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Top Teens Gallery

Studio: DBM
Category:  Barely Legal , Foreign

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FacIan's ratings for Top Teens Gallery:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Top Teens Gallery overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Top Teens Gallery Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Top Teens Gallery Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Top Teens Gallery Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Top Teens Gallery Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Top Teens Gallery DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Top Teens Gallery A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by FacIan  on  7/15/2002
Top Teens Gallery A Review by FacIan

Top Teens Gallery
Studio: DBM
Collection: TeenieVision
Price: $18 or €19
Format: PAL

Actions and Key Words
Action: Straight; Anal; Vaginal Fisting, Anal Fisting;
Fetish: Lingerie; Stockings; High heels; Piercing (clit, pussy lips and tits); Vinyl boots; Maid

Initial expectation
I have bought that film to try the studio. I heard about the quality of their films and wanted to check. I expect a quite nasty film with nicer women than with Puaka. Otherwise I have no special expectation.

General comment
This movie is not bad at all. The German touch is obvious as you have fistings and nasty action but it is not as nasty as you could imagine after the first scene. If you like some light fetish touch like high heels and piercing you will like it. The picture quality is extremely good as the lighting and colours. The girls are from good looking to very cute and the guys have no problem to get wood.

Screen shots
You can find the screen shots of this film on my site.
The screen shots are here.

DVD perspective
This DVD is very well done. The picture is very good and the menu offers:

  • Movie
  • Dia-Show: pictures from the film;
  • Szenen-Auswahl: Scenes access
  • Trailer-Revue: 6 trailers of less than 2mn from other DBM films: Las Vegas connection; Sklaven der faust; Transworld; Der ossi rammler; Das Buch der Sünde; Die Bärensuche
  • DVD-programme: Catalogue in picture of 78 films. No trailer here, just the cover of each film.
  • Picture: Very good.
  • Sound: Not direct; in German. I do prefer direct sound!

If anyone can tell me the point to have a dia-show on a DVD, I'm interested!
Otherwise, I think that they have tried to make a very good DVD and it is one! The only bad point is that the menu is very slow. Yes: slow! When you want to go from an option to another you have to wait a while (about 2sc) to actually get the change. Very annoying.
The trailers are a bit short. Their catalogue is impressive! More trailers would have been a good idea.
The chapters inside the films are strange and do not always correspond to what you expect.


  • Time: 90' 20''
  • Scenes: 7
  • Girls: 5
  • Cum shots: 6: all good.
    • 3 facial;
    • 2 on asshole;
    • 1 on pussy.
  • Vaginal fisting: 2
  • Anal fisting: 1


The girls: Raffaela Rizzi, Sibylle Frey, Princess Peggy, Merrit Sander, Yara Free
The boys: Richard Lengin, Cedric Malraux, Jean-Pierre Armand, Yves Baillat

If the girls are new to me the boys aren't! 3 out of 4 of these guys have been in the business for ages. They are French and you have seen them in Laeticia's films like Intimite violée par une femme or Profession enculeur and Private films with their friend Jean-Yves Lecastel. Jean-Pierre Armand is probably in the business since the 80s.

About the girls, I will be in trouble to let you know who is playing in which scene as I do not know them apart a small brunette I've seen in other fisting films years ago. But even that one, I do not know her name. I know that some of you would like me to add some picture but I still do not have a DVD-player for my computer. Sorry! Anyone wants to buy me one? ;-)


This film, unlike most of those I reviewed so far has a "plot". Honestly I don't care about it. The whole film is in German but as I told you the guys are French and they do not speak German, so they are dubbed.
The scenes take place in rooms with nice furniture, decorations, etc. If I do not care about the plot, I think that these details are a good point to the film. The lighting is very good as well.

