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Gof Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy 4 starsTori Black Is Pretty Filthy 4 starsTori Black Is Pretty Filthy 4 stars
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Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy

Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Gonzo
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Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tori Black Is Pretty Filthy A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/19/2009
Alright fans here's a dvd many have been looking forward too ever since word of it being shot got out. Tori Black in five torrid scenes of sexual perversity which also happens to feature her first on camera anal that wasn't POV. Plus you add in the likes of Rebeca Linares, Marie Luv and Kristina Rose to the mix you have a recipe for explosive action. Mason is pretty good behind the camera and often she interjects some cool commentary in her flicks as she along with the star discuss what's going on, what might happen. But we'll see if that's the case with this release. If you're at all a Tori Black fan and want to see her pushed to her limits then I'd definitely say keep an eye out for this release as I can safely guess it will hit all the buttons you could want pushed. Highlight time.

Tori Black & Rebeca Linares:

Wow, what an immediate grab we get with a full frontal facial shot on Tori and we get to just listen to her as she talks about owning her sexuality and listening to her it came across as very personal and real direct. I liked this opening a lot and Mason should keep it up for every scene. After that cool opening comes an aerial shot of the CA coastline, the waters looking good and then it's onto the beach with Tori who sizzles in her bikini, letting the sunlight bath her as the waves roll into the shore. We then get our second girl introduced as Rebeca is also on the beach in a hot black bikini and this woman also sizzles sexuality like few do. The dark hair, those eyes and we certainly know she can handle a cock or cocks if that's the case. From the beach we have the ladies moving to a shower to wash all that sand off and I love water tease so seeing them in the shower having fun with each other was way hot. Pretty soon we have nakedness and then a great shot of Rebeca on her knees eating out Tori's pussy, awesome. The action moves fast as we head into the main living room where Mark Ashley is, the girls do a little cock sharing then it's riding time with both girls having their turn and they keep up the great g/g play which began in the shower. Both girls look so good and in cowgirl you get a tease as we see Tori's asshole which shortly will be finally tapped-- not in this scene but real soon. Add in a little face sitting on Mark's face, Tori licking at Rebeca's ass while she's riding and we have a cumplete scene, only needing the pop which the ladies share. A fine start to this one.

Tori Black's 1st Non-POV Anal:

We open again with Tori talking and I really enjoyed this a lot. Her being so open as she talked about where she came from, how she started porn in Florida but made the choice to hit LA when someone there said hey you need to be in LA, you'll be a big star and I'd have to say it's becoming clearer and clearer that Tori Black's someone to watch in this biz. Now we get a chance to see her nice ass finally see some action. Who better to bring in than Manuel Ferrara for the honors. The two have a good connection which you'll see as they first hook up. Mason and Tori do a little conspirital talking before hand. Manuel has no idea anal is in the cards but when Tori takes a little longer in the bathroom than usual he starts to suspect and Tori can't really hide her smile when she leaves so it's go time! Manuel does some fine pussy eating her, getting those motors revving and in turn Tori does a real good jo working that cock as Mason provides some great ass shots, hello backdoor we're finally comin in today!!!We work our way into the anal with some great pussy pounding first, reverse and spoon here then hello ass it's time. Staying with spoon we get the slow insertion shot and just watch Tori's face here, the expression tells the story as do her vocals. The anal starts off slow but the intensity clearly builds as Manuel continues the strokes until he's really drilling that ass. Cowgirl anal was way cool, the two were a sweaty mess by this time, their bodies colliding with each hard thrust. The scene ends with Manuel firing off several ropes of jizz to her waiting mouth with a lot also hitting her upper lip and Tori gives great cleanup as the scene ends. Awesome job all around and her fans clamoring for anal will definitely love the results, her ass was pounded!! A little post pop fun too as Manuel goes back in her ass for a few strokes and Tori's spent but drops down for some hot A2M so hello anal I think Tori Black likes you!

Tori & Marie Luv:

We open again with some chat time with Tori, so open and honest as she talks. Mason says a few words but mostly it's all Tori here and it's refreshing from just going right to the scene. Once we go into the scene the whole dynamic changes. It's a shadowy hallway and at the end a woman standing, wearing male clothes and in a fedora hat, not sure who it is but soon we know it's Tori and she's doing some sexy moves too, so far so very good in this one. The musical choice too was key here, it fit the mood perfectly. Tori then becomes very clear as the shadows go away and damn she's hot in the white shirt, opened just a little with a tie hanging around her neck. She even teases us with a cigar briefly. The hat then flies off and the tease amplifies as those eyes come into play, her hands moving over her body. Great tease! And then she peels the pants off revealing that ass, there's black stockings, dark heels and she still has the white shirt on. The visuals here were the best so far in capturing Tori though that bikini on the beach is close! Some nice up close floor shots here too as we get more and more intimate with Tori Black. The shot then changes and now we have Marie in the shot going to town kissing on those titties of Tori's. I missed seeing the same kind of tease for Marie, it could've been shorter but she would've rocked in a similar outfit.

