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Top Wet Girls 6

Top Wet Girls 6

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Girl , Foreign , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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stinkfist's ratings for Top Wet Girls 6:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Top Wet Girls 6 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Top Wet Girls 6 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Top Wet Girls 6 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Top Wet Girls 6 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Top Wet Girls 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Top Wet Girls 6 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Top Wet Girls 6 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  3/13/2011
"I wanted to make this lesbian DVD a major moment. I wanted fashion and very nasty girls. We find new models of value and what is for me very important, some new gapes." - Christoph Clark

That is an actual quote from Christoph,if that does not get the palate wet as to what sexy fun is in store then nothing will tempt you to this Top Wet Girls 6 dvd.Here goes for hopefully another great movie from Christoph.

Scene 1- Ashley Brooke & Antonya

The scene starts of with a sweeping shot of one of the girls as she sits on a sofa and with a brilliant white backdrop it looks great,it has a really fresh clean and airy look to the set which is pleasing on the eye,i think the picture quality will be good.As the camera pans from her slim toned legs up to capture her stunning good looks she has on a shocking pink see thru slip and with her dark hair she looks so beautiful,almost like she has just stepped of the catwalk.She has a slim figure and with her piercing hazel brown eyes that just draw you in and melt your heart i cannot wait to see how the action will unfold.Ashley is smoking hot and she has pink lipstick on too and with her long fingernails she looks perfect

The camera now moves onto Antonya who was sitting on the opposite side of the sofa and this time it's a face shot first and then a slow sweeping shot down her body to show of her sexy figure,she also has dark hair and looks so sexy and with her pretty face and piercing eyes i cannot wait to see her get it on with Ashley.She also has a shocking pink see thru slip on and her breasts look so pert and inviting,she has pink lipstick on and her nails are done in pink to complete her sexy look.As the camera zooms from one girl to the other Christoph's hand comes into view and he lights a cigarette that Antonya was holding and the camera lingers on her as she takes a few drags from it.

The attention moves to Ashley and once again Christoph lights the cigarette she was holding and she takes a few drags from it then with another camera angle to catch both girls smoking the action turns to Ashley who uses her finger to instruct the camera to focus on her,the action was about to commence.It was quite erotic to see the intro and it was not too much overkill with the smoking,so if you thought that a cigarette could only be enjoyed by girls after sex then think again.I cannot wait to see how this plays out,i already have my own thoughts on what i would love to see the girls do to each other,Christoph wont let us down though.

With Ashley standing up we get some great teasing shots of her ass and it's not long before Antonya was over there as both girls stood side by side and showed of those butts and with both girls wearing identical outfits and there pink thongs on display through there slips im already licking my lips in anticipation for the show that these girls will put on,after more tease Ashley goes doggie style on the sofa and Antonya removes the red love heart cushions from the black sofa and places them on the floor then kneels on them and runs her hands up Ashley's legs then she begins to squeeze on those pert cheeks of hers,this looks so erotic and with the camera moving into different positions to catch Antonya smiling as she slowly gets to work on Ashley's ass it's great to watch.

More great teasing shots continue and Ashley is loving this and is getting turned on as Antonya slowly works her magic on her,i love the slow build up and now Antonya has stood up and walked around to behind the sofa to reach down to spread Ashley's cheeks apart while the camera gets a great shot of the action,as Ashley's ass gets spread and with her still wearing her thong we get teasing glimpses of both holes as she continues to get her primed ready for abuse.Now Antonya uses her thumb to trace under her thong and pulls it higher up to expose her holes then pulls her thong aside and with that she makes Ashley's ass gape and moves her tongue towards her asshole.

She begins to rim Ashley and is looking into the camera as she does so,god this looks incredible,i love it what a turn on.The ass licking and rimming looks amazing and with some great close up's of Antonya looking into the camera as the moans of Ashley ring out it's the stuff dreams are made of.Her little farthole looks perfect,tight and just ripe for abuse and with Ashley shouting out in broken English "Oh yes,suck my ass" i think i have died and gone to heaven.She continues to shout out "Oh yes,suck suck" i think im going to explode.

More great tongue fucking continues and again Ashley who is really getting turned on shouts out "Oh yes,put your tongue inside" fuck i better wear boxing gloves for the rest of this review or i can sense an "accident" happening lol.Antonya really does look amazing rimming and tongue fucking this hot babe and with that look into the camera as she is doing it,it is driving me wild with lust and when Ashley shouted out "You are doing so good,you are my bitch" even my Guide Dog came into the bedroom to see what all the fuss was about and when he put his paws over his eyes i knew it was even too much for him.Back to the action and Antonya stops the rimming and now makes a move to share some tongue and kissing action with Ashley,

Now the sexy Ashley sits back on the sofa and with her legs high up in the air to show of her ass she pulls her cheeks apart to show of her gape and Antonya moves over to once again lick her asshole and then slip a finger up her bum hole,one finger soon becomes 2 and this looks hot as hell and with the views changing to show of the action it's great to see the shot looking down on the girls as they have some hot fun together.As the camera zooms out then back in a black dildo is being used on Ashley's ass,wow this looks great and the moans from this girl are turning me on.

