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Transsexual Prostitutes 24

Transsexual Prostitutes 24

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Transsexual
Starring: , , ,
Released on: 
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BIGmike's ratings for Transsexual Prostitutes 24:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Transsexual Prostitutes 24 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Transsexual Prostitutes 24 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Transsexual Prostitutes 24 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Transsexual Prostitutes 24 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Transsexual Prostitutes 24 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Transsexual Prostitutes 24 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Transsexual Prostitutes 24 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by BIGmike  on  4/5/2004
Transsexual Performer Looks Rating : 4.0

Devil’s Films Presents

Transsexual Prostitutes #24

Starring Fabia, Alexia, Bella Donna, and Monica, also starring Paulo, Cecilia, Peterson, and Throy

SCENE ONE : Some guy is talking on a phone, behind a desk, when in walks supercute [Fabia]ne De La Costa, wearing sunglasses, and a tight black tank top, a white miniskirt, and sporting the lighter hair color that she had in Bang Bang She Male, and takes a seat. With her sunglasses pushed up, on top of her head, holding her hair back, she looks at a piece of paper she had with her, while waiting for the guy to get off the phone. When the guy puts the phone down, she walks over to the desk and hands him the paper to look at, and who knows what it said, but the guy unzips his jeans, freeing his cock, and as she sits up on the desk, she flashes a smallish and unaltered tit. She hikes her skirt up, revealing black panties underneath, but doesn’t remove them yet, but she slips the top down instead, and teases the guy a bit, squeezing some milk out of a tit. It doesn’t take too long to work her hand over his cock, putting her mouth to use soon after, and we are treated to some very nice ass tease, as she sucks his cock, sucking it good before we get to see hers. Though the guy doesn’t return the favor on her with his mouth, he does stroke it fairly brief, and then she sits down on his cock, reverse cowgirl style. The guy fucks her ass good, and through a few different positions, and though she tries to stay hard through much of it, she seemed to have got harder after she came, and to end this hot, but could’ve hotter scene, the two of them briefly kiss before she drops to the floor to take a load on the chin.

SCENE TWO : Alexia, a cute brunette, wearing a red cap, black bra, and denim hot pants, with a thick red belt on over them, steps into an elevator, and then a guy steps up and holds the door to get on with her. The guy eyes her up and down, and this slender cutie eyes him as well, before he steps up and feels her up from behind. The guy drops down and shifts her hot pants over to one side, freeing a rather large and in charge type cock, and he sucks on it a bit, and he also reaches up to give her smallish, and unaltered tits, a squeezing. She returns the favor on his cock, and I can’t help but think of the song “Love in an Elevator” as this scene moves on until they both get off on the same floor. She leads the now naked guy into a room by his cock, where he bends her over a desk, unhooking her bra and removing her hot pants soon after, and she has a pair of black panties on, which are removed quickly so that he can fuck that tight ass of hers. As she is still bent over with a leg up on the desk and the guy in her, he reaches down to stroke her cock. She then sits her ass down on this guy’s cock, riding his length reverse cowgirl style, and she soon returns the fucking onto his ass, fucking him as he lies on his back. Alexia stays hard throughout, giving the guy a good fucking through a few different positions before she jerks a load out onto his face, and he gets to return the favor onto her as she squats down on the floor, and thus ending a very hot scene.

SCENE THREE : Two hot girls, one of whom I know is Bella Donna, having seen her once before, in My Girlfriend’s Cock, and the other being a guess, but I’m going with Cecilia, are sitting on a couch eating candy to open this scene up. Bella has dark curly hair, and is looking a little less tanned here, sitting in a white top, which covers her smallish tits, leaving her slender belly exposed, while Cecilia has light brown hair, and is wearing a pink top. Cecilia lifts up Bella’s shirt, and spreads some of the chocolate on her nipple, licking it off between some heavy kissing. Bella helps Cecilia out of her top, and then her bra, exposing her small tits, before laying on top of her, to continue with more kissing, plus with this view, we get to see both girl’s from the waist down. Cecilia, who also has a slender body, has a pair of hot pants on, and Bella, with her firm ass up in the air, is wearing a plaid mini skirt, with white panties. They eventually help each other out of their clothes, along with lots of kissing, oral given by Bella first, and a whole lot of rimming. Bella gets the fucking started, after receiving a nice blow job, fucking Cecilia’s pussy, doggy-style, and then onto her back for more. Cecilia may not have a cock of her own, but she does fuck Bella’s ass with a condom-clad pink double-ended dildo, riding it along with Bella, as the action moves along. Then to put a rather disappointing end to one of the hottest she-male on girl scenes I’ve ever scene, it takes Bella quite a while to jerk a small, barely visible load out of her cock, despite Cecilia fingering of her ass.

