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Top Wet Girls 10

Top Wet Girls 10

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Girl , Foreign , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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stinkfist's ratings for Top Wet Girls 10:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Top Wet Girls 10 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Top Wet Girls 10 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Top Wet Girls 10 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Top Wet Girls 10 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Top Wet Girls 10 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Top Wet Girls 10 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Top Wet Girls 10 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  10/14/2011
What a mouth watering prospect is in store in the shape of Top Wet Girls 10,i have already seen a few of the girls listed on the box cover in previous Top Wet Girls titles but it will be a pleasure to see them once again and with them teamed up with new girls this is going to be one hell of a treat.Im hoping for some explosive partnerships,here goes for what promises "on paper" to be a classic from Christoph Clark.

Scene 1-Sasha Rose & Avril Sun

This scene starts of indoors with the camera looking out the window and focusing on Avril outdoors on a sun lounger catching some rays while Sasha who is indoors stands by the window gazing out at her.Sasha is wearing denim shorts and a little pink top,she is a slim blond but looks to have great legs and with her pink heels to complete her look she looks sexy and fresh,a pretty girl indeed.As she sits on a black leather sofa looking out at Avril sex toys are next to her and with the camera now panning in for a close up to show of her beauty im really looking forward to what will unfold.

The action changes to Avril outdoors and she is wearing denim shorts too and has a little red top on and she has dirty fair hair and as she is lying on her side we get a good view of her butt and she has on red high heels to complete her look,did i just spy her pussy lips peeking out of those shorts.She looks beautiful and with her slim legs and nice bum this is going to be great to watch both hot girls get down and dirty with each other.With the action changing to Sasha indoors she unbuttons her denim shorts and pulls up her top and begins to play with her little titties,her boobs might be small but her nipples are huge.

As she slid down her denim shorts her ass looked great and with her wearing sexy undies i have fallen for this girl lol,what follows next is her lying back on the sofa and playing with her shaven pussy while looking out at Avril,what an inviting pussy this girl has..can i get an invite lol.As she begins to finger her pussy and moan out this sounds great,im convinced her nipples are getting bigger as each finger probes away deep inside her little fudge tunnel getting her more and more turned on.It is so horny to watch this little babe with her legs wide open finger fucking her pussy.

She reaches over and takes hold of a red dildo and begins to fuck her pussy with it and with Avril now on her feet and over at the window looking in and pressing her body against the glass she is getting Sasha hotter and hotter as this little babe ram raids her pussy with that dildo.After more tease at the window with Avril rubbing her breasts and ass against the glass and with Sasha in doggie position on the sofa and looking out at Avril as she fucks her pussy she stops to say "And now i want to fuck my ass for you" and she goes on to lie back on the sofa and pound her ass and moan out while Avril looks in on the action,this looks amazing.

It was now time for Avril to come inside and join Sasha for some hot action and with that she walks forward and simply reaches out and takes hold of the dildo from Sasha's hand and continues to fuck her ass with it,i think i have fallen in love with Sasha and Avril lol,what a petite little stunner Sasha is and with her creamy white skin i could watch her in action all day.It looks hot as hell to see Avril use that toy on her ass and as she pulls it out we are treated to a shot of this babes gaping asshole.Avril is loving this and watches very closely as she toys her ass and checks out her gape before going on to lick her ass and slowly glide her tongue all over her gaping rectum.

It is great to watch Avril who is still standing but crouched over Sasha go back to using that dildo on her and with more toy action this is hot,a huge black rubber dong gets slid up her tradesmans entrance and the petite little Sasha never even flinched as this beast probed her fart hole,Avril is really working that black serpent into her asshole and a couple of times she spits in her ass to keep her lubed up then goes back to twisting that black beast in and out of her ass,this is hot as hell to watch i think i might wank myself to death before this scene ends lol.

Some tongue fucking now and Avril gets to work on Sasha's asshole before more licking action then a good asshole fingering takes place and little Sasha is moaning out as Avril dominates her fart hole.The camera catches the action from above and the girls look awesome and with Sasha holding her butt cheeks and helping to stretch her own ass wide open this is wank heaven for me.As more toy/tongue and finger fucking continue Avril is loving this and the smile on her face as gets to violate little Sasha says it all.

Im really looking forward to petite Sasha turning the tables on Avril and right on cue my prayers have been answered and with Avril now standing and bent over Sasha removes her thong and goes to work on her ass,my god this looks amazing.I know i have already said i love Sasha..can i change my mind lol as i love Avril too,what a slim sexy figure she has and to see her ass getting lightly licked then rimmed is a thing of beauty and with Sasha telling Avril that her ass "tastes so good" i glanced down at my cock and shouted BINGO lol.