As the toy gets pulled out a few times we are treated to the site of this girls gaping asshole and with Antonya moving in to lick and rim her i think Christoph Clark owes me a new Guide Dog as i just heard the door in my flat slamming shut and when i hit pause and looked a note from my Guide Dog was left on the kitchen worktop simply saying "You did have fun going blind,i cannot cope staying with a pervert any longer" well it's his loss lol.Back to the action and when i came back in the room that paused gape was still winking at me.

It is great to watch that toy plunging in and out of that tight little farthole,i tell you what Antonya really does love to eat ass.As the camera zooms in for a close up of that gape i swear to god i looked deep inside it then i seen a rainbow then as that faded out the face of David Icke came into view and he just winked before it faded out,i think im going crazy lol.A change of position now and Ashley goes doggie style with that ass high in the air as Antonya drives that dildo deep inside her as the screams from Ashley ring out,more rimming while looking into the camera follows and once again this looks incredible.

Now it was time for sexy little Ashley to get her revenge on Antonya,as the camera panned out from a close up of Antonya's face we see that she is in doggie position on the sofa and Ashley is giving her asshole some attention.It is great to watch Ashley lick and rim that gaped little fun house and with a close up of Antonya's face to see her reaction it looks great to see this babe looking into the camera as her asshole gets licked.Now it was time for that same black dildo to get get introduced to Antonya's asshole and as it was forced up her bum hole i felt like cheering,phew this looks hot.

Antonya is really loving this toy action and is bucking against this toy to really get off even more and is nearing orgasm and as the dildo gets removed her ass is stretched wide to show of her gape,then bingo Ashley moves in for some ass licking and rimming action,i could watch this kind of stuff 24/7 i simply love it.Some deep tongue fucking now and my fave camera angle as it has Ashley looking into the camera as she plunges that tongue in and out of that willing asshole before the dildo gets used on her again.

More great gape action follows and Antonya really does have a farthole to be proud of,she helps to stretch her own ass cheeks wide open giving us the best possible view.After more ass fucking with the dildo Antonya lies back on the sofa and with her legs wide apart she fingers her own asshole using 2 fingers then pulling out to show of that amazing gape.This time Ashley has another toy for her ass and it's a massive red dong and she uses it to stretch her wide open before licking around then in her ass.Some great sloppy kissing and tongues flicking against each other brings the scene to an end.

Wow what a scene that was,both girls were stunning and it had a bit of everything from toy play to ass licking to rimming to passionate kissing to the smoking intro.I loved watching Antonya ravish Ashley,she really gave her asshole a torrid time it just looked so sexy but the little sexy Ashley also proved she could be just as nasty and put in a great performance too.The close up's when the girls would look into the camera while rimming the other girl look incredible,all in a perfect scene to kick things off with and a special mention for the set it was bright and airy and well lit and it made it very pleasing on the eye and the action was captured perfectly.

Scene 2- Melanie Memphis & Carmen Rose

The scene starts of with a medical theme to it,yes it's set in a Doctor's Examination room and as the camera zooms to some medical wall charts then zooms out we get our first look at dark haired babe Melanie.She is on her knees on the Examination bed with her back to the camera and she is wearing black leather knee high boots a short black leather skirt complete with belt and black leather bra,wow this girl is stunning.She has long dark hair and is really pretty and has beautiful hazel brown eyes,her sexy figure is sensational.This girl is a real babe it's going to be awesome to see her in action.

With the camera angles changing to show of Melanie we see a female "Doctor" enter the room,she is wearing her white coat and with her long dark hair cascading down her shoulders she looks so powerful and has that air of authority about her.She looks pretty and is wearing knee high leopard print skin boots and as she walks around Melanie and eyes her up this has a real intense feel to it,nothing is said as she just circles her "prey".I wonder what is under her white coat,Melanie continues to remain in the same pose on her knees and looking straight ahead and with her hands behind her back

After walking around Melanie a couple of more times she stops and looks at her and claps her hands to signal for Melanie to move into doggie position,this is going to be great.Carmen "The Doctor" then produces a ball gag from her pocket and puts it on Melanie then once again walks around her to ramp up the tension.Carmen now stops behind Melanie and slowly unbuttons her Doctors coat to reveal her leopard print bra and matching undies and removes her coat,she then leaned into Melanie's face and licks her mouth and ball gag and whispers "Your my fucking bitch" before resuming some ball gag licking and saying "You understand".This has the makings of a great scene.

