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Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
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Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Tormented overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Tormented Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Tormented Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Tormented Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Tormented Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
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Audio/Video Quality Tormented A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by GGG  on  9/23/2009

Tormented (Wicked, 2009)

Directed by Jonathan Morgan

Plot Overview: Incorrectly listed on ADT as a feature, this is in fact an all-sex movie, centered around Stormy, who is in an insane asylum and has “extreme sexual fantasies.” Those fantasies are played out as sex scenes, with a little “crazy Stormy” insert in between each scene.

Scene 1: Stormy and Sascha

As the film opens, Stormy is in a cell, apparently requiring “treatment” for her perversions, and we quickly cut to Stormy walking in slo-mo down a hall, wearing a red and white vinyl nurse’s outfit and black Bettie Page-style wig. She looks pretty striking, and I like the new look. She comes across Sascha, who is on a trolley, wrapped in a strait-jacket with his mouth taped shut. Stormy climbs aboard, and Sascha’s distress intensifies as Stormy takes out his cock. I figured this was leading to the obligatory BJ, but for some reason Stormy dry humps him, and there is no visible BJ even when her head is down. For a second I thought I had the softcore version, but then they cut to cowgirl, missionary, and spoon, all with penetration. Not sure what all that teasing was at the beginning…

Obviously by this point, Sascha is out of his restraints, and they’re going at it. He gives her cunnilingus on request, and then they move into doggy, spoon, missionary, and then a cum shot in her mouth that she sucks clean (then he cums again a little bit…).

This scene was pretty decent, in spite of the strange softcore opening action. One big problem I had with it, though, was the red tinge to the picture – it made Stormy look sunburned from head to toe, and was quite unattractive.

Scene 2: Asa Akira and Tommy Gunn

Back to Stormy’s cell, and we’re treated to some Saw-esque narrative, and then straight into another one of Stormy’s “warped fantasies” involving Asa and a monk in a mask, which I immediately recognized as Tommy Gunn – who couldn’t identify that body? Before Tommy shows up, Asa does some posing in her banging red and black outfit, complete with sharp silver talons, and smoking a hookah. She looks great.

Tommy shows up in his monk’s cloak and gold Eyes Wide Shut mask (which Asa licks), and immediately gets his cock out for a BJ, which cuts to Reverse Cowgirl. At this point Tommy is naked, but keeps his mask on, which might be a fetish for some of you out there. They move into doggy, and Asa is very vocal and seems into it – she engages in some dirty talk, he diddles her, and she says she going to cum…but then it just doesn’t seem to happen. Not sure what happened really.

After some missionary, they transition into Cowgirl, during which she leans forward and he fingers her butthole. I have to say, Asa really works the Cowgirl position. Kudos to her. The camera pans down Tommy’s body to him jerking off while she licks his balls, and after some pretty furious jerking, he cums in her mouth and she cleans up.

I liked this scene – the costumes were cool, Asa was totally working it, and with a banging costume, and Tommy was reliable as ever. Bravo.

Scene 3: Priya Rai, John West, and Marco Banderas

Back to Stormy in her cell, to the horror-cliché sound of children singing. While we were away, Stormy got her hands on some finger paints and has scrawled “MASTER…SLUT” on her body. After telling the camera, “You’ve been a very bad boy!” we cut to the next deranged fantasy…

Priya comes into some kind of classroom/jail cell combination, where Marco and John are hanging, chained to a fence, wearing some leather attire. One is painted, “Master Dick,” and the other “Master Whore.” Priya humiliates the guys, pushes them around, verbally assaults them, and then smothers John with her tits, and Marco with her ass. Both guys get the obligatory BJ, in close coximity I might add, and she continues to suck Marco’s cock while he does her in doggy. Priya is aggressive and vocal, screaming “Smack my fucking ass!”, engages in some quagging, and then when she’s in missionary calls Marco a “dirty bitch.” At this point, I’m sorry to say Marco seems to be having wood problems, and Priya not-very-helpfully yells, “Fuck me! Is that all you got?”

Priya announces she’s going to squirt, and then diddles herself to said conclusion. Some more BJ, Reverse Cowgirl, more squirting, and then both guys jerk off in her mouth; she licks them to help along the process. This scene was okay, aside from a few flaws. Priya brings it, and there is enough diversity in the scene to keep it interesting.