A change of position now and with Avril lying back on the sofa with her legs spread wide open and her shaved pussy and tight ass at the mercy of Sasha this is a great site indeed,Sasha does not let us down and a slow sensual ass and pussy licking follow and both girls are loving this,and me too lol.The overhead shot of slim toned Avril getting her perfect shaved pussy licked by the little hot Sasha is such a turn on.The way she glides her tongue all over Avril's pussy lips then sucks and holds her lips in her mouth is a joy to watch.

With more intense pussy licking from Sasha and with Avril now rubbing on her pussy to bring herself to orgasm this is very intimate indeed,it feels like im spying on 2 hot lesbians..wait a minute i am ha ha ha.It was now time to witness Avril's ass get some abuse and Sasha was kind to her to start with as she used a single finger to probe deep inside her fart hole then moved onto 2 fingers and Avril's tight little asshole looked like it was having trouble accommodating 2 digits so god only knows if that pink dildo i spy lying next to Avril will get used,lube is nearby too so i expect some action lol

Sasha lubes up her finger then slips it over Avril's bum hole and traces her finger around her anus in preparation for that pink dildo and with that Sasha began to ease that toy into her ass then picks up the pace and fucks her quite aggressively with that plastic beast and she pulls that toy in and out to show of Avril's impressive gape,the highlight here is Sasha flicking her tongue all over that gape.More toy action follows with Sasha trying to use a huge black dong on Avril only for it to be too big for her so she goes back to using the pink dildo on her then uses a purple dildo on her and with a toy in each hand she switches from toy to toy as Avril moans out in pleasure.

It is hot to watch Sasha pound her pussy with that toy and only stopping to trace her tongue all around her gaping ass,with Avril now lying back on the sofa and legs spread wide it was time for Sasha to abuse her ass once again with that toy,with the punishment that Avril's ass has been taking she is gaping quite easily now.Sasha gives her ass a great pounding in this position and again only stops to tongue fuck Avril's ass and rim her then it's back to pummeling her asshole with this toy and all the time Avril is moaning out and holding her ass so that she is stretched as wide as possible for Sasha,it's time like these i wish i was a lesbian lol.

After more great gape licking from Sasha she decides to use that pink dildo like a strap on and holds it tight and with Avril lying back with her legs high in the air the pretty little Sasha begins to fuck her asshole really hard.the action is intense and nasty and with Avril rubbing on her pussy we have never had it so good lol,after more hard fucking Sasha pulls out and the camera zooms in to show a close up of Avril's well fucked arse and what follows is the girls sharing a kiss then heading outside of the plush apartment to look at the stunning view from the balcony,although i was already looking at the stunning view of both girls asses lol.The girls then sit down and a short interview follows with Christoph asking both girls how they enjoyed the fun etc to bring the scene to an end.

That was a good scene to start the movie,both girls were beautiful and i instantly got the hots for Sasha the little petite blond but Avril was stunning too.This tall leggy slim babe was a pleasure to watch and both girls got really nasty for us and it made for great viewing,Top Wet Girls indeed.

Scene 2-Aliz & Norah Swan

Straight into action we go and with the camera behind Aliz it shows her lying back on a black recliner and dressed in white bra and white stockings and red heels and with her dark hair she is a hot babe indeed,she looks so so sexy.Norah stands watching her and is slapping a huge black dildo against the palm of her hand as she looks over at Aliz,this has the makings of a classic.As the camera moves in for a close up of Nora she is wearing black fishnet stockings and a very sexy army camouflage type dress that is see thru at the sides,very sexy and with Norah wearing a hat to complete her look she looks so fucking hot.She has long dark hair and with her curves i think my cock thinks it is Christmas,this scene is going to be a ball drainer.

With Norah still slapping that black dong against her hand as she looked over at Aliz even my nipples are getting hard and with each slap against her palm ringing out my cock was gnawing away at my underwear,i was feeling more uncomfortable than Michael Jackson's Doctor lol.The camera pans back over to Aliz and she looks so so sexy wearing those white stockings and bra and her figure is sensational,she has her dark hair tied back and looks every inch a top class babe.The action is taking place in a plush apartment and with a white circular leather sofa to complete the rooms look this is a great setting for a scene,very swanky indeed.With more teasing shots of the girls ramping up the tension Norah was on the move and sat on that sofa and with her maintaining eye contact with Aliz and slapping that black dong against her hand im sure Aliz knew what was in store for her.