Carmen now moves behind Melanie and slaps her curvy leather clad ass,what a sexy butt Melanie has it's really round and looks peachy.Each slap against that leather sounds so amazing and with the camera zooming into Melanie to catch her reaction it looks great.The ball gag comes off though and this time Carmen once again goes behind Melanie and spanks her hard then moves her legs slightly open and pulls up her skirt to reveal her amazing bum,she has black undies on and Carmen moves closer and sniffs her ass.Wow this is hot as hell what a turn on,her thong gets pulled to the side and Carmen begins to lick her asshole only stopping to say "You are mine,you are mine"

As Carmen tongue fucks Melanie's ass the camera moves around to capture her facial reaction and a huge stream of saliva dribbles from her mouth,the camera once again moves position and this time it's looking down Melanie's body as Carmen buries her face deep into her ass and as she looks into the camera it's amazing she stops and says "I love to suck" this is turning me on like crazy,i think i love Melanie but to watch her being "dommed" by the Doctor of perversion Carmen is fantastic.Now it was time for the lube to come out and Carmen smears some over Melanie's ass,i think i know whats coming if i do not control myself lol

Carmen begins to trace her fingers over Melanie's perfect little butthole getting her ready for her "examination" and it's not long before one finger then two are probing deep inside her farthole,this looks amazing to watch and the moans from Melanie just make this even better.Carmen picks up the pace as she fingers her ass and stops to get Melanie to reach her hands around and spread her own ass cheeks wide apart then Carmen spits on her ass and slips 3 fingers inside her and continues to finger fuck her dirtbox.

Now a great camera angle as the action is captured from over Carmen's shoulder looking down onto Melanie's amazing ass and as Carmen plunges 4 fingers in and out of her ass to see Melanie gape as the fingers are removed is a thing of beauty,she really is wide open now and her stretched little farthole looks so inviting.As the action unfolds Carmen is being very vocal and calling Melanie "My fucking bitch" then going on to tongue fuck her ass,im loving this and the sexy Melanie looks incredible in doggie style with her ass high in the air and at the mercy of Carmen.

Carmen stops to walk around to Melanie and as they share a passionate kiss she says "You are so beautiful" the action then jumps to Melanie standing over the medical bed and leaning forward and resting her hands on the edge of the bed and with Carmen by her side she begins to trace her long nails over her body gently raking them down her back then she slips of Melanie's black undies,wow this is going to be great.With Carmen still behind her she presses her body tight against Melanie and grinds her pussy into her ass while groping on her boobs

Carmen really is loving doing whatever she likes to this little babe Melanie and as she removes her bra and plays with Melanie's tits her breathing becomes more and more erratic,she is in that "zone" sexually when wave after wave of lust takes over.Melanie's boobs look amazing,nice and firm and her nipples were rock solid and Carmen comments that she has "Beautiful tits" before she stoops down and helps Melanie remove her undies that were at her ankles.To see Melanie wearing only those black knee high leather boots and with her stunning figure was the stuff that dreams are made of.

Melanie gets made to go into position on the examination bed and to see her with her legs wide open in the Medical Stirrups looked so erotic and she was now free for Carmen to explore her even more,Carmen opts to lick Melanie out and this looks great her juicy little shaven slit looked fantastic with Carmen's tongue flicking and dancing all over it and as she rubbed on that pussy Melanie was in heaven.The action changes to a purple dong getting used on Melanie's ass,this really does look so good and as this beast hammers in and out of her asshole the camera angle changes to show of this intense action.

Carmen now rams 4 fingers deep in Melanie's asshole and fucks her before going back to using the dong on her and as Melanie is screaming out and nearing orgasm Carmen is shouting out to help her to the point of no return,she shouts out "Come on honey" and as the bucking continues from Melanie Carmen slips that dong out and drops to her knees to rim that gape once again.Now it was time for little babe Melanie to turn aggressor and the scene switches to Carmen in the Medical Stirrups and with her holding her big fleshy pussy lips wide open she says "Look at my big lips" and while still holding them wide apart Melanie sinks to her knees to eat her out.