Scene 4: Sarah Vandella, Shawna Lenee, and Anthony Rosano

Back at Stormy’s cell, she’s washing off her finger paints in the shower, and we cut to a scene with some crazy science experiments taking place. “Finally, my plans are coming to fruition!” announces crazy scientist Anthony. There are two women on operating tables, and Anthony compels them to “rise” a la Bride of Frankenstein. Naturally, he goes to town on them with some cunnilingus, and they return the favor with a couple of BJs. I can’t tell who is who in this scene, due to the make-up and costumes, but one of these gals diddles herself during missionary to a rather convincing orgasm – good for her!

The other girl engages in some Cowgirl, with vocal enthusiasm on her part, and then on to some Reverse Cowgirl with the girl-who-came assisting. Anthony then jerks off while they lick his balls, and he cums in both mouths; they lick him clean. This is a pretty decent scene, made decent I suppose by the inclusion of a convincing orgasm – something of a rarity in certain types of porn, unfortunately.

Scene 5: Tori Black and Marco Banderas

Checking back in with Stormy, we see she is being fed bananas in her cell (no, that’s not a sexual innuendo – she’s actually eating bananas), and after she growls like an animal, we cut to the next scene. Tori, looking stunningly beautiful as always, is perusing an underground chamber for a “purchase” – she wants an aggressive one, apparently, but is told, “much too dangerous!” Impatient, Tori commands, “Just open the gate!” and walks in to tame her savage beast. She drags Marco out and inspects him, and announces, “He’s perfect. I just need some time alone with him.” Just call her the Marco-Whisperer.

Tori immediately takes control, ordering Marco to “eat” and he obliges. Moving on to a BJ (with condom…eesh…but it’s just a transitional BJ, so I guess it’s ok…), Marco picks her up, and they fuck with her legs wrapped around him. They move on to missionary, and then flip over for Cowgirl (a very nice transition, too, with no edits). She holds on to some chains for leverage, takes off her top, and then bends over him and really works it. After some Reverse Cowgirl, and some fellatio, they move into doggy, and Marco takes his animalistic theme a little too far, waggling his tongue out and panting like a dog. He cums in her mouth, she sucks his cock clean, and then in a pro-move, dribbles it down her chest.

Scene 5: Stormy, Aiden Starr, and Mick Blue

After a quick check-in with Stormy, we move on to a scene featuring her as some kind of warped Alice in Wonderland, with Mick Blue as the Mad Hatter. The costumes are, once again, extravagant and cool, and I like the theme. The Mad Hatter beckons Stormy as he strokes a bunny rabbit, which then turns into Aiden dressed like a rabbit. Stormy crosses a threshold into their world, something like that scene from Stargate, and starts getting busy with Aiden and Mick. I should note at this stage that the giant teacups on the table are available in the garden section of your local Wal-Mart – they’re planters.

There are obligatory BJs all round before Stormy engages in some Reverse Cowgirl and diddles herself, then assists with Aiden’s Cowgirl. Mick munches on Stormy’s cooch while Aiden licks on her boobs, then we’re treated to some missionary while Aiden rubs on Stormy’s clit. As if Stormy isn’t spoiled by all this treatment, Mick then goes down on Stormy some more, followed by Aiden servicing Stormy’s clit while Mick does Aiden in doggy. There’s even some butt licking.

Stormy gets in some spooning with Mick while he diddles her (kudos for the clit action guys) and she kisses him – I mean, she really makes out with him. Meanwhile, Ms. Bunny, Aiden Starr, is diddling away waiting for a pop shot; it arrives, and he cums on both faces, followed by some cum-wrangling. The scene is followed by Stormy back in her cell, holding her head and screaming “no!” repeatedly. This is a sexy scene, and Stormy really goes for it. The costumes could have been silly…well, they are silly, but I liked them. It was a lot of fun.

Final Thoughts: Looking at the back of the box, realizing this was not a feature (as advertised on ADT), I was disappointed, and considered not watching it: the costumes looked ridiculous, the theme is played out, and I couldn’t imagine it would be any good. Well, I was wrong! I actually got into the theme, and they handled it nicely, with a touch of naughtiness but not too much. There was more diversity and kinky stuff than is usual for a Wicked movie, but still with that couples-friendly vibe. In addition, the costumes, while admittedly absurd, were for the most part super cool in a pantomime-ish way, and all the cast members really worked it. I recommend this all-sex production to singles and couples who are looking for a vibrant non-narrative flick, with a little extra spice than is usual for Wicked features.

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