Scene1: Yves Baillat and chestnut-brown hair girl.
The girl has a nice face with long curly hair. Her body looks okay first as she is tall but you will realise later that she has a big fleshy butt. Not a big problem but does not fit to the face. She wears light blue panties (suspenders) and black stockings. Her nails are polished in red.
She arrives in a room where Yves is lying on a bed. She starts immediately by a short BJ. She then rides him CG. The rear view on her butt shows you some fluid that could be natural girl juice. It might be lube but I'd say it's natural. She has a real big butt. Very nice for those who like that, a bit too much for me but it's okay. Yves spreads that butt wide for us.
They change for vaginal spoon. The girl has some hair on her pubis. We have now a big close-up on the action. They change for anal during the close up. She fingers her pussy and spreads her lips. From spoon they change for mish (still anal). She holds her legs wide open with knees close to her tits.
Cumshot: Yves pulls off his cock from her ass and cums on her asshole (no gap) and a bit on her pussy. Good volume, thick and white. When he's done (about 4 small jets) he goes back fucking her ass again. Good!
Scene's rate: 3 out of 5.
Timer: 15' 15''

Scene2: This scene is in fact the continuation of the previous one. Yves leaves and a petite brunette arrives while the other girls stays on the bed with her ass wet of cum. The petite brunette wears maid clothes with strange black and red vinyl boots. She has a pretty face and good body. She arrives with the clear intention to fist the other girl. That is exactly what she will do!
1 finger; 2; 3; the whole hand in pussy in short time. When in, she moves her hand inside the pussy without pulling out. Close-up on the action. She eventually pulls out shortly to...fist her ass. You see most of the insertion which doesn't look extremely difficult. The fleshy butt is also a flexible ass. When inside she moves her hand quite seriously. This is serious stuff! Unfortunately, there is a lack of heat to me. You can see the fisting very clearly as the picture is very good, but the fisted girl doesn't look very concerned by the action. She smiles but that's all.
Rate: 3 out of 5. If you're a big ass fisting fan you can give more.
Timer: 24' 10''

Scene3: The guy I don't know (so I guess Cedric Malraux) and a black hair girl. She wears black clothes and shoes with high heels. Black stockings and suspenders. Her face is better from front view than profile. The haircut is maybe responsible for that. Her butt is too "sharp" for me when she kneels but this is a detail. Bald lips and some very short hair on pubis.
She lies on a sofa and shows her pussy before sucking the guy's cock. The guy is already hard as a stone. BJ is okay. Vaginal CG on the sofa. They move and she now lies on her back on the table. I like the view of her legs with stockings and high-heel shoes in the air. She moves on her side, her butt toward us. As you can guess, the guy will move his piece of wood into her ass. After a while, they change for anal doggy. Unfortunately, no global view of her legs but some good close-ups on her ass.
Cumshot: Out from her ass, she quickly kneels down to receive the cream. She opens her mouth and the guy cums onto her tong. The cum is very thick and white. The glue leaks out his dick to fall down onto the end of her tong. Unfortunately, half of the juice falls down the ground but a nice big drop remains on her tong. When she eventually takes his cock in her hand to lick it, she manages to "loose" the white drop and it falls down the ground as well. From there, she does not try to cheat and sucks him dry. She eventually has some cum in mouth as you can see. Good but could have been better.
Rate: 3.5 out of 5. Not a bad scene but nothing really special.
Timer: 39'

The next 2 scenes are mixed in the film, I split them in 2 for your understanding.

Scene4: Richard, the black hair girl from scene 3 and the petite brunette from scene 2. Same clothes for both girls.
Richard is sitting on a sofa and gets BJ form black hair. The maid is sitting next to him legs widely spread.
Black hair rides his cock CG and the maid fingers her hairy pussy. Black hair changes for RCG. Nice view on her sex and legs.
The maid goes back for some fake cleaning while Richard and black hair continue their activity on the sofa. Spoon is now their choice. Do they want to be cleaned by the maid? Close-up on the action.
Change for anal, still in spoon. The close-up is so clear that you could count her potential hair (I mean shaved but root still visible). Her pussy is gapping a bit so you can see his cock moving through inside her pussy. Anal RCG. Nice view! In that position he slips out a few times so you get some more insertions but on RCG it doesn't make such a difference with vaginal.
Cumshot: Pulls out of her ass. In spoon position, he targets her pussy. He cums some glue onto her pussy lips, close to her clit. G.
She stays like that and the maid arrives for guess what...a fisting job!
The fisting will be done on that wet pussy. Unlike scene 2, you don't see the insertion of the hand. You directly go to the hand fully inside her sex. She moves her hand quite fast but without pulling it out too much.
Rate: 4 out of 5.
Timer 58' 40''