Can this get any hotter,well the answer is yes as Melanie gives her a licking that she will never forget.Wow the quiet Melanie really is a girl/girl fanatic and eats pussy like it's going out of fashion,Carmen is loving this as wave after wave of lust jolts through her body and still she has her lips held open and parted for little Melanie to feast on her.The action changes to Carmen in doggie position and Melanie using a black dildo on her ass then going on to give her an incredible ass licking and tongue fucking,this girl is amazing and it's such a turn on to see such a confident and sexual girl in action.

Now it was time for a red butt plug to find it's way into Carmen's ass and as she was in doggie position and with her ass high in the air and the action caught side on it looked great,Melanie really uses that toy to fuck her ass senseless and makes sure she pulls it out and gives Carmen a good rimming and with that Melanie stops and Carmen stands up to embrace her and both girls share a passionate kiss to bring the scene to an end.

Wow that was amazing,i loved the whole medical scenario and Carmen played the strict Dom Doctor perfectly but for me the star of the show was Melanie.What a really stunning young girl she is,she has an incredible figure and to watch her being put through her paces by Carmen was a real joy.Great toy action here too and with finger fucking etc it made for a truly great scene,when Melanie got her chance to ravish Carmen she did not let us down and really thrived on giving out a strict lesson to the sexy Doctor.The action was once again caught perfectly and this was a real intense scene with 2 hot performers going for it,i loved it a scene to go back to time and time again.

Scene 3- Lucy Bell & Rihanna Samuel

This scene is set in some old run down abandoned factory or hospital toilets by the look of things,with broken urinals and cracked and missing tiles and dirty mirrors suddenly both girls come into view and it's a real beauty and the beast moment.Beautiful girls in a beastly location,i like it.As the girls dance around in there underwear Rihanna looks great,she has dark hair and with a slim toned body she looks sexy as she struts her stuff.Now the camera moves to Lucy and wow what a babe she is,she has long dark hair and looks stunning and with a tight and toned body i think she is my fave she is really beautiful.

This is going to be another amazing treat to see these 2 sexy girls get it on,as we get more sweeping shots of both girls to marvel at there beauty i notice that Lucy has a piercing just opposite her lip,it does make her look sexy and her belly button is pierced too.Christoph's hand comes into view and the great news for us it that he was holding and offering the girls a huge black double ended dildo,without any hesitation both girls grab an end each and smiling they begin to lick the end they were holding,i cannot take my eyes of Lucy she is just so pretty and although Rihanna is also beautiful i have a thing for Lucy lol,

It's hot to see these girls suck on that dildo as there saliva coats that black beast,if you like seeing girls sucking on dildos you will love this segment of the movie as the close up's of the girls going to work on it are great.Lucy has the most sparkling eyes ever and her smile is making me weak at the knees and as she squats down while perched on an old oil drum and with Rihanna opposite her licking on her end of that dong it looks amazing and with both girls still in there underwear im licking my lips in anticipation of seeing them getting down and dirty with each other.I think that Rihanna looks a little bit like Aleska Diamond,it's all in the eyes and come to think of it from scene 1 Antonya also looked a little bit like her the way her hair was done,which is all good in my book.

Back to the action and more dong sucking continues and then it moves to Rihanna standing up and slowly teasing while her ass is to the camera and she peels down her red underwear a little to show of her tight ass,as the camera pans out Lucy is doing the same and looks great.They pull those panties down further to tease then pull them back up again,i have noticed that Rihanna has tan lines and by the look of it she must have been wearing a tiny bikini went she went sunbathing.Lucy has some pimples on her bottom but do not let that put you off as this girl is hot as hell,both girls are still standing on top of those old oil drums and it's like a sexy lap dance they are performing with Rihanna looking into the camera and saying "I love you"

Lucy utters something to the camera in her native tongue i have no idea what she just said but it still sounds hot,hey im a guy i thrive on this kind of thing lol.Both girls are now squatting down and there hands are deep inside there panties playing with there pussy's,holy crap Lucy just shouted out "I am a bitch" and not to be outdone Rihanna shouts out "Im a slut" and they go back to getting themselves off and as Lucy's breathing becomes more erratic as she nears orgasm i cannot wait to see Rihanna get stuck into her lol.

The action now swings to both girls on a bed,yes a bed how did that get in the toilet it must have been for the slackers in that factory or hospital to sneak off from work duties and crash out for forty winks lol.Ok on a more serious note it's Lucy who is lying back and at the mercy of Rihanna and as she holds Lucy's foot to her mouth she licks her foot then licks on the heel of her sandal.She then removes it and the lovely feet of Lucy's are exposed and Rihanna begins to lick on her toes and takes 2 of her toes deep in her mouth and sucks on them and this looks so erotic,the way she licks those perfect toes while looking into the camera is great.

