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Gof Tori, Tarra & Bobbi Love Rocco 3.5 starsTori, Tarra & Bobbi Love Rocco 3.5 starsTori, Tarra & Bobbi Love Rocco 3.5 stars
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Tori, Tarra & Bobbi Love Rocco

Tori, Tarra & Bobbi Love Rocco

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Tori, Tarra & Bobbi Love Rocco:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Tori, Tarra & Bobbi Love Rocco overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Tori, Tarra & Bobbi Love Rocco Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Tori, Tarra & Bobbi Love Rocco Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Tori, Tarra & Bobbi Love Rocco Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Tori, Tarra & Bobbi Love Rocco Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Tori, Tarra & Bobbi Love Rocco DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tori, Tarra & Bobbi Love Rocco A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/6/2010
Alright fans time to check out some of the hot sex Rocco Siffredi was able to capture on his most recent trip out here to the good ole US of A. A nice impressive list here too, Tori Black, Andy San Dimas, Sadie West, Bobbi Starr!! He also got the lovely Tarra White on film too so lots to enjoy in the four scenes presented, time for a few highlights.

Tori Black with Rocco:

We open with Tori Black the current Performer of the Year getting a chance to hook up with one of the all time greats. Tori's in a sexy leopard style dress that hugs that sweet young body. Also some black fishnets stockings are on, Rocco's Rocco in a shirt and jeans! Tori joins him and the two enjoy the beautiful day--- for a few seconds until Rocco can't stand it anymore. Ass eating bigtime by Mr. Siffredi and what an ass to munch on and he does it in a piledriver shot!! He then lifts her up continuing to eat her ass while Tori's able to dangle down and engulf his cock-- this was great footage. There is more traditional bj footage and that rocks too, a connection has indeed been made, actually it was made before the scene as I'm certain Rocco is quite careful who he shoots. Some great animalistic fucking then ensues, pure Rocco!! After some awesome torpedo fucking we get Rocco sliding in that sexy ass from behind, Tori with exquisite cries of delight! A little pause so Tori can ride his face for a few then it's back for more anal-- cowgirl, standing doggie and finally a pop to that pretty face. I'd say Tori's been Rocctified!!

Tarra White & Carla Cox with Rocco & Ian Scott:

We move on to the next scene which begins with Tarra walking up to Rocco who's casually sitting there and she asks what he's done to her girlfriends! Tarra's got a tight top on and a skirt that is naturally a tad short allowing some ass cheek to spill out. Ahh we see what he did to one of her girlfriends-- had her in a dog kennel, a dog house!! She was actually scared by a dog Rocco was holding off here with a leash. Rocco then leaves the two alone-- this was a little different. Rocco holds up a carton of milk and pours it down her face-- I'm guessing this is Carla! We go back to Rocco and Tarra who's upset of course but not to upset to fuck him-- guess Carla's a new pet but he'd done the same type deal with Tarra before. We head to one such encounter. Once more we get Rocco holding up the girl upside down, eating her pussy/ ass while Tarra's able to get a firm grasp on his dick with her hand and mouth. Can't say I was to happy to see the man ass licking but Tarra's a nasty girl!! A much better shot then comes when it's Rocco eating her ass, I'm very much in favor of that. The Rocco then starts in full swing-- literally as she's sat in one and able to twist around to be fucked, to lean backwards for face fucking and hello spit just coating her face.

The shot then changes to Rocco with Carla so it appears we get two scenes all in one. Carla's wrists are restrained to start but then freed starts to devour her body. We don't stay long as it's back to the bar area in real time and we get Ian Scott joining in and both girls are there. Ok don't try to follow to closely, lol, just enjoy the sex. Ian's getting a faceful of Tarra's ass while Carla's got a mouthful of cock. Ok more man ass eating, this time by Carla so both these ladies can get down'n'dirty. Some good hard knob polishing as both share that dick, then it's back to fucking with some great anal for Carla, A2OGM for Tarra and even a little face riding by Miss White to her sexy costar. I must say this was some serious anal for Carla, Tarra would drop down to lick at the gape some then it's wrapped up with some fast pussy fucking to Tarra and the girls both get jizzercized.