Norah begins to dish out the verbals to Aliz calling her "a bad bitch" etc and with her sitting with her legs wide apart im getting hot under the collar lol,maybe im a bad bitch too ha ha.Aliz gets made to go on her knees and with the dominant Nora standing over her she makes her gag on that black dong as she begins to fuck her mouth with that toy,the camera angles change a few times to show of Aliz getting her mouth abused.The action moves to Aliz on the recliner and getting her ass spanked and with Norah slapping that toy against her butt cheeks too im loving this.Both girls are so fucking hot.

The action changes to Norah standing over Aliz and pulling on her ponytail and making her lap away at her pussy,what a sexy pussy Norah has and with a little tuft of pubic hair and nice meaty lips i could do with a lick too lol.A couple of different camera angles capture the action and it's great to see Aliz with her face buried deep in this girls pussy,with Aliz perched on that recliner and Norah standing and with her back to Aliz she pulls up that dress to check out her curves then Nora goes on to lie back on the recliner and Aliz goes back to lapping away at her pussy.

After more fun on the recliner with Aliz using her pearl necklace beads to trace and tighten around Norah's pussy lips she then goes on to lick and suck on her pink pussy lips,it looks hot to see Aliz really finger fuck Norah nice and hard and with an overhead shot of the girls in action this is great and with Norah screaming out it made it all the better.Aliz turns her attention to Nora's tight little butt hole and darts her tongue over it before Nora reaches for a black dong that was on the sofa next to her and slips it in her pussy and fucks herself with that toy.

Aliz is not to be outdone and takes charge and pounds Norah with that toy and with Norah screaming out "lick my pussy,fuck me" im enjoying the vocals from her too,what a noisy girl indeed.Now it was time for Norah to take charge of Aliz and she went doggie style on that recliner and with her amazing figure and her perfect ass high in the air for Norah to do whatever she pleased with her it looked such an amazing site,her panties are pulled to the side to expose her pussy and ass.What a body Aliz has,this is a body built for sin.

Norah goes to work on Aliz ass and this looks hot to see her delve her tongue in and around that perfect ass,she then begins to tongue fuck her asshole and with the camera angle looking up at the girls this is my favorite position for girl/girl ass licking and with a close up of Norah looking into the camera as she tongue fucks Aliz i have died and gone to heaven.With Nora now leading Aliz by her ponytail over to the white circular sofa this is a perfect setting for more debauchery.This time the toys come out and a purple dong is used on Aliz and this gets pounded into her asshole while she slaps on her own pussy.

Im really enjoying this segment of the movie as Norah seems to love being in charge and Aliz is loving having her ass pounded and licked and tongue fucked by Nora,the action does not stop there and the huge black dong is now used on Aliz's hungry asshole.This looks great and i do not know why but black toys are my fave to watch lol.As the action is caught perfectly from side on it's a major turn on to see this black beast grip the asshole of Aliz and probe inside her with each thrust of Norah's wrist.After more relentless fucking with that toy Norah made sure she went on to lick that gaping asshole and tongue fuck Aliz.

The action changes to Nora putting on a strap on,god this is getting better and better and as she makes her way to the sofa she lies down and makes Aliz suck on that plastic beast before she goes into reverse cowgirl position and Aliz takes that strap on deep in her ass and begins to thrash about.I love girls like this in porn making all our perverted dreams cum true,thank you Aliz lol,and leaving us with hairy palms and poor eyesight lol.Aliz slips that toy out her ass and lies back a little bit further and spreads her ass wide to show off her gaping shitter.

After more fucking and more gape action it was a doggie style fucking for Aliz as Norah banged her with that strap on and she pulled out to show of her well fucked gaping ass,Norah is holding the base of the strap on and i must admit i like a no hands policy when it comes to strap on action but this still this looks great and is hot to watch,i think im being too picky lol.After more fucking an exhausted Aliz flops forward onto her tummy and Norah begins to lick her ass then a quick change of action has Norah in doggie position with her ass high in the air and Aliz pounding her asshole with that purple dildo.

As she is being fucked with that toy Norah is very vocal once again and is crying out "fuck my ass" and Aliz does just that in her very own special way and stops to pull that toy out and lick and tongue fuck Norah's ass,this looks great to see Aliz pounding her asshole and fingering her pussy at the same time,i bet Nora is in heaven as Aliz works her over.After more fast and furious pounding my fave sight once again and with Aliz looking into the camera she tongue fucks Norah,i could watch that all day long and with that both girls sit up and did i just hear Norah's ass "farting" as she sat upright,maybe it was saying goodbye to us lol and with that those two sexy babes share a kiss to end the scene.