Rihanna crams 4 toes in her mouth now and Lucy moans out,it really does look wonderful to see Rihanna sucking on those toes and next up it was time for the other foot to get the same lavish treatment,this is a joy to watch.Now a hot moment as Rihanna puts both of Lucy's feet together and runs her tongue along all her toes then sucks on her 2 big toes then gives the others attention while the camera shot of Lucy shows her pulling down her bra to show of her small boobs as her nipples poked out.She is loving this expert footjob that Rihanna is giving her,Lucy pulls and pinches on her nipples and her smile told it's own story this girl is loving it.

As more foot licking from Rihanna continues i have just noticed that Lucy has a tattoo on her foot,that must have hurt getting that done,it does look sexy and makes her feet look all the more inviting and lickable and suckable.The way Rihanna drags her tongue along Lucy's toes has got me hot and bothered and again the close up while she is doing it and looking into the camera drives me wild,now a really hot piece of action as Rihanna takes off her sandals and as she sits opposite Lucy she moves her feet to Lucy and both girls feet press against each other.The soles of there feet touching then brushing there toes together,wow i love it.

After more great foot tease with Lucy using her foot to stroke the legs of Rihanna then both girls again pushing against each others feet it was time to see Lucy suck on the pretty feet of Rihanna and as she went doggie style she arched her feet up for Lucy to trace her tongue all over the soles of her feet then suck on her toes.Lucy looks incredible as she looks into the camera,her stunning good looks and naughty behavior is just the kind of thing that you want to see a hot babe like her get up to.As more sucking and licking of perfect toes follows i think i have fallen for Lucy,she has that almost shy look about her and with a smile that sends a shiver down the spine im loving this scene.

Now it was time for some ass attention and Lucy peels of Rihanna's red undies and begins to lick and rim her ass,this looks great and Rihanna is really getting off on this and rubs her pussy as the ass licking continues.Lucy is not really getting her tongue right in there but it's still great to watch her lick Rihanna's farthole,after more ass licking Lucy reaches up to share a kiss with Rihanna and licks on her shoulder blades before smiling then kissing Rihanna.The action now swings to Rihanna in doggie position with her ass high in the air and Lucy is using a green toy on her asshole,after fucking her ass with it she pulls out to rim and lick her gape.

More toy fucking and ass licking as Rihanna screams the place down,it's great to see Lucy spread her ass wide open and dribble some saliva into Rihanna's butthole then lick around her anus.The action is caught perfectly here with great intense close up's of Lucy stretching Rihanna wide open then a cut to the facial reaction of Rihanna then back to the action,the action has now swung to Lucy lying back with her legs high in the air and together as Rihanna rubs on her pussy while using a toy on her asshole,this is what i have been desperate to see.

This looks great and Lucy's ass is so tight it's gripping that toy as Rihanna works it in deep and as she rubs on her clit to send her wild the moans of Lucy ring out loud and proud,my god Rihanna is really pounding Lucy with that toy and when she pulls it out i swear to god Lucy's farthole shouted out "HELP".Rihanna stops only to peel of her bra top and her tan lines are visible,if i had a body like her i would go topless wait a minute if i had a body like her i would be on the phone to Christoph Clark lol.At last Rihanna pulls that toy out and rims the gape of Lucy,this looks amazing.

As the camera moves in for the trademark close up while Rihanna looks into the camera this is so hot,with her ass stretched wide open you can see some of the pimples on Lucy's ass.Now it was time for another toy to get fed into Lucy's ass,i do not know my sex toys but this is a long black toy with "balls" along the length of it.Rihanna feeds about 5 "ball" lengths into Lucy's ass then slowly pulls them out to reveal her gaped ass once more before going on to lick and rim Lucy,another toy gets used to pummel Lucy's ass and as she nears orgasm she is screaming away while rubbing on her clit.As her body buckles Rihanna pulls the toy out then moves her breast to Lucy's pussy and traces her right nipple over her pink pussy lips,this looks hot as hell as Rihanna's erect nipple brushes against Lucy's lips.To end the scene both girls share a passionate kiss.

Well that was another fantastic scene there really is no let up in the action just wave after wave of really pretty girls getting down and dirty with each other,both girls were stunning although i took more of a shine to Lucy with her exotic looks and to see the foot play between the girls was amazing.I loved watching Lucy getting dominated then getting her own chance to be the aggressor and giving Rihanna a seeing too.

Scene 4- Donna Bell & Honey Demon

Im really looking forward to this scene as it stars the 2 girls from the box cover,they looked stunning on the cover so to see them in the flesh will be great.A quick mention to whoever produced the box cover,very good work it's very inviting and an eye catcher when in the store.Well what will this scene throw up,so far in the other scenes it's been a roller coaster with great ass licking/rimming and toy play to some great foot play etc.The scene starts of with a brilliant white backdrop and i think it might be the same set from scene 1 which is great as it was bright and airy and made for great viewing when the girls entered the action.

