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Triple Threat 2: All Revved Up (Mach 2)

Triple Threat 2: All Revved Up (Mach 2)

Studio: Mach 2 Entertainment
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Triple Threat 2: All Revved Up (Mach 2):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Triple Threat 2: All Revved Up (Mach 2) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Triple Threat 2: All Revved Up (Mach 2) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Triple Threat 2: All Revved Up (Mach 2) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Triple Threat 2: All Revved Up (Mach 2) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Triple Threat 2: All Revved Up (Mach 2) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Triple Threat 2: All Revved Up (Mach 2) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Triple Threat 2: All Revved Up (Mach 2) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  11/7/2005
Prologue From what I've seen of Mach 2 Entertainment, it's all about Audrey Hollander and Otto Bauer, her husband. He's joined in production by Jim Powers, and between them, I can expect nothing less than hardcore mayhem. The cast they've rounded up is intriguing. My chocolate dream, Marie Luv is on hand. The beautiful Harmony. Mia Bangg, who's identified as Bragg on the boxcover. So shoddy. And there's also Nyomi. Zen, I presume, not Marcela. The box also promises every hole filled. If they accomplish that with Harmony we've got a scoop.
A beautiful red motorcycle fills the frame with a hard rock soundtrack playing. Audrey Hollander dressed in red and black to complement the hog is posing around the vehicle. I've always thought that she was an exceptionally beautiful woman, and she looks better than ever here. Her hair is straightened and I almost didn't recognize her at first. She pulls those horny tits of hers out of the top and rubs herself all over the cycle. Lee Stone comes in and buries his head in those lovely mams as the music lowers, then stops. Now Audrey's moans can be heard as Lee worships her boobs. He starts to inventory her body. Licking, then spanking. Lee's tongue gets buried in Audrey's ass as she warms her pussy for him. Down to her knees goes the beautiful submissive. She takes some tactile enjoyment of Lee's body as she strips him, then fills her throat with his long dick. The drool runs freely from her mouth and tears flow out of her eyes. Lee hoist Audrey for a standing 69. There seems to be a real hunger for each other. Back on the floor, Audrey continues to deep throat Lee, then asks for his cock in her pussy. He lays her on the bike, spreads her wide and teases Audrey with multiple mish insertions before long poling the hot redhead. Lee picks her up for some aerial screwing and Audrey is pogoed deep. The get back to mish on the bike but Lee wants ass now. His cock cuts through the spincter like a hot knife through butter. Audrey works her clit furiously and provides a narrative for the scene. Deep A2M face fucking, then doggy anal. Lee rails her rectum, pounding Audrey balls deep. The music kicks in again as they continue the doggy sodomy. Cut to CG anal and Lee pulling Audrey down on his cock, working some fingers in for a little while. Like the doggy before it, they hold this position for a good while and lots of nice views of Audrey's lovely rear filled with meat. Lee flips her over into mish again and he's on the road to climax. Pullout and a blast that scrapes Audrey's cheek. The rest is deposited in her mouth and she swallows to end the scene.
A nice vignette with smoke for atmospherics. No attempt to show how much Audrey can take or what a brute Lee can be. Much more emphasis on her beauty and love of anal sex.
Harmony is sporting the wavy/curly look that was missing from Audrey. She does her tease to the rock soundtrack and pays close attention to her lovely rack. Alex Sanders joins her and Harmony can't wait to get in his pants. He's drawn to her breasts like a bee to honey, but he can't seem to help but put her in a menacing stranglehold. Her bottoms come off and Alex lays Harmony back to dig out the pussy with his tongue. I don't know her age but Harmony would have trouble playing a teen 'cause she's all woman bodywise. Alex finds her pussy extra tasty and really buries his face in it. Harmony returns the favor, squatting and burying Alex's normal sized bone in her throat with ease. He fucks her face with the slobber making her chest glisten. Powers' camerawork is underneath and kaleidoscopic in rotating around the action. Alex gets rough with her face but Harmony doesn't back off an inch. Her face a mask of tears and slobber, Harmony's ready to ride cock. Some spanking precedes her RC mount. The music kicks back in, inappropriately in my opinion, then cuts out just as fast. P2M with the camera in a balls eye view and up close. More quick music as Harmony gets back on the ride. Up and over doggy follows, and more P2M that leads to a leisurely skull fuck. Harmony has no problem swallowing the entire cock and washes Alex's balls to boot. They get back to doggy and Harmony massages her anus. He pounds her in the up and over while she spreads her pink. They move to mish and pick up the intensity until the music kicks in again. The camera comes around for a between the legs shot that shows Harmony's inviting spread and glimpses of her face through the pumping. Alex tongues her delectable derriere and makes sure she won't be leaving with any dingleberries. Back to mish and a pullout to facial with PCH and cum cleanup by Harmony.
