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Tough Types

Tough Types

Studio: High Octane
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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wizzerbud's ratings for Tough Types:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Tough Types overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Tough Types Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Tough Types Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Tough Types Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Tough Types Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Tough Types DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tough Types A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  10/14/2006
I have seen a lot of Herve Handsome directed movies and Tough Types does not rank among his best works. With Herve, you can generally plan on a large cast of hot hunky European men; however, he has thrown in some skanks with this cast of otherwise hotties.

The film opens with a dude sucking a man decked out in leather and wearing a wool ski mask in the back of a van. Also going on are two guys arm wrestling on the front porch of a mansion. The van pulls up to the house and the two arm wrestlers stop to escort the cock sucker into the house and the van takes off with the masked man still inside.

They escort this stud, Glen Santoro, into the house where there are other men dressed in various leather wear—primarily leather harnesses and leather chaps or leather pants. Several of these guys are seated on various Chippendale style furniture. They watch while Julian Vincenzo gropes and strips a masked Claudio Antonelli and forces him down to suck Julian’s dick with Claudio’s hands tied behind his back. Later Julian fucks Claudio reverse cowboy, doggy style and in the missionary style positions. Julian gives this fucking his usual gusto. When he is finished Julian shoots his load on Claudio’s boot and Claudio follows up with a nice cum shot of his own. Claudio removes his mask and they finish with a kiss.

Glen has been changed into a leather harness and chaps and is led to a room by Lucio Maverick. Lucio leaves him and quickly Glen gets up to put his ear to the wall and look through a crack in the wall to watch Rod Stevens and Fredy Costa in the next room. The two get started with Fredy rubbing Rod’s massive pecs and stroking his dick. Rod has a leather dog collar around his neck whereas Fredy has the leather harness on his upper torso. Glen is stroking his dick while he watches and listens to everything. The two come out of their chaps and Rod begins sucking Fredy’s cock. Rod stops sucking to get on all fours and Fredy spanks his ass a little and then lubes his hole to prepare him for some fucking. After fingering his hole for quite a while Fredy slides his dick up in Rod’s ass and starts fucking him doggy style. They change to reverse cowboy and then to missionary style. Fredy pulls out and the two shoot their loads. Neither cumshot is very impressive.

Glen is still peeking through a hole stroking his dick when a masked Garcia Udulo (also know as Joshua Rodgers in other European films) comes in and the two begin kissing. Garcia is one hot man, but his kissing on camera is awful. He reminds me of a thirsty dog who just found a bowl of water. Garcia forces Glen to his knees to suck his dick and lick his ass. Garcia is wearing a leather jock and a dog collar with his wool ski mask. I have heard of leather masks but never have I seen guys wearing wool ski masks with leather attire. After the sucking and rimming, Garcia fucks Glen doggy style, missionary style and reverse cowboy style. Like the two earlier tops he offers no blowjob to his bottom. The weird thing here is the guy wearing the dog collar is dominating the one wearing the leather harness. Glen shoots while being fucked and Garcia pulls out and shoots an equally small load.

In the fourth scene, Julian Vincenzo is seated in a chair and being sucked by Claudio Antonelli (again), only this time Julian is wearing only an open shirt and Claudio is now without a mask and wearing leather shorts and a harness. A skank named Titof is standing with Lucio Maverick watching them. Titof is in street clothes and Lucio is shirtless and in leather pants. I am sure Lucio does not want a ski mask to muss up his hair. His locks are part of his trademark. Julian bends Claudio over the desk and fucks him doggy style and missionary style. Titof has begun sucking Lucio and later Lucio has to suck him. Titof climbs on Lucio’s dick to ride him reverse cowboy style while Julian and Claudio have stopped fucking to grope at Titof. Actually Claudio gropes at him. Julian really does not have much interest in him except to suck on his unpierced nipple occasionally. Claudio sucks Titof’s dick some. Lucio fucks him doggy style, while Titof sucks Julian and Claudio. Lucio and Julian fuck him missionary style. Titof blows his load with Julian’s dicks ramming him. Julian struggles out with a small load. Lucio gushes out the prize-winning load of the film. Claudio delivers a small one.

The fifth scene is gross. One of the masked men is naked, except for his wool ski mask, and jacking off to some film. In this film, two hoodlums run upon a woman and man kissing and they begin chasing the couple but they can not out run the skinheads. The two skinheads tie up the chick and rape the guy. The scene is just depraved. The masked man shoots a load watching this.

We are now at the final scene that has Lucio Maverick, Rod Stevens, Glen Santoro, and Garcia Udulo back. They are in what appears to be an office. They start out the sex on a large coffee table. After all, it’s such a mansion, why have the sex in some place like a bedroom. Glen is all fours as he sucks Lucio and Rod is behind him swapping between rimming Glen and sucking Garcia. This film has too many guys just standing there with their dicks out to be sucked or fuck a hole. There are not enough cocksuckers here. They flip Glen around while he is fucked and he sucks the guys until they split up with Rod sucking Garcia and Lucio fucking Glen. They are in different leather attire, but at least no ski masks. Lucio fucks Glen in various positions that are too boring to mention. Lucio is the first to shoot and out comes a thick load. Glen is next, followed by Rod and we get nothing from Garcia.

Extras for this DVD are the Behind the Scenes footage and a photo gallery.

Whoever designed the wardrobe for this film either didn’t know crap about leather attire or didn’t have the budget to do it right. I was lost as to how the title of the film fit and…well…everything. Nothing went together—the house, no bedroom for the scenes, the dominant person wearing the dog collar, etc etc. In the end we had too few guys sucking dick, pitiful cum shots, and the erotic effect lost with all these guys wearing wool ski masks. The mouth is such an important part of sex and it was lost with these masks. Also, why did Herve bring in this skank, and the rape scene with three skanks was sick. I have seen Garcia Udulo (or whatever his name is) in several films and to see him not deliver a cumshot is crazy. If not for being able to see hot guys have some sex, the film would have been a total loss. The positive here was there was several hot men naked having sex. Herve is a better director than this film would show. High Octane has a lot of quality videos out there, but this one is not among them. It might be worth a rental, but not something I would bother watching a second time.

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