With the camera pointing to the floor a pink dildo which is standing up comes into view and as the camera pans along we see several other dildos standing upright on the floor and some other toys lay strewn on the floor and with the camera quickly moving up we see one of the girls,it's the girl with dark hair standing over a sex toy wearing only her black underwear and wearing black sandals.She has her hair tied back into a pony tail and from this quick look she has a great figure and looks attractive,the attention now swings to the blond and this girl is wearing black underwear too and has on sandals and with her long blond hair and fit body this is going to be the scene i was praying for.

The camera jumps from girl to girl and i love the look of the dark haired girl,she has a pretty face and a curvy body and with her turning around to show of her curvy bottom i think im in love.The next shot has both girls standing side by side and they use there fingers to beckon the camera closer then turn around and smack there butts and with that both girls squat down and the blond says in broken English "We are just so nasty" then begins to rub on the dark haired girls pussy,is it underwear or black bikinis they are wearing im not sure but what the hell this looks fantastic

To watch those girls stand up and share a kiss as they rubbed each others pussy was a thing of beauty,i really have the horn for Honey with the dark hair and when she bent over and Donna the blond sank to her knees to play with her curvy ass cheeks i was in heaven.It's not long before Donna is on her feet and has pulled Honey's bikini to the side to reveal her ass and pussy and she parts her cheeks and makes her gape,Donna looks great and to see her really long nails trace over the ass cheeks of Honey looked good.Now a great shot of Donna as the camera looked down on Honey's ass and she had her tongue right in her ass crack and was licking away,this looks fantastic.

She begins to tongue fuck Honey and the camera angle is still looking down on the action im loving this it looks so hot,Honey is soon on her travels and walks over to a sofa and with this brilliant white set i can hardly even see the white/cream sofa but im not complaining as the set does look so fresh and bright that it's fantastic to have no background distractions.Honey peels of her bikini bottoms and goes doggie style on the sofa and with her ass high in the air she looks stunning,just ripe for abuse.She pulls her own cheeks wide apart and i just sat there in stunned silence and as the camera zoomed in to show her pretty face her sparkling hazel eyes caught my attention,this girl is a dream..a wet one lol.

Donna walks over to her and stoops down and sniffs her asshole,she does this a couple of times inhaling the scent from Honey's little chocolate factory then begins to slowly lick that farthole and a close up of Donna shows how pretty a girl she is too and her eyes complete with green eye shadow look great.Donna tongue fucks her and this looks amazing and as her tight little fudge box is probed Honey cries out with pleasure,now it was time for the lube to come out and Honey gets her ass cheeks oiled up and to see her butt glisten was great.

More of my favorite now and it was a close up of Donna rimming Honey and flicking her tongue inside that farthole,and as the camera pulled back to show a full length shot it looks fantastic with that brilliant white backdrop making the girls the focus of attention.Donna is on the move and brings over a chair and places it behind Honey,she slowly takes her sandals off and with her sitting on the chair she reaches her legs out and holds them together and wiggles her toes right into the camera she then rests both her feet on Honey's ass and with the soles of her feet resting and gripping onto Honey's ass she uses them to part Honey's ass cheeks open.

This looks good and as Donna continues using her feet to keep her ass wide open Honey reaches for a black dildo and slips that toy up her own ass and fucks her farthole with that beast,i cannot believe how tight her ass is and im loving the fact Donna is still using her feet to keep Honey's ass open as she fucks herself senseless.Hot hot hot indeed and when we get treated to side on shots of the action i just want to cheer out loud,Donna moves from the chair and takes hold of this black dildo and begins to fuck Honey's ass with it occasionally stopping to slip her tongue deep in her ass and drive her crazy.

Another toy gets used on Honey now and as this gets rammed in then out of her ass quickly it really does not want to let go,it is gripping so tight and with Donna stopping then slipping the toy out then giving her an aggressive tongue fucking it's amazing to watch.The action now swings to Donna lying back on the sofa and with Honey on her knees before her she takes Donna's feet to her mouth and begins to suck on her toes,wow Honey looks amazing feasting on the perfect toes of Donna and it's not long before she has pushed Donna back and with her legs high in the air she rims her ass then gets the black dildo and fucks her asshole with it.Honey looks fantastic dishing the dirt on Donna,im loving this scene.