A good scene with Powers working hard to find different angles to view from, sometimes just staying too close for my tastes. The integration of music into the scenes has been clumsy and heavy handed so far.
Mia Bangg gets to play with a motorcycle and show off her bangin' body. Within moments she's got cock at both ends as she's stretched across the bike. Dave Hardman in some ridiculous looking women's leather strap fetish outfit is plugging from the rear, and Alec Knight has his cock down Mia's throat. It looks like Mia gets an early thrill from the doggy fucking and Alec wisely backs off to let her finish and enjoy. That done, Mia impales her throat on his hog and slobbers freely onto the floor. The guys trade ends and Alec goes right up Mia's ass after a few lubricating thrusts into her wet pussy. Mia tells him it feels good and her body language would confirm the veracity of that comment. Hardman wants some and Mia rides him in RCA. He gets her attention with a hard pounding from underneath and Mia answers back by pogoing on his rod. Her face full of cock, natural tits flailing about and a good anal rootering makes for a very erotic sight. Mia calls for the DP and Alec drives into her pussy while she spreads wide. He pulls out and her pussy looks ravaged while her ass is frothing on Dave's cock. Cut to doggy anal with Hardman going up and over, Alec keeping Mia on the spit in rotisserie position. Mia shows amazing flexibility and athleticism when she puts both hands and a leg on the floor with the other leg raised straight up. In this semi-handstand, Hardman digs into her butt in a quasi piledriver. Very unique. Alec joins them for a DP from this position. Can't help but have strange camera angles here and Powers augments it by rotating around. Alec gets underneath to feed Mia his cock, then she kneels on the floor to taste both cocks. Conventional CGDP has Mia begging to be fucked hard. A couple of A2M throat fucks break up the DP and Hardman streaks her cheek with cum, Knight following suit soon after with a deposit on Mia's tongue. PCH for both swordsman to end the scene.
Mia puts in an amazing performance and throws herself into the action completely. Her body was made for sin and gets used to perfection.
High heeled black boots. Shocking pink thigh highs. Black skirt with a pink and black leather bustier exposing her two perfect tea cup titties. Marie Luv is shackled with her hands over her head to a post. She also has pink wings on her eyelashes. Chris Charming is tormenting this vision of kinky lust. He plays with her mouth and holds up a tit for Marie to lick, then licks and bites it himself. A hand travels down to play in Marie's plump pussy and gets her hips gyrating. Using her well of saliva for lube, Chris invades her love tunnel with more fingers. Marie begs for cock and Chris turns her ass toward him to stretch the vagina and show how pink her insides are. They almost match her clothing. Spanking and anal fingering. Marie comes loose from her chains and squats to give an awesome looking deep throat to a very large tool. Marie's style is Inari Vachs style messy with classic slow dives to the pubes. It doesn't get any better than this. Her tears are running as soon as her tonsils are engaged. Chris stands her up and fucks Marie in doggy. She loves the big cock and bounces her ass on it, revelling in its deep penetration. The camera's all around, showing some unique views from underneath. Marie lays back on a bench for Chris to spear her chocolate starfish in mish. Huge dick, little hole. Somehow he gets good locomotion. Otto Bauer wants to know what they're doing in his dungeon but doesn't wait for an answer. He just sticks his cock in her mouth. A2M deep throat and Otto demands that Marie sit on his dick. She must have been a waitress at one time because of the way she asks "Ass or pussy?". Otto wants ass and Marie goes to lube his standing pride. He face fucks her and this deep throat almost includes the balls. RCA with Marie fingering and spreading her hot pussy. Chris fills it for the DP, and when he pulls out, leaves a gaping and wet piece of meat. Another RCDP and Marie shows her enthusiasm by fucking back as best she can. A2M with Chris slamming her ass in an up and over doggy. More RCA on Otto, Marie's body coated with perspiration. Chris feeds her pussy more cock and takes a scissor position so he can really slam deep. Marie's howls let you know the efficacy of this union. Cock cleanup all around and the deep throating of Chris' monster releases the goop from within, spilling down Marie's body. It's all clear for Otto to savage her with a face fuck. Chris lays back and Marie checks on which hole he wants. Pussy it is in CG. Otto dives into her ass for another DP. A2M while Marie works herself over Chris' dick and leaves him coated with her juices. Otto's clean cock goes backdoor again. Cut to Marie on her back and Chris fucking her face and getting his balls licked. That's enough to set him off and he shoots into Marie's open mouth with some errant squirts onto her face. She swallows to make room for Otto's contribution to the "Feed Marie Luv Cum Fund". PCH by the sated and exhausted beauty.