I understand, though, this is a Tori showcase. But back to the action, love seeing Marie doing the g/g stuff now, more and more please Miss Luv. These two look so good as they kiss and sample each other's bodies from boob to pussy where Tori makes bee line for. Great open leg shot as we get Tori sampling the cookie. They bring in a Hitachi wand, you know the big white one that looks like a microphone-- trust me when it has the ladies screaming out just the same as if they were really singing! We can't have Marie missing out and when Tori rises up and puts her ass/pussy over Marie's face I was very happy, love pussy eating like this, ala face sitting. The ladies then get a big black dick to play with and they each have a good at sucking it, the sharing was hot too. Good sex here too, Marie riding in cowgirl and that ass, Tori in reverse with Marie doing P2OGM. We even get some anal here for Marie with Tori bringing the hitachi back in to give a little added stimulation. A little bit more for Tori and then we are ready for pop and it's to her mouth with the girls quickly sharing the spoils from their fine collaboration. So far this one's really kicking some serious ass.

Tori & Kristina Rose:

Well we come to the final 2 on 1 for this title and bringing in Kristina Rose is just wonderful. Like Tori who's star is rising we get to watch Kristina who I think is among the faves for Top Performer this year so seeing these two work together should be a great scene. More honest and direct talking with Tori here before the scene proper, you really get to know a lot more about Tori in this title, can't say enough how much I enjoyed this bit before the fucking, bravo ladies. We hit the scene and Tori's back outside in a bikini, liked how they did her hair too, a bit feathered out-- not sure if that's the right word but it looked great. Crystal clear picture and we get more fine floor shots gazing up as she teases us in front of pool, behind them porn valley laids sprawled out. More sexy eye contact too with Tori. Never can get enough good eye looks and Tori's been giving some sizzling ones to us in this title. Nice we get a hand off of lotion from Kristina to Tori as they change places and while Tori's got a fine ass Kristina's is out of this world hot and Mason's quick to hit us with a ground up close shot of that quivering piece of hotness. Tori has a seat and enjoys the show from afar as Kristina now takes center stage for a minute or two. Lots of hot ass shots here which is just what you'd want in a Kristina Rose tease sequence. Kristina's also facing towards Tori so they both are eyeing each other so I'm expecting some pretty hot g/g play here in a few seconds.

So the girls come together as the pool water starts to jet up in the air we get ass caressing and joint side by side ass shaking, very good. The girls then get in the water as it's flying up skyward and as it's crashing around on their bodies they start making out, yeah this is gonna get even better fans. The girls try both getting over a jet of water and instead of flying up skyward it only crashes hard into their pussy-- that had to feel good. Mix in some good oral too and I'd say the ladies were enjoying themselves quite nicely. Some toy play too but I was more into the actual pussy licking where both girls do very well. Now all they need is a cock and going into the house they find one and it's Manuel. We all know Kristina loves him and we just watched earlier a very passionate anal scene with Tori so she's pretty keen on Manuel too. The girls jointly work his cock out and both shine when engulfing it and should I mention moer gratuitous ass shots of Kristina!! Some fine cock riding here from the girls and the anal this time goes to Kristina who does reverse. The girls each get some strong cock action here before Manuel launches and he stands back some as he blasts off his load but easily reaching the girls faces. Well done and I'd love to see these two work together again.

Tori Black 3 way:

One final chance to enjoy some direct and honest dialogue from Tori to us the viewer. Mason has largely refrained from joining in, instead letting Tori tell the story and it's been interesting to listen to this young lady tell her story, what gets her hot sexually, how she got into the biz-- and it wasn't in a typical porno style interview. Just a direct facial shot and Tori being open and honest, I liked it a lot. But we have one last bit of sexual perversity with this sexual woman and this time it's featuring two guys. As the scene opens it's a normal porn day in LA and we find Tori standing there in a dark black trenchcoat, eyeing all that is below her, ready to take control. The streets are largely deserted as she strolls along, nice stockings and of course her heels were jet black too. The music has been chosen well in this title and here it's atmospheric, giving the impression of being alone but we see civilization about just no one seeming to notice the other. Tori hits a wherehouse where the coat opens up revealing a corset and no panties! The coat's dropped and the music changes too, becoming more empowering as Tori's walk is now very confident. Ok we get a perve behind shot of her ass, yay!! We're back to the ominous music too as Tori makes her way upstairs where we find Mick blue and James Deen waiting. No hello, how are ya. Nope the hands start diddling her pussy, some kissing and finally Tori gets some cock to suck on. Tori does very well going from cock to cock. Some fine cock riding too from Tori here on each schlong, the intensity ratcheted up pretty high. A little bit of dirty talk too from Tori as those cocks are pulverizing her pussy. This was easily the most hardcore scene and absent of anal it was pretty powerful. There was some hard gack, gack, gack sucking which a lot love. Tori is blasted in the end by their loads, her face a mess of cum with some cleanup too.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was quite the glimpse into the life of one Tori Black. The honest way she talked to us before the scenes was so cool. Mason provided the visuals and they certainly told the story as Tori's sexual exploits were laid out for all to see. The anal was a definite highlight with Manuel but so were the three 2 on 1's with Marie, Kristina and Rebeca. The finale was most intense as she takes on two of the best cocks in the biz and comes out the winner! An easy purchase recommendation for Tori Black fans, it shows her off perfectly. Now for extras we have a couple here worth checking out. There's a nearly 11 minute long trailer for this one and hey if you're just getting it and haven't watched any scenes yet this will be a great way to take a look at what you'll see. There is also a BTS segment which is fairly short at 10 minutes but we had such good stuff to start the scenes with Tori which normally you might see in a BTS so it was cool. Well done to Mason and especially Tori and I wonder who is next on this sexual journey that Mason has now chronicled twice, first with Kristina and now with Tori Black. I'm ready now to book my ticket!

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