Well what a fantastic scene that was,set in a plush surroundings with lovely decor it made this a great location for a hot scene to unfold and with 2 hot babes to send us into overdrive it was a pleasure watching this scene.Norah was a beautiful tall sexy babe with curves galore and really got into being as nasty as possible and to watch her give and take was hot as hell.Aliz was stunning what a figure she has,this girl is unbelievable and i loved watching her get ravaged by Norah then turning the tables on her and being the dom one.Bringing these 2 girls together for this scene was a masterstroke.Both girls were right into this scene and both had that perfect mix of beauty and kink running through them,this is a scene to go back to again and again.

Scene 3-Melanie Memphis & Antonya.

First of all i must say im really looking forward to this one and for one reason alone..the sexy little babe that is Melanie Memphis.I loved her performance in Top Wet Girls 6 and have been smitten ever since,do not get me wrong Antonya is a babe too but i am lusting after this girl Melanie.I cannot wait to see how this one will pan out as "on paper" it has the makings of a classic,here we go guys it's time to check it out.

The scene starts of with a sweeping shot of dark haired babe Melanie as she sits on a sofa,this girl is a leggy beauty indeed and with her stunning good looks and sex appeal im drooling thinking about this one.The camera quickly moves to the other side of the sofa and blond Antonya is sitting wearing a sexy black lace number she is really pretty too,she had dark hair the last time i seen her in Top Wet Girls 6 but she suits her new blond look too.Back to Melanie we go and wow this girls long legs are driving me crazy and all she is doing is sitting on the sofa and with her sexy look to the camera a shiver ran down my spine,did i just hear the buttons on my trousers pop lol

Melanie is also wearing a black lace outfit and with her dark hair tumbling way past her shoulders and her lips coated in pink lipstick and sexy sandals to complete her look she is every inch a Top Wet Girl,a huge dildo rests on the sofa arm this is going to be epic.As the camera again moves to Antonya more toys are on the sofa,sofa so good if you ask me lol.Once again it's set in plush surroundings for this scene and 2 hot girls like this do deserve the very best.Antonya has lovely legs too and with her creamy white skin im in love with her too.

Both girls eye each other up and it's almost like a game of cat and mouse as the advantage shifts from one girl to the next as they caress there thighs and challenge the other to up their game while maintaining eye contact,this is sizzling away and this is only the intro.Im enjoying the full length shot of Melanie as you can really feast on those luscious legs of hers,both girls now have there boobs out and Antonya's nipples are already rock solid.Antonya makes her move and over to Melanie she goes and both girls kiss as hands wander and caress each others boobs.

It's really sexy to see these 2 hot babes share passionate kisses,both girls have stunning bodies and this is a dream already.Im also loving the blond v brunette combination and as Antonya sucks on Melanie's nipples while looking into the camera this looks great.Melanie cannot help herself and her hand finds it's way into her panties and she plays with her pussy while Antonya caresses her thighs,this is sexy and erotic watching these girls explore and enjoy each others perfect bodies.To watch Melanie hold and feed Antonya's breast to her mouth and suck on her erect nipple was hot as hell and with the camera panning back Melanie is still playing with her own pussy.I think i am in love with her lol

After more intimate kissing it was time for Antonya to feast on Melanie's wet pussy and she pulled her panties to the side and dribbled some saliva onto her lips and began to lap away at this babes hot wet slit,Antonya licks and sucks on those pussy lips and what a joy it is to witness this.With Melanie now putting her legs high in the air as her panties get removed this babe has an amazing body,what wonderful thighs and an ass to die for and with her flawless skin Melanie is just stunning totally stunning.With more pussy licking and Melanie making sure she reaches over and fingers Antonya this is moving along at a great pace.

Im really looking forward to seeing Melanie get her ass violated,no im not cruel im just a pervert lol.It is a real thrill to watch Melanie rub on her pussy while the big tits of Antonya are thrust into her face for her to grab and suck at will.Now it was time to watch Melanie ravish Antonya's pussy and Melanie proved that she is an expert when it comes to attending to another females needs,from pussy licking and sucking to fingering Melanie makes sure wave after wave of pleasure explodes through Antonya's body.

With Melanie moving on to ravish Antonyas little butt hole this is so hot to watch this dark haired babe in action as she spreads her ass wide open and really gets her tongue all over and in Antonya's asshole,she seems be thriving on having another girl at her mercy and glides her tongue from Antonya's ass to her pussy to drive her wild.Melanie moves from really hard fast tongue action to gently flicking her tongue over Antonya's little bum hole and it looks great,she also goes on to use her thumb to press against Antonya's asshole while she laps away at her pussy,what a girl Melanie is.