What can I say about Marie? She continues to shine while getting down and dirty. I don't mind the garish makeup she's wearing but the wings have to go. They were a distraction. The music was back for this scene and it still didn't match the flow of the action.
A crime scene with the outline of a body and police tape on the ground. Nyomi cowering in a corner, crocheted bra and skirt adorning her tight body, a police dome light spinning on a wall. A bare mattress in the middle of the floor of this alleged alley. The sumtuous Audrey Hollander in a skimpy two piece and back to her curly locks, pins Nyomi to the wall in a threatening but sexy way. She pulls Nyomi down to the mattress and straddles her tight body, molesting the fine young Asian slowly. Audrey's playing the dom and has Nyomi panting with desire and apprehension. She three fingers and tastes the tight honeyhole, then gets her tongue in there like a good dyke top. Sascha happens on them and wants to know what they're doing in his alley. Audrey makes claim of the same territory but decides they should share the booty. Now there are two people smothering the hot little bitch. Nyomi sucks Sascha and Audrey helps by deep throating him. She keeps in contact with the little spinner and has plenty of kisses and carresses for her while they team up for the tandem bj. Dave Hardman joins the pack and takes Audrey for himself, making for a bj line. They decide to double team Nyomi and Audrey holds her head. She gets the double dick treatment next and loves it as they smack her face with dick. Hardman pierces Nyomi's tight clam in doggy while Sascha fucks Audrey's face. She goes for an RC ride and Nyomi follows suit. The girls switch rides and Audrey decides to make hers an RCA. It looks like you could drive a truck up her pussy, it's gaping so wide and open. Nyomi's giving Sascha a nice ride but it's hard to tear away from Audrey's impalement. A2M and A2OGM as the girls share Hardman's dirty dick. Sascha goes up and over doggy with Nyomi while Audrey goes to CG anal. Otto yells about the noise from off camera and Audrey gets A2P. Otto confronts them about the noise and gets his reparations by sticking his dick in the girls' faces. He moves to Audrey's rear for a DP on his wife. Sascha goes side entry with Nyomi, then a cut to him joining Otto for another CGDP while Nyomi rides Hardman in CG. RCDP on Audrey, who gets her pussy hammered. Nyomi, who's been getting a nice whimper inducing railing all along, goes aerial. Audrey does A2M, then P2M on Otto while Nyomi gets deep dicked in mish. Audrey takes an up and over scissor mish, then anal, while her cheek gets stretched by Otto. A2OGM for Nyomi as Hardman spoons her. Otto sodomizes his wife and continues to feed Nyomi the taste. A2M for Audrey as Sascha takes over the backdoor and lets Nyomi clean him as he goes. They're all in a clusterfuck of a daisy chain as things start to wind down. Audrey services two with ass and mouth. Nyomi rides in RC. The girls get to their knees as the cocks get tuned up for release. They take the loads like the good little cum dumpsters they are and do some cum kissing to end the video.
It's too bad for Nyomi that she had to share the scene with such a dominant woman. There was some fine fucking for the cute Asian but it got lost in there somewhere. Music wasn't an issue here.
Epilogue This was a pleasant surprise. At no point did this degenerate into a circus act, anal stretch-a-thon. There was plenty of ass banging but the emphasis was more on the erotic. Good use of color and neat camera angles kept it from being mundane. I won't say the music sucked. Just that it was used inappropriately. Maybe as an introduction to the video, or even each scene, but it came in at awkward times and just didn't seem to match the activity, only the title. Audrey was amazing and should be taken seriously as a candidate for performer of the year. She's just a little too aware of the camera, or looking for direction, when she should just follow her instincts. Harmony needed a bigger challenge. I think she's at her best when in charge, but if she's going to be submissive I think she deserves better than Alex Sanders' faux dom posturing. Mia Bangg is improving at light speed, her body the stuff of wet dreams. Marie Luv, the reason I was interested in this title, just keeps putting in great performances. Nyomi Zen looks like she might be special, but as I said before, she was just overshadowed by Audrey. Still, a good scene. If Otto and Audrey can keep up this kind of quality they can be very successful.
The Disk Photo gallery, trailers and cumshots. Not an awful lot.
Recommendation If you're looking for a hard, mostly analcentric video, this is a good buy. It's worth at least a look by rental.

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