I thought Honey was the quiet one,how wrong was i as she is really going to town on Donna and is fucking her ass with that beast then pulling it out and tongue fucking Donna and the fact that Donna is shouting out "Oh yeah lick me" is driving me insane.My fave camera angle again and from looking down Donna's body we see Honey with her tongue buried deep inside Donna's farthole,this is ball draining stuff.Another change of position now and Donna is in doggie position with her ass high in the air and Honey is using a massive red fleshy toy on her asshole,this thing is big and thick.

It looks amazing as this monster stretches Donna's ass and with the camera right in there for a close up when Honey rimmed that gape it looked sensational,just when i thought that it could not get any better the action swings to Donna standing and wanking on a black strap on.This is fucking amazing and i will say it just now in case im found dead later on from excessive wanking,thank you Christoph Clark lol.Donna moved forward and Honey who was on her back with her legs high in the air and spreading her own cheeks waiting to be violated looked so sexy and as Donna slipped that strap on into her ass and began to fuck her it looked awesome.

As she fucks Honey her asshole was really tight and from some other different camera angles it was almost pulling her asshole out with each thrust such was the tightness of her poop chute,i love the side on shots as Honey is getting done and she is screaming out as Donna drills her and when she suddenly stops and sinks to her knees to lick that gaping asshole Honey is ecstatic.Donna really gives her a great tongue fucking and spits on her ass then goes back to fucking her with the strap on and really pounding her as she holds Honey by the heels of her sandals and only when a powerful orgasm rips through Honey does Donna relent and pull out only to lick her farthole once again.

The action now swings to Honey wanking off this strap on,it's going to be great to see her pound Donna and with that Honey walks over to Donna who was in doggie position on that sofa,she spits on her ass then slips that black beast up her farthole.The side on shot makes this look amazing Donna has such a great figure and to see Honey stand and pound her is a sight i will take to my grave lol,i love all the different camera angles we are getting as the hammering goes on and with Donna shouting out "Fuck me harder" as she nears orgasm it's the icing on the cake.With that Honey pulls out and moves around to kiss Donna and the scene fades out.

Well this was amazing,i loved the strap on action and to see Honey who was my favorite get done with that black beast was amazing and when it came to her turn to wield the strap on she proved to be really nasty.Both girls once again were so hot words fail me,i really had a thing for Honey but Donna is also a stunning girl and with both girls so fit and attractive the scene played out like a dream.I loved the set it was bright and airy with no distractions just 2 very horny girls enjoying some fun times and making our dreams come too.

Scene 5- Ashley Brooke & Bailey

The final scene and i must admit im sad to see it come to an end im also bloody knackered and i think after this my cock will have to be identified by my next of kin lol,the hot sexy young Ashley from scene 1 is back and that is great news as her sultry looks got me going at the start so it's only fitting that she should bring the curtain down on Top Wet Girls 6 and what has been a fantastic movie so far.The scene starts of in an office and the camera is already on Ashley and in the plush surroundings of this executive office she looks a million dollars,she has her hair straightened and it tumbles way past her shoulders i think she looks hotter than what she did in scene 1 and with her wearing a pink slip or is it a dress and her patterned black stockings im confident of saying this is going to be amazing.

She begins to tease to the camera and this looks amazing she looks stunning and with her wearing those stockings my heart skipped a beat,the camera switches to a low level angle and we get a teasing shot under a desk at the other girl who sits on her swivel chair with her legs crossed but with her black fishnet stockings on show and stocking tops visible.She has on a black slip or dress and black shoes and as the camera pans up to show her face she runs her hands up and down a huge red fleshy dong that was standing up on her desk,a black dildo lay next to her office papers.She looks so sexy and has dark hair and what a pretty girl she is,really sultry looks and with that the camera cuts to Ashley who continued to tease.

Ashley sits on a sofa in the office and as her pink slip has ridden up to reveal a pair of little pink panties she looks amazing sitting there with her legs open and when she says "Do you like me" while looking into the camera i swear to god i heard my cock utter his first words.She goes on to say "Am i sexy for you" and the camera moves onto Bailey and once again she smiles to the camera and strokes that fleshy red dong.Ashley moves over to Bailey and leans towards her and says "Is that big enough for you" and Bailey comments "I like big dicks" they then begin to lick and share this toy lapping away at it.

Both girls share some great passionate kissing and with there tongues flicking against each other this looks hot as hell,i love watching girls kiss it is just so erotic.To see both girls go back to sucking on that dildo was fantastic and with some great camera angles im loving it.Ashley forces that dong into Bailey's mouth and says to her "I know your a bitch suck it" after more dong licking both girls remove there slips,Bailey looks great in her black bra and panties and with her black fishnet stockings on it's going to be great to see her in action with Ashley and speaking of sexy little Ashley she looks amazing wearing pink bra and matching undies and with her black patterned stockings on she looks so so sexy.I love her with her hair straight it makes her look so much sexier.