Melanie goes back to fingering Antonya's pussy and with a finger deep in her love hole she really sucks on her pussy lips and laps away bringing Antonya pleasure after pleasure.This time Melanie puts 2 fingers deep inside Antonya and with her reaching out to grab the arm of Melanie to help her fuck her own pussy as hard and as fast as possible this is great,now it was time for the toys to come out i really do feel like cheering lol.A pink dildo gets used on Antonya's ass and with her lying back with her legs high in the air and closed together this is a position i love watching anal action in.

Melanie has that look of sheer lust on her face and who can blame her when you have a hot little babe like Antonya as your very own little fuck toy,some gaping action shows a very red well fucked asshole belonging to the petite butter would not melt in her mouth Antonya.Melanie goes on to lick and rim Antonya's gape and this is sexy to watch,she goes back to fucking Antonya's ass with that pink dildo and really picks up the pace and urges her on to orgasm and with pretty Antonya plunging 2 fingers in her own pussy at the same time it's not long before a powerful orgasm rips through her body.

The action changes to both girls on the sofa and with Antonya lying back with her legs high in the air she is fucking her ass with that pink dildo while Melanie uses a purple dildo to fuck her own pussy,Antonya also uses 3 fingers to fuck her ass and to watch her cram her digits into her love hole and fuck that hole was awesome and when she does pull her fingers out and stretches her ass wide open her gape was huge.The action moves to Melanie who is now fucking her ass with her toy before the camera pans out to show both girls fucking there asses.

Antonya is now using another huge toy on her ass and Melanie stops what she was doing and gets down to take a hold of it and begins to fuck Antonya's ass.The close up of Melanie using that toy on Antonya is great,as that fleshy dong stretches her wide open and is then pulled out her gape is even more impressive than the last time.A change of position now and the overhead shot of Antonya in doggie style with Melanie pounding her ass with that fleshy beast is sensational,as she picks up the pace she grips that toy with both hands so that she can really pound harder and faster and every so often she stops to pull that toy out and show off Antonya's gape.

More pounding and gaping action follow before the scene jumps to Melanie sucking on a strap on that Antonya has put on,oh yes this is going to be great.With Melanie sucking on that plastic beast as she rubs on her pussy im hoping to see her get fucked really hard from Antonya,hopefully her pussy and ass are on Antonya's to do list lol.Melanie already knows her fate and slips of her black lace top which had remained on until now to reveal a fit and toned body,She has a lovely little landing strip and now that she has slipped off her shoes too im hoping that is the signal for her to mount that strap on.

With Antonya sitting on the sofa Melanie does not let us down and goes reverse cowgirl and takes that beast in her pussy to start off with,her amazing figure looks sensational.She really rides that plastic snake then goes on to taste her juices from that toy and also goes on to deep throat it.The action switches to Melanie in doggie position and with her ass high in the air Antonya slips a purple dildo into her ass,this is what i have been waiting for.To see this stunning babe get her ass plugged is wonderful,Antonya goes on to lick and tongue fuck Melanie's ass,oh yes this is great.

More toy action follows and with a change of camera angle to show us all the nasty action this is great,how does Christoph keep a steady hand lol.Antonya really picks up the pace and drills Melanie's ass and with her fingering her own pussy this is great,this tall leggy babe looks adorable with her ass high in the air and her legs crossed as her fart hole gets a good seeing too and after more toy action the girls go on to share a kiss to bring the scene to an end.

Well what a scene that was,my fave girl Melanie did not let me down and was wonderful in this scene as she dominated Antonya then went on to get her own needs taken care of.I would have loved to have seen more of Melanie getting her ass licked,fucked and gaped and although it was a great scene i felt that the focus was Melanie dominating Antonya,still it was an epic scene and with beautiful Antonya being a nasty little giver and taker this scene was a dream cum true.It shows how much Christoph has been spoiling us when im wanting more of Melanie lol,i will go back to this scene again it was amazing.

Scene 4 Amabella & Lana

Well here goes for hopefully another scorching hot scene,the scene starts of with a tall leggy girl walking upstairs as the camera checks her out following her every move.She is wearing a sexy little outfit that looks like something that girls from Motorsports shows would wear with black and white checks on it and her bra/bikini type top has a yellow trim and her sexy little skirt also has a yellow trim with the black and white checks on it.Amabella also has on high heels to complete her look and with her long dark hair and with her long slender legs this girl is hot,at last she reaches the top and she is in the same room as the first scene was shot and sits on that black sofa that looks outside at the sun lounger.

Amabella sits and faces the camera and looks great,with her pretty face and that lovely toned body she is another babe indeed and although her boobs look small it's going to be great watching her get down and dirty.A cushion that is opposite her is stacked with sex toys and already my imagination is running riot,Amabella pulls up that little skirt to show of a pair of black and white checked panties,believe me guys this girl IS going to get us over the finishing line as far as stroking goes lol.With the camera right in there for a close up as Amabella pulls those panties into her snatch this looks great,i think this babe is shaven.