SCENE FOUR : This scene opens up with a pretty hot and slender, curly haired blonde, who I guess to be Monica, rubbing herself all over inside of a dressing room. She has a white headband on, holding her hair back, as she admires herself in a few of the room’s mirrors, going on to remove her tight sports top in the process, and exposing two perky nippled, barely there, small titties. She peels off her hot pants next, and then off come her panties, freeing her cock, which she plays with quite a bit before a guy enters the scene, catching her little show. He has his dick out, and is jerking it while she continues to enjoy her own, then they kiss a bit, followed by him dropping down to give her cock a lengthy sucking. She returns the oral favors onto him, with the fucking following soon after, with her getting it from behind, standing bent over, moving on through a couple of positions. After receiving a lengthy pounding, she jerks a tiny load out of her cock, and he then in return jerks a load out of his cock to end a pretty hot scene.

EXTRAS : An autoplay photo gallery from the movie, 8 ½ minutes of Gangland series trailers, 11 minutes of Transsexual Prostitutes series trailers, and 8 minutes of Whiteboy Stomp series trailers, and there are also autoplay photo galleries from Brown Baggin’, Gangland 42, Tight and Asian 2, and Teen Tryouts 26.

OVERALL : Better identification of performers could help people find more scenes of a star, or just for people to identify them. All she-males were pretty hot to so very, very hot, and from scene one, onto scene two, and onto scene three, the action got progressively hotter, with the fourth scene kinda dipping below the heat level of scene three. The extras were fairly decent, providing lengthy previews/trailers of other series from Devil’s. The video quality, let me separate this from the audio, was pretty much top notch, the audio, on the other hand, was virtually non existent, except for some electronic/synth junk which blared out over any existing audio. (Recommended viewing on mute and better music from ones own collection, since there is no other real audio.)

FINAL THOUGHTS : Fabiane is a girl I’d love to have meet my parents, I’ve seen her only a few times, and am sure she’s been in, or will be in, a few more, but what I’ve seen of her, has been hot, and though she doesn’t seem to be able to keep it up during this scene, that doesn’t make her any less hot, though it does sorta effect the scene’s heat, at least for me. [Catch breath, Michael]… she’s hot. The second scene starred, I believe, Alexia, whom I came to that conclusion based on the fact that I found, through searching various websites, a blonde she-male named Monica, the other she-male in this DVD who I had never seen before. I do hope that I have the right name to the right girl, because I’d love to get my compliments right. Well, the second girl is another hot one, not only does she fuck the guy after getting fucked herself, but she looks too hot doing it, making this another hot scene. While I’m not usually a fan of she-male on girl scenes, with the action this hot, with plenty of rimming by both, as well as oral, who could not like it? Well, the one thing that destroyed the heat was the length of time it took for Bella to cum, and the fact that she had a frustrated look while trying to squeeze out that small load. The fourth scene was pretty hot, though with the gradual build up of heat in the scenes leading up to this final scene, it kinda makes this scene feel like a cool down scene.

[Rant on] I don’t usually go on about music in porn, since I do tend to drown it out during scenes anyways, but there is no drowning this music out. Now I understand that all of these performers are probably from Brazil, and probably don’t speak any English, if any at all, but the music gets annoying, repetitive, and agitating, after the first 10 minutes of the scene. So while I thought the action was pretty hot, the fact that you hardly ever hear anything but the music, can’t go unmentioned. I’d recommend pushing the mute button, since you won’t miss plot developments or speech of any kind, and put in a nice, fairly good, music CD, to play over the original soundtrack. [/Rant off]

This was my first experience with a Devil’s Films DVD, and can’t wait to check out the others I’ve got here. The running time of this DVD was roughly 2 hours, and the action was certainly hot to very hot, all with equally hot she-males, which leads me to question why no director was credited for what I feel deserves to be a RECOMMENDED DVD.

Any questions, comments, and/or complaints about this, or any of my past reviews, feel free to talk to me

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