Scene5: Yves and the first girl are in a room full of paintings. There is plot here about selling paintings but I won't try to understand it. At that point 2 blonde beauties enter in the room. I like blondes and these 2 ones are the kind I like. One is tall with big tits but quite thin body. She has a long nice nose and long hair (down to breast). She wears yellow panties and skin colour stockings. The other one is a bit smaller with very nice thin body and very cute face. Look at this face! She wears pink panties, no stockings but high heels black shoes. This last girl is definitely my favourite of the whole movie!
Jean-Pierre Armand will unfortunately be the one to take advantage of these beauties. I think these girls would deserve something better than that old guy!
J-P first gets a BJ from girl from scene 1. It's not a big success as he can hardly get wood. He soon gets the lady in pink to suck him (he son of b...! :-) ). She sucks well! In the back you see miss yellow fingering herself. This girl is looking quite submissive. She replaces "pinky" for the BJ and will then be fucked doggy. J-P. pulls out his dick for some cock sucking from pinky. A close up on yellow's pussy will show you that her pussy is actually pierced 3 times: in clit and in each big lip. The rings in her lips are in the fleshy part of it. I told you: I am pretty sure that you can find her in more submissive situation in other films. A change for spoon will let you appreciate the piercings even better. This awesome girl in pink doesn't know what to do to participate but she tries. From spoon to mish. Those rings are amazing! J-P. moves his dick into her ass. Very nice view!! Anal spoon. Now you see another piercing in her navel. She spreads her small pussy.
Nice change for anal RCG. The view on this cute girl is very good. It is even better as you don't see J-P. ;-)
Pinky will replace yellow girl for vaginal CG. That means an unhealthy A2P... Yellow takes off her bra and her tits are...pierced as well! Her tits are not very firm. Not the kind I like. Change for RCG. Then anal RCG.
Cumshot: The 2 girls are lying down the ground, faces next to each other. Yellow is the first target of a heavy strong jet which reaches her cheek (unfortunately the one on the other side of the camera) that surprises her. The second jet is for pinky but hardly reaches her chin. A few other across the 2 faces. Yellow licks and sucks the cock before giving it to pinky. Good but once more could have been better.
Rate: 4 out of 5. Mainly because of the 2 girls' bodies.
Timer: 74' 56''

Scene6: Yves and the blonde in pink. Wow!! Look at her!!
Good slow BJ. Vaginal doggy. She moves well. There is some white stuff on his dick looking like natural female juice. After a while, he pulls slowly his cock from her pussy to put it still slowly in her tight ass. Unlike girl in scene 1, this treatment seems to have some result on her. She eventually has to masturbate while being ass fucked.
Cumshot: Close-up. Pulls out her ass; 4 waves of cum on her slightly open asshole. Brief reinsertion. Good.
Rate: 4.5 out of 5. Mainly because of that good looking girl.
Timer: 86' 30''

Scene7: The blonde in yellow and Richard.
She sits in stairs and fingers her pierced pussy. BJ but she still fingers herself. Doggy (standing in stairs).
Cumshot: Glues shot onto her tong then sucked again. Very good but you get the credits during the end of the BJ.

In the German area, this first try for a DBM leads me to a studio with nicer girls than Puaka. The picture is even better and the action nasty. But in the nasty department, Puaka remains the leader. Check Das Beste aus Cum Shots 2, Das beste aus Fotzendusche 1 and Das Beste aus Ausgeleckte Spermafotzen 1 to have an idea of what I mean. In fact, except the fistings, there is nothing exceptionally nasty: no DP, no group sex, no gaps, no sperm covered face, no submission, etc. Instead, you get extremely good picture quality, light fetish atmosphere with clothes, nice environment with nice furniture and rooms (far away from the minimalist decoration you get usually) and of course: cute girls. This is not a cumshot film so there is no point to compare it with the GGG production I've reviewed.
On the other hand, there is a slight lack of heat. I think that the dubbed sound is one reason, the girls' acting is another one. They are nice, sexy, well dressed, but they do not act like they want to fuck the guys to death. It's not big deal but I would love the same stuff with girls acting like in Rocco's movies for instance. It's a bit like Private films but with fistings.
As a conclusion, I'd say that it is worth a try. The price is reasonable (for us in Europe) and the DVD well done. My rate will be 4 out of 5 for the girls and the picture quality.

The screen shots are here.

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