We are also treated to Amabella getting her tits out and what puffy boobs she has,her nipples stand to attention almost like a guard at Buckingham Palace saluting the Queen lol.With Amabella reaching for a purple dildo and sliding it all over her mouth and working it deep inside she now lies back on the sofa so she can rub on her pussy at the same time.What a pair of legs this girl has and as she pulls her panties to the side and rubs on her pussy while sucking on that toy she looked fantastic,with her pussy shaved at the sides and only a little tuft of pubic hair Amabella is looking sexy as hell.Her pussy lips are quite large and meaty and to watch her rub that purple dong against her fat lips was awesome.

Amabella changes position now and sits with her back against the sofa and slips that dildo up her tight wet pussy and begins to fuck herself nice and slowly and with her legs spread wide this looks great and with the camera zooming in for a close up as that pink toy stretched her pussy this scene is moving in the right direction.With each probing thrust Amabella softly moans out and her sweet snatch looks great filled to the brim with plastic,as more aggressive pussy fucking continues Amabella is buckling away as she really pounds her pussy with this toy.

Some hot action now and that toy was replaced with 2 fingers as Amabella finger fucks her pussy really hard and deep to get herself off and with her now slipping off her panties and lying on her side so that her bum is almost hanging of the edge of the sofa and with her legs tight together her curves have never looked better.What a sexy position this is and with a great view of her long legs curvy butt and pussy i swear to god that her tight little asshole just winked at me lol.Amabella traces a finger around her butthole and this looks sexy and then with a little groan and some light moaning she slipped a finger up her fart hole.Aww god bless her lol.

With the camera right in there to catch the action this looks really hot and as Amabella slipped a finger in her pussy at the same time and both fingers probed away at each love hole i am loving this.Now it was time for Amabella to ease that purple dildo up her ass and to watch her fuck her ass and rub on her pussy was amazing and just when i thought it could not get any better it just did as a pink dildo is forced into her pussy and to watch her fuck both holes with those toys was awesome.The action switches to Lana walking upstairs and tracing the same steps as Amabella and up she goes with the camera checking out her every move.

This girl has an awesome butt and with her wearing a sexy Sailor/Navy outfit with matching hat and with white fishnet stockings to complete her look she looks great,she has long blond hair and pretty looks and with a curvy figure and great firm boobs and with her hand already down her panties playing with her pussy as she watches and listens to Amabella getting herself off this is going to be great to watch these 2 hot girls get it on with each other.With quick shots back and forth of each girl this is crackling away nicely,Lana has her tits out and is watching Amabella fuck both her holes then walks forward and with Amabella now on her feet both girls kiss and embrace each other.

Amabella takes control and with her behind Lana she slips her top down and fondles her boobs then drops a hand down to her panties and drives Lana wild as she plays with her pussy,some mutual masturbation now as Lana slips her hand down Amabella's panties and both girls give each other some pleasure while passionately kissing one another.Now it was time for some outdoor action as both girls are on the move and head for the balcony and with Lana sitting on the sun lounger Amabella gets to work on her,the camera angle changes to a voyeur type shot as the action is caught from the apartment looking out at the girls.

With the camera back out and capturing the girls caressing and kissing each other Amabella goes doggie style on the lounger and with her ass high in the air Lana begins to rub on her pussy and flicks her tongue against her asshole,the camera again switches to an inside shot peeping out at the girls before commencing back outside.Im enjoying watching Lana ravish Amabella's tight little fart hole,the action switches to Amabella sucking on a pink dildo that Lana holds to make it look like a strap on and after some face fucking the action returned to indoors and this time the swanky bedroom was the setting for more debauchery.

As Lana moves into doggie position on the bed what an amazing ass this girl has,peachy and round and just made for worshiping and when Amabella pulled her panties to the side and parted her cheeks what an inviting pussy and asshole this girl has.As Amabella begins to dart her tongue over Lana's asshole and tongue fucks her this looks hot to watch and she really spreads her cheeks as wide as possible so that even Lana's wet pussy hole is gaping.Some good camera angles let us savor the girls and gives us plenty of eye candy to enjoy.

Some toy fun now and Lana gets her asshole violated by Amabella and this little babe takes a good ass fucking with this toy,i love the fact she is lying back on the bed with her legs high in the air and with some changing camera angles my fave being the overhead shot of the girls in action this looks great.Another highlight is Amabella using that dildo as a strap on and fucking Lana nice and hard until she is crying out with pleasure.Some oral fun now and Amabella licks out Lana before this hot little blond decides she wants some fun too and goes 69 style with Amabella and to watch both girls lick each other out is great,the camera goes for the side on shot of the girls then back to solo shots of each girl and this looks really good.

