt, a black g-string, and a black bra. Physically, Marie is very slender and well-toned, and she has nice-sized natural breasts, curly, reddish-brown hair, and a womanhood that is bare other than for a decent-sized landing-strip. The action takes place in a bedroom with beige walls and a gray-blue bed featuring circular designs.

Julius and Marie—there has to be a fight before there can be “make-up sex”.

Much of the action here involves Julius controlling Marie in a fairly slow and deliberate manner. He fingers her (checking for evidence), and then has her blow him (semi-forced—face-fucking, spitting, deep-throating, and gagging all occur). There is also some mutual handwork that goes on during the proceedings. In terms of the actual penetration, Marie is taken in doggie-style, cowgirl, side-entry, and standing rear-entry (against some mirrored closet doors) positions. There is also some standing fucking where Julius holds Marie up in the air—kind of like a standing cowgirl position. Interspersed in the sex, some hard fingering and blowjob activities occur, and when Marie is taking it doggie-style, Julius gets his thumb up her ass for part of the time. The scene essentially closes out when Julius pops on the mirrored closet doors—with Marie still in front of them—and makes her lick some of it up.

All in all, this is a fairly hot scene, though the lack-of-overt-consent issues might be a problem for some viewers. As with the previous segments, the interviews beforehand help to keep the creepiness to a minimum and to keep things in their proper perspective, however. For those who are interested in less-prevalent themes such as this one, this scene should be good.

Scene Five (Sasha Grey and Danny)
The title of this scene is “Switched”, and it features Sasha Grey, adult film industry superstar and mainstream cross-over success story, and Danny, her male lead for the encounter. This sequence takes place in a game room with a red pool table, and it involves Sasha and Danny trading off in the dominant and submissive roles. Sasha starts out attired in a black skirt, black- and white-vertical-striped blouse, thigh-high black nylons, a red bra with black edges, and a red garter belt with black trim. Physically, Sasha is a slender brunette with porcelain-hued skin, perky natural breasts, and a womanhood whose lips are shaved but for a decent patch just above. She looks fabulous, as always.

Sasha and Danny—getting hot and heavy.

As the participants trade off between the dominant and submissive roles, each one ends up being subjected to some strong physical domination before the festivities come to a close. Sasha gets kissed, slapped, choked, spanked, and has her hair pulled, while Danny gets clawed, spanked, slapped, and choked. There is some into-mouth spitting by each of them, as well. Sasha also rims Danny while he jerks off in a doggie-style position at one point, and she gags him with her feet while sitting on his stomach at another. As part of a punishment for crossing one of Sasha’s boundaries, she squats in a “catcher”-like position (think: baseball), and then kneels, on Danny’s chest—putting her entire weight upon him. The oral work that Sasha does involves face-fucking, deep-throating, spitting, ball-licking, and gagging. In terms of the penetration (all vaginal), Sasha is taken in a few positions, including: missionary-like, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, and standing rear-entry against the pool table and also against a wall. The cum-shot, which could have been better captured, ends up mostly in Sasha’s mouth, with a bit getting on her face. This is followed up by Danny licking some of the cum and spitting it into Sasha’s mouth. She wipes some of it into his mouth and then spits what’s in her mouth onto his unit. Sasha then wipes the cum off of his cock with her hand and licks it up. After this, there is a tiny bit of oral cock clean-off, followed by some cummy-kissing between the two and more into-mouth spitting.

Overall, this is the best scene on the disc. Sasha and Danny are both into the action, into each other, and enjoying themselves. Sasha shows just how cool she is and how much she can put up with in this segment of the production. Danny demonstrates that he can tolerate a lot, as well. The sex is scorching, and the theme is well-played. The preliminary interviews once again do a good job of setting the stage for the proceedings and taking off whatever disturbing edge might be there otherwise. I highly recommend this scene.

Bonus Materials / Other Options
The bonus materials and other options can be found in the Main Menu. There is a “Behind the Scenes” option that provides a reasonably fun and interesting look at the making of this production. There’s a “Choking and Safety Extra with Penny Flame” choice that puts forth a tutorial on safe choking, and there’s also a related “Safer Sex” link that gives a short safe-sex tutorial. The “Vivid Previews” link plays through a variety of related trailers, while the “Vivid Products” option plays through various Vivid-centric advertisements.

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