Sadie West & Mackenzee Pierce with Toni Ribas:

Ok we move next to a great Porn home overlooking porn valley. Toni Ribas is here and he's got a firm grip on Mackenzee's ass! Miss Pierce looks quite good in her black mesh attire with a corset around her waist. We have shots of Rocco spliced in too riding a motorcycle with Bobbi Starr-- this is the next scene. But we first go back to the scene we're currently watching which now features Sadie West and her amazing ass and she's tied to a table. Guess she's a pet as Toni walks up with a bowl of water for this sexy babe. Sadie plays along and drinks the water but don't know of to many dogs that can pick up the bowl with their hands! Ok the two scenes connect when Rocco calls Toni and overhears the commotion with Sadie as he's enjoying Venice Beach with Bobbi, sorry girls he's not coming by at least for awhile. Toni will have to do! We do get some nice beach shots with Bobbi and Rocco, the surf and a smiling Bobbi Starr- doesn't get much better than this! So we head back to Sadie who's losing more of her clothes as Toni does the same, freeing up his dick and like a rabid dog she licks her lips and moves in. The duo head over to a chair after a short time for some strong face fucking for Sadie along with Toni banging her pussy hard. Mackenzee must hear this but doesn't join in, instead playing with her pussy but I don't think she'll stay away to long. Toni then dives in the pool and heads over to where she is leaving Sadie behind, chained to a table. Mackenzee then gets to suck'n'fuck for a bit as they sit on the edge of a the pool and you get the great valley view below included. After a little 69 action we get anal for Mackenzee, hell yeah that looked good. This lead to Toni unloading a huge load on Mackenzee's face, cleanup too. Very good pop here. Strange Sadie wasn't included towards the end.

Bobbi Starr & Andy San Dimas with Rocco, Tee Reel, J Strokes and DSnoop:

So we get one more scene to enjoy and it's got a great pair of ladies. The scene opens with DSnoop rapping and modeling his Titans jersey when Andy comes up to him.She leads him over to Tee Reel and J Strokes so the party is about to begin. Andy opens up with some dick sucking and just as she's working one stick Rocco and Bobbi arrive. They walk in as the trio of brothers have surrounded Andy who's working the sticks perfectly. Bobbi doesn't waste much time in interjecting herself while Andy resumes her dick devouring right next to her. The girls don't get along as Bobbi pushes Andy off and she gets paired up with Rocco-- well I'd say she came out ok on that deal while it's now Bobbi's who is all over the black cocks. Andy then takes the same passion she had with the brothers and tranfers that nicely to Rocco's dick. Rocco's a cool dude and wants to get everyone together so both girls get brought together but Bobbi's being a bitch and shoves Andy out again, Rocco at least follows her.

Oh snap Rocco doesn't follow her all the way so we get a shot of Andy sitting down with a glass dildo while the other bit of action involves Bobbi and the remaining dick-- though Rocco's not there. Bobbi does look quite good taking on all this cock, there is anal included. Can't say I was so keen on all the talk from the guys but they were having fun that's for sure. The action we're seeing with Bobbi isn't new for her, this woman can fuck with the best so the dp's kick ass, her oral was awesome-- just pure sexual energy that never quits! There's a quick shot then of Andy playing with herself and Rocco's face pops in so hopefully some fucking for Andy will occur. So we stay with Andy/ Rocco for a time and she indeed gets some taking on Rocco's cock and Bobbi's not around to shove her off! Rocco then gets in some serious finger fucking to Andy's mouth and there's more aggressive head from this sexy lady. Well Bobbi just couldn't leave it alone and joins this party, lol. She gets on Rocco's cock while Andy isn't shoved off and gets to stay sliding under Bobbi kissing on her tits while Rocco's banging Miss Starr's cookie. Better shot then comes when Bobbi turns around and gets to eat Bobbi's ass while she's gagging hard on Rocco's cock. The trio then head to the tub where Rocco pours some milk into Bobbi's still gaping ass and we watch it being pushed back out by Bobbi's sphincter muscles!!! The scene soon cumcludes with their respective faces a cum/ milk mess!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans I'd say Rocco enjoyed himself quite a bit during his last trip to LA as evidenced by this dvd. Andy, Bobbi, Tori, Sadie-- the ladies included in this dvd were all special, Mackenzee Pierce in that black mesh stocking material that showed off her incredible tits, ass. Yeah this was a good Rocco show with plenty of anal and dick sucking. The extras didn't feature any BTS but there was some POV time with Rocco and some of the girls - Bobbi, Andy, Tori and Sadie so guess that's a form of BTS. I don't see that much of Rocco but there's no denying he appreciates a beautiful woman as well as any man shooting today.

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