After more pussy licking and fingering and with each girls body bucking away and going into spasms as they both came hard it was time for Amabella to get her asshole pounded by Lana and the action jumped to that babe in doggie position and with her ass high in the air Lana gave her a beasting with that toy as Amabella screamed the place down.I think after this Amabella might need to sit on a bucket of ice to get her ass back to normal lol,now my fave and with Lana tongue fucking Amabella and looking into the camera this is so so fucking hot.Lana also uses a finger from each hand to prise open Amabella's ass and make her gape,after more ass fingering and tongue fucking both girls share a kiss to end the scene.

Another really enjoyable scene and after watching it in full i loved Lana the most,what a hot little babe she is and i hope to see her in more Christoph releases.Amabella was lovely too and with her sexy figure and her giving up her ass for Lana it made for great viewing and then to watch her ravish the hot babe Lana was wonderful.Both girls were really pretty and the action played out really well and the location was great too from indoors to a brief outdoor moment then onto the bedroom to complete the action it made for an enjoyable scene.

Scene 5 Eve Angel & Brandy Smile

Well guys this is the final scene and so far the movie has been top notch so im hoping that the final scene will be a classic too and will be a fitting end to Top Wet Girls 10,i have already seen the sexy blond Brandy Smile before in Top Wet Girls 4 and she was sensational and to see her again in a Christoph release is great,with her paired up with Eve a girl who is new to me i am really looking forward to this one.Im hoping for a lot from this scene,here goes guys.

The action starts with dark haired babe Eve walking into a room and heading for a mirror to check her stunning looks out,wow this girl is beautiful she is wearing a sexy nurses outfit which is white and has a red trim on it and from the quick look at her as she entered the room she has long athletic legs that seem to go on forever lol.Her long dark hair makes her look so classy and as she checks out her reflection in the mirror this girl is so beautiful and has flawless skin and has a look that has pure sex and lust written all over her.

The actions changes to Brandy and she follows the same path that Eve took and walks up those stairs and with the camera behind her to capture her sexy ass she looks awesome too,she has lovely legs and is wearing an identical nurses outfit that Eve has on and with her red heels to complete her look this is going to be great to watch both hot nurses raise the temperature instead of taking it.I have only seen the back of Brandy so far as she walks up those stairs but those tight little shorts are gripping her bum and making her curvy butt look so awesome that even if she never turned around i could cope with that lol.

With Brandy now at the top of the stairs and over to meet Eve both girls look stunning,i have always loved the blond/brunette combination in girl/girl scenes.With both girls sharing some chat then a kiss they both look so sexy wearing those little nurses outfits,those short tops and tight shorts have never looked so good on a nurse lol.It is so erotic to watch both girls caress each other and with Brandy now taking the lead and fondling Eve's boobs while both girls stand at the mirror it is hot to watch.Both these girls are so sexy im lost for words..for once lol.

Eve has got lovely perky firm boobs and to watch Brandy dart her tongue all over her nipples was great,she has a tongue bar in and im sure Eve is loving it as each flick against her nipples made them more erect.Some solo action now and a shot of Brandy as she stands with her back to the camera,her butt looks great and when she turned around she had pulled down her top to show of her little titties and she says to Eve "what do you think,is it me" and she puts a finger in her mouth and smiles to look innocent and with that Eve walks forward to join her.

With both girls standing we are treated to some tease from the girls before Eve goes behind Brandy and starts to fondle her boobs,i think i have just sussed the action is actually taking place in a plush bathroom as i just spied a shower etc.The action changes to both girls on a sofa and with Eve in doggie position and arching her back what a stunning body this girl has,as her shoes are slipped off her feet look so inviting too.Brandy slips of Eve's tight shorts and begins to kiss her bum cheeks then fingers her shaven slit and this looks amazing.

With Eve arching her back and pushing her ass high in the air while she presses her feet together and wiggles her painted toe nails is a turn on,i think she is having the same effect on Brandy as she cannot resist those perfect feet and licks on her toes and traces her hand up and down the sole of her foot then puts Eve's feet together and licks all the way along all of her toes then takes a mouthful of toes and this looks so hot and to see Brandy look into the camera as she does this is a ball draining moment.

After more foot worship Eve turns around and lies on her back and spreads her legs wide open and rubs on her pussy while Brandy sucks on her toes to drive her wild,im really loving this scene so far.Brandy also rubs the sole of Eve's foot over her breasts then goes down on Eve and to see this babe lick pussy is incredible,Eve has a cute landing strip and with her amazing figure i think my dvd player is about to burst into flames.The oral action is fantastic and Brandy really thrives on being down between this hot babes legs and lapping away.

