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Top 25 Adult Stars of all Time

Top 25 Adult Stars of all Time

Studio: VCA
Category:  Compilation
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Diville's ratings for Top 25 Adult Stars of all Time:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Top 25 Adult Stars of all Time overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Top 25 Adult Stars of all Time Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Top 25 Adult Stars of all Time Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Top 25 Adult Stars of all Time Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Top 25 Adult Stars of all Time Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Top 25 Adult Stars of all Time DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Top 25 Adult Stars of all Time A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Diville  on  6/18/2001
Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Nina Hartley, Seka, Christy Canyon, Sharon Mitchell, Victoria Paris, Tianna, Jeanna FineGeorgina Spelvin, Erika Boyer, Jill Kelly, Lesllie Bovee, Constance Money, Vanessa Del Rio, Carolyn Monroe, Sharon Kane, Samantha Fox, Lee Carroll, Bunny Bleu, John Holmes, Peter North, John Leslie, Ron Jeremy, Eric Edwards, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Jamie Gillis, Marc Wallice

We are all list crazy. We compulsively make them, whether they are of our favorite rock bands, favorite movies, best places to eat ribs, favorite sexual positions, or whatever there is in the world that can be counted. It's only natural, then, that there would be a list of the all-time greatest porn stars. Look to the Polls Forum of this very web site, and you'll see such matters continuously debated. Of course, there could be no official list; sex is much too subjective. Though inadequate, these rankings are interesting topics of discussion and in the case of The Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time, they can give us the opportunity to watch our favorite stars in action.

This collection, it is worth noting, is not a movie or documentary so much as it is a reference. There's no need to watch it from the beginning; feel free to start where you want. Jim Holliday, who is now much more comfortable talking on camera than he was years ago when he first took a crack at opinion spouting, presents the official list of the world's greatest porn stars as determined by a so- called commission of porn professionals. He is joined by Jill Kelly, who proves that you don't have to insert things into your vagina to be interesting. Together they introduce and narrate scenes of legendary porn stars on this DVD's second audio track. If you prefer to listen to the "oooohs" and "aaahhhhs," you can do that, too.

I have my doubts that young raincoaters weaned on gangbangs and all anal extravaganzas will find this an indispensable addition to their collections. For lack of a more descriptive word, old time porn was just different. The women--with their natural tits and untrimmed pussies--were different and the look of the movies--shot on film--dates the pictures as well. The rest of us, though, will like what's packaged here. At least I did. I liked watching Amber Lynn again, for instance. Those who've never seen her work will be spoiled by the clip included here, the famous DP scene from Devil in Miss Jones 3. I also appreciate the inclusion of favorites like Erica Boyer and Constance Money. When so little of their work exists on DVD, you take them where you can find them. Marilyn Chambers, John Holmes, Ginger Lynn, and Christy Canyon are included, as well. And I'm thankful.

Sorry. I'm making a list aren't I.

But there is more here than just a catalogue of famous fuckers and samples of their work. Holliday and Jill walk us through each of the scenes. Holliday offers background on the performers and Jill is, more or less, our surrogate. Most of these scenes she's never seen before, and some of the performers are as new to her as they will be to those watching this for the first time at home. Listen to her as she, for the first time, watches John Holmes uncoil his most famous asset. From a woman who's seen a lot of dicks in her time, her unplanned gasps let us know just how big Holmes really was.

It's sad to say, really, but after you watch so much porn the luster starts to wear off a little. After awhile you start to look for something that will appeal to you, not just sexually, but intellectually. I'm not saying that watching this DVD is like a night watching the Learning Channel, but it's certainly not like a night of watching a B-class porn starlet get a train pulled on her either. If you like to think about your porn, then watch The Top 25 Adult Stars of All Time and think about this: With about 3,000 adult movies produced every year, what do you think the possibility is that your favorite movie from last year is going to remain on stores' shelves by the end of this one? Not likely. If you have a favorite film, or star, from fifteen years ago what are the odds you will ever see it, or her, ever again. Unless you've collected porn--and who among us would classify ourselves a a porn collector--chances are you'll never see those old movies and stars ever again.

This isn't a rallying cry for classic porn to be preserved. I'm not advocating a Smithsonian for smut. I'm just saying that if you like the old stuff, you might want to get it before it gets downright ancient. There are several compilations of old stars on the market right now, and I've seen enough of them to know that most aren't very good. They're slapped together for an easy buck in many cases. This one is easily the best among them. The transfers from the original films are done well, the sound is clear, and the commentary track is an honest to goodness conversation about movies and sex. It can be a little tough to navigate through, I'll admit. The menus are hardly intuitive, but that's a small complaint. The DVD, as a whole, is stimulating in more ways than one.

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