The girls now share the black double ended dong that lay on top of the desk,to watch the girls suck on an end each was hot and the sexual tension is crackling away as each moment passes.Ashley stops and takes the black dong and as she stands in front of the camera and slides the dong under her pussy to make it look like she is wearing a strap on she says "I want to be a bitch today" she then orders Bailey over and gets her to sit on the edge of the desk and kisses her before removing her bra then tracing her tongue over her nipples.She then slips a hand inside Bailey's panties and plays with her pussy.

Bailey has a slim toned body and Ashley is loving having her hands down her panties and driving her wild with lust,the action switches to Ashley licking out Bailey as her panties are now off and her pussy and ass were now at the mercy of Ashley.I must admit with the length of Ashley's nails i feared for Bailey's pussy,but what do i know im a guy lol.More pussy licking from Ashley continues and am i a bit rude in wanting to see some ass licking asap,Bailey begins to use a pink toy on her pussy while Ashley keeps a watchful eye on the proceedings.

The camera angle changes to look down from Ashley's shoulder as she stood over Bailey and fucked her pussy with that toy as Bailey sat perched on that desk,now a slight change of position now and Bailey stands and sits on the end of the desk and with her legs open Ashley squats down and fucks her pussy with that toy.Some more great camera angles follow to show of the intense pussy fucking she is taking,both girls share a kiss and the scene jumps to Bailey standing looking hot as hell as she watches Ashley who stood opposite her against the wall and as she slaps on her own bum she says to Bailey "Come here" god i think i love little Ashley.

Bailey was over there in a flash and as Ashley stuck out her bum for her Bailey's hands were all over her and she quickly removed Ashley's pink panties spread her cheeks and began to lick her ass,this is what i have been waiting for i love the girl/girl ass licking.The action moves to the sofa and Ashley goes doggie position and with her ass high in the air more rimming and ass licking from Bailey follows,she then goes on to pound Ashley's asshole with a black dildo before rimming her gape.It is fantastic to watch Ashley's ass crammed full and stretched with this toy.

Another hot moment as the pounding continues and with Ashley screaming out the camera moves behind her and as Bailey pulls that dildo out to reveal her stretched wide open farter Ashley shouts out "I love to gape" it's almost like a photographer saying "cheese" to everyone as he has got them in a perfect pose and is ready to take the shot,what am i on about lol.At this point Christoph can be heard and he says to Bailey "Make her gap for us" and she works that toy back in her then pulls it out to show of that gap.The action switches to Ashley lying back on the sofa and with her legs together but high in the air and that toy getting ram raided up her asshole.

What a sexy position that is i love it and the camera is right in there to capture her gape as Bailey pulls the toy from her farthole,Ashley is really screaming as the ass fucking with the toy continues and is shouting out that it is "So good" and to hear her shout out to Bailey "Fuck me" was such a turn on.Wow now the action swings to Bailey lying back on the sofa and with her legs high in the air Ashley slips that black dildo deep in her ass,i really did not think we would get to see Bailey take it in the ass so this is great.What a tight ass she has it grips that toy and as Ashley pulls the toy out to lick her gape it's not as big a gape as Ashley has but still great to watch.

Ashley's wrist is just a blur as she works that dildo in and out of Bailey's asshole and makes sure she gets to rim that gape when she pulls out,then my fave camera angle as it's a close up of Ashley tongue fucking Bailey nice and deep while she looks into the camera.this really is the best i love it.To think that i thought that Ashley was quiet,to look at her you would think she is the epitome of innocence and yet here she is with her tongue buried deep in Bailey's ass really giving her a good going over and only stopping to use that black dildo on her once more.The action continues with Ashley really pounding Bailey with that toy then licking her ass until an orgasm rips through her body to bring the scene and Top Wet Girls 6 to an end,both girls share a passionate kiss as the credits roll.

Another great scene to bring the movie to an end,Ashley looked incredible in this scene and Bailey was sexy too and the way the action unfolded was just fantastic.Well it has been another amazing movie from Christoph Clark,all the girls were stunning and if i was to pick my own highlights i would say that i loved Melanie Memphis scene and the Honey and Donna scene with strap on action the best..wait a minute i loved all the scenes lol,i think Christoph Clark and Melanie have unfinished business as far as the Top Wet Girls Series goes,i hope so anyway.The action was caught perfectly and the scenes allowed to flow naturally and it made it a great movie,if you like stunning girls and ass licking,ass sniffing,rimming,gapes,foot play etc then this series will blow you away.

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