Some hot action now and with Eve lying back and with her legs pushed back and high in the air Brandy licked from her asshole to Eve's pussy driving her wild,this looks great with the side on camera angle capturing the action then in for a close up.More foot worship and Brandy is really getting off on sucking and licking on the perfect feet of Eve before she goes back to giving Eve a torrid pussy licking making Eve buckle as she locked her head between her thighs and drove her tongue deep into this babes creamy fudge tunnel.

As both girls kiss and laugh the action jumps to Eve getting her chance to ravish hot blond Brandy,to watch her in doggie position with her ass high in the air while Eve lapped away at her ass and pussy was wonderful,this has been a magical pairing and perhaps my best scene so far.We get a great close up of Eve licking Brandy's little butthole and i could not be happier then the action changes to Eve lubing up a purple dildo then heading over to slip it deep inside Brandy's asshole and the fact she is side on makes this even hotter for me,it's a position i love as it shows off the curves of a girl perfectly while also allowing to see the pussy too.

Brandy is screaming out as her asshole is getting abused by that purple beast and she rubs on her pussy frantically to get herself off even more until her body buckles as a huge orgasm rips through her body.Eve is not finished with her and goes down on her to lap away at that creamy pussy and looks up at Brandy as she is licking her out and smiles,hot as fuck.I better mention that Brandy has a little landing strip too and that just adds to her overall sexiness.With both girls now sharing a kiss the action jumps to Brandy sitting back on the sofa and fucking her asshole with that toy and ordering Eve to suck on her clit.

To watch this play out before my eyes is a dream cum true,she then gets Eve to fuck her ass with that toy and lick on her pussy.I think i like this girl Brandy lol she knows what she wants and likes and is not afraid to instruct Eve to make sure her needs are fulfilled,with Brandy back to fucking her asshole with the purple dong Eve sucked on her toes and that seemed to drive Brandy over the edge.Now it was time for Brandy to give Eve some attention and with her lying on her side Brandy parted her cheeks and began to trace her tongue all over her perfect little butthole.

As Brandy's tongue bar flicked over Eve's ringpiece she softly moaned out,i think she is loving this intimate session with Brandy.A thin blue dildo gets used on Eve's little fart hole and to see her facial reaction as Brandy began to abuse her asshole was priceless,with Eve now in doggie position and her ass at the mercy of Brandy she began to work that toy deeper and deeper into Eve's chocolate factory,to watch Brandy lick and tongue fuck Eve is just amazing.Another hot moment now and with Brandy still fucking Eve's ass with that dildo she leans forward and sucks on Eve's toes,my god this looks so hot.More foot worship from Brandy and she has really stolen my heart as far as this movie goes,to watch her in action is immense.

To end the scene both girls lie next to each other and kiss and Christoph comes into shot and sits between the girls and gives a brief run down about the movie and how he hoped we enjoyed it and how he got stunning girls for us to enjoy and hopes we liked Top Wet Girls 10,he goes on to thank the fans for supporting his work etc and with that the main man says "Chow" as the girls smile and laugh and with that the movie ends.Goodbye Christoph and hope to see you back for Top Wet Girls 11.

Well what a scene that was to bring to an end Top Wet Girls 10,i think this was my favorite scene and to see Brandy and Eve in action and paired together was just immense.I have seen Brandy before and this girl gets better each time i see her,a stunning blond with a huge appetite for girl/girl and Christoph seems to get the best out of her which is no surprise as he is a master of his craft.Eve was breathtaking too and to watch her get ravished by Brandy will live with me forever lol,i really loved this scene and i would have maybe liked to see Eve take a bigger toy in the ass.What i really loved was the foot play and worship as both girls had really pretty feet and made toe sucking and licking so so erotic to watch.

Well this movie has been everything that Christoph promised,stunning girls and classy sets and great girl/girl action with toys/foot worship and ass licking and tongue fucking/gapes and passionate kissing etc.Christoph has his own unique style of girl/girl and if you are looking for prolapse etc then this will not be for you but if you are looking for incredible girls and enjoyable and sexy scenes that never stray far from what Christoph promises then you will love this movie.All the girls were stunning and each scene brought it's own highs.Some girls i really loved were Sasha Rose a petite little stunner,Aliz an incredible looking girl with a figure to match.Melanie Memphis this girl is a porn fans dream and Brandy Smile and Eve really got me going with there hot looks and erotic foot play,all the girls were lovely and sexy and that was me just picking my own personal faves.This is a title that i will go back to again and again,a